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The Not-So-Glamorous Side of Being an Angel

-eating way to much or not enough because you really can’t tell how much this body needs
-a l w a y s t h i r s t y
-“what do you mean I have to wash the vessel AGAIN I just did that 36 hours ago”
-never really adjusting to having to use the bathroom regularly
-saying something that only divines/angels would understand around your human friends and they don’t get it and it makes things awkward
-“should I tell this friend who I really am I mean we’ve been friends for like 10 years and we trust each other with our lives but STILL”
-seeing fictional angels being depicted or described completely inaccurately and getting unreasonably frustrated
-being super clumsy because you can’t quite get the hang of piloting this dumb human body
-lying awake at 3am because you just feel so lonely and empty inside
-“what if my brain is just making all this up and fabricating memories because I subconsciously want to be Different and Special”
-being afraid to have children because you’ve heard nephilim described as “abominations” and you fear you won’t be able to protect them
-running into someone irl and just KNOWING they’re Angelic too and “omg do they realize I am too do they even realize /they/ are wHAT IF THEY KNOW ME”
-being Fallen and wondering if you actually are the bad guy of your story
-having a disability or chronic illness and wondering if it’s because your vessel can’t handle your powerful soul

Just…being an angel isn’t all fun and games.

Moo: *looking for props*

Delirious: *laughs* He’s so dumb!

Mini: He’s so lost!

Vanoss: He’s not dumb! Don’t call him dumb! Don’t be mean!

Moo: I have feelings you know!

Vanoss: Don’t be mean! This is actually a good spot. Don’t be a dick! Don’t be a dick, okay?

Dark Hound

Too many cool things to name this guy. I’ve had this one sitting in my drafts for who  knows how long, it’s about time I posted it! 

I, for the life of me can not remember where the sprite came from. I don’t remember doing it myself which means another artists did it. If that artists if you or you know that artist, shoot me a message so I can credit you. ^^’

While I don’t remember where the sprite came from I do remember I did this, to show  @houndoom-kaboom‘s favourite Pokemon some love. :D

Hope you all have a wonderful Friday!

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New Orleans, 1914: After their parents die, she and her siblings are sent to grow up with the family of their father’s old childhood friend. Now living in a massive southern mansion, the grieving but still curious Sansa Stark can’t help but meet all sorts of different people at her new home: both friendly and wicked, but all madly interesting. Especially the household’s custodian, Petyr Baelish has caught her eyes. He fascinates and frightens her at the same time, not quite knowing yet if he’s gonna be a friend or foe.


graham, damon. 1992


ladyvehk  asked:

Prompt: Ellana and Solas during Inquisition, taking a happy moment to dance goofily with each other :) or any other instance of them just being silly and enjoying each other's company.

The ball at the Winter Palace approaches, and there isn’t a soul in the keep who feels it as keenly the Inquisitor – it’s clear to Solas from the nervous wringing of her hands, and how she can’t seem to focus on the conversation in front of her, her answers brief and her attention fleeting.At first he thinks it’s the impending assassination that’s got her so consumed – the thought of Corypheus’ ever-tightening grip around the South, and the future their failure will herald.

But then – “It’s the dancing,” Ellana admits, slender fingers interlaced and knuckles pressed to the small of her back, a familiar gesture of nervousness, and her expression is endearingly woeful. “I might be a little…rusty. Josie was joking about arranging for a tutor.” But then she pauses, expression contorting with something akin to horror. “On second thought, I think she might have been serious.”

The idea is impulsive, lightly teasing, but he’s damned by the sight of her – the nervous purse of her lips, and the way she keeps shifting her weight, as though digging through her memories for old steps and older songs – and, “There is no need for that,” Solas hears himself saying, hearing tunes older still, and a hundred steps to a hundred different dances sitting like an itch in his legs.

He’s offering his hand before he’s had time to question the desire, and for a split second he’s afraid she’ll see all the years implied in the gesture – the slight bend of his shoulders and the question that sits in the very tips of his fingers, his palm open and held before her.

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I get asked this question quite a lot on social media and I think that there is a portion of the readership that feels quite strongly that Damen should have guessed and even can feel quite frustrated with him for not guessing.

The two things I’ll say about that are: first of all, not everyone does guess. Not even all readers guess, so it’s not that the clues were so obvious — and the clues were stronger for the reader than for Damen. The reader in a sense sees more than Damen in given situations. We see a broader picture than him, but even with all of that there are still some people — readers — for whom that’s just far enough out of their sphere of understanding that it was not something that they picked up on.

For Damen, that’s just a path that his mind would never run down. It’s inconceivable to him that something like that could occur. He’s had quite a sheltered upbringing in some ways — he’s a character who has been the recipient of a great deal of privilege. He has led quite a charmed life at least up until the moment of the coup in Akielos, and so there are some uncomfortable truths of human nature that he has not been forced to confront really ever in his life. And he has a good heart and he’s the sort of person who often just assumes that others are the way that he is. So I think that’s just not an imaginative leap that he was capable of making.

—  C. S. Pacat in response to the question, “How did Damen not at least guess about what was going on between Laurent and the Regent?”

A couple of important things to keep in mind here.

The last time Cordelia was herself, before her ascension and subsequent possession, was at the end of season three. The last time we heard Cordy talk about Wesley, she insisted she didn’t care about how he felt, and claimed she wanted nothing to do with him.

We know Cordelia watched over the team during the summer she spent as a Higher Being. And although there’s no canonical evidence for it, I can guarantee you she was watching Wesley, too. I can guarantee she saw everything he did that summer. She saw him searching relentlessly for her and Angel. She felt the depth of his pain and loneliness. She felt how much he hated himself, and how much he loved his friends.

When she comes out of the coma, Cordy still remembers everything that happened. She still remembers Wesley taking Connor. And at this point she has no idea that Wesley doesn’t remember it. But the moment they’re reunited, Cordelia lights up with the biggest smile and pulls him into a tight, loving embrace.

This hug means so much more than just two friends who are happy to see each other again. This hug means she’s forgiven him.