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so i may be running on over 24 hours without sleep and i've been listening to floppy-disk remixes of various songs (The Floppotron on youtube if you want) and it's the funniest thing i've ever seen and i can 100% imagine Tony, running on caffeine and willpower, cleaning out boxes from somewhere and making like 20 floppy disk readers and scanners play AC/DC. Steve comes to the workshop and finds Tony dancing like a idiot, surrounded by various unrecognisable computer parts blaring rock (tree)

Ahhhh this is cute!!! very very cute!! off Tony would do that and he’d be all tired and clumsy and wearing one of steve’s sweaters that are far too big for him and make him look about 18x more adorable. 

Steve kind of wanders over and Tony notices him and his face just breaks out into this stupidly happy grin, as he dances over and gives Steve a lil kiss before continuing his stupid wiggly dancing and humming around the room. At this point, Steve just laughs and envelops Tony is his arms, because Tony is tiny and smol and tired and Steve loves him so so so much hngfdsdfghj bless this post

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Kenny, what is the happiest moment you spent with Karen? With Kevin?

Kenny: That week I worked at the City Wok, and I bought Karen that doll? Her face was seriously the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. Running around the junkyards with Kevin is pretty fun, we found an old computer, it still worked but the monitor was smashed up. We found another screen though.

no but picture this:

Morrigan + Azriel + Lucien

Christmas with Newt Would Include

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Christmas Day with Newt Would Include

  • Waking up really early, to the smell of bacon and pancakes.
  • Getting greeted with, “Merry Christmas!” from Queenie who is the only one up and cooking.
  • Helping Queenie prepare breakfast and setting out festive dishes and putting holly everywhere that was possible.
  • Jacob coming into the room and telling you two that you’re wonderful for making food, and forgets the merry Christmas part.
  • A few minutes later Newt comes into the room, actually wearing a Santa hat, and you think it’s the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen in your entire life.
  • Running up to Newt and jumping into his arms, and he spins you around. “Good morning! Merry Christmas!” he says, kissing you on the cheek and then on the mouth.
  • Tina coming last, but claims she was up late last night wrapping gifts and had to sleep in to make up for lost sleep.
  • You serving Newt his food and giving him a small little kiss on the cheek.
  • After you’ve all eaten, you exchange gifts.
  • Newt giving you a small smile and saying, “I hope you like what I got you…”
  • You unwrapping the gift and finding a new mystery book that you’ve been wanting for a really long time.
  • You giving Newt his gift, and he opens to find a book as well, except on beasts, and he’s beyond thrilled.
  • Once the gifts have all been given, you all decide to play a bored game called monopoly. It’s new, and revolutionary.
  • Naturally, Jacob wins, with Tina in second, then Newt, Queenie, annnd naturally… you in last.
  • Everyone eating snacks while listening to some Christmas shows on the radio.
  • Relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. You all then decide to take a walk, so as not to get sleepy.
  • While you’re out walking, Newt tugs on your coat a little and stutters softly, “T-there’s a-actually one more gift that I wanted to give you…”
  • You looking at Newt, completely curious. You see Queenie holding her breath and nudging Jacob, who’s just as clueless as you. Tina grinning and smirking from ear to ear.
  • Newt pulling out a small velvet box and then opening it.
  • You squealing and jumping up and down, as the light catches the diamond ring, making it sparkle in the cold December day.
  • “Will you be—” Newt getting interrupted by you shrieking, “YES!!”
  • You hugging Newt, and you start to cry a little bit. You’re so overcome and surprised you just can’t help but cry!
  • Newt holding you tight, and petting your hair.
  • The others leaving you and Newt have some alone time. They walk a little ways behind.
  • When you reach home, you are exhausted, but happy. You snuggle with Newt by the fire, and tell him, “This is the best Christmas Ever.”

I’m!!!!! never going to be over the airport scene in yoi like that shit ruined me for LIFE, they both looked so desperate and happy to see each other. It was probably like their first time apart since getting together? Viktor was living with him in Hasetsu and they were travelling together, I imagine they both had one of those “oh!” moment where they realized that they actually don’t want to be apart at all, ever. Like, laying in bed alone those nights while they were apart and suddenly realizing how much they’ve grown accustomed to having the other beside them and how much better everything is when they’re together. 

Just!! I love “we’re apart and now I can see how much you mean to me” realizations. 

you know what really winds me up about Lexa’s death scene?

how absolutely fucking stupid it was

Lexa would have 100% had her own personal healer that would’ve been sent for immediately

no one even called for one

Clarke, an actual medical apprentice, was wrote to stand there tending to Lexa’s bullet wound with a rag and water

that is the most un-clarke-like thing I have ever seen

she would’ve been running around that tower for a healer or for medical supplies, to at least try and save Lexa’s life

she did it with Jasper, she did it with Finn, she did it with Tris although she didn’t save her, at least she tried

and that’s what winds me up most, that the writers didn’t at least have Clarke try to save Lexa’s life, like she had always done for anyone else in the show when they were hurt

Clarke Griffin, medical apprentice, wrote to just stand there watching Lexa, the girl who she was in love with, bleed out in front of her

it’s an insult to Clarke’s character

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Okay now I'm thinking about prince and morality only mowing about the stuff animals and anxiety making sure logic doesn't find out cause he thinks logic won't like someone who sleeps with stuff animals and anxiety has the biggest crush on logic.

And then one day Logic goes to Anxiety’s room and walks in and sees Anxiety sleeping in a giant pile of them and it’s the cutest thing he’s ever seen, and next time they run into each other Logic gives Anxiety a small little wolf plushie and Anxiety’s heart speeds up in delight and his eyes brighten and Logic’s heart begins beating faster at the sight

Morality and Prince are standing off to the side. Morality smirking and Prince with a frown. Prince slips Morality ten dollars and Morality smiles in triumph


Though he’d asked for them, Cas found Sam’s words near impossible to believe. He raised his hand in a half-hearted wave, watching the taillights of your cab pull away.

You waited until you were out of sight to let the tears fall. Your heart felt heavier, pulled tighter and tighter until it felt you couldn’t breathe, with every second taking you further from Cas.



ben browder: claudia can actually have a tear stand on the end of her eyelash for up to six minutes.  it’s the most remarkable thing you’ve ever seen.  she can run through a battle with the eyelash tear hanging there, run into a close-up, and then the director goes, “now!” and the tear drops.
claudia black: that’s not true, but it’s funny.
ben browder: it’s close to the truth.
claudia black: i freaked brian henson out when we were doing the miniseries, because he went, “okay, claudia, that’s creepy. you did it exactly the same, in exactly the same spot, on exactly the same line every time”. and i’m like, “well, you know, five years on farscape.”
ben browder: and you said, “would you prefer me to do it with the other eye?”
claudia black: exactly. “the left or the right, mr henson?”
      -  “the way we weren’t” commentary