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So I saw some people making name aesthetic edits and now I really want to try it i need to boost whatever creativity i have left my life literally depends on creativity.


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So yeah I know I’m being completely extra about this but thats what makes this fun!!! I want to know more about you so I can make your edit more personal, you know? You don’t have to answer every single one if you can’t, I probably won’t be able to fit everything in the edit but this way I have more to work with.

It might take a while for me to make them because i do have an exam on thursday that I’m supposed to be studying for oops.


This makes me so angry.

If you work in a movie theater and you do this I have no respect for you.

My younger brother is Type 1 Diabetic.

When we go to a movie theater, we always get him diet soda. If he were to get regular when we asked for diet, we would not give him the insulin he would need for it. If that happens, his blood sugar level could go so high he could go into a coma, go blind, or even die.

If somebody gave him regular soda instead of diet without telling us, that person could be responsible for a nine-year-old being killed or blinded.

Just thinking about that makes me so angry. I get scared every time we take him to a movie in case the people working there saw this picture and decide to do the same thing.

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People tend to assume Song Of The South is the product of a back-asswards time. But here’s the thing: It wasn’t. Disney totally knew how racist it was while they were making it, but went ahead and did it anyway. According to a book about the film by author Jason Sperb, Walt Disney was warned by his own publicists about a “potential racially charged blowback” to the movie, and he even felt the need to invite the president of NAACP to meet with him. As Sperb puts it, “It was made by people who were well aware of the stereotype, who knew others would be offended, and who clearly felt there was nothing wrong with that.” People didn’t sit idly by while Disney shoveled this shit into theaters, either – protesters picketed its premiere in Atlanta, which grew into a nationwide boycott.

And even despite all this, Disney continually re-released the movie in theaters every decade or so, skipping over the 1960s due to the Civil Rights Movement – and if you can’t release your movie because it conflicts with a civil rights issue, maybe there’s a big problem with it. Still, they even re-released Song Of The South as late as 1986 – the year Ferris Bueller’s Day Off came out. Nowadays, Disney wants absolutely fuck-all to do with the film, much to the consternation of those self-selected Song Of The South die-hards who won’t stop asking for its re-release at Disney shareholder meetings.

7 Shocking Dick Moves That Prove Hollywood Has No Soul

Moana did not make $100 million this past weekend.

Moana did not make $100 million in the U.S. or with worldwide profits as the articles expected. Make this movie a grand success. Let it beat frozen or at least come close.People probably don’t know this but after the surprise success of Frozen, they hurried the production of Moana to this year instead of it original expected release of 2017/2018. The budget on this movie $150 million. That means for it to make a profit, it needs to make 500 million. The movie has rave reviews and $99.3 million worldwide is no joke(it’s amazing!) but, let’s make this one of the best things that happened in this abysmal year of 2016. Get your family and friends who are on the fence about seeing it in the theaters this coming weekend. Hell, go see it twice. If it hasn’t been released in your country yet and you watch it ahead of the release, still go see it when it’s released in theaters. IF you can afford to see don't doddle about seeing. The POC Disney movies don’t fare well most of the time(Princess and the Frog, Pocahontas, Mulan, Atlantis, Brother Bear, etc.) in comparison to their white counter parts. 

I’m not trying to scare people, I just really want this movie to make billion. Do you realize how big it would be for a POC Disney princess to make a billion? Hell, even $600 million? None of the POC princess movies have even made that much yet. 

So I saw arrival a week or so ago - and it was amazing! Female linguist protagonist! Aliens! Mother-daughter relationship!

And I just reblogged a post about science talking about how more people with more diverse interests need to go into science, which I definitely agree with!

But there’s something about both of those seemingly-disconnected events that makes me really annoyed.

Linguistics is science.

I don’t really get why this is a thing that needs to be said? But in the movie, Hawkeye was like, “You’re thinking like a mathematician. That’s a compliment” and I think that the moviemakers somehow didn’t notice how much math is involved in linguistics?? And the other post was talking about “people who would be just as likely to be fantastic historians or politicians or musicians or linguists.”

I mean, I get that it’s about studying ~language~ so it’s part of the ~humanities~ or whatever but… physics is not sports. If someone is studying how circular objects move around in three-dimensional space, they’re not actually playing basketball. They’re still doing physics. Somebody studying biology is not necessarily a medical doctor. They might be a medical doctor, and they might understand some nuances of general biology that let them give advice in certain, specific situations, but they’re still not a medical doctor. Somebody doing linguistics is studying language.

I don’t get why this is such a foreign concept.

Suicide Squad vs Star Trek

A lot of people are pissed about Suicide Squad winning for best makeup over Star Trek. Here’s the thing, Star Trek won the award for best special effects makeup, which makes WAY more sense because their special effects makeup was INSANE.

Also, saying Suicide Squad didn’t deserve an award for best makeup because you didn’t like the movie is kinda…well…stupid. A makeup artists job is to do the makeup and make sure it is amazing. That is it. I’ve seen some shit movies where the makeup is on point. People need to give credit where credit is due.

here’s the thing guys, there’s a lot about hockey culture that needs to change. toxic masculinity, homophobia, racism, and i would say transphobia but probably only 5 people in the nhl even know what that is. but there’s also non-social issues that need to be fixed…for instance i know we all love goon culture because of the movie but i feel like a lot of us are missing the point of goon. it’s a funny heart warming story, but that ending is a sad one, it’s supposed to make you feel sick for watching a guy put his literal body on the line for his team for our entertainment. it’s supposed to make you think “is it worth it.?” and i’m not sure if i’m totally cool with the way tumblr treats that movie like it is worth it. but that’s beside the point because that’s just a movie.

but Connor McDavid missed out on his rookie year because of a collarbone break and surgery. I broke my collarbone and i can tell you, it’s not a fun bone to break (not that any of them are but…there is literally only 2 things you can really do about it and sadly “not moving it” isn’t an option). It’s just so sick that we’ve gotten to the point where, players are not people. They’re targets for other players, paychecks for their owners/gms, x’s and o’s for their coaches, and characters for us. When players are hurt they experience pain and depression and loneliness and helplessness and can develop or exacerbate mental illness. It doesn’t matter if they’re not hit in the brain. psychologically these men are raised with the idea that they are literally NOTHING without sports. since he was FIFTEEN Connor was treated like nothing but a hockey player, not even a human being. 

So when we act like it’s not a big deal that a guy purposefully injured him. when we act like it’s nothing when a 26 year old can get away with causing intentional injury onto a player who is seven years younger than him. we’re all totally missing the point. “it wasn’t a head injury” “he wasn’t being homophobic” ect. ect. ect. SO WHAT??? i’m sick of this idea that you have to be The Worst to be bad. 

Connor is not crying to anyone by bringing it up to the media. He is saying “this isn’t how it’s supposed to be so i am going to hold him accountable.” (because manning wasn’t going to take responsibility for his actions himself that’s obvious) Connor is sticking up for himself and taking no shit. because he is a person a real life human being who deserves (like they ALL do) to be treated like his actual personal at home life matters. You do not sell your right to be human when you enter the NHL. and players like Manning do not gain the right to treat others less than. We want more players to bring up homophobic and sexist language that’s on the ice? well let’s start here. 

i don’t care if it’s “hockey” because this shit is wrong and things don’t change if you don’t get pissed about them. and to the people who are trying to say “well people aren’t being nice to manning either” yes he doesn’t deserve some of the gross hate he’s gotten. but that’s a separate issue. there’s a different space to talk about that. 


I like to believe that most human beings go about things with a point of view that they’re just doing what they feel like they need to do at that time. Sometimes people make bad decisions, but it’s not evil, not malicious. I think that when you’re playing someone who does really questionable or even really terrible things in a movie, it’s important to show where that person is coming from.

disney’s descendants: 

  • ¾ of the main characters are poc
  • they also made aurora and her family (sleeping beauty) poc
  • shows that you don’t need to play dumb to get a guy, or have a guy at all
  • if you try hard enough you’ll get where you wanna be
  • that you are not your parents, you make your own destiny
  • also teaches that where you came from does not say who you are
  • you can be smart. and beautiful. and powerful. all at the same time
  • trust you instincts, if you feel that is the right thing to do, do it 
  • don’t surrender to pressure, support the people you love and care about no matter what
  • also that mitchell hope is a cutie
  • but anyway watch the movie you won’t regret i promise
I know it gets a lot of hate, but I do like the Fifty Shades series.

People don’t need to take it so serious. And, I honestly believe the hate comes more from people who just have assumptions about what they’ve heard about the books. I don’t think, they’ve actually read the books cover to cover. (that is just my opinion, straight up!) Anyway, I am not trying to make a point, venting. Just, I like the books & the movies. Everyone has their own thing & I just like the story. To each his own :)

It’s President’s Day and I’m listening to a Chad Valley 12" and chilling the fuck out because life is terrifying. Plan lately has been to spend time with the things I love in order to ward off the Great Shitty Evil Eye that is Trump’s America. It’s almost too obvious to say that if you do nothing but fight you’ll burn out, and we all know that healing up in the downtime means you’ll fight harder next round. Regardless, a lot of people I know don’t hit Pause enough. (Maybe they think it’s lazy or indulgent. Sometimes I want to grab my friends by the collar and yell, “READ A FUCKING NOVEL! GO SEE A DUMB SCI-FI MOVIE! YOU KNOW YOU NEED IT!”)

I feel like we should make a list of the things we love and stick it on the ‘fridge as a reminder. I’m not talking about loving friends and family. What I mean is all the various and disparate elements of our lives that give us identity and shore us up against the wind. You lose track of those things and you lose track of yourself. You have to assemble them around you like a safety ring you can step inside when you need a break.

My list would have homemade breaded cauliflower tacos, X songs, Vicente Fernandez, John Steinbeck, old country records, a good fire outside, pozole. It would have sturdy cowboy boots, Louise Erdrich, the Paris Review, Three One G vinyl,  La Bamba, Roberto Bolaño. You’d see horses in fields, García Márquez, refried beans from Rudy’s refritos recipe, wide open spaces, Big Diamond zines, big western skies. Add all that up and you would have a strand of my DNA, frayed but strong enough to clone.

Life in America can be utter dogshit. Worry comes down like a great rotting bird, undead and fire-eyed, blotting out the light and all the things you believe in and hold true. The state of the world will scare you and you’ll want to fight it (and you should) but we’re not ourselves without enjoyment. Don’t lose sight of that. Fight but stick close to the things you love. So, happy President’s Day. Tear it all down.

And make your own list:
Your name here

Signs as friends:

Aries: Easy to talk to, has a lot of energy and will protect you like a crazy person if needed! Likes to talk about sex for sure.

Taurus: Someone to watch movies with, drink some tea and talk while it’s cold outside. They make you feel warm and welcomed.

Gemini: Someone who will share their stuff with you, even tho they might not have much and they give the best advice! They’re also the most open minded and passionate people you’ll meet. Has so much energy and they’re also so weird!

Cancer: They’re so freaking funny and also caring. They’re also up for anything and they’re there for you, what ever is the situation. I just go on and on about their eyes, but seriously, their eyes!

Leo: You do the craziest things with them! They make you laugh and feel amazing about yourself, because you’ll be part of their crazy interesting family. You’ll also get to see, how they’re actually very insecure.

Virgo: They will help you with things that they find important, like organizing things, studying and such. They’re also very supportive people and funny too! I think that everyone needs at least one Virgo in their life.

Libra: The best conversations about life and world happens with Libra. They’re so smart, deeply caring and romantic with everyone, but they don’t really like to admit that they’re that way. They’re also very adventurous people, but they need someone to boost them a little.

Scorpio: So funny and silly people! Sometimes they talk to you, like you’re a baby and they tease their loved ones all the time. They’re great listeners and kinda shy about their passions. 

Sagittarius: You’ll be going to places with them! They have weird passions about closed countries or something similar. They’re just so interesting and have the best attitude about life and dreams. They also care a lot, even if it’s hard to see sometimes.

Capricorn: Weirdest sense of humor! Sometimes they just say something that you’re totally not supposed to laugh at and still you’re laughing, because they’re so freaking funny! They’re so soft inside and so talented people!

Aquarius: Have weird passions also and they want to talk about them, because they want to feel connected. You’ll have great conversations about huge things in the world. They somehow get to these awkward situations all the time, it’s kinda funny. They’re super smart and supportive.

Pisces: They want to share everything with you. They want to show their favorite music, movies, places and everything! They want to be there for you. They will help you and never expect anything back. 

“Why do we need Coco when The Book of Life already exists?”

Yeah, sure, why would we need TWO animated films in mainstream American media that give representation to Mexicans (really Hispanic people of any kind) when we already have ONE?

Why would it be a good thing for Hispanic children from around the globe to walk into their local Disney Store and see Spanish speaking characters represented in the merchandise? And when those kids go to a Disney Park, how could they even benefit from seeing themselves in a character in a parade/meet and greet?

How could it possibly be a good thing that one of the most popular, well-known, and well-regarded film studios in the world is going to put out a movie with a Mexican cast? How could that film’s success ever, in a million years, possibly influence future film making decisions when it comes to whether or not people would want to pay to see a movie about Hispanic people?

You’re right! There’s absolutely no need to make anymore movies about Mexicans or Hispanic people of any sort! Let’s just scrap Coco as well as any and all future movies that include Hispanic casts because we already have the Book of Life! One is enough! There’s no need to continue taking steps forward in inclusive entertainment! You know, Dreamworks really shouldn’t have even made “Home” because Disney already had Tiana. There’s totally no need for more than ONE black protagonist in children’s media, right?? Right??

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Five Things You’ll Find in My Bag

  1. journal
  2. chapstick
  3. star wars trading cards
  4. sometimes a copy of The Lost Boys
  5. 340409 gum wrappers

Five Things in My Bedroom

  1. guitar
  2. skateboard
  3. Saul Goodman cardboard cutout
  4. lots of pictures and toys all over my walls
  5. Piles Of Completely Clean Laundry On The Floor

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I don’t mean to be rude but if you think this whole #blackout thing is racist towards white people or that it is segregation or basically if it bothers you at all; you’re the problem and you really need to crack open some history books.

Want a #whiteout? Look around you in movies, television, magazines or even here on Tumblr. Whining about this makes you look really, really bad.

Okay I know the dceu gets treated really badly and some people say downright horrible things about it but that doesn’t mean that every joke that people make about the franchise needs to be taken personally. People CAN make jokes about the movies and still like/love them. Those jokes CAN be critical without them being deemed offensive. These movies aren’t perfect – no movies are.
Jokes are not always unwarranted attacks on the films or the people who like them and it’s important to consider that the best comedy often requires a bit of criticism.