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perhaps one day  ● “… To Caroline”  “Yeah, happy deathday to me”


“There will be no more conversating with my sister, she knows where her loyalties lie.”

He used the term 'draconian'.

I should be asleep.  I should be asleep because I’m still sick and I’ve been up since 5 am.  Most of that time was spent in a car between Fernandina Beach, FL and Washington, DC.  I didn’t spend any of that time writing, which is, ostensibly, why I’m still awake.  But really, I’m still awake because I can’t sleep.  Because my body sucks.  The writing is a side effect, not a symptom, sadly.  So I’m awake in a big hotel room bed researching Victorians and their penchant for tattoos, like you do.  In my research there are phrases and whole paragraphs that I seem to be reading over and over again, specifically about the Prince of Wales and his cross tattoo of 1862.

In my job at Ye Olde Publishing House I spend a good amount of time researching the origins of certain pieces of text, because we sometimes need to know dates and publishers that are a little hard to find.  Some works are unique, while some have been copied and copied and adapted and sloppily pasted over another template so many times that it becomes impossible to divine who the actual attributing author is.  That is, in my limited scope of research at this time, what appears to have happened to this paragraph.  

I find this amusing, because the preface to one of the authentic 19th century articles I read on BME Zine made a point of stating that before there were ‘such draconian copyright laws’ that newspapers used to lift each other’s work all the time, so it’s impossible to tell if the Washington Post really did pick up the article from that New York paper like it claims it did, or if it actually came from a Bostonian publication.  The internet makes copyright law, or trying to adhere to it, a trying and fascinating study and practice.     

Does the proliferation of that specific set of words in that specific order make us find them more or less true?

Cullen romance as a rom com

(Ok, so I have spent the better part of the night amusing myself with thinking about this, so I decided to share it with you all.  Imagine the Cullen romance as a really cliched romantic comedy, and what the trailer would look like with all the catchy music and people being overly perky and clumsy.  And in that vein, allow me to present my really quick and vague take on how such a trailer would go.)

(The bold stuff is the voice over)

This is Nell, a Dalish First that is far from home.

(Quick shots of Nell leaving her clan, showing up at the Conclave, staring wide eyed around Haven, bumping into people as the rush past her, probably a sweeping shot of everyone walking through the Frostbacks towards Skyhold, etc)

(And of course during all of this you have people occasionally saying witty things like Nell saying “It was just luck that I’m here” and Varric saying “The good kind of luck or the bad?” and then Nell smiling all self-deprecating like and rolling her eyes.)

Thrust into a position of power that she’s not ready for,

(Shots of Nell being offered the sword when she becomes Inquisitor, then her sitting and judging someone, etc, and Dorian saying “Congratulations on that whole Inquisitor thing” while she watches him leave with a worried frown.)

when she meets Cullen, the commander of her armies and a man with a secret.

(Move to shots of Cullen training the recruits and saying various lines like “That’s a shield in your hand, block with it” and then some shots of him in the war room with the others being introduced to Nell by Cassandra, and then him staring at the philter box thing, etc etc etc.)

She’s a mage that just wants to see a bright future.

(Nell talking to various people about mage freedom)

He’s an ex-templar who is trying to move on from his dark past.

(Cullen throwing his philter at the door, punching the bookcase, talking to Cassandra, “If I cannot endure this ” Nell stops him “You can”, various other things)

In a world that is threatening to tear itself apart,

(Various shots of fighting and Nell closing a rift and Cullen rallying the armies, those sorts of things, maybe specifically Cassandra slamming Varric into the table and Solas threatening to kill the mages who hurt his friend, dragons fighting, so on and so on)

can their love… seal the breach?

(Random shots of Nell and Cullen Yelling for each other, because those have to be in it, then them kissing on the battlements, Cullen saying “I have never felt anything like this”)

(Typical rom com music starts before this next part)

This Summer

Thedas Pictures presents:

From the mind of Varric Tethras

Writer and director of THE CHAMPION OF KIRKWALL


(And end with Cullen saying “Well this should be interesting, and Nell laughing before they rush off to something followed by everyone else)

I love how Astrid is an expert at like everything.

It’s like, oh do we need someone who speaks Latin? Astrid does!

Oh, does anyone know anything about the inner workings of computers? Astrid does!

I would find it weirdly hilarious if they needed to go undercover at like a strip joint, and Astrid is like “oh, I stripped to pay my way through college where I did my linguistics major and computer minor. I can handle this.”