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Hi ... I really wanted to know your opinion about bts who plagiarized bigbang with the no signal thing and all ... I really want to know your opinion, if you want to talk about it of course

Surprisingly I thought I’d care but I really don’t at all. I’ve been too busy with real life to get involved in any of this and most of the people speaking up are self righteous assholes who won’t let others have a piece to say - both fandoms included

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    y’all have probably heard me talking about it non-stop but con is this weekend !! i’ve been really trying to rip through all of laslow’s drafts and try and tackle some things on my other blogs on top of working on the last things i need to get done on some costumes. 

      this is just a thing saying TONIGHT is the last night i’ll be here doing drafts/dash shenanigans/inbox stuff here or on my other blogs until maybe the end of the month. which isn’t that long, but i figured i’d give you a heads up. I’m not taking my laptop to con with me, so i’ll be completely confined to mobile IM or skype. you can reach me on both, but don’t be offended if i don’t answer you ‘cause obvi i’m at con taking a well deserved break from work.

      any pictures taken/posted will be on our cosplay Instagram @snmcosplay or my personal Instagram @_heromcwhirt for now until i feel recouped enough to come back !! so i’ll kick around on the dash a lil tonight but other than that i’ll catch you sweet dudes later   ♡ ♡


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  • Me, talking about whatever I'm hyperfocused on: *very excited and happy to talk about said thing, is genuinely enjoying the conversation*
  • Friend: *says nothing, does not respond, doesn't react in anyway*
  • Me, wringing my hands nervously: so um, anyways, let's talk about Normal Stuff(TM)