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agentlemanmonster  asked:

You do such neat cosplay and have a really fun way of telling stories. I am definitely a fan! But I do have a question do you think you will add anything to your amazon wishlist because its pretty much empty now and usually when I get a big pay check I buy little things off of wishlists for people who brighten my day on tumblr as a way of showing thanks.

thank you!! that means so much! i take the complement about my storytelling very kindly ;v; 

OH HO!!!! >:yyyy 

i will never EVER complain about people wanting to get things on my wishlist! i was waiting to update it around christmas, but heck!!! i can update it sooner!! man, i’ll just need some time to think about what i want! usually i just use amazon to buy things for future projects, but I’m in between projects right now, but I’ll look tonight to see if theres anything! I’ll make a separate post about it! 

also let me just use this as ANOTHER chance to thank everyone who helped with the robbery recovery wishlist, that meant the world to me, and it got me back on my feet so much faster! with all y'all, i was able to rebuild my cosplay supplies, and recover a lot of what was lost. also like?? it made me feel so good to know i had folks looking out for me?? SQUEAK SQUAD FOREVER!! 

heey everyone!!! ive been thinking about doing more collections in my bullet journal and my new hobonichi planner and i wanted to share a few of my ideas !

  • a master wishlist: things to buy when u wanna treat urself, things for ur dream house, vacations u wanna take, bucket list, etc
  • *lots of color palettes: mix it up! try new color schemes with different supplies ~ i promise it will be useful someday
  • tv episode tracker: if ur a person who watches a lot of shows then it might be useful to have a visual representation of ur current programs
  • *social media ideas/inspo: make a running list of posts u want to make on tumblr, photos u may want to take for instagram, youtube video ideas, literally anything tbh!
  • *goals: honestly the most useful collection in ur journal bc it makes u accountable for the things u wanna achieve
  • *watchlist: make a list of the films / television shows u want to see
  • recipes: keep a reference of ur fave recipes to make so u can have them easily accessible 
  • happy things: make a list of eveything that makes u happy for whenever u have a bad day!!! here are some ideas!
  • *music: things u love, things u hate, lyrics that inspire u, fave artists of the week or month, song of the week, etc.
  • *big projects: make mind maps to plan, have checklists for ur work, paste in rubrics or grading, etc.
  • *motivation: write down inspiring quotes, doodle lil inspirational images, list the things u want for ur future, habit trackers, pick a motivational word for personal growth each month
  • reflections: list of the best things u have accomplished, the people who support u the most, things accomplished in certain amount of time, failures / disappointments, monthly memories, etc.
  • lil doodle stuff: fave stationery, smol sketches of ur day, banners / ribbons, sketchnotes inspo, shopping lists, fave foods, future room decoration, etc.

+ masterposts

hope this helped someone!!! i also have study ig and yt channel! if u have more journal page ideas feel free to reblog + add on!! xoxo sareena

#9! a bit more serious take on the mike-and-luci-screaming-in-the-cage thing, and, in traditional me style, mixed with god’n’gabe–i hope that it’s just a ruse concocted by both of them to freak everyone out, because even if they can help with the darkness, afterwards they will be ALL OVER THAT APOCALYPSE  [inktober tag]


“Hey,” Dean said, catching you in the kitchen as you grabbed another round of beers for everyone. “Are you having a good time?”

“Best birthday ever,” you replied with a grin. And it was true, maybe even more so now that you were standing so near him, standing together in the sliver of light from the fridge.

“Happy birthday, Y/N,” he said, and stepped just a bit closer, effectively casting every birthday wish you’d had planned away in an instant in the wake of his green eyes, crinkled at the edges with a smile just for you.


learning Latin is great, because you learn Latin and you basically learn every language. What’s that? Latin won’t help you with Korean grammar? Then I’m afraid that doesn’t exist. because every language comes from Latin. all of them