things on my wishlist

i feel the need to say this even tho its obvious

you never have to buy me anything off my wishlist. i know that im v blessed to be able to have the necessities and the luxuries that i have and i would never take that for granted. BUT!!!!! i dont have the money for nice things that i wish i could buy and sometimes people really do want to buy me something just because they are super lovely and kind people and i cant even begin to express how nice it is that some people are just that kind to me and i am in no way trying to force or guilt people into buying me things and i know ppl dont have a lot of money idk i just…like makeup and i like trying new things so yea my wishlist has lots of makeup on it and i dont think its that big of a deal

While I go workout, I’m gonna do a quick
starter call for my new followers. So,
without further adieu;

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**Length may vary and I may go to askboxes to plot shit ( since my wishlist has like a while 1 thing in there ).