things on esty

  • Yang: So I have this friend who's always guessing things.
  • Weiss: What things?
  • Yang: All things.
  • Yang: He's my esti-mate.
  • Ruby: -groans-
  • Weiss: At least you know him.
  • Weiss: Otherwise he'd just be a guest-imate.
  • Yang: Nice one!
  • Ruby: Jaune can I be on your team now?
  • Jaune: if a left handed person uses their left hand to write
  • Jaune: they're using the right hand for the job.
  • Yang: Aaaaayyyyy
  • Ruby: I am alone in this world.
wanna one voice tag
julia's cringy voice
wanna one voice tag

i was tagged by @dancekingeunki to do the wanna one voice tag so here you go (sorry I’m late)

1. State your name and username

2. Who is your bias in wanna one

3. Who is your bias wrecker

4. How long have you been a fan

5. Favourite song

6. Say all of the members names

7. Fave otp

8. Member you think has the best smile

9. Say Nae Maeum Soge Jeojang~

ok so I'm tagging @devilishjeojang @changeupmv @4joshua @iloveziont @wannablemybaby @just-kun-things @b-estie @byunvitamin but if you don’t wanna do it/ have already done it it’s okay!!