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I'm kind of confused about something. In this chapter, someone (I think Yuuri in his thoughts?) said that Yuuri never explicitly stated he wanted to beat Viktor or something like that, yet in an earlier chapter, the fans comment that he mentions it frequently, much more than Chris does. So did Yuuri ever openly say he wanted to beat Viktor? Or am I misremembering (or maybe misinterpreting) things?

Unless I’ve messed up somewhere, which is possible, what happened is Yuuri never explicitly said his goal was to beat Viktor but he did nothing to hide any of his emotions so it was really obvious to everyone regardless

Steve Aoki is the definition of how to treat fans right. I can’t count the amount of times people have called us crazy, obsessed, delusional, etc. Which in many cases resulted in hate. Which (for them) proved their point.

But Steve has been nothing but kind and respectful and understanding. He understand where we come from and that means a lot. And the result is amazing. Cause in return everyone loves and respects him. He didn’t come in with a preconceived idea about boybands and their fans. He was open and honest and respectful. The result is that everyone loves him. I am so grateful that Steve Aoki exists and I’m so grateful he has never judged us, but started embracing us from the start.

And the thing I’m most grateful for is how he has been an amazing friend to Louis. He literally canceled shows for Louis and that deserves a lot of respect.

McCree says it, but I’ll say it again too.. Hello everyone!

I wanted to announce you through this quick sketch that the next update on the comic will be most probably during the upcoming weekend. I have lots to finish this week and I don’t think I’ll be able to update it any sooner, thing for which I am sorry.. T.T 

Speaking of the McHanzo comic.. It’s close to the end! End of this part/chapter at least! I am planning on doing more, but first I must finish the one I started AND also post the short fan fiction I wrote, that stands at the base of the comic. 

Thank you all for the support and sorry to let you wait more for the next update! *hugs* Also thanks for all the McHanzo fanfiction suggestions! 

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Felicity was the perfect companion for an experience like this. The size of this film is very new for me and I had the perfect friend and confidante to talk about all the fears and things that you have to go through and overcome, you know?
                                                                    ✫ ✫ ✫ ✫ ✫ ✫
I’d seen Diego in Y Tu Mama Tambien, which I had been a big fan of when I was growing up. I just thought it was the coolest film ever. It was excellent working with him. He and Jyn in the story have a very lovely dynamic, and he’s very open, very collaborative and easygoing, and loves drinking espressos in true Spanish style…


Do you have a flaw and which one are you most insecure about?

As a female, i feel like i pick apart my body a lot. Sometimes it is hard to be kind to myself and that is something i struggle with. And that is why i am very honest with my feelings to the fans because sometimes i say “I’m enough, i’m enough, i’m enough”. But there are times that i don’t believe it. And i think that that is the hardest thing…to accept my body.

I’ve been doodling a lot of my @spicerpuffs fanchild, but I haven’t actually had the time to sit down and do anything good with her until now. I wanted to draw her in the reaper high uniform, and the costume she uses when she does hero stuff (she takes after her mom). I also drew a younger version of her first learning about her superpowers. Also I don’t think I mentioned her name in the first drawing I did of her? It’s Bianca. 

I’ve already said why the common desire of protection Gray and Juvia share is my favourite key of their relationship, and since I finally have the time I am going to explore it a bit…

Juvia swore to protect Gray when they first encountered, in chapter 56. She just met the love of her life and the first thing she thinks about is to protect him, not even protect herself and they are in a war in which she must win. And she did protect him.

Gray protected Juvia many times as well (Tenrou, GMG, Tartaros etc) and we found out he really did swear to himself to protect her no matter what the cost in chapter 499, confirming one of the headcanons written by fans in these years. He thinks he failed and you can clearly see his anger through his eyes.

If someone is still salty at the “lack” of Gray confessing by words, remember this. Swearing / vowing to protect someone is a big deal in Japan, it is an act of love and it’s crystal clear that in Gruvia case it’s romantic love, as Gray himself said that he could never hurt a comrade, no! He would never hurt Juvia.

Protection is just another of the endless parallels we had in the chapters from 498 to 500 and onwards, starting from Gray and Juvia being “enemies” again.

We well know why Juvia swore to protect Gray. She loves him.

Gray is mirroring her actions, her words and… her love. He loves her just like she does.

- - - -

This is the development of a healthy and well-built relationship, guys. Words aren’t even enough to say how beautiful the message Gruvia sends is, despite what other people say.

So in recent events there’s been a lot support for Normani Kordei having to deal with one of her band mates racist fans, which I am extremely happy about because Normani deserves the world. One thing that shouldn’t be taken lightly is the actions of her band mate, Camila Cabello, which lead to these attacks on Normani starting with how she attracted these racist fans.

Around the age of 14-15, Camila herself used to have a racist troll account that includes her retweeting racist jokes about Zayn Malik’s ethnicity and her using the N word multiple times despite her not being black:

Tweets of her using the N word:

This was a tweet that Camila made to her best friend who has also dropped the N word multiple times despite her not being black:

Following this Camila was hacked by fans recently who exposed her Facebook messages from her earlier X-Factor days that she sent to her best friend where she refers to Normani and her other band mates as n****rs, these were the alleged messages:

Camila confirmed that the tweets were at least real with this apology after it was exposed:

Recently when Camila put out a single without her group it caused a noticeable friction which led to her fans making very direct and racist tweets towards specifically Normani.

When Normani was asked in an interview very recently to describe her band mates she described Camila as “cute and quirky” and the media tried to paint Normani as the villain for not being as lengthy in her description about Camila as she was about her other band mates:

Before this Camila’s fans were tweeting their dislike of Normani causing her to defend herself:

When Camila’s fan became dissatisfied with Normani defending herself and describing Camila as “cute and quirky” they made a photoshopped edit of Normani’s face on a slave that was hanged from a tree (which I won’t post because I don’t want spread it around). Following this Normani decided to take a break from twitter and Camila chose to address the situation by making it all about her instead of defending Normani against her fans racist comments by A) not acknowledging Normani was the victim of the attack B) making it about what she finds acceptable C) not unfollowing the fans that she has clearly seen making racist jokes about her band mate since she made it be known that it was on her timeline:

The indirectness of Camila’s tweet caused celebrities like Gina Rodriguez to misread the situation and stand with Camila instead of the actual victim which was Normani:

This post was basically to let it be known that I won’t allow the media to vilify Normani and I won’t accept Camila’s actions in the past and the little she’s done to take responsibility for her actions and the actions of the racist fans that she attracted over the years who she chooses to follow. Normani is always painted as the villain in the situation and Camila gets off free cause the media refuses to report the full story.

I love in Sun/Moon when you’re in the library and there are books about pokemon connected to other dimensions

And everyone’s like “They’re all Sinnoh pokemon! Sinnoh Confirmed!” Which is great and all and as a fellow Sinnoh fan I am with you but

My favorite thing is that they put BRONZONG in there alongside Giratina and Palkia.

“I think that as a shout-out to Generation IV we should throw in a reference to the three great Sinnoh legendaries: Palkia, Giratina and Bronzong. That’s right, isn’t it Steve?”

“Yeah I think that’s right”

Yeah, yeah…so I used my previous giveaway header. I know you’ll forgive me when I offer free stuff. 

I’ve been a little absent on tumblr as of late as I’ve been feeling stagnant on the GIF making/manip but I want to make up for that with this giveaway, as I’ve reached a milestone. 

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I am sure most of us/you are well aware of Winner’s situation under yg. They had a year long hiatus right after debuting, their recent comeback - although did very much okay - was called a flop by their own company. Their promotions were halted to film a baby variety show, which, again, was called a flop by their company, even though it was watched by a horrendous amount of people in China.

A thing you might not be aware of though, is that recently it was revealed that a group of ikon fansite admins (including admins of the biggest korean ikon fansite) have pretended to be winner fans and have influenced the public opinion of winner for the worse by commenting malicious things and pretending to be fans who are “dissapointed” and making each other’s stories trend. YG hasn’t taken ANY action against this group of people, the situation was handled by incles.

As of now, it’s been 6 month since EXIT:E and even though EXIT is supposed to be a year long project, X is nowhere in sight. Mino was announced to have a solo along with Bobby and the two of them having a duet as well. Seunghoon is running their own variety show on V app called WINWIN TV, which btw has mysteriously been halted last week and is now 2 episodes behind without explanation. Mino and Seungyoon are the only ones doing activities rn and those are in China as well.

But the most important thing is that

It has been announced that Mino would be a guest on ALL FOURTEEN CONCERTS OF IKON’S JAPANESE TOUR. These concerts would be between october and november, probably right after his solo promotions. This would mean that Winner is NOT having a comeback for a long time. IKON’s concerts have also been promoted in the japanese Winner fancafe.

This is so YG understands that what we want is the whole of Winner to promote together a new mini album and not only one of them, with 4 people ignored.

Since the tumblr fandom is not that big, even if you just enjoy randomly hearing their music or have enough of YG’s fuckery, please reblog, share and tweet.

BTS Reaction: V App Antics~

Reaction: Your idol group is very active on V live, where she and her group give interviews and do silly things for fans~

Jin: While checking out the response to his latest Eat Jin episode, Jin pulled up your most recent V app session, in which your group were holding a cooking battle in a hotel kitchen. He laughs as your members kept stealing your cooking utensils and dipping spoons into the batter of your cake. 

Yah, unnie, how am I supposed to bake it if you take the pan?” 

He watches you chase after the older girl, flour covering the blue apron wrapped around your waist, and grins into his hand. 

“Y/N looks like a decent cook, if she had something to cook with,” he says, amused. “I’d like to cook with her someday…without the rest of the group, though.”

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Suga: “Hyung! Hyung! Come watch this video!” Jimin calls from the other room, his phone held sideways in his hand. 

“Why?” He groans back, pulling his snapback over his eyes. Don’t interrupt my nap

“You like Y/N, right? From Y/G/N?”

He grunts, irritated, but slowly climbs off his bed and heads into the living room, grabbing the maknae’s phone from his hand and ignoring Jimin’s complaints. In the video, your band is performing the dance version of your recent comeback song “Make It Rain” wearing 90′s style American hiphop outfits, tacky yellow and balloon pants included. He smirks when you pop into the center of the camera, whipping out old moves like the Sprinkler and the Cabbage Patch, a wide dorky grin on your face. 

“Cute,” he says simply.

“Right?” Jimin agrees, grinning brightly.

Yoongi takes one at his face before scoffing and throwing Jimin’s phone back into his lap.

“She’s your noona, brat. Watch yourself.”

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Namjoon:  He’s watching a few of their music videos on Youtube, reading comments and thinking about upcoming promotions, when he notices a video on the sidebar titled, “Y/G/N Cover of Love Is Not Over(BTS).” He clicks the link and watches as a YG dance studio popped into view. You and the other five members of your group are sitting on the floor, greeting fans and talking about recent events. 

He’d been watching your group’s career for several months now, particularly you after you had performed a duet with Jungkook for a Christmas special that year. The golden maknae had sung your praises for weeks afterward. Namjoon had taken an interest and brought up the idea of a collaboration with your group with Yoongi. 

The music for “Love Is Not Over” begins, and he watches as the two members of the group that usually rapped begin to sing the vocal parts. When his rap begins, you step in and start rapping, at a higher register than himself, but you keep the speed and delivery well-paced. He’s impressed. 

“Gorgeous, funny, beautiful voice, and she can rap? Looks like I need to work a bit harder on pushing that collab.”

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J-Hope: The bus ride to the concert stage is dragging on, and Hoseok is bored as hell. The other members are either sleeping or listening to the songs and preparing for the concert, but having spent the first two hours of the trip revising, he needs a break. On his phone, he starts looking at recent V app updates for choreography when he sees a thumbnail of you sitting up in bed, complete with bed head and sleepy smile. He clicks on it immediately.

Ahhh, unnie, good morning,” you mumble to the screen, and the sound of your leader’s laugh comes from behind the camera. You’re wearing a soft baggy sweater, like the dorm might be too cold, and you brush a hand over your hair, eyes blinking slowly like you’re still waking up. 

Morning, Y/N,” your leader says, sounding amused. “Want to help me give a tour of the dorm for our fans?

Okay~~,” you say, struggling past your covers and rolling out of the bed.

“Awwwwww, she’s so cute,” Hoseok says quietly, grinning into his hand. “So cute.”

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Taehyung: He and Jungkook are trolling around on the V app for videos to watch as they kill time before putting on make-up and suiting up for the concert that night. He notices a new addition to your idol group’s video collection and clicks eagerly–like BTS, your group is known for having funny videos, and Tae’s crush on you in particular is an open joke amongst the team. 

“Let’s watch this,” he says before Jungkook can reply, and the video starts playing. 

Jihyo, your group’s lead dancer, is holding the camera and walking around the dressing room aimlessly, stopping on each member and asking questions. She comes to you, where your stylist is using hairspray on your hair, and starts asking you questions.

You know BTS has a concert tonight as well,” Jihyo says, nudging your leg with her foot.

You look at her with a small pout on your face, and Tae feels his heart leap in his chest. “I know! I bet it’s going to be really good. I love their music,” you say with a small, sad smile. 

Yeah, just their music,” Jihyo teases immediately, and you give her an embarrassed, worried look. 


It has nothing to do with a certain singer/soon-to-be actor in a historical drama with a deep voice.”

Unnie!” You shout as you whip to your feet and start to chase her. The camera view starts blurring and swinging as Jihyo runs away, her laughter and your shouts crackling through the audio.

Grinning like a child in a toy store, Tae turns to Jungkook. “She likes me too, oh my god~~~”

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Jimin: After showering upon returning from the gym, Jimin makes himself a light breakfast and sits on the couch with his phone, scrolling through his Twitter notifications. A gif suddenly pops up on his feed of you rolling on the ground in a studio, three of your groups members tickling you as you try to get away. He notes the caption and heads to the V app to watch the full video.

An unbelievably adorable game follows as your group stuffs as many marshmallows in your mouths as possible. You all look like bunnies with over-stuffed cheeks. As the member to get the smallest number in your mouth, your punishment is to be tickled.

Wait, unnie,” you begin as they inch closer to you. Wrapping your arms around your middle, you try again, “Unnie, please, I’ll cook dinner tonight! I’ll--” by it’s no use. They hold you on the ground and tickle you until a couple tears roll down your cheeks. He watches you roll around laughing and shouting pleas for mercy, a huge grin on his face. 

“I want to play too,” Jimin says and pouts, before clicking on an older video of your group backstage at a concert, humming as he finishes his breakfast.

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Jungkook: Jungkook’s at dinner with the hyungs when his phone beeps with a notification from the V App: your band just uploaded another video. He brings the phone closer to his face and clicks the play button. 

“Jungkookie~~, what’s that?” Jimin asks from across the table.

“Shhh,” Jungkook hushes him quickly as the camera closes in on you bundled up into the corner of a sofa, waiting for your turn in the photoshoot.

“Really, this kid,” Jimin mutters, flipping the meat over on the grill and glaring at the maknae, who ignores him.

“Y/N, what are you doing?” Your member, whose name he can’t remember, asks, and you look up from your red handheld console.

“Playing Pokemon. Want to see?” You look up at her with a shy grin, and Jungkook finds himself smiling at the screen in response. “I’m at the sixth gym right now. My Ivysaur is close to evolving.” Your member hums appreciatively, watching you click moves, your hands half hidden in the sleeves of your sweater.

She likes Pokemon… He thinks with a smile, closing the video to watch again later and ignoring Jimin’s continuous questions. 

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Do you ever find yourself disliking a character because of their fans? You try to separate the fans from the character, but it’s just so difficult. The fans can make you love or hate a character based on which unnecessary reaction they have. 

If the reaction consists of all this unearned praise and this idea that this character is above reproach, then you’re gonna end up hating the character. I’m talking about those characters where the fandom thinks it’s a good idea to infantilize them and make them out to be ‘good guys’ even when they’re not.

If the reaction consists of all this vitriol and unnecessary hate, then you’re gonna end up loving the character. I’m talking about those characters that are just as guilty as the other characters, but they’re still hated for it. In fact, they’re hated even more for it. They don’t do anything anyone else on the show doesn’t do, yet they get the most hate.

It’s just so odd how the fandom can cultivate your viewing experience. 

The life after the party

So Babylock is ending, and I am excited about that cause I wanna draw the conclusion but at the same time I am a bit sad cause I don’t know what I’m gonna do next… AND I NEED TO DO SOMETHING. I can’t just be idle, this is something that I need… so I’ve been talking to friends and my wifey about it and I have two options, or most likey I have two options I like…

One of them was to do the Johnlock version of The Last of Us, which I thought about it a lot but at the same time it seemed a bit pointless cause, there’s the game, you can buy it and play it and whatnot…

And the other thing that just came to me this last Saturday was to do a scary Johnlock comic.

I don’t know if you know this…but I am a HUUUUUGE horror fillm fan, I love them, the cheesy ones, the bad ones, the good ones, the mundfucking ones… all of them, I’m not big on gore tho, so if they don’t have like super gore that’s awesome. I don’t feel like that’s something really needed to make it scary, but that’s my opinion…

Anyway scarelock, if I may call that… that. I think it’ll be hard to write cause Sherlock is walking logic but John’s more about repressed feelings so I can work Sherlock through John…

The thing is just… I don’t know, it’ll be very different from what I have done (well, sandlock had scary parts but it wasn’t about the scary)

So I don’t know, I REALLY want to do this, I am excited but idk how my readers are gonna take it, and like it or not I am not rich so I’m kinda living off of people on patreon who support me and my free comics are part of this so Idk, man, I have to pay bills…

So I really don’t know what I’m gonna do, because I wanna do this but it’s so outside of the regular stuff I don’t know how people will take it.

Sigh* I might have to think of something else.

The question is what.

Women's Intuition

I have no idea what is coming in TFP and things on here are wild right now and I’m not clear on what it is specifically that people want to see or hear as confirmation of an end game (I’m open to any number of eventualities) but I have amidst all the noise this for me feels like something like clarity… and that’s about the women in this show.

Mrs Hudson

What one thing do all these women have in common…

None of them frame this relationship as mere bromance. Not one of them.

At minimum, on a textual level, not subtext, which I am a big fan of, but actually there on the page, they THEY see it as love.

Which is why I have never seen this in conspiracy terms. It’s text. Actual text.

Add in subtext and there are yet more women who are potential disrupters of this relationship and fail or who implicate this relationship as more than friendship: Janine, the nurse who dated the ghost, Henry’s psychiatrist. And last but not least: Molly inside Sherlock’s head in TAB.
There are men too that fit the pattern but let’s just stick with the women for neatness.

Textually, we can draw one of two conclusions about the women and their collective reading of this relationship:
A. These women are not stupid. They intuit and understand the correct meaning of this relationship. They see it for what it is. More than just friendship. They recognize the relationship because they listen to their own feelings and see their own feelings reflected in that relationship. For some, that recognition hurts their feelings. These two men love each other. Really really love each other. Not just best friends. They are a couple. Even if they don’t know it or recognize it for what it is. The women are right.

B. These women are misunderstanding. They are stupid. They are seeing something that doesn’t exist. They are merely projecting their own feelings onto The relationship and are drawing a false conclusion. Making a deductive error. Their romantic reading is matched and surpassed by the non-romantic reading. This friendship is equal to or more important than what they offer romantically. Or what they see romantically. This isn’t just BFFs. This is Platonic in the original sense - this is male friendship being the highest form of relationship there is. The women are wrong.

Let’s look at some the issues raised by option B. What it says about those women.

Think about what that does to Irene Adler as a character. How is it that she can make a lot of money from the highest levels of society by “knowing what people like” (a line that is repeated for textual emphasis) and yet be this stupid? Was she blinded by her own attraction and jealousy? Just projecting? Three words: yes, you are. Is she wrong? If she’s wrong what was the point of that line? What was its function narratively? So she could be proven wrong? Made to look stupid?

What does it say about Molly? Many of us have likely been Molly or (for younger fans) will be. Rejected. Lovelorn. Treated like crap by someone we desire and still being sympathetic and understanding. Just projecting? Made to look stupid?

And what does it say about Mrs Hudson?
Why is she being elevated to more than a civilian while doubling down on her stupid, erroneous intuition that no one else matters to Sherlock than John - over ANYone. Is she just projecting? A bad ass with a fast car but ultimately stupid?

Mary. Let’s talk about Mary. If option B is true why does she understand that Sherlock would die for John? Option A. is potentially a far more sympathetic reading of Mary. She and Sherlock understand each other. They will both kill for John. Would die for John. Both love John. On the same intense turned up to a gazillion, level of love. It is the explanation of why he forgave her. Because he alone can understand why she would shoot him. Because she couldn’t bear not having John. Fucked up, I grant you. But in that reading they are motivated to extreme ends. For ultimately the exact same reason. Love.
If, it’s option B, Mary’s romantic love for John is at best equal too or plays second fiddle to Sherlock and John’s platonic love. What does that say about her? That makes her death really tragic. Not for John but for her and her daughter. All because her spouse and his best pal can’t be apart. Platonically.

There is a critical reading of this show (not itself above critique and feel free to challenge this if you want) that concludes that this is either queer love with a capital L, (worthy of say the Doctor and Riversong,) or misogynistically Platonic.

Even ACD did better than that. And he portrayed Holmes as openly sexist.

But this is 2017.

I hope to God these women are not proved so foolish as the text would then make them.

#7 - “Watch me”

Sum: Shawn and Y/N are fighting and Y/N decides that enough is enough.

Words: 747

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“No! Don’t you dare blame this on me, Shawn!”

 "Well, what do you expect me to do?“

 "I don’t know, trust me maybe?!" 

"How am I suppose to? Tell me, Y/N, because I am DYING to know!”

This argument had been going for at least 30 minutes now. The day had started out perfectly. Your best friend, Ashton, had just come home from living across the world and you hadn’t seen each other in years. Ash asked you to grab a coffee which you gladly accepted.

The thing was that fans had spotted you hugging and kissing cheeks and the tweets spread rumors faster than a lightning. Of course Shawn had seen the pictures and was by now furious.

“Because he is my best friend and I would never do anything to hurt you.” You responded with a loud voice. Shawn snorted and folded his arms over his chest. 

“Shawn, you meet hundreds of girls each day and you never hear me complaining when you kiss their cheeks.”

“That’s a whole different thing, Y/N.”

“But it isn’t!” You argued and crossed your arms over your chest as you took a step closer to him.

“Yeah it is! My job includes meeting fans. It’s pretty much my duty to make them happy. Without them I am nothing.”

“What about my happiness?” You mumbled and looked down on your feet. In the corner of your eyes you saw how Shawn frowned confused and rolled his eyes.

“What about it?” He simply answered.

“How do think I’m feeling when you go off touring, sometimes being away for over 6 months?” 

He stood silent.

“How do you think I’m doing? It’s not like I’m having sex with each guy I see just because you’re not home and I feel alone. Shawn, I wait for you to come home because I love you.”

Shawn snorted and rolled his eyes once again. 

“Why should I believe what you’re saying? Who knows, maybe you’ve been sleeping around. Maybe you’ve been a stupid groupie all this time? Maybe, each time I’m in the studio, Ashton comes here and fucks you behind my back?”


Those words hit you like knives stabbing you over and over again. How could he say that? You would never, ever do such thing. You thought he knew that. 

You just glared at him with wide eyes and a slightly open mouth. You felt like crying, but not in front of Shawn. No, he didn’t deserve your tears.

Suddenly his face turned around as he just realized what he said. 

“N-no, Y/N I didn’t—" 

"Save it.” You interrupted him and turned around to grab your bag on the floor. You couldn’t stay anymore.

“Where are you going?” He asked with a voice of panic. You stood up straight and swung your bag over you shoulder and looked at your boyfriend. 

“Not your concern. I’m surprised you even care.” You muttered and grabbed your converse to put them on.

“But it is my concern!” You gave him an angry glare and ignored him. Now he cares? About time.

 "Y/N, don’t you dare. Don’t you dare walk out on me.“ He said and glared at you with a clenched jaw. You took a few deep breaths before you turned around and headed for the door. 

"Watch me, superstar.”

You were about to open the door when a hand quickly smashed the door close again. You caught your breath and jumped around to see Shawn standing only a few inches away from your face with his hands pressed against the door to hold it close. You opened your mouth to scream at him, but no words came out.

“Don’t go.” Shawn husky muttered and looked into your Y/EC eyes with such desperation. You didn’t have an answer. You just looked into his brown eyes and felt yourself drowning in them.


Suddenly he crashed his lips on yours which made you catch your breath in surprise. He pressed you up against the door even more and held his hands on your hips. You started to relax and kissed him back which made him squeeze your hips even more.

After a few seconds he slowly pulled back and rested his forehead against yours as you both breathed each other in.

“Stay. Please. I love you.” He raspy whispered. You gulped hard before nodding your head slowly.

 "I’m not going anywhere.“




These are all pictures from the Naysaya episode from star vs the forces of evil. I am an avid STARCO fan. In this episode it shows a lot of JARCO moments. Except… it doesn’t, and here is why this is actually a STARCO episode.
1)Jana’s book says that the Naysaya will ONLY say embarrassing things in front of or near his TRUE LOVE. That being said, I am not sure people noticed how Naysaya said embarrassing things when he was alone in his room with pillows covering him. But Naysaya only said embarrassing things when STAR was around. And if you look more closely at the scenes in which Naysaya speaks, the writers want us to think it is because he is around Jackie. But, he was around STAR all of those times too. Lastly, the scene in which STAR and Marco are alone together, even though she is outside his door proves that this is a STARCO episode because this gives proof that STAR IS HIS TRUE LOVE not Jackie. And yes he talked when he was around Jackie, but look at his face when Jackie is looking at Marco for comfort. He looks annoyed.

Since ‘I Got Love’ is coming out soon, here are a few things to enlighten those who haven’t understood the release thoroughly:

• This is NOT her comeback song, nor is it a pre-release single (like Party before Lion Heart). It is supposed to be taken as a gift for the fans before the official album release.

• IGL is not going to be promoted on music shows as of now (it might be promoted as a side-track once she makes her actual comeback, but that’s uncertain).

• Only the music video is going to be released tonight (12a.m. KST). There won’t be any physical or digital copies of the song (which, I am 99,9% sure, means it won’t be on the charts—and it shouldn’t, considering it isn’t her official comeback song). The full, official audio will be available when the album comes out.

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Kubo and the Twitter drama

As this being the first statement addressed to the fandom after three months of silence, I am not surprised by the fandom’s reaction to the content.

Kubo had taken to his twitter to finally reach out to all his fans personally and thank them. Kubo admits to being able to write the last chapter of Bleach the way he intended since chapter 1.

Now, that claim is very difficult to understand. There were many things that were flawed with the last chapter which questions if Kubo’s words are genuine.

So let’s go into the chapter content once more. Considering Kubo had been cut short, we have to rely on a 10-year skip to justify what we have. Now, we actually have to add in chapter 685 because it introduces the time skip. When I look at the contents of the end, 

The 685 title, “A Perfect End”, sort of seems to be a mock of the chapter’s contents. Kyoraku is speaking to a deceased Ukitake’s grave. We see that the symbol of Soul Society’s corrupt system has been rebuilt, and even bigger that that. Mayuri is still alive and running squad 12, despite the things he has done in the past. The only positive things we get is that Rukia has become a Captain. But then we get detection of reiastsu similar to Yhwach’s. So we know things aren’t over. What sort of “perfect” end can this be? It’s not. It’s a mocking because things are no longer perfect.

It took one panel, an image of Sokyoku bigger than ever, three years in Bleachverse and fifteen years in real time, to completely undo Ichigo Kurosaki’s impact. An impact that was changing things for the better.

Next chapter, “Death and Strawberry”, gives an implication that this could be for Ichigo and Rukia. Bleach was built on their relationship and the first chapter started with their shared destiny. It would make sense and be respectful to the story and to the hero and heroine to give them a big closing moment together. But we are thrown back to the captains as they head off towards the materializing reiatsu. What interesting is that Byakuya makes a comment that Rukia hasn’t had downtime with her friends in quite some time.

Which justifies Rukia’s reaction to apparently not having seen anyone is a long time. I mean Rukia states that shes been away so long that the twins have grown considerably! How long within the 10 year gap did these guys have interaction?

Why would Kubo not have Ichigo and friends come for Rukia’s ceremony? Or even have it brought up when she came down to visit? Rather, let’s all get together to watch Chad beat people up. And that lead to another questionable “intention”. What was the point of Chad’s promise to his Abuelo? And what about Uryuu? Why is Uryuu once again back to square one, no dialogue, showing to be isolated, and no doubt always busy, with a job that equally went against his character? And I’m not going to just assume Orihime and Ichigo are living the lives they wanted this whole series either. We get no indication that Orihime followed any ambitions and we have no indication that Ichigo is really doing anything! Ichigo who knew his place was as a soul reaper. We were teased with Ichigo possibly having to stay in Soul Society, teased with his friends receiving tickets to visit him there. What was the actual point of these last 15 years of Bleach according to the last chapter? If this was always Kubo’s intention, to undo the whole story, then this was quite a dark theme here.

Plus the fact that apparently everyone was living in fear of a threat. !0 years of quiet, regular lives and regualr marriages and not one happy moment. So were Ichigo and Orihime and Renji and Rukia ment to be under the threat of Yhwach? I mean, if I’m married to the person I fell in love with, I’d expect to have a happiest moment somewhere between 10 years.

But look, Kubo gave the moment away to Ichigo and Rukia. Apparently this was their moment together for the fans and the happiest moment, I’m assuming for Ichigo since he followed Yhwach, in the last 10 years.

The ending seemed like an attempt to get back on track after he fell off in the middle, but it was far too late. The ending relationships suffered becasue of Kubo’s neglect to them and Ichigo and Rukia’s dynamic suffered as well, a nostalgic moment of bickering making up for it.

Is this really what Kubo intended?

Now, for the letter.

The letter Kubo had received from a sick boy was back in 2010. Receiving it only confirmed the boy had died. This is tragic and I do hope that the boy’s family can be reached eventually. But from all this, It sort of seems like the ending was wish fulfillment for both Kubo and for the boy and the letter, after three months of silence with no closure for the fandom as a whole, a shield.

When you write something, and for as long as Kubo has, your story will begin to shift and mold itself. There was no way Bleach was written 100% to Kubo’s intentions. There is a reason the editors has a job. I’m sure Bleach had changed many times over the course of fifteen years. There was a natural progression and it only seems like that natural progression was derailed by Kubo wanting to go back to his original intentions. Unfortunately, Bleach suffered as a whole for it.

If anything, this will be the reminder and the lesson. Kubo will live with this forever. What he wanted, what he failed to execute properly from the beginning, suffered from neglect.

I’m still grateful to Kubo for starting what he did, for the story and the many characters. if only it had ended on a better note. He can only rest now, and be thankful for what was left of the fandom that had supported his suffering work. it’s over.

To all the shadowhunters fans out there pls read this

I just need to say what I feel and I don’t even care if I get hate from this, its just my opinion. I don’t hate the shadowhunters TV show but I am getting really sick of them constantly shitting on the books. I am a book fan and I find myself avoiding tumblr which is not something I used to do. I dont mind other people’s opinion on the fandom unless it is degrading to the author and the actual series. I hate the drama going on between the book fans and the tv show fans because I cant even enjoy the fandom anymore. I will forever love this series but I cant stop being sad about the mean thing that are being said about the books. Yes they are not perfect, but it is what makes them so human. I know that some of the character’s actions are stupid or wrong but no one is perfect. I am not supporting incest, biphobia or any of that shit. I dont want you(shadowhunters fans) to forget who created this whole world in the first place. Dont dissrespect Cassandra because of the drama and just stop this nonesense. The fandom was already built and pretty big before you came along and all I ask is for a decent attitude towards eachother. I personnaly watch the show for my ships and I am happy that my OTP malec are getting a lot of attention (which gives me LIFE) but I dont like all of the negativity around book Malec. Eventhough Clace is the main ship in the books, and there is not as much Malec, dont be mad at Cassandra for it. Just appreciate that they are canon and that she keeps writing more stuff about them and their family(max and raphael). This series is really close to my heart and I value it a LOT. So I beg you guys to stop being negative and mean. Just leave the drama out and concentrate on loving the story, the ships, the fanfics, the feels and the fact that we are all fangirls/boys that are in love with the whole shadowhunting world.

Thanks for reading and please reblog if you agree with me

I know a lot of you will be mad but I hope the good old book fans will notice this and be thankful.



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