things not found in nature

The Signs as things found in nature

Aries:wildfires, olive branches, alpha wolves
Taurus:mushrooms, wild horses, mossy stones
Gemini:flowers in concrete, snakes, hurricanes
Cancer:moonlight, rain showers, the womb
Leo:peyote plants, lava, fireflies
Virgo:bear families, weeping willow trees, spiderwebs
Libra:gold, chameleons, salt
Scorpio:caves, thorns, icebergs
Sagittarius:water lilies, El Nino, tornados
Capricorn:rabbits, kudzu, earth quakes
Aquarius:the northern lights, sand, waterfalls
Pisces:pearls, cherry trees, tadpoles

🌟Tips for Witches With a Tight Budget🌟

These are some tips that can help you save money so that witchcraft won’t break your budget and so that witchcraft can help you gain money instead!

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🌟 Use socks, coffee filters, paper towels, plastic bags, or napkins as sachets and tie them up with a hair tie or a rubber band when you use them! These items are either cheap or already in your home, so you do not have to splurge on cloth sachets. Be careful if you decide to put liquids in these materials as they can leak out in some of them!
🌟 Use birthday candles in spells or purchase cheap candles at Walmart or Dollar Tree! Birthday candles are usually on hand or very cheap and come in many colors. Stores like Walmart and the Dollar Tree also have cheap candles, usually tealights, that are around a dollar.
🌟 If you can’t afford crystals, rocks can work or you can try to find them in nature. It’s not guaranteed that you’ll find crystals in nature, but here is a post that can help you identify and find crystals. You can also use rocks. They may not have the same correspondences as your preferred crystals, but rocks can be great for grounding and strength and they can also vary in color. Hag stones can also be found in nature!
🌟 You can use sticks, rocks, and plants as wands! These things can be found in nature, so no need to break your wallet over a fancy wand. Practice what kind of natural material is best equipped for you when you channel and direct energy through it and there’s your wand!
🌟 Use hand soap instead of herbs or other expensive ingredients! Hand soaps come in a variety of scents and instead of splurging on expensive ingredients for a spell, you can try to find a hand soap that can replace them. For example, I can’t spend extra on coconut butter, so I bought a hand soap that has coconut butter in it for a dollar. I not only get hand soap, but also a handy spell ingredient, too!
🌟 Take daily tasks and make them magical! Enchant your cooking, cleaning, and working. A few simple words can go a long way when enchanting your daily activities. For instance, I usually bless my food for good health before microwaving and eating it!
🌟 Remember that spells don’t require a lot of materials and energy! A few words, sigils, drawing, singing, or imagining a spell is enough to cast it. Drawing a sigil on my arm for productivity is enough for me to get started on some homework.
🌟 An altar doesn’t have to be fancy! You can use a pizza pan, a plate, a piece of wood, a cardboard box, or even a section of your floor as a space for an altar. Items on an altar can include a regular cup, some salt, blessed water, or whatever you want to add and can afford! All of these items are free, already on hand, or can be found at the Dollar Tree so you don’t have to break your wallet!
🌟 Leave a sigil or charm for prosperity in your purse or wallet! Make sure to close or add loopholes to it so that it does not come from a negative place. This can attract some extra money to your pocket! 
🌟 Enchant your most used items to make them last longer or to prevent damage! Clothes, shoes, kitchen appliances, and the laundry basket really could use a sigil or some type of enchantment so that they will not break on you when you really cannot afford to fix or replace them.


Hide us from the wrath of the lamb.

Jon x Female Reader

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Imagine Jon falling ill so you look after him in secret but get caught by Arya.

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\ Request from anonymous /

Could you pretty please write a very fluff Robb or Jon (surprise me!) x reader where he has got a cold so he’s staying in bed? And reader is secretly worried so she sneaks in his room to keep him company and they start to cuddle? Then Arya breaks in and takes the mickey out of her! Thank you!

♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

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Warning to any new naturals or those wanting to be natural

Go natural with the bare minimum of nessasary products! I cannot emphasize this enough. There are only four things I used when when I first went natural
1. Shampoo
2. Conditioner
3. Mosteriser/detangular (hair lotion)
4. Wide tooth comb

There were a couple of reasons for this one I’m a college student with a very very small budget, and two i did not want to fall into the trap of being a product/style junkie. The most important thing for natural hair is health and i found that hair doesn’t really need that much to be healthy. When first going natural it is best to start out simple and build from there because you don’t know how these products will work on your hair. Even now I’ve been natural for about 3 years and i only needed to add two things to my hair stack which is a deep conditioner and a cheep oil. Anyone just starting on their natural hair journey should limit themselves to no more than $30 on products.

A group of amateur cave explorers discovered a river in Mexico with banks, trees and leaves just like an ordinary river, but with an additional metric shit ton of “WTF,” because they were hovering 25 feet over it in scuba gear when they discovered it.

While underwater water doesn’t seem possible, the “river” is actually a briny mix of salt water and hydrogen sulfide. It’s much more dense than regular salt water, so it sinks to the bottom and forms a distinct separation that acts and flows like a river.

In addition to giving scuba divers the distinct feeling that they’re flying through a landscape painting, the underwater river allows them to snap mind-blowing pictures like the one you’re looking at taken by Anatoly Beloshchin.

Unfortunately, hydrogen sulfide is extremely toxic, so the chances of the above scuba diver pulling in some sort of meta-fish aren’t great. However, there is an underwater body of water on the abyssal plain (the part out past the continental shelf where the ocean floor starts to make shit real) that is teeming with life. Deep sea lakes look like normal lakes, complete with sandy and rocky shores. Scientist call these lakes “cold seeps,” but they’re a hotbed for life, because apparently waterfront real estate is a hot commodity under water, too. The “rocky” shores are actually made up of hundreds of thousands of mussels.

The 5 Most Mind-Blowing Things That Can Be Found Underwater

    OSTARA (EOSTRE) The Spring Equinox

     * Masterpost and helpful information HERE <—*                    
                             DATES: Northern hemisphere  March 20-23
                                Southern hemisphere  September 20-23
   Also called The Spring or Vernal Equinox and Easter. Keep in mind that pronunciation obviously differs between accents but, these are the most popular.

If Ostara reminds you of Easter, you’re not wrong! Over the years the name was changed to fit into more standard and modernised systems and while both still represent very similar things, much of the history of the beloved Germanic goddess of fertility, Eostre, aka Ostara has sadly been lost in translation in the eyes of many Pagans. Ostara was represented by things associated with the new light of birth, such as eggs, rabbits, sweets, growth and nurturing compassion which represents the nature of Spring. When it comes to the astronomy aspect of this day, the Equinox is one of the balancing points in the cycle of the seasons. This is because both day and night are of equal length, reminding us of equality and the continuous growth in our lives. 

Ostara is a beautiful spring planting festival that celebrates the return of life to the earth. Represented by fresh flowers, baby animals and eggs, the symbolism paints a welcoming picture for the new energy spirits that have been brought into existence. It is a day to rejoice in the reawakening of the Earth! During this time the God and Goddess are perceived as young adults, projecting youth and innocence before their climb into adulthood. The Goddess, as the Maiden, covers the earth with life and love while the God grows to maturity helping her to make things grow quickly. The Sun God’s strength increases day by day and the Maiden celebrates her fertility. This is a time to plant our gardens, the seeds of flowers, herbs and vegetables and it is a time to honour the masculine and to reflect on what exactly makes us who we are.

The Gods that are associated with Ostara are Adonis, Attis, Ovis, Odin, Osiris, Frigg, the Sun God + more, depending on specific path/cultural background The Goddesses that are associated with Ostara are Eostre, Aphrodite, Isis, Freya, and the Moon Goddesses + more, depending on specific path/cultural background The Colours of Ostara are pretty much all of the pretty pastel colours you can think of. Animals that correspond with this day are Hares, rabbits, snakes, unicorns, Pegasus, lambs fledgelings and other small baby animals. Essences that are perfect for Ostara would be pretty much any type of fresh floral scent, jasmine, violets, roses, sage, strawberry, citrus scents, roses, lotus, magnolia and ginger. Stones that pair perfectly with this celebration are Rose quartz, aquamarine, moonstone, amethyst and jasper Popular things to consume during Ostara are Eggs, honey, bread, seeds, herbal teas, sprouts and green leafy vegetables Decorate your Altar with things like Flowers, seeds, eggs, crafts made from things you’ve found while in nature, images of rabbits and the appropriate herbs and stones. The areas you should put thought into during Ostara include yourself; Ostara is a time to reflect on your accomplishments and progress you’ve made so far in the year and to recharge your energy to continue going down the right path for YOU. It’s a time to continue working that butt off and readjust anything you may need to prevent any snags or problems during the remainder of the year. The key word is MANIFESTATION! Rituals and areas of Magick work are working with herbs and gardens, kitchen/cottage magick, abundance spells and animal work. Some fun activities of Ostara include planting seeds in a magickal or herbal garden, taking walks through gardens, parks, woodlands and decorating eggs.
                                       Video used in .Gif from here

~There is one simple Divinity found in all things, one fecund Nature, preserving mother of the universe insofar as she diversely communicates herself, casts her light into diverse subjects, and assumes various names~
Giordano Bruno.

Lynds’ Dark Nebula 673.  LDN 673 is part of a giant cloud of dust and gas in the constellation of Aquilla.  It is fragmented into many pieces, inside of which are forming stars.


As I studied Jeffrey Dahmer’s chart, I found some pretty conclusive indications regarding his reservedness and his ability to hide his true self. First of all, he had an 8th House stellium (Sun, Mercury and Venus all in the 8th House). This means that he was extremely private, he was great at concealing things about himself, and he was interested in more unspeakable subject matter (in this case, though, his taboo fascinations were really unusual and severely monstrous, which doesn’t go for everyone who has an 8th House stellium). He had a closed-off personality and was not very close to anybody. At the time of his birth, Neptune was in retrograde (he had Neptune in Scorpio), which might have contributed to his tendency to shield his actual, deeper characteristics. Dahmer was most likely shameful of himself, and for very good reason.

When Dahmer lured his first victim into his vehicle, Dahmer recalled in an interview that he did not actually plan it out and that it was a spontaneous occurrence. Dahmer admitted that he had many fantasies about picking up a male hitchhiker, but did not ever think it was actually going to happen, but when he did see his open opportunity, he made the impulsive decision to pick up the victim and eventually murder him. I think his quick decision could have been due to his Aries Moon. At the moment, he was not thinking of the consequences and it was by pure luck that he got away with murdering his first victim.

It’s difficult to say what may have caused Dahmer to become a necrophile. Perhaps it was his Lilith in the 8th House placement. Lilith represents a lot of things, and one of those things has to do with the darker side of people’s sexuality. And since it was placed in the 8th House, it’s extremely common for Lilith in the 8th House natives to have taboo turn-ons, and they are sexually gratified by (sometimes) unspeakable things. Now, I am not saying that people who have this placement will have sexual intercourse with the dead or will even like the idea. But if someone is mentally ill and if they are a psychopath, odds are Lilith in the 8th House will manifest in a horrifying way.

It’s also hard to say what may have led to Dahmer’s cannibalism. We have to remember, though, that Jeffrey Dahmer’s killings were not motivated by cannibalism. His killings were sexually-motivated, and, had he not become a serial killer at all, it’s highly likely that he would not have transformed into a cannibal. So that’s why it’s not easy to pinpoint this particular thing in his chart. The 6th House can often describe eating habits, but he only has Pisces in the 6th and Mars in the 6th House, and I couldn’t find a proper connection to his cannibalism. It has been suggested that his Moon square Saturn placement contributed to his cannibalistic tendencies, however.

In addition, Dahmer had Pluto in the 11th House, which pretty much means that he had difficulty fitting in with friends and with the community. His interests were bizarre and he never felt like he belonged into a social group. In the eye of the public, Dahmer appears soft-spoken, shy, and gentle (Cancer Midheaven). But it’s a whole different story underneath the surface. Jeffrey Dahmer’s chart appears fairly “normal,” but it has also been debated as to whether or not Dahmer was sexually abused in his childhood, which subsequently may have escalated into his deep depression and his road down psychopathy, and developed strange fancies during his descent into madness.

Reader teaches Zenyatta to dance

Watchpoint Gibraltar was often a lonely place. The only team members who stayed there year round were those with nowhere else to go. Company was scarce and Valentine’s Day on the horizon only made things worse. You found yourself in tacit isolation, due largely to Soldier’s aloof nature and Winston’s obsession with his gadgets. The days trudged by with agonizing monotony. The best part of each one was crossing it off the calendar. As the morning stretched onward you fell into a carefully cultivated routine.

First a hot shower followed by a hasty breakfast. Next stop was the common room everyone shared. You took the recliner and busied yourself with phone games and cat videos. Thrilling. Then, once your battery was half gone, you walked around the facilities, picking up the errant banana peel.

The last stop was Gibraltar’s fitness center, complete with a swimming pool, fully supplied gym, track, and basketball court. A large boombox, courtesy of Lucio, sat on the sidelines of the gymnasium. There was a certain bounce to your step as you trotted over to plug in your phone. This was your one solace. Dance.

The beat drummed along the floor, into your bones. A brilliant smile spread across your face and it wasn’t long before you’d lost yourself to the rhythm. Your eyes were closed. All the better to imagine your stage. Besides, you knew every inch of this room by now. Hands snapped up and then snaked back down your body. Hips rolled, booty rocked, you popped, locked, dropped, and brought it back up. If it weren’t for the sound of metallic clapping and gentle laughter you may have even twerked.

“Please, do not stop on my account. I was simply admiring your skill.” Zenyatta, floating in the doorway, encouraged you to continue. Your cheeks turned a rosy shade of blush and you rushed over to turn off the music. “I’m so sorry,” you offered sheepishly, “I thought everyone was away. When did you arrive?” The omnic sensed your true question and was more than happy to answer. “Do not worry. I watched only for a few brief moments. Genji and I have returned at Winston’s request. A mission lies before us.” If robots could smile, he’d certainly be grinning at you. “My apologies for disturbing you. Though I am happy to have witnessed such grace. It is a talent I have yet to master.” A few last waves of embarrassment rippled through you as you thanked him for the kind words. “I could teach you, if you want. I mean, I’m no master like you. But if you wanted to learn I could–”

“That sounds wonderful. I am always open to learning new things. Thank you for the opportunity.” Zenyatta floated over with more grace than he knew, and waited patiently for instruction. 

“Well… You can’t really dance without putting your feet on the ground… Can you stand?” Obediently, the monk unfolded himself from his usual perch. You gasped, “I never knew how tall you were!” Zen had drawn himself up over six feet in height. He laughed kindly at your surprise and your cheeks grew hot once more. “Alright… Let’s start with something simple. Put one hand on my hip and take my right hand with the other. Perfect.” His grip was steady and confident but gentle. The metal was warm against your skin. You placed your left hand on his shoulder and closed the distance between you. His orbs responded by widening their orbit and hovering around you. Suddenly, you felt heat flush across your brow and couldn’t help but smile. This was more intimate than you anticipated.

“Now you lead, right foot forward, then left. Then move back. Yes! Now add a little wiggle and swing those hips!” You giggled and demonstrated with your own shapely form. He tilted his head and sighed admiringly, “You make it look so easy.” In truth he wasn’t the best dancer but he could follow the basic steps. Zen even tried to move his hips in similar fashion. You erupted in playful laughter, “You’re doing great! I’m truly impressed!.” Those orbs whirled around and he seemed to beam at your approval. “You are an excellent teacher. I only hope I have made you proud.”

“Absolutely. We’ll have to dance more tomorrow! It’ll be nice to finally have a partner.” The omnic bowed before you and you curtseyed in return. “I look forward to nothing more. It will be a pleasure.”




       ↳ when they drank the immortality elixir, they violated the natural law that all living things must die, so Nature found a balance by creating mortal shadow selves.

Best Fake Smile I

Pairing: Matt Murdock x Reader (platonic…or so it seems…)

Summary: Hitting the bar right after you caught your boyfriend cheating you doesn’t seem to be the best ideas at the time, but when a blind lawyer comes up to you, it may have been your only good thing that night

Warnings: none, I hope, except for swearing 

A/N: This is what happens when you finish a season of Daredevil and suddenly feel like writing…

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Nothing made anyone in the world feel more alone than anyone could be when you’re nursing a cold, shitty beer occupying a booth in the dark corner of Josie’s filled with jovial drunks, all of them noisily having a much, much better time than you were. 

Of course, it wasn’t their fault that you found your boyfriend of 2 years cheating on you with a skinnier, prettier woman (and she was blonde!) right in the three-seater couch of the apartment you shared with him, no; it was almost too pathetic how you were there, alone, wallowing in your own ocean of beer-smelling self-pity while everyone else was so goddamn happy with their own lives, you attempting miserably to drown your problems out (and failing, to be honest). You were so helpless and lost, like a rabbit caught in a snowstorm; in a room full of intoxicated men and giddy women, you were a nobody, unnoticed amidst the drunks in the room. 

This made you knock back your drink once again, letting the cool liquid seep through and tide you over for the almost-inevitable long night.

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Draw me - Scott McCall

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Request: hiiii i was wondering if you can do a scott imagine where the reader is his gf and she’s very shy and artistic and like asks scott if she can draw him and can you make it super fluffy? thank you :)

Summary: (Y/N) is extremely shy and clumsy around everyone - including her boyfriend Scott’s friends. She’s very artistic and Scott asks her to draw him. But little does he know, he is her muse. (Lots of fluff bc I’m extra lonely right now).

“What you got there?” Scott peers over my shoulder as I crumple up a drawing that I had messed up. 

“Nothing.” I mumble. “So who’s coming for lunch?” 

“Stiles pulled out but Liam, Lydia and Malia can still make it.” I frown when I hear that Stiles can no longer make it. He’s the one I feel most comfortable around out of Scott’s friends. It’s kinda hard not to feel comfortable when he makes a bigger fool of himself than I do myself. I don’t really know Liam too well, Malia scares me a little (or a lot), and Lydia is ok but sometimes she doesn’t realise how the way she speaks can be demeaning. 

“Awesome!” I force a smile to Scott. I then go back to my papers and start to draw a wolf.

“Wow, thats really good, (Y/N)!” Scott awed. I jumped in fright. 

“God, I forgot you were there.”

“Can you draw me?”

“Scott I ca-”

“Paint me like one of your French girls” He cut me off. I giggled and rolled my eyes. 

“If you never quote Titanic again I will.” 

“Deal” Scott holds out his hand with a dumb grin on his face.

“And you agree to buy me chocolate” I say fast before grabbing Scott’s hand and shaking it. His jaw drops and he raises his eyebrows. 

“You cheat!” I stuck out my tongue before he playfully tackles me.

“Uhh.. you guys ready to go?” I hear a voice from behind Scott. I stand up quickly, grabbing my book and pens and smile at Liam. 

“Yeah, I’m craving Mexican.” I say awkwardly. 

“They don’t hate you (Y/N).” Scott follows me into my bedroom. 

“I spilt my soda on Lydia’s skirt and accidentally fell onto Liam.” I stood there staring at Scott until we both burst out laughing. Scott motioned me over and then embraced me in a big hug. 

“They don’t know you well enough yet. Just come and hang out with us at lunch period instead of the studio. I’m sure they’ll love you.” I mumbled and dropped onto my bed, pulling Scott along with me. We lay there for a few seconds, Scott wiping my fringe from my eyes before kissing me. 

“I have something I want to show you.” I reach over into my bedside table and pull out a book. “You know how you asked me to draw you?” Scott nods. “Well…” I flick open the book and pages filled with different drawings of Scott flash past. He takes the book from me and looks through it. “Is it too much? Creepy? Weird?” 

“It’s amazing. When did you start drawing these?” 

“Well, originally I just drew nature and animals. Things I found pretty. But then…”

“Are you calling me pretty?” Scott laughs. I blush hard.

“I mean, look at those eyes.” I giggle and point at one of the sketches.

“Still not as pretty as yours” He looks at me and I roll my eyes. I grab the book and chuck it on the ground before settling back into his arms.

A/N: Hey guys, I’m writing another imagine tonight to make up for the lack of. Times have been tough lately, but writing is a nice little escape into an idyllic fantasy.

You were the last string. You were the last thread I was grasping onto, last reason, last motivation, last hope. And just like everyone else, you left. You said we would be always together and yet here we are - or rather here we aren’t. How do you do that? How do you just build up false hope for someone and tear it down, without feeling sorry at all? How do you sleep at night when you left someone alone for so long that they had to get used to being alone? That they found loneliness to be a natural thing because of you? How did you do that so easily to me? You were the only one left that I trusted and put faith into the idea that you were different and that you would stay. But you didn’t. You didn’t.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write