things nobody will care about

So are pokemon that get evolutions in later generations going to be rebalanced CP-wise when their evolutions are finally put in Pokémon Go?

Because you can usually only catch so high of a CP on a first evolution pokemon, and of course you get much higher CP on pokemon that don’t have evolution to boost it.

But like, I’ve caught a 700+ CP Murkrow and seen an almost 600 CP Misdreavus, so…

a summary of criminal minds

gideon: *is haunted by his past*

rossi: *vague, inspiring quote*

garcia: (on speakerphone with morgan and like the president) spank me you statuesque god of chocolate thunder

jj: *is a glowing, beautiful ray of light*

hotch: (glaring) wheels up in 30

reid: actually, *super smart thing that nobody cares about*

morgan: *is in danger, is probably also talking to garcia* 

emily: (holding eight guns) fuck wit me

Isle of Flightless Birds
  • Isle of Flightless Birds
  • Twenty One Pilots
  • Twenty One Pilots

“all we are is an isle of flightless birds, we find our worth in giving birth and stuff we’re lining our homes against winding roads and when we think the going is tough, we pick songs to sing, remind us of things that nobody cares about and honestly, we’re probably more suicidal than ever”

-twenty one pilots


Wonho ( ゚ヮ゚) 


I printed some color tests on different cardstock for some stationery sets I plan on putting on my storenvy at some point.

Gonna try making some doublesided square cards on 240gr recycled cardstock tomorrow as well as some envelopes and sleeves to put the cards in.

There is no way that was the episode.

Maybe I’m insane but I just feel like there has to be more. The hack thing at the beginning, the leak that nobody cared about, the pure insanity that was this episode- I mean, as always Ben and Martin were brilliant - but what in the world was that? Completely outside of johnlock- nothing made sense. The drama, the explosion that apparently wasn’t that big of a deal, disappearing Mycroft BC he no longer mattered, the sister that just wanted to be loved, (shout out to Sian who was amazing) and the cheesiest fucking ending of all time. None of it made sense.

Call me crazy but I just don’t believe it. Sherlock got a Twitter for a reason and it wasn’t so he could fuck Kermit. The clear mind fuckery of the entire season- it’s all wrong and it’s purposely wrong. Too many unanswered questions. I’m sorry guys i just don’t buy it. Everyone stops after three-there has to be a fourth.

I am still waiting. I can’t believe it so I’m choosing not to right now. A fourth episode is coming, it has to. I refuse to believe that the series we just watched was real and happening in real time. nope. if come next Sunday it turns out I’m wrong, I’ll start the grieving process then, but for now- I still have faith.

NCT 127 as things my theatre department have said

Taeil- The shitty paper goose is my aesthetic

Taeyong- I’m looking at appetizers to go on my pinterest board


Jaehyun- This is the single most embarrassing thing I’ve done in my life

Winwin- Nobody got me flowers. Nobody cares about me.


Haechan- Bitch. I am not short. Fight me *Get’s in battle stance*

Quotes from my new Spanish teacher (worst human on Earth)

“When you finish your career here and go to Paris to wash dishes and do disgusting jobs, where you probably belong, oh but it doesn’t matter because you’ll be in the Paris, right?”

“I want you all to know something, I don’t give two shits about any of your opinions.“

"Girls, don’t wear shorts, have some respect for yourselves, nobody cares about your legs; the only thing you’re going to achieve is for some guy to see you, follow you home, and… Well, that’s going to be your fault.”

“These disgusting people that dress the opposite gender they were born, that’s wrong, it’s not natural! It’s like a daughter fucking her father, it’s against human nature!”

My friend is almost blind, and he was struggling to hear her because she was talking quietly, and she just turned to him like “What, you’re deaf, too?”