things nobody told me

The pain of getting hurt by a best friend is too big and too painful and your heart hurts so much and you want to tell your best friend but that is the person who hurt you in first place.

kids these days are so smart and i mean like 12-15 year old kids are so much more wise and woke than i was im glad you all know how to self explore in healthy ways and im glad you are learning what is and isnt an okay way for adults to treat you and how to say you’re not comfortable and stand up for yourselves but still have fun and be the children that you are you’re all so inspiring i hope you have really good happy lives 

RICK: Oh, my God… You look ridiculous.
BUDDY: Who are you???
BRAD: I’m Santa Clause!
BRAD: Have you been a good girl?
BUDDY: Um.  Uh.  I think so?  I help protect the camp and I stay inside when Dad tells me to.  He doesn’t like when I call him Dad, don’t tell him…
BRAD: Well… um.  What do you want for Christmas?
STICKY: Dude.  Nobody told me.
BRAD: Yes!  All good boys and girls get things for Christmas!
BUDDY: Can it be anything?
BRAD: Of course!
BUDDY: Well… You know what I really want, Mr. Santa?
STICKY: Oh boy
BRAD: What is it?
BUDDY: I… wish I could go out more.  I wish my Dad would take me out and… do Dad things.  But he says I can’t because people will see I’m a girl…
CHEEKS: Oh, man, dude.
BRAD: Well, I brought you this poncho, to keep you warm.  But… I’ll tell you what.  If I see Brad, I’ll tell him you said that, okay?
BUDDY: Okay… Wait, how’d you know his name?
BRAD: I-I, uh, I gotta be off, now!  Remember to be good until next year!
[BRAD runs off, then returns a few minutes later, shirtless and with his regular colored beard]
BRAD: Whoa, guys, SANTA CLAUSE just ran past me!

This is just a cute little thing I made between MOURNFUL updates to balance out the angst.
I was thinking, what if Brad making Buddy’s mask wasn’t an on-a-whim decision?


Lestat is that type of person who inboxes you and says “can u like my profile picture 😘?” Overuses smiley faces and emojis such as 😘😭😉😚;P. Always tags Louis on pictures (Louis constanlty removes tags) in the album BAE AND ME ;) . He sent Louis a relationship request (it’s still pending). Tags everbody on his profile picture, so he would get more likes. Shares his profile pictures.
When he and Louis have a fight he posts some depressing love songs and statuses, writes things such as “everybody told me to forget you, but nobody told me how…#dedicated #L ; i am never going to trust anyone ever again…#L; sometimes, the person you’d take a bullet for ends up being the one behind the gun #L.”
Sometimes Armand asks him what’s wrong, he answers either with “nothing…I don’t want to talk about it” or “inbox pls, I don’t want to talk about it here”
Uses internet acronyms, jargon, cyber slang. Posts selfies every 5 minutes with lots of hashtags and of course, it’s connected to his Instagram.

Louis always posts some deep, philosophical statuses, and when he’s chatting with someone always ends sentences with ” … “
He blocked Lestat from posting hearts on his wall.
When Lestat gets his way and they do take a selfie togheter, in which Louis is satisfied how he looks, he cuts Lestat and puts it as his profile picture. Lestat tags himself on that little lock of hair that is barely visible in the corner.

Marius doesn’t know how to use Facebook, uses it rarely, only to check on Armand and to post his work in progress pictures on timeline, cause he doesn’t know how to make albums and occasionally shares scientific and historic links. When he does inbox somebody, he ends his message with something like
Best Regards,
Marius de Romanus

Armand posts everything, from pretty paintings, silly statuses, selfies, music to high scores in games. Tags Lestat on screamers. Photoshops Lestat’s face everywhere. Posts ugly photos of Lestat he took without him noticing and tags him. Five minutes later Armand gets a message in inbox that says ” Hey, I don’t like this photo of me. Please remove it. “
He doesn’t.

College And Me: Things I Wish I Had Known Before Starting

I recently completed my very first semester of college. There were lots of things I expected, and lots of things I didn’t. This is a list of things nobody told me about college that surprised me. I definitely think it’s important to figure things out on your own and cultivate your own experiences but knowing these things may have made my transition easier, or at least may have made me feel like I was a little bit less alone. Here it goes:

  1. It’s okay to be nervous.
  2. College kids are just as dumb as high school kids, except worse because no one’s telling them what to do.
  3. I don’t care what the attendance policy says, just go to class.
  4. You will make friends, I promise. But there will still be days when you feel like you don’t have any.
  5. It’s okay to feel like you don’t belong sometimes.
  6. You don’t have to go Greek. People will still like you. But if you do go Greek, force yourself to make time for your non-Greek friends.
  7. Some people don’t get to pick their school. Sometimes, the school chooses you due to circumstances beyond your control. (Read: Some people may not be there because they want to be but because they have to be.)
  8. There is still drama in college, but every little thing doesn’t seem like the end of the world anymore and that’s nice.
  9. Not everyone goes to parties. You will find your people, and they may not be everyone else’s people.
  10. Pick a spot on campus that’s just yours. Somewhere to just be by yourself and think or study or read or whatever. It’ll be a good place to have when you need it.
  11. There’s no such thing as too much effort.
  12. The food gets old fast.
  13. Everyone is there for a different reason. Try to learn as many of those reasons as possible.

This is what I’ve learned in my very short time as a college student. This may not be a set of guidelines for everyone, but it’s something I felt like needed to be said. So that’s it for what college has been like for me so far.

I never started watching Voltron despite my friends suggesting it, because the fandom scared me off, but this recent Josh Keaton thing makes me feel safe enough to

Also, nobody told me Voltron had furries. How did I see so much about it without knowing about the furries.

- mod vice


your summer is gone, Corvo

Let’s talk TEA trailer


-everyone has Jaws and Eyebrows and it’s so great

-I am expecting great unintentional things from these costumes

-nobody told me Dan was in this and this makes me so happy

-peep the Much Ado tho

-Emma is the sweetest and has a sunshine face, she is so cute I am ready for her to go on a journey of self discovery

-we know she’s gonna mess up because Jordan tells us this

-have I ever mentioned that my first big gay crush was on a girl named Jordan? She’s the Olivia I keep talking about from my twelfth night

-so this is gonna be fun


Star Wars Prequels Appreciation Week

Favorite Actor → Keira Knightley (Sabé)

Star Wars I was twelve, yeah. I didn’t know what I was doing when I got it… Nobody gives you scripts, it’s all very secret. They just kind of kept shoving me forward and I’d be dressed in exactly the same thing as [Natalie] was dressed in, but nobody told me why!” 

EreMarco Week Day 3: Surprises/Secrets

Surprise your perpetually angry babe by picking him up and changing the weather on him. Chilly tall-boyfriend weather for summer.

Nobody told me EreMarco week was a thing and I didn’t find out until last night so I’m gonna try and milk this for all it’s worth. Btw I think Eren would be a really hairy motherfucker like wow Chewbacca over there.

i mean, the rational part of my brain is definitely like “lol destiel is never going to happen, stop thinking it’s going to happen”


i can’t help but notice this theme that’s been stewing since season 9 when metatron decided to write his own story about love and then we have cas destroying a library, literally ripping up the pages of the books, to get his grace back

and then we have the stynes nearly burning all of the books in the bunker, and instead cas is thrown against them and later dean stabs a book instead of stabbing cas

and i can’t help but think about how scully and mulder became canon on the x-files where tptb wrote an episode about an author’s story getting away from them and getting out of their control and that was tptb admitting that the relationship between scully and mulder had turned into something they never intended but they couldn’t ignore any longer

so they ripped up the pages and rewrote the story

Things nobody told me about being pregnant (and I'm only 6 months!)

- morning sickness can happen at midnight too.
- if you’re a stomach sleeper (like me) better figure out a way to stop that.
- you will pee more than a drunk horse in the morning.
- gas.
- baby kicks feel so weird but are so great.
- no seriously, your gas? Toxic.
- sleep kinda doesn’t happen after 25 weeks apparently.
- don’t cry when you can’t fit into your jeans. It’s bound to happen.
- back pain.