things no one needed tbh but oh well

I’m watching fellowship of the ring and honestly? everything in this movie is so iconic™

  • “a wizard is never late. nor is he early. he arrives precisely when he means to”
  • Bilbo’s entire birthday party and especially “I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve” *awkward laughter as everyone tries to figure that out*
  • “I wasn’t dropping no eaves, sir, honest!”
  • “A shortcut to what?” “MUSHROOMS”
  • Aragorn just ominously sitting in the corner at the prancing pony and staring at the hobbits???
  • Tbh everything pippin says ever
    • “It comes in pints?? I’m getting one!”
    • “What about second breakfast?”
    • “Oh that’s nice, ashes in my to-mah-toes!”
  • Boromir in rivendell looking at isildur’s sword and awkwardly shuffling away when he sees Aragorn watching him
  • The ENTIRE council of elrond 
    • Elrond’s eyebrows!!!
    • “You need people of intelligence on this mission…quest…….thing” “well that rules you out Pip”
  • Bilbo’s scream when he sees the ring that scared all of us half to death the first time we watched it!!!
  • Legolas’ expressions in Every Single Scene
  • Bill the pony!!! 
  • “so do all who lives to see such times but that is not for you to decide. all we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us” *me, sobbing in the background*
    • 0.2 seconds later: “if in doubt, meriadoc, always follow your nose!”

I could go on but I’m only partway through the movie and it’s amazing


How long has it been since I last made anything, holy heck.
In the spirit of Halloween, figured I’d brush up my doodlin skill and draw a few people! One of which is @circateas ’s own Mic! He’s very fun to draw, I will say that. And the teeth test, well… >_> not bad for a first doodle of the Dice, tbh. Still a ways to go.

As for the skeleton? She’s a work in progress Cuphead(?) OC! Honestly though, she’s a thing I’m doin for fun, so have at it!

Well, guess I’ll be off doodlin. Hope you like this little post!

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Important Announcement

So, I won’t be active properly until July. This month I have my final exams for high school (my bac) and I really shouldn’t have procrastinated a whole year lol. Oops. Anyway, I won’t be reblogging or posting anything (I will like things tho mostly from my phone from time to time and answer messages).

See you in July. 

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Do u think jakckson and Maggie is actually happening

Well, tbh I’m not great at predicting stuff. Those last few weeks when everyone was worried af that they were gonna be a *thing* I was nonchalant telling myself that it’s useless to worry until it happens- only THEN can we evaluate the situation. 

The problem is, it is already happening. They might drop the storyline and never bring it up again after like 3 episodes, but there’s a reason this made the finale: people are talking about it. It is an actual SHIP. Even if nothing substantial (like a relationship) happens, this is all damaging to the japril fandom especially when considering the lengh of the summer hiatus. 

Last episode was laying some groundwork either for a relationship between them OR a reconciliation between april and jackson. And tbh I’d be ok with m*ggie and j*ckson having a relationship if they let april be happy too and the show recognised her as the superior being that she is, but this is not and has never been the case. 

“Oh, but japril is the last main ship they got left…” well, that’s EXACTLY why they’re doing this. If this season has taught us anything, it’s that the writers don’t give two shits about the stories they’re telling us. There are some things on the season plan and some one liners™ they need to fit in there so the show doesn’t look completely reckless, but the storylines are aimless and meant to bait the audience. And, in the end, we’re all BACK to where we started. Literally none of the storylines they came up with this season changed anything. Plot-wise, they were all irrelevant. 

Also, even in its best days, Grey’s Anatomy never really knew where to draw the line when it comes to ships, as evidenced by george x izzie, alex x lexie. There isn’t much to expect from the same show that brought you cristina x shane, leah x arizona and callie x penny (and can we talk about how wrong jackson x lexie was). Nothing is off limits. I’m not even censoring this stuff because there are virtually NO shippers. 

I think tv show writers don’t realize the impact they have in our lives. Sometimes a TV show is your safe place, and they ruin it. So, I wouldn’t trust the journey, anon. At this point, I just want for april to be happy and for the narrative to stop villanizing her/singling her out as the black sheep. I’m over ships- if japril ends up tgt, great. I just HATE the idea of her pining for him- because, let’s be honest, if jackson can’t see that she’s the best his sorry ass could ever have then he doesn’t deserve her. 

And then, next time he crashes her wedding on a plus one invite and declares his undying love for her and beggs her to take him back she can just call security

338 Years Away: Part I

Okay so I will get back to all of your requests, but I had to get this out of the way. While I was clearly avoiding my writing, I was playing weird adventure games instead. And from that, this idea was born. It’s incredibly corny and has been done before, just not with Carlisle, I think. This is my first Carlisle x Reader fic, so it sucks. I’m not used to writing in this POV, tbh. And I would honestly prefer my first Carlisle x Reader fic to be something I thought up, instead of a request. I’d hate to let anyone down.

I also wrote this fic very fast and didn’t put much thought into it. This is probably the worst thing I’ve ever written, haha. I rushed it and my writing is messy and lazy. Oh well. I was in such a rush to write this, I didn’t even bother creating a GIF for it. I just used a random old one I made a while back. :) Enjoy anyway!

I needed this story to take place in London. I’m not from England, and I’ve never been. So sorry if anything is wrong.

Summary: In the attic of your uncle’s old London townhouse, you discover an ancient amulet that takes you back to 1678 where you meet a newly changed Carlisle Cullen. Together, you follow a map left by your uncle; that will lead you back to your time. Rule number one of traveling back in time? Do not fall in love.

Word Count: 3,269 | Characters: CarlislexReader | Rating: PG |

2016  London, England

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so a lot of things happened at work today but the interaction i cant stop thinking about is one i had with my associate. 

C: Hey bre, i think im gonna head home
me: …? uh why? 
C: well i just feel like im annoying you and that i should just go
me: … I’m gonna need you to stay and finish out your scheduled shift. I’m sorry that you felt like my frustration was directed at you, but as you heard over the walkie, K just told me a customer walked out with half a table’s worth of stuff while we were all out here
me: so i hope you can see why im feeling a little stressed

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Not to bother you or anything but do you have any headcanons about older omega! Yuu and younger alpha! Mika? I'm trash for omegaverse.

OH BOY HMM. well tbh i never thought about the idea in depth i just liked the concept of it lol bUT WHAT’S A BETTER TIME TO CREATE AN AU THAN NOW?? LET’S DO THIS, ‘NONNIE

ok so one of my favorite things about omegaverse is the social hierarchy that comes with it tbh and for lack of creativeness right now, let’s make this a modern omegaverse au i know you asked for HCs but honestly i need an au first to apply HCs to s o i hope u don’t mind this instead ;;

  • mika is the 17 y/o son of a rich business tycoon and is p much the pride and joy of his family because he’s a powerful alpha like his papa, gorgeous and sweet like his mum, and generally a good person all around who can still wreck a man up if need be
  • yuu is the 26 y/o secretary and right hand man of mika’s father and he’s an omega but he doesn’t let it stop him from being successful in life (sure, he’s a business man’s assistant and not a business man himself, but he could be doing m u c h worse considering his bloodline) and tbh everyone at the office loves him because he’s hella attractive, funny, helpful, and a day is never dull with yuu around
  • mika and yuu first met when yuu was running late to deliver some last-minute paperwork to mika’s father at their home because the office was closed for the day. mika was home alone at the time because his parents were out to dinner so he received the paperwork (and several once-overs) from yuu in his father’s place. he invited yuu in for a drink because the poor man was nearly breathless from rushing the paperwork over and viola, what was supposed to be a five minute visit turned into three hours of mika and yuu talking to each other (it was mostly mika asking yuu questions about himself though because damn, mika was taken by that cute face and soft ass the second he saw yuu)
  • from that point on, it was as if yuu couldn’t stop running into mika. he saw the kid everywhere he went and when he questioned mika’s father about mika’s sudden common presence at the office (after school was over of course) he simply said it was just because mika was finally taking an interest in the company he’s supposed inherit one day
  • things didn’t start to get d i r t y until mika’s father stepped out of the office one day and yuu came in a bit later because he took the morning off just to find out that his heat was coming early and decided to fuck him over an hour after he arrived at work. when he went to mika’s father’s office to tell him the situation and request to go home, all he found was the very attractive, very u n m a t e d alpha son of his boss and it turns out mika could smell yuu’s heat ever since he stepped foot in the elevator. and boy, mika was gazing at yuu with an intense stare and completely ready to pounce. poor yuu was barely able to apologize, turn his ass around, and leave the office as if he’d never been there in the first place. but he managed somehow, much to his relief and mika’s dismay.
  • and then began the game of cat and mouse B^)

abloodneed replied to your post “ok but we should rly talk more about magnus’s reflexes and instincts…”

i think about this all the damn time and it’s so important to me, because absolutely no one can tell me this isn’t the truth. this is why i love the idea of him in hand to hand combat, being fast as hell and having amazing reflexes and senses and being able to read people and overpower them both physically and tactically. being the first to notice an ambush but also catching things in the air an inch in front of him and chuckling with one raised eyebrow


also 100% yes @ everything else you wrote, like. magnus is already incredibly perceptive when it comes to people, so it makes perfect sense that his ability to read people translates equally well in combat. plus how patient he can be and how calculating his mind works. i’m imagining so many scenarios right now and they are all killing me slowly.

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I'm so proud of you for not giving into the stress and going back to smoking. From what I've heard it's insanely hard to quit. You should be proud, too! You're doing wonderful and I hope that you keep it up. Hope you did well on your exams as well! Obi-Wan would be proud! *gives you a big gold star with Obi-Wan on it*

oh my?? god?? this is honestly one of the nicest things i’ve heard in a long time you have no idea how much i needed to hear this

thank you

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Halbarry: 'I forgot my glasses and I can't see the whiteboard so ima just subtly copy your notes and oh you're drawing little hearts with my name in them well shit this is awkward.'

//high pitched screaming// 

So, I have this headcanon for Coffee Shop AU that Hal needed glasses at some point in his life?? And then afterwards that little headcanon kind of grabbed me and took me far, far away because this is a Thing that should be done tbh?? HAL WITH GLASSES? IT’S PRECIOUS?? 

  • He’s probably one of those guys who sits at the back, okay? It’s the main reason why he found out his eyesight was terrible, because he always sat at the back and he had horrible headaches because the letters were all blurry af so
  • And Barry sits like right next to him, and they probably don’t speak a lot, because Barry is either very shy or doesn’t like Hal very much because every time Hal tries to speak to him, Barry only stares at him for a long while, says something under his breath and then quickly turns away back to the board–Jordan is beginning to think it really is because the blond doesn’t like him very much, but fine, he can live with it. 
  • So he wears glasses 24/7, or at least he’s supposed to, but he doesn’t like them very much, and he forgets them everywhere, which means he just left them in his locker after sports and that sucks because he actually kind of likes this class and now he can’t do his goddamn notes 
  • Hal is panicking–he knows he won’t understand the topic if he doesn’t write whatever Miss Prince is saying, but he also can’t read anything in the goddamn board and there’s no way he can actually write as fast as Miss Prince is talking–he needs to do something and fast
  • The class is already underway so he knows he can’t change places with anyone–and damn he should’ve sat with Oliver to begin with this is a disaster he actually does like Miss Prince’s class Hal’s life is over
  • And then it hits him! Barry always takes notes! Barry is a Nerd (not that there’s anything wrong with that, but he just is) so Barry probably has the goddamn notes already halfway done and more organized than Hal’s could ever be! AND HE’S SITTING RIGHT THERE NEXT TO HIM SO LET’S DO THIS
  • Hal leans in, slowly, tries not to look to obvious, and takes a quick peek at the top of Barry’s notebook and then promptly falls on the floor with surprise because where he had expected to see notes about Miss Prince’s class all he can see is his name written over and over and over again with little hearts drawn all around them and oh god Barry likes him Barry doesn’t hate him Hal is going to have a heart attack
  • Barry takes him to the nurse after, because he hit his head pretty hard and Miss Prince made him do it, but then Hal asks him about the hearts and Barry is like two seconds away from running, until Hal grabs his arm and just smiles at him (winces, too, because it did hurt) and tells him he’s thankful that at least Barry doesn’t hate him
  • Hal does ask him on a date later, but that’s until his concussion is gone, of course

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my bookshelf | saving francesca (melina marchetta)

It’s a weird smile, but it reaches his eyes and I bottle it. And I put it in my ammo pack that’s kept right next to my soul and Justine’s spirit and Siobhan’s hope and Tara’s passions. Because if I’m going to wake up one morning and not be able to get out of bed, I’m going to need everything I’ve got to fight this disease that could be sleeping inside of me.