things my transphobic mother says

So this is the crazy shit parents do, when confronted with the fact that, despite their best wishes, their child is going to transition.

My mum sent me a letter with this photo in it (cut out of a coupon mail)

Saying that she saw this and almost thought it was me, how she remembers me, “her little girl.” (I was NEVER GIRLY, butch with a passion,  I was) And how she “wished i could just see how beautiful i was, and not want to be a man anymore”

anyway.. this is a photo of me for you all to compare.. (pre-T)

External image

Strictly Meme or not? Opinions?

So i was thinking about posting some other Trans* related things on this blog, about other things that happen or are said to me. But I want my followers opinions. It is Not a submission blog, these are all things my own mother says to me. so it is my personal, to me, in that way. But people didn’t follow this blog as a personal one. Should i keep this strictly a Meme blog?