things like this makes me want to punch someone

David isn't perfect: a PSA

Okay. So after the latest episode (That’s S02E07, ‘Bonjour Bonquisha’) I’ve been seeing a ton of people saying “That was ooc! David would never do that!”

I love David. I love him as much as the next fan, maybe more than is strictly necessary, and I love his flaws, too, and I’m here to tell you
Yes he absolutely would.

And the only way I can think of is to list, under the cut, every point of evidence for why I completely think David would punch someone, along with general flaws that people seem to be more than happy to overlook.

We’re going episode by episode folks and it’s gonna get long but I’ve been awake since 4 am and nothing’s gonna hold me back

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give me more non-robot enjolras. i want enjolras who stops in the middle of Great Speeches because he can’t stop laughing at courf making faces. he loses track of what he’s saying and sometimes he forgets important things (lecture notes, his glasses) so meetings fall apart. he once punched a man for harassing someone on the subway but he cries when he sees tiny dogs. he likes space movies and laser tag.

Hidden Truth (Reggie x Reader)

Request:  Hiii do you still take requests? If you do can I have a Reggie Mantle one where everyone thinks that you guys are sleeping around but it comes out that you’ve been dating for almost a year and haven’t had sex with each other? A/N: I kinda changed it around a bit.

Word Count: 1,145

 “Have you heard the rumors?” Veronica asked as she sat down at the lunch table.

“Who are they about now?” Betty questioned.


With your name coming from her mouth it made you choke on the apple you were eating. Surprise wasn’t what you were feeling more so shocked and confused. After minutes of a coughing fit and taking sips from Archie’s water you finally could focused.

“Me? Why me? What are they? Are they bad?” You quickly let out and Veronica put up her hand to stop you. You needed to stop for her to be able to answer plus you just lost your breath, it would be better not to talk.

“Ummm well…” Veronica started to think about how to tell you all. They weren’t bad but they weren’t the best either. “It’s about Reggie and you”

“Mantle?” Jughead asked with disgust in his voice obviously not liking where this was going.

“Yeah, apparently the football have been spreading them around the school saying about you guys have been hooking up for a few months and are starting to catch feelings”

“Now that’s funny” Archie said as he laughed which made you make a face. Why was that so funny to him? Did he think you weren’t good enough to be with someone like Reggie.

“Isn’t that right Y/N?” Betty said as they all laughed at the thought of it being real.

“Y/N?” Veronica asked as she saw the look on your face “It’s not true right?” You didn’t answer just stared blankly at your friends. You didn’t like their reaction for something they didn’t know anything about. It made you remind yourself why you kept a lot of your feelings to yourself. Veronica took your silence as the answer she didn’t want.

“It’s true isn’t it?”

“Why does it matter to you?” You snapped. You weren’t happy. “Seems like you guys already made your mind up about what I do with my lovelife”

“Why didn’t you say anything?” Archie piped in.

“This is why! You guys already made this thing a big joke.” You shouted but only loud enough for your table to hear. “You don’t even know a thing about it”

“He’s not good for you" Jughead said trying to calm you down but he didn’t know how much Reggie meant to you. You slammed your lunch tray on the table causing more people to look over.

“Not good for me? Please Jughead save that for someone who cares. Reggie’s my boyfriend whether you guys like it or not and you’re going to have to deal with it if you want to still be my friends”

“He’s just fling Y/N, he’ll toss you away as he did with other girls”

“Last time I checked Archie dating for six months isn’t just a fling, maybe you should take your own advice and keep it in your pants” With that you made your way away from your so called friends to go find the only person who could calm you down at this point. Your blood was boiling. You didn’t even bother to care about all of the students whispering about the events that just took place. You knew that in a few minutes that the whole school would know.

 You waited outside of the boys locker room for Reggie to be done with practice. Everytime a guy came out they would smirk at you as they made their way past. It’s not like they didn’t know before as many of them had showed up at Reggie’s one day when you were over. You were pissed since these players couldn’t keep their mouths shut but you were thankful they kept it long enough for you to know what this whole thing truly was.

“Your boy is next” Chuck said as he was leaving “He’s talking to coach”

“Thanks” You said trying not to make eye contact. Chuck always made you uncomfortable for some reason but you couldn’t put your finger on to why.

“Hey” Reggie let out as he fixed his gym bag onto his shoulder. “Didn’t think you would be waiting, I thought you went home-”

“Because of what happened at lunch?” You asked as you butted in

“Yeah, some of the boys were saying how pissed you look so I assumed. I was going to come over”

“You can still do that you know” You smiled for the first time that day.

“Well I didn’t just plan on leaving my upset girlfriend by herself” He sassed with an eye roll.

“I’m not upset”

“Can’t lie to me babe, I can see it in your eyes that you are” He let out. You didn’t try to denied it anymore just kept walking with Reggie’s arm placed around you. He wasn’t wrong your anger thought out the day seemed to fade into sadness. You were hoping that when your friends found out that they would be fine with it but that wasn’t the case. You just needed to talk to them more maybe not as anger as you were. Maybe they could get it then.

“They think I’m a hookup” You finally told Reggie as you leaned against his car. Reggie shut him tuck and looked you with a sad smile.

“Babe” He said as he took your hands into his also resting his forehead against yours. “You know that’s not true right?”

“Well considering we haven’t done it yet, I thought it was really true” You laughed but it came out more dry and forced than anything.

“You mean so much more than that to me Y/N. Don’t forget it. There’s no one else in this world that makes me feel like you do. No one else can make me smile at some stupid dance moves when we just lost a game and I’m not in the mood. You keep me sane when I want to punch someone in the face”


“Isn’t it always Chuck?” Reggie grinned, you knew him better than anyone. “I love you and I want everyone to know. I know you’re mad that my teammates spread it around but you know it’s a good thing since now I can show everyone you’re mine”

“Not like I didn’t know that already Reg” You giggle and Reggie kissed your soft lips.

“But now guys will know and not stare at you anymore like your a piece of meat.”

“I love you Reggie”

“I love you too”

“Movie night?” You asked as you pushed Reggie off of you as he had you pinned to the car.

“You know me so well”

“That’s what girlfriends are for” You teased.

“I love that”

“Love what?”

“The word girlfriend” Reggie smirked which made you blush, turning your cheeks a fair pink colour. This was it. This was the truth and no amount of rumors could ever make up for what you two had.

I keep seeing posts describing Eleanor’s bisexuality being a “throw-away joke.” And as a bisexual myself, I gotta say, that’s exactly how I talk/talk about my sexuality too. The “Tahani’s head on Steve Austen’s body” and the “sexy skyscraper” jokes are definitely like things that I say when talking about who I’m attracted to. Last night I told my sister that I wanted Queen Latifah to punch me like she punched someone in Girl’s Trip!

I totally understand wanting them to make her bisexuality canon. And I really, really hope they do too! I just honestly don’t see her sexuality itself as the joke. I just see her not taking her attractions super seriously.

watching bojack horseman has given me so much shit to think about. you see tons of movies and tv shows and books about depression and anxiety but they all skirt around it. they try to make you feel bad for the protagonist despite the shitty things they do to others because their life is fucked up. they’re geared toward people who aren’t actually messed up and just want to enjoy themselves for a couple hours then return back to their life where everything feels how it should feel.

bojack horseman is… real. you don’t feel good after watching it. you feel like someone punched you in the stomach and called you out on being the jackass you are. you aren’t disillusioned to think bojack is simply a product of his terrible parents and that’s just the way things are. he’s the way that he is because of his own accord. we all are. you can’t just sit back and use how you feel as an excuse to be terrible to others. you have to get better on your own.

Don’t Leave (Hatefuck part 2) C.H.

Here is the second part for Hatefuck. It is based on this song

You can read part one here

Trigger Warning: swearing, alcohol. 

Word count: 2k 

Masterlist/ Requests/ Prompts (the prompts are not mine)

She knew me and I knew that I had let her go. I had given up on us because she asked me to, because I had fucked everything up.

I had always been a mess, never being able to do anything good. And everybody liked reminding me every single damn time. The boys helped me a lot but the only one who could make everything go away was her. She didn’t hold anything against me and that made me fall for her.

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A/N: Yea, my requested prompt done! I have a few more to do and I can’t promise to do them quickly or even in order, but they will be done. If you have any request please feel free to send me a message. Right now I’m mostly taking ones off my prompt list on my page, but if you have something good in mind go for it!

Prompt: “He’s looking at me like a predator hunting its prey” (With minor adjustments).

Characters: Derek Hale, Isaac Lahey, Peter Hale and Reader

Pairings: Derek x reader, Slight Isaac x reader

Requested:  Yes

Being an omega meant a lot of things. You were the weakest of the pack, falling behind that of Peter (who had yet to even rejuvenate). Thus causing the pack to become extremely protective of you. Derek always insisted on driving you everywhere. Isaac stuck to your side throughout the school day, and Peter- well Peter was his usual creepy self. It was a little overwhelming to say the least, especially when trying to score a date.

“This seriously sucks.” You muttered, sitting in between Derek and Isaac.

  Leave it to those two to ruin a perfectly good baseball game. Neither of them even cared about baseball. Hell, Derek practically hated all things high school. They were just there because someone on the team asked you to be. “You were the one who wanted to come.” Derek stated.

“I don’t even see how you can like this. All they’re doing is hitting a ball and running.” Isaac complained. “It makes me want to sleep.”

You frowned, punching his shoulder. “First off, baseball is more complicated than that. Second, I actually like it. And third- the two of you aren’t even supposed to be here!”

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Brotherly Love

Requested by anon
Pairing: (Your choice character) x Reader, Brother Lip x (sister/brother) reader
Warnings: Cussing, two angry Gallagher’s, the usual, and a punch
Description: You started dating and your older brother Lip doesn’t like it
(A/N): this is ridiculous but I hope you like it anyways. it’s also shorter than what I usually do. It’s legit taken me weeks to figure out what I was gonna do with this one so I’m sorry. 

Originally posted by hayatahatiira

Since you were a Gallagher, that mean love didn’t come easy. But somehow you found that one perfect person that knew you so well. They were your best friend and you couldn’t love anyone else. But, you hadn’t really ever dated before, and when it came to your family… They were so protective over you, that they knew if you started dating that it would be like everyone else’s relationship.

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Stiles Stilinski Imagine- Avoiding Love (Part One)

Part2     Masterlist

Authors Note- So this was sort of inspired by the film ‘Stuck In love” which is like the only romance film I can re-watch. The reader has quite an icy persona so if that’s not what you like then I’m sorry. I was listening to this song while proof reading and it sort of goes with it, if you care that is you can find it here x

“Therefore you cant live a positive life with a negative mind-” Stiles spoke, to conclude his class presentation. It was a Friday afternoon and your English teacher decided to publically ridicule you all by making you each do a five minute presentation on ‘Your personal outlook on life’. “Does anyone have any questions for Stiles, or does anyone want to challenge his view point?” the teacher asked. When you raised your hand with that cocky look of yours the teacher gave a small sigh that was almost inaudible, almost. “Yes Y/n” she breathed, you see she pretended to hate the many debates you and Stiles had but she secretly loved to hear you argue with thoughts in complete juxtaposition to one another’s. “Positive people also have negative thoughts, they just don’t let those thoughts control them” you contributed, mainly to see the face Stiles pulled when he tried to think of a quick argument back. “Exactly, so you’re saying that positive people have an overall positive outlook because they choose to ignore the negativity surrounding them” he scoffed smugly. “Actually, I was thinking more along the lines of negativity being with us all and some people wallowing in it more than others. But you cant define a positive attitude with ones ability to block out what happens in their life or around them” you retort. After noticing the majority of the students in your class were rather half asleep or confused your teacher interrupted and suggested you begin with your presentation. You stood up and smirked at Stiles as you walked past him, letting him know you were about to make his presentation look miniscule in comparison to your own. “I’ve always been one of those people who look ‘too deeply’ into a situation or into someone and that’s because I learnt from a young age that there’s always something more than what you could ever see. But the one thing I’ve never understood is love, I guess you could say it’s because I’ve never experienced it but if love means putting all your trust into someone besides yourself and hoping they don’t take advantage of that, then I think I’ll pass. I’ve watched people fall hopelessly for people who don’t feel the same and it’s the cruellest, most unforgiving heartache I’ve ever witness and what do we do? We convince ourselves that there’s some sort of force known as ‘love’ that excuses every shitty feeling we’ve ever felt, that makes the hell you feel okay because we’re supposedly all apart of a probable cause. So as you may have already guessed my 3am thoughts aren’t wasted on thinking about a guy who may or may not like me back, because I don’t spend every waking of my being wishing that I’ll finally find someone to spend the rest of my life with. Who’d have my children and get bored after going through a midlife crisis at 30, who’d look at all the young men at his work and be bitter of how his youth was somehow stripped from him by the responsibility of a family. Who’d end up having an affair, because they always do, dragging the children through all divorce has to offer. I guess what I’m trying to say is I believe that life has a deeper meaning, to the emotions we are told we should feel. Love doesn’t come naturally like sadness or anger, so why are we trying to make it more than it is? Life is what you make it, not what people tell you it should be” the bell rang shortly after you finished, the class clapped after hearing something that had never even crossed their minds before. You simply walked back over to your desk and picked up your school bag as if nothing happened, not seeing Stiles sit stiff in his chair, his mouth gawping at the sound of your harsh words.

”Y/n! Y/n!” Stiles called as he stumbled through the crowds of people in the hallway. You leant against your locker door and smiled as he approached you frantically. “What Stiles? Did you not have enough class time to disagree with me, so you want to carry it on into lunch again?” you questioned, with unavoidable sarcasm in your voice. “No, I just wanted to ask if you really feel that cynical about love” he said, as you began walking down the hall together. “You’re sweet Stiles, but I’m not a nice girl and you’re wasting your time if you think we’ll be anything more than this” you claimed, without batting an eyelid. “And what exactly are we now?” he questioned. “Nothing, we’re nothing Stiles” you spoke, it coming across more cold hearted than you intended to be with him. He stopped dead in the middle of the masses of students trying to get past to lunch or class, causing you to do the same and turn to look at him. His eyes widened as his head bobbed as he repeated the word “Nothing” in the form of a question. “Look, your friends are over there waiting for you. I suggest you hurry before they leave you” you said, deflecting what he was saying. He rolled his eyes, but said one last thing before you completely disappeared to find your own friends. “I may be nothing to you, but I’d be really interested in sharing a 3am conversation with you” he called. “We’ll see Stilinski, we’ll see” you called back, with an unavoidable grin on your face.

You opened your front door to see none other than Stiles Stilinski standing there, armed with a collection of Star Wars DVDS and popcorn. “Come in” you sighed with a laugh, not being able to turn away someone who resembled a lost puppy. “Are you here alone?” he asked, noticing the countess takeout boxes scattered on the kitchen worktop and the lack of sound other than the living room TV that was playing re-runs of old shows. “Uhm yeah, come on” you said, taking his hand and guiding him upstairs. You took the things out of his hands and placed them on your bed, before sliding open your bedroom window. Meanwhile he was running his hand along your things, that would have so many enriched sentimental memories that he wouldn’t be able to imagine if he tried. “Come on” you guided, gesturing for him to follow you onto the roof outside your window. “Are we not watching the films?” he pouted. “Stilinski you want to experience what a 3am conversation is like with me, this is as close as you’re going to get, so get your ass out here” you said while climbing out. He followed shortly and perched beside you. “How long have you been here alone?” he questioned. already half knowing the answer from what he could work out. Usually you were reserved when it came to things like your family, but there was just something freakishly weird that made you want to tell him. “You want the honest truth?” you glanced from the view of the outside world to look at the one in his eyes. He nod his head gently. “Well my mom caught my dad screwing his intern again and so they’re on a break together in the Maldives;  to try and ‘work things out’ so in other words its going to be an intense period of meaningless make-up sex because he’ll only do it again a few months down the line. So it’s just me and my brother, when he isn’t over at his friends house that is, getting drunk or stoned” you explained, sounding almost numb to the pain it should cause you. “I had no idea, I am so sor-” he began saying before you interrupted him. “Please don’t apologise, I’ve heard enough empty ones to last a lifetime” you claimed. “So is that what your presentation was based on? Your parents?” he asked. “Kind of, but their distorted version of a ‘normal’ relationship isn’t the only thing that makes me hate the idea of love. I guess it’s like religion, some people choose to believe in it for comfort and to give them hope because what would life be without hope, right?” you explained. “So you’re saying that love isn’t necessarily real, we just believe it is” he said, involuntarily raising his eyebrows. “Yeah, why do you disagree?” you asked mockingly, hitting his shoulder playfully with your own. “I do disagree. You see there’s this girl and I’ve liked her for a long time and every time I see her It just makes me smile and even something as simple as her tucking her hair behind her ear when she’s concentrating or yawning in the middle of class gives me a reason to smile everyday just thinking how lucky I am to have her in my life” he looked away from you with a cheesy smile on his face, that would usually make you want to punch him. Your heart fluttered for a moment, imagining what it would be like if someone talked about you the way he did for that girl but you couldn’t resist putting the barriers back up. “Just avoid love at all cost. That’s my motto” you sighed loudly. He shook his head with a smile, “You know, you make these things so difficult” he claimed. “What things?” you asked, furrowing your brows. “I like you Y/n, I like you a lot” he sounded nervous but relieved that he was finally saying it. “You don’t know the first thing about me” you said. You were experiencing so many new and mixed feelings and even then you refused to let your guard down, which must have been so frustrating for someone like Stiles. “Then let me get to know you, the real you” he finally looked back at you. You gave a small smile before standing up and making your way back to your bedroom window, gesturing for him to follow.

“You totally did cry!” you laughed, throwing a piece of popcorn at him. “No, I had something in my eye and no it was not my tears” he said embarrassed. “I guess these films aren’t as bad as I thought they were” you pouted, examining the star wars DVD box in your hand. “I don’t know whether to be offended or excited by that comment” he said, while pulling his phone out of his pocket. You looked over his shoulder to see how many missed calls and texts he had from all of his friends. “Oh shit, I’ve got to go!” he jumped up. You sighed, why does everyone leave you? You sat up on your bed and pulled the pillow onto your lap. “I guess I’ll see you around” you couldn’t hide the sadness in your voice. “Are you sure you’re going to be okay?” he asked, as he backed towards your bedroom door. “Yeah” you spoke softly. With that he headed downstairs. You weren’t sitting there for more than ten seconds before he barged back in, “On second thought, they can hold up without me for one night” he sat back down beside you on the bed and you looked at him with a smile and admiration in your eyes. That was before you shook it off and hit play on the next film. This time around it was more awkward for some reason and you found yourselves slowly getting closer to each other. You craved his touch, whether that be intentional or even something as simple as your arms or legs brushing past one another’s. Stiles checked the time on his phone as the movie came to an end, “It’s 1am, I best head off” he said softy, knowing you were half asleep. “Stay- Please” you spoke, looking up at him. He couldn’t help but stare at you for a moment, not really sure if this was actually happening or not. He slouched down beside you and stared at your celling with a smile on his lips. He didn’t expect Y/n Y/l/n, the girl notorious for being heavily guarded with little trust in people to rest her head on his chest and wrap her arm around him tightly before drifting off to sleep.

Your eyes drifted open, to see your arm resting on someone else. You felt someone’s head nuzzled in your neck and their arm around your waist. You ignored the initial feeling you felt and instead went with the one of regret. “Shit” you whispered, pushing them off you. Stiles groaned as he fell onto the floor beside your bed, which you couldn’t deny was pretty cute. He picked himself back up and rose to his feet. He’d never thought you’d looked more beautiful, strands of your hair messy but natural, your complexion glowing in the small amount of light coming from your window and your clothes all bunched, exposing your midriff, which you quickly covered after noticed him looking. “Get out Stilinski!” your voice was raspy and tired but still firm. He looked at you in confusion, “You do know, it was you that asked me to stay” he raised an eyebrow. “Just get out!” you threw a pillow at him and watched as he picked up his DVDS and shoes, before heading off downstairs. “Shit” you whispered again to yourself, sliding down your bedroom door after you shut it.

I’m definitely writing a part two, but did you guys enjoy this? Also bare with me with the other parts to “Because Of Me’, “The Girl In The White Dress’ and ‘What Happened To Y/n?’, I’m sorry I know you’ve been waiting for a while x

On Recent PokéSpe Fandom Stuff

I just finished looking over what happened with @ilovecrt and dog piling over a misunderstanding (just because there is an absence of one concept doesn’t mean that a person hates the concept). This is the first time I can say that I’m disappointed with a portion of the fandom. Please respect your fellow fans. Please. Please don’t call people pedophiles as baseless accusation and insult, especially if they’ve done nothing but give to the fandom via scanlations and other activities.

Also, in terms of censorship, not wanting it doesn’t make someone an advocate for violence or pedophilia. It’s about the preservation of the author and/or artist’s original vision for a story or creative work. It’s as simple as that. In terms of Special/Adventures, that means impactful moments like Crystal’s mother slapping her into reality or Norman punching Ruby out of disappointment being preserved instead of crudely edited.

Please don’t misunderstand. Encouraging violence or pedophilia is a terrible, terrible thing. Both of those are terrible, terrible things.

As always, if you ever have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me on here, Discord, or anywhere else that you’re most comfortable. For most of the fandom, this is something that might as well not have even happened, but I figured it would be right to comment about it.

So I saw a post on that Stiles and Lydia kiss, from when he was having a panic attack and the writers thought it would be a good idea to have her kiss him.

How do people not see that as problematic?

1. Romanticising a life threatening situation is fucked up.

2. If someone is having a panic attack you don’t kiss them, without their consent, which they can’t even fucking agree to or decline because OH WAIT THEY ARE HAVING A PANIC ATTACK.

3. Imagine if it had been the other way round.

4. I’ve had panic attacks before and if someone kissed me, it would make me panic more, I would punch them in the face when I got the chance.

What the fuck? Think about it logically.

You’re having a panic attack. Do you know what that feels like? The last thing you want is someone to kiss you. I’ve had them and they’re terrifying.

Your rate increases, you can’t think, you can’t breathe, you feel hot all over. I remember I couldn’t even reach for my asthma pump because my hands were shaking so much.

My mum has had them too and it’s not all romantic and shit, she literally froze at work for ten minutes, shaking because she couldn’t think straight, couldn’t breathe, see or speak.

Having a panic attack isn’t something you can solve by forcing your lips on another.

It’s not something you put a romantic spin on. Sorry but I saw something and had to vent.

It’s messed up that people find that ‘romantic’.


bts + seventeen coming soon! 


  • is your bodyguard but also fashion adviser as in he can’t pick out outfits for you but he always reminds you to straighten out your collar or adjust your necklace or check your hair in a mirror he carries on hand and holds for you 
  • if you’re out shopping and you reach for something that is very last season he’ll cough and shake his head and tbh you’re like yeah… right 
  • doesn’t look like he can break a dude’s hand but oh believe me he can break more than a hand 
  • carries knives in his sleeves probably he just looks like the type to do something like that like he’s a bodyguard not an assassin but lbr he gives off the suave assassin feel
  • knows that there are certain things or people you do not want to see so he deliberately puts himself in front of those things so you don’t have to deal with them 
  • doesn’t judge you when you want to just drink wine and complain about shitty people in the world like he can’t drink with you but he’ll carry you on his back when you can’t walk anymore and will agree with everything you say just to make you feel better


  • you’re not sure how he got into this line of work but his sheer height intimidates people so it’s been working well for you two
  • sings in your car and the chauffeur tells him to stop it’s impolite but you never want him to stop so you’re like it’s fine keep going it’s nice
  • would willingly embarrass himself to get you out of an uncomfortable situation because his first priority is to keep you safe, he doesn’t care if he has to sacrifice looking weird to other people in order to protect that. 
  • “the earpiece? I wear it because it looks cool.”
  • you didn’t think you’d ever get into any physical danger but once someone looked like they might come after you and i kid you not ken body slammed him and you were just like WHAT and ken got up like nothing happened, smiled, and was like “let’s get out of here before the idiot can recover.”
  • he’s a bodyguard but he doesn’t even really care about that when he compliments you on being the most gorgeous person in the world every morning and you’re like are you supposed to say that is that in your contract and he’s like no i say it because i mean it 


  • the equivalent of a very big very silent guard dog 
  • doesn’t even need a weapon he could look at someone from the corner of his eye and they’d like turn to stone like no one even thinks of messing with a dude who looks like one word might set him into overdrive 
  • memorized your schedule and when you ask him what time it is he’s like “five minutes before lunchtime” 
  • thinks you don’t notice the way he yawns with his whole face when he’s bored and how his cheeks puff out and you think it’s cute so you laugh and he’s like “is something funny?” and you don’t want to say “you” because if you did you’re sure he’d melt 
  • has an affection for animals and so whenever you stop to pet a dog and another bodyguard tries to hurry you along leo is just like “let them do what they want. let them pet the puppy.”
  • will never show you but he has a little journal where he records little things he’s noticed about you like how you don’t really like places that are incredibly noisy so if you end up somewhere like that leo puts your headphones on your head and stays close to your side 
  • held your hand to stop you from being nervous and then immediately apologized a grand total of 23 times 


  • the clumsiest bodyguard ever and not because he’s like that by nature but because he gets nervous protecting you because well what if he messes up?? what if you get hurt??? and there he goes he tripped over the rug again 
  • you mentioned that you really like lilies so he picks a fresh one every morning and pins it to his suit and the other bodyguards told him to not do that but you thought it was adorable so you asked him to keep doing it
  • isn’t the best comforter in the world but when he sees that you feel down he tries to cheer you up in a whisper when no ones paying attention he’s like “this is out of place, but please smile!” 
  • loves sad ballad songs and you didn’t know until you heard him listening to one through his headphones and you were like ok how can he get even cuter???
  • is actually really agile and fast so if there’s ever danger he’s the first to sense it and pull you behind him. he’s not good at close range fighting so he carries a gun which he has admitted even scares him and you’re like hongbin you’re the one carrying it and he’s kinda like haha it’s still scary like have you ever held a gun and you’re like no and he’s like right right you’re not a bodyguard i am the bodyguard oops
  • once someone came running toward you and hongbin stepped between you two and it was a woman and she was like “may i have your autograph????” but not to you. to hongbin


  • when you first met he tried to remain stoic at all times but you cracked a dumb pun and he started laughing so hard everyone in like a mile radius turned around (the other bodyguards forced him to formally apologize to you but he couldn’t. he was still laughing too hard.)
  • you noticed that he has tattoos on his body and you commented that you think they’re cool and ravi couldn’t stop thinking about how you called him ‘cool’ for the whole day
  • keeps getting in trouble for having the first three buttons of his dress shirt unbuttoned but tbh like you don’t mind ……hehe
  • gets spooked by random noises and is in general scared of bugs more than you are and so when there was one in the car you squashed it with a magazine and turned to see ravi with his knees to his chest and you were like …..i can’t believe you’re the bodyguard in this situation 
  • probably accidentally called you something like ‘master’ and everyone was like mmmmm ravi no no that’s no don’t and you were just like isn’t that something more suited for the bedroo- and ravi was like I seE YOUR POINT exCUSE me
  • secretly loves watching your sleeping face because you look so at peace and your life is so hectic (afterall it must be you have /bodyguards/) and he just wishes you could get a break
  • you almost fell once and ravi literally shoved past the three bodyguards infront of him to get to you first 


  • notorious for being the most athletic and intimidating one of the bodyguards but let’s be freakin honest he’s the most memey 
  • and like don’t get me wrong he can knock someone out with one punch but like he reads manga during his breaks and hides candy up his sleeves 
  • scoffs anytime some gross dude makes a comment about you and is like “you want me to give him a black eye?” like it’s the most casual thing in the world 
  • for a while he wore black sunglasses and you were like why do you wear them inside too and he was like i thought it was part of the uniform is it not and you’re like ….no……. 
  • gets sassy with you sometimes too like if you’re just like “i wish i was at home” hyuk will be like “same i mean at least you’re sitting, ive been standing here not doing anything for an hour do you know how bored-” and the other bodyguards are like we’re sorry for his dumb mouth but you’re like it’s fine it’s fine because it’s actually nice to have someone around that’s being truthful with you
  • but if you ever get sick or are scared of the crowds of people don’t worry hyuk will throw his jacket over your head and pull you into his side and being against his broad figure just makes you feel so safe
  • and he’s oblivious but he’s so straightforward that he doesn’t understand saying something like “I will protect you with my life till the end” is as well meaning as it is …….well…..heart-throbbing 

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Word count: 1517

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Warnings: None (one or two swear words)

Inspiration: SZA - Love Galore (feat. Travis Scott)

                  I’m Surprised you called me after the things I said

They say it’s easier to get over someone if you don’t see them.
I tried. I genuinely tried but it’s so hard if he calls you up everyday.
If you see his face on every Magazin, in every TV Show and hear his voice on the radio.

„Why are you calling me?“, I snapped into the receiver.
„Can’t I call to ask how you’re doing?“
He chuckled on the other line of the telephone. I get soft just by hearing his laugh. It makes me sick.
„Why do you bother me..“, I sighed.
„Why do you bother me when you don’t want me? Why do you bother me when you have women left and right falling for you?“
He sighed. It was the same talk, the same conversation. Each and everyday I would ask him the same.

And still, every time I would open my eyes, turn around and see his face so close next to me.
I loved him. And it made me sick.

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rboooks  asked:

Am I too late for the requests? If not can what about a fic where the Whitebeards find out Ace has no idea how to flirt because Garp told him that's how it was done? (extra points if he's trying to flirt with Marco)

Whitebeard gets involved the fourth time that Ace punches Marco in the face, taking him to his room so that he didn’t have to deal with the pressure of the whole family hearing this confrontation.

“Ace,” His youngest looks up at him in confusion. “Why did you punch Marco?”

Ace’s face wrinkles in confusion, “Should I not punch Marco in the face? Does he not like it?”

“No one likes to be punched in the face, son.”

“Than how am I suppose ta let Marco know that I like him? Aren’t you suppose to punch people when you like them?”

Whitebeard pauses, eyebrow arching upwards and watching him for a long silent moment, his mind already connecting several dots.

“You’re suppose to punch the people you like?”

“Gramps says that’s how you flirt with them. Does-,” He looks nervous. “Does Marco not like me? I’ll stop if he doesn’t want me to flirt with him. I would have asked, but Gramps says that telling them was wrong.”

“You don’t punch people that you like, Ace. Your Gramps should never have told you that, it’s not how that works. If you like someone, you tell them. You just have to talk to them.”

Ace makes a face, “Then how do you flirt?” He demands. “Flirting has to be a thing, right? I heard Izo tell Thatch to stop doing it. How can I flirt with Marco?”

“Son, I don’t know if I’m the best person for you-”

“Who should I ask, Oyaji?”

“You could ask Izo,” Whitebeard states finally after a long moment of thought. “Izo would be able to talk to you about flirting and not in such a way as Thatch.”


“Thatch flirts in a way that I wouldn’t agree with. But Izo,” He smiles at his son, already knowing Ace’s answer. “Or you could ask Marco how to flirt with him.”

Marco flinches when he spots Ace already at his side, remembering the fist that had slammed into his face the last time this had happened.

“Can I ask you something?” Ace asks after a long moment of silence, his hands behind his back. “Please.”

“You can.”

“So I asked Izo first, but he just didn’t make any sense and Thatch made less sense and Oyaji said that he didn’t know what to tell me and you’re the last one that I can ask-”

“Ace, what are you trying to ask me? It’s fine.”

Ace rubs the back of his neck, “How can I flirt with you?”

“What?” Marco states staring at him and feeling like the ground vanished from under his feet and he was falling. “Ace?”

“Oyaji says punching people isn’f flirting, that’s what Gramps told us when Luffy and I were younger. And I talked to Izo and Thatch and they were just confusing, you know?”

“You’ve been trying to flirt with me? Me? Like you want to date me?” Marco asks making sure he understood.


Marco grabs Ace’s shoulders, pulling him closer and kissing him soundly, refusing to stop for a long moment. He pulls back only slightly before kissing him again.

“I like you,” Marco says resting his forehead against Ace’s.

Ace laughs, arms wrapping around Marco’s neck, “I like you too,” He kisses Marco. “Does this mean I don’t have to learn how to flirt?”

anonymous asked:

Should we play tit-for-tat in the culture war? Normally, I'm for free speech, non-violence, and all those good liberal things for everybody, but when I hear about a group of PoC artists wanting to crack down on "white free speech" or people on Twitter wanting to punch "white male libertarians" I want to escalate to their level. If they punch people whose views they hate, why shouldn't I? If we keep being nice even when our enemies are being nasty, where's the deterrent?

Couple points:

The equivalent retaliation to ‘someone says they want to punch you’ is to say you want to punch them. It is not to actually punch them. There’s a horrible dynamic where some people say unendorsed or pseudo-endorsed-but-they-wouldn’t-do-it and then some other people take this as escalation and actually do it and then the first group perceives them as having escalated and punches right back and now you have a fist fight when what you had in the first place was an online posturing contest.

That doesn’t make it okay to call for violence on the internet; if a form of violence is bad, encouragement to do it is also bad, and there are ways to indicate you’re joking or venting which you ought to use if you’re saying things that people might take as serious calls for violence. 

So, uh, sure, if someone says “I want to punch white male libertarians” you can say “I want to punch people who want to punch me!” Is this a good way to accomplish anything you want? (I assume here you want to live in safety from being punched over political disputes, and that you want the same for other people, and that you want calls for violence on the internet to be understood to be unacceptable). And it does not look like adding more “I want to punch people whose beliefs make them terrible” to the mix accomplishes any of those goals. 

(What about punching people who actually punch people? Of course self-defense is justified; beyond that, no, now you’re instigating violent confrontations with strangers because you want to convince them that instigating violent confrontations with strangers is wrong. Stop.)

So what does accomplish those goals? I think there’s something to be said for a straight, uncomplicated public “that’s not funny” or “what do you think that will accomplish?” or ‘friendly reminder that blunt force trauma can kill people and accidental falls can kill people and violently attacking strangers can easily escalate and hurt you and bystanders; punching is not a harmless expression of anger” or “if the winners of political disputes are the people more willing to violently attack the other, we will lose”. I can’t promise that these work. I don’t think anything always works. But I do think these do at least as much as “yeah well I’ll punch you back”, and they might reach observers even if they don’t reach the original speaker.

all i want is a fic about the marauders going to pride together and having a good time and punching people at some point ( idk who yet but someone ) and if i make it a one chapter thing i might actually write it.

someone feels like sending me their pride stories for inspiration ? :)

So I Finally Saw the Judas Contract

I liked it. I will wait until a second viewing to say weather or not I loved it.

I went in with A LOT of reservations. I did enjoy Teen Titans vs. the Justice League, but still have really mixed feelings about DC’s choice to animate old storylines with totally new team rosters.

Perhaps it is rather unrealistic to hope for a full-blown 80’s experience with a studio that needs to sell current comics, but I desire it nonetheless. When it comes to the individual characters of that roster, and how they were portrayed, I was impressed.


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Two Worlds: A Realization

Originally posted by canonspngifs

Characters: Y/n, Dean, Sam

Pairing: Dean x Y/n (MALE READER)

Warnings: Arguing, angst, sad Dean.

Word count: 806

Summary: Y/n has to deal with a pissed Dean after making the deal.

A/N: Just even more angst, cos that’s where I’m going with this series. Hope u like it!!.

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Two Worlds Masterlist

“You did what?!”

Y/n groaned, not expecting this kind of reaction from Sam.

“I did what I had to do. She died. We need all four of them to separate our worlds. Besides, he said he won’t hurt me”, y/n mumbled, knowing that wouldn’t make it any better.

Sam scoffed, rolling his eyes exasperatedly.

“He won’t hurt you? Just cos he said that, doesn’t mean he’s telling the truth. Y/n…”

Sam sighed, not understanding how y/n could be so irresponsible, knowing the consequences of making deals.

“We don’t know him. We have no idea what he wants with you. Just cos he said he won’t hurt you, doesn’t mean he won’t do something to you”.

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Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3 Pt. 1

I actually have the time to write this so here I go.

WARNINGS: SPOIIIiLERS; not a D@€nerys fan so y'all know I’ll be actually critical about her actions; JonSa shipper so of course I have a little bias.


1.- We start at Dragonstone, where Jon Snow and Dadvos are just arriving, the welcome comitee looks pleasant enough (if you don’t mind the Dothrakis and the Unsullied intimidating you that is) Tyrion and Jon immediatly take quips at each other and are buddy-buddy, Missandei says it’s so cool they’re taking so much trouble for Quiin D’s sake (LMAO not everyone is in Love with her like y'all honey, it’s not even for her but whatever helps you both sleep at night) and asks them to leave their weapons.

Right, so I would say she ask them this as a trust act and stuff,and it would be so if they were on a neutral spot and she went unarmed (without Dragons and guards) but it’s NOT really what FUCKING difference does it make if Jon has Longclaw??? He didn’t bring a frigging army and he sure as hell can’t fight them all (specially the magical fire lizards) so why??? Well this is the first of many acts of petty dominance on Dane-ñys part we’ll see this episode.

They even take the motherfucking boat (who is looking threatening now?) and Jon makes this face like he regreats his moronic decision of leaving WF

All those steps tho!!! (Stannis must have been real fit guys) So Dadvos tries to test the waters and asks something about her homeland to Missandei, she is polite but clearly distant and Dadvos whispers to Jon things have surely changed in DS.

Tyrion asks about Sansa (not Lady Sansa or your sister, hmmmm???) Jon says she is well, and that would have been a pretty normal conversation if not for the fact that Tyrion chooses to make a joke asking if Sansa has missed him, and guys believe me I tried to take off my shipper googles for tonight’s episode but holy fuck!! Jon looks like he wants to punch Tyrion, and he gets so nervous and uncomfortable he all but blurts that their marriage was a sham and unconsummated, Jon snaps that he didn’t ask.

I don’t know y'all but if someone talked to me about my big brother’s sex life I would be like ewww and make a cringey face, because I don’t give a damn, but Jon’s reactions are wierd he gets angry, also why talk about a sexual part of Sansa’s life everytime Jon meets her past suitors?? I mean we could argue that Jon meeting Tyrion again was inevitable, as well as seeing Theon next ep (cuz they are both with the D) or even the Hound because he and the Bannerless Brotherhood are heading North to fight with the WW… But what about LF? Jon was about to leave, he had no need to know about LF’s intentions and that threat in Hulk mode was just too innecesary as was Tyrion’s comment, or the Joffrey thing back on 7x01??? I don’t wanna be overly optimistic but things are still looking good for J/S.

Yeah so we have a Danonino is petty again moment by sending her Dragons to scare Jon, and OK I really like Missandei (I Love seeing girls who once were abused be confident and empowered, and I Love lenguages as well and it’s so cool she speaks so many!!) but her pleased holier than thou expression pissed me off, you don’t do that to guests miss! It’s rude and totally uncalled for to do this to someone that has been nothing but accomodating and polite.

Also I have another issue here, Missandei was crucial to Danita’s conquest of Meeren and Astapor because she was her translator, she understood how things moved there (masters and slaves) and she was loyal to D unconditionaly, but why bring her to Westeros??? She doesn’t need a translator anymore and just like Danonino Missandei doesn’t know squat about westerosi politics… Wild idea, but wouldn’t it have been better and a hella lot more meaningful if Missandei had stayed as Lady Regent in Mereen (I mean a girl raised as a slave leading people like her, it makes sense to me) but I guess D needed a cool break up gift for Daario.

2.-Melissandre is watching them from a Cliff, and Varys is like if you say they so great why didn’t you greet them?? She is vague af but basically says she and Team Snow are not so cool with each other because she made a mistake (that’s how we calling sweet Shireen’s awfull murder?? Fuck you red woman) and says she is gonna go to Volantis to chill before the war, and Varys is like good and don’t ever come back you trick ass bih, but Meli is like y'all need me and my destiny is to die in this foreing land… Like you (is it me or does this remind y'all of Danss threat last ep??)

3.-They finally reach the castle, Jon is kind of adorable cuz he is so uncomfortable and fidgety, and Danee is petty again, sitting on yet another fugly throne (Aegon honey I know you were all about conquering but you have a hella lot of obsidian lying around and it would have made an awesome and elegant throne instead of that thing you have there) and Missandei annoys me once again by proudly parroting every goddamn title of Dañy, and she looks ridiculous once Davos humbly introduces Jon (I actually laughed because it’s more aparent than ever to me that all their parallels were to make'em foils of each other).

Jon and Davos say she could take KL very easily and that if she hasn’t done so yet it’s because, and I quote’ “You’re better than Cersei at the very least” I mean you’re not exactly wrong Jon, but like Tyrion was the one to say ‘Hey how about we don’t kill anyone pls’ so there’s that.

Jon proves once again he is a hella lot more polite and grown up than her adressing her as Your Grace and Daññy is a petty toddler calling him Lord Snow, but my Dadvos is having none of that shit and he corrects her which leads to D@€-D@€ to prove her ignorance once again saying the last KitN bent the knee to grand pops Aegon in exchange of his and the rest of the northerns lives (yes honey and you think that was good or fair? Using violence to get your way?) and that it was for everzzzz cuz even though my shitty ancestors bullied everyone to give up their claims to them they became super best friends and had eternal perfect peace (I read World of I&F and her history knowledge is biased or plain shitty, I mean Targaryens were awful and had massive weapons of destruction nobody was going against them for fear not loyalty you entitled brat!!) so kneel!! And he was like LOL no, your crazy dad burned my grandad and my uncle if anything your family broke the alliance, and we have a D is a big fat hypocrite moment when she asks Jon not to condemn her for her father’s sins, Jon is not impressed and retorts that then he can’t be held to his ancestor’s promise (I’m so proud of my son) and LMAO she gets sooooo angry and snaps that why did he came here if not to postrate his unworthy self before her (cuz she believes everything is about her it seems) Jon proceeds to explain the threat of the WW (ily Jon but you need to explain things better) Tyrion and D are reasonably disbelieving (I would have expected them have more of an open mind, I mean they have motherfucking Dragons ffs!! But I can understand an army of the dead sounds pretty crazy to be fair) and we get the summary of Danee’s arc and how she got this far by believing in herself (I’m more inclined to say it was the Dragons and sheer luck in having powerful resourceful advisors coming to you but ok).

Now I know I said I Love girls who empower themselves after being abused, so how come I dislike D@ne so if she is exactly that? Well I didn’t at first, I loved her and was rooting so hard for her ‘till she decided that she was better than everyone else and became a conqueror and entitled to a boot, not a breaker of chains. She took the Unsullied for herself because she didn’t want the Dothrakis to pilliage and rape their way through Astapor, good! But why the need to take Astapor and then Mereen? If she were a hero (which I don’t think she is) she would have liberated the slaves without declaring herself ruler, she would have let them decide who they wanted to rule among themselves and would have helped them to come up with a new government, forming a friendly alliance maybe then they even would have helped her in her quest to go back to Westeros, instead of violently taking the power (and no I’m not defending the masters at all, but I do think the mereenese people deserved to have a say in how they wanted to be ruled now that they were free) Since I was little I was taught the spanish took my country with fire and blood, weapons my people couldn’t defend themselves against, they took away their culture, religion and their names. They were forced to work with no pay, murdered, raped (our last tlatoani/leader/king Cuahutemoc got his feet burned when the spanish were interrogating him about aztec gold) and tortured for 300 years, and in my 6yo heart I hated it, of course I don’t hate nor recent the Spanish people for their (and also mine because I have spanish blood as well as aztec and egyptian) ancestor’s deeds, but I hated that people thought they were better than other people, and that they felt entitled to take lands that were not theirs, I hated to imagine the suffering of my people, I hated to know we could never fully understand all the amazing culture and knowledge the mesoamerican cultures had because they decided their way was better and burned or buried most of it, and D@€ny reminds me of all that, and it doesn’t let me enjoy her even as a Villian or Fallen Hero.

(excuse my rant and feel totally free to ignore it)

Dadvos just can’t with her bullshit and he says Jon has done a lot of similar things but without Dragons. Honestly the best way to explain it is with the 'but did you die?’ gif, and supports Jon’s testimony about the WW.

And D@€ny is like yeah but the throne is MINE and if you don’t agree you are against me (lovely way to make more enemies,yup be antagonistic pls) Jon loses it and says she and all the Lords and Ladies of Westeros are FUCKING children fighting for a chair when a real threat is just around the corner and they aren’t going to care who is the rightful anything.

She is so ofended its hillarious xD, she asks Tyrion what she is supposed to do since he refuses to acknowledge her as Qinn of the 7 realms, and he called her a child (well Dañy what did you expect when you have only acted as such?) and Tyrion is like well he said we were ALL children tbh in a very non-commital way.

Jon and Davos are dismissed, and my baby asks if he is her priosioner, 'not yet’ she says, and hold me because Imma knock some sense into her.


Tis too long, I’ll continue in part 2.

I would like to thank @leaalda for making these amazing banners.

This is an effort to spread the word about all fan fiction writers in our little fandom. If you would like to be featured or nominate a writer, please contact me. Please reblog this post if you can and check out some of @believe-that-you-can-my-friend work!

1. First things first, if someone wanted to read your stories where can they find them.

My tumblr account is believe-that-you-can-my-friend and anyone can find my masterlist by clicking on the menu button (the three parallel lines at the top of my sidebar) and then choosing “My Bughead Stories”. You can also find me on AO3.

2. Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m Vera, I’m from Greece and I’m currently on the 23rd decade of my life. I’m a Classical Studies graduate and I’m considering doing a Master’s too. I’m a major foodie, a fashion and style enthusiast, an avid dancer and an old school rock lover. A quite sarcastic human being trying to make it in this world with the attitude of your average clown-friend.

3. What do you never leave home without?

Probably my phone, as true to our 21st century standards. Plus, my headphones and my sunglasses.

4. Are you an early bird or a night owl?

I’m a night owl for sure. I hate early mornings and I love sleep but I also can never go to bed before 2 or 3 am.

5. If you could live in any fictional world which one would you choose and why?

I would want to live in the Pokémon world or the Harry Potter universe but during the Marauders era. Witty and utterly smitten James Potter, rebel with a cause Sirius Black, the First Wizarding War, this is a true fantasy right there that I’ll never ever outgrow.

6. Who is the most famous person you’ve ever met?

There are a lot of Greek people that you guys, obviously, won’t know. Not many international celebrities in my resume, I’m afraid. But I briefly chatted and took a picture with Jim Chapman from YouTube while I was visiting London two years ago.

7. What are some of your favorite movies/TV?

I enjoy a lot of different movie genres but I guess an old Hollywood one, some good old Hitchcock or anything drama are my typical choices most times. Out of the top of my head, definitely Gone with The Wind, Casablanca, Pulp Fiction, The Breakfast Club and such. As for TV shows, Lost is always first in my heart. Current favorites would be Sense8, Stranger Things, Westworld, Riverdale.

8. What are some of your favorite bands/musicians?

That’s a question that would take me pages to answer. Long story short, I’m a cultural chaos regarding music. I listen to almost everything, my Spotify has a tone of personal playlists and my vinyl collection is reaching a terrifying extend. My favorite genre is definitely classic rock but I also really love alternative rock, indie rock, and rock ‘n’ roll. On an average day, I’m usually blasting something along the lines of The 1975, then Pink Floyd, then Frank Sinatra, then Tchaikovsky, then Kanye West, then The Killers and so on and it’s a miracle that I still manage to stay a somewhat sane person.  

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