things like this makes me want to punch someone

give me more non-robot enjolras. i want enjolras who stops in the middle of Great Speeches because he can’t stop laughing at courf making faces. he loses track of what he’s saying and sometimes he forgets important things (lecture notes, his glasses) so meetings fall apart. he once punched a man for harassing someone on the subway but he cries when he sees tiny dogs. he likes space movies and laser tag.

So I saw a post on that Stiles and Lydia kiss, from when he was having a panic attack and the writers thought it would be a good idea to have her kiss him.

How do people not see that as problematic?

1. Romanticising a life threatening situation is fucked up.

2. If someone is having a panic attack you don’t kiss them, without their consent, which they can’t even fucking agree to or decline because OH WAIT THEY ARE HAVING A PANIC ATTACK.

3. Imagine if it had been the other way round.

4. I’ve had panic attacks before and if someone kissed me, it would make me panic more, I would punch them in the face when I got the chance.

What the fuck? Think about it logically.

You’re having a panic attack. Do you know what that feels like? The last thing you want is someone to kiss you. I’ve had them and they’re terrifying.

Your rate increases, you can’t think, you can’t breathe, you feel hot all over. I remember I couldn’t even reach for my asthma pump because my hands were shaking so much.

My mum has had them too and it’s not all romantic and shit, she literally froze at work for ten minutes, shaking because she couldn’t think straight, couldn’t breathe, see or speak.

Having a panic attack isn’t something you can solve by forcing your lips on another.

It’s not something you put a romantic spin on. Sorry but I saw something and had to vent.

It’s messed up that people find that ‘romantic’.

I think something that really pushed Lawlu into OTP status for me is Law making a plan that incorporates how Luffy generally reacts to things and Luffy’s dislike of plans in favor of just hitting the opponent.

Doflamingo gets Luffy mad. Luffy wants to hit him. Law chides Luffy, reminding him to “stick to the plan”. Luffy seems to not like that and goes to hit Law, causing Doflamingo to drop his guard…only for La to switch laces with Doflamingo so Luffy’s hit has more effect on someone not ready for it.

He knows Luffy wants to just punch Mingo already. He also knows that plans tend to fall to pieces around Luffy. So he made a plan to totally accommodate Luffy’s whims (punching Mingo as soon as possible) and still do a better job than just rushing Doffy got a hit (by getting him to drop his guard in amusement when he thinks Law’s about to be punched).

That scene made it clear to me that even though Luffy often drives him nuts and his idiosyncrasies baffle him, Law really gets Luffy. And that Luffy is willing to work with Law.

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ID #95755

Name: Ronald
Age: 13
Country: USA 

I’m terrible with descriptions (just a heads up). My interests include drawing, anime (anohana, bnha, one piece, hxh, one punch man, konosuba, rezero, etc), vocaloid, and I also like tøp and p!atd. I’m a gay male no way around it, I can be pretty akward towards people, and I’m part of multiple fandoms. So…. yeah, I’m looking for someone to penpal with me just to talk about stuff (I prefer email over letters but either one is fine).

Preferences: I don’t have any race or religious preferences, but I just want to make sure that you’re 13+, have some things in common, and you also shouldn’t hate people because haha I’m pretty gay. Also, I would prefer it if you can speak/write good english and are male so I can hit on you (i’m just kidding).

The Signs As Things Kids Say

((These are just things I see/hear the kids on my say and do. They’re such dorks))

Aries: “How do I punch someone without hurting my fist?”

Taurus: “What the heck is wrong with you, Pokemon? Get the heck back in your ball!”

Gemini: “Ramen noodles sounds like Roman numerals.”

Cancer: “trying makes me sad”

Leo: Draws minions on the window condensation and is proud of it

Virgo: “Eating on the bus is against the rules!”

Libra: “He loves you! He wants a kiss!”

Scorpio: “Bye little kids!” (Only one year older)

Sagittarius: “Rules are dumb, I’m hungry.”

Capricorn: “Whats 7x8? If you don’t tell me you don’t know!”

Aquarius: “Hell.”

Pisces: “He said the ‘H’ word!”

I’d rather get punched in the face everyday instead of falling in love with someone that can eventually be like “hey sorry I know we spent so much time together and became so familiar with each other that I know how you feel just by the look you give me and what makes you happy but I just have to go. You’re not what I want anymore. And the things I fell in love with you for I don’t think are adorable anymore. We don’t fit like we used to” then you’re stuck being in love with someone that’s not there anymore and you try to replace that feeling with other things but they never work. You’re stuck feeling like nothing will ever compare to the feeling her she gave you without even touching you . And when she finally touched you ,it was like a drug . You couldn’t get enough. Then you go through withdrawals and have to know how to do things alone again. And the memories that were once you’re reality haunt you everyday in and out of dreams. I hate you for saying you’d never leave. I hate you for saying you weren’t like the others. I hate that I believed you and let you in to have you walk away saying I don’t want you anymore. I hate you because you make me feel like I can’t ever be loved.

- 9:28 a.m. (I’m in class listening to a lecture and I can’t help but think of you)

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I love your blog, but this "Starscream deserves to be abused and Megatron did nothing wrong" thing is making me really uncomfortable. It's not funny and not justice to be someone's punching bag. Other than that I'm enjoying your writing. <3

First of all, I’m so sorry I’ve made you feel uncomfortable!! I am aware that I’ve written Starscream’s mistreatment in this AU in a more humorous light, and I’ll make sure to write it in a more serious way from now on. I do want to say, though, that while I haven’t been as harsh on Megatron, it’s not my intention to portray him as completely innocent. He’s the leader of a gang, and he gets up to some nasty stuff. In this AU he’s a bit less unhinged than in canon, but he still mistreats most, if not all the ‘cons. Starscream just happens to be talked about the most, because he’s gotten more asks about him in this kind of context than some of the other ‘cons have.

I don’t want to make Megatron a sympathetic character, and I certainly don’t want Starscream’s only role in this AU to be a living punching bag. Megatron is a violent person in general, and Starscream happens to be his current target because of how he’s disobeyed orders multiple times. I’d never say this actually justifies the treatment Starscream receives, but it does explain Megatron’s personal reasoning, even if his actions are wrong. 

The (turf) war in this AU started because Starscream straight up murdered one of Optimus’ kids without provocation and then decided to provoke Optimus by bragging about it to his face. All of this was done without Megatron’s knowledge due to him being out of town during these events. He was more than pissed off about returning to a new fight, especially one that happened over a dead teenager. 

While Starscream doesn’t deserve to receive constant abuse, he still needs to be held accountable for what he’s responsible for, and in this AU, Megatron is the one who gets to decide how he’s held accountable. Unfortunately, because Megatron is a very aggressive character with serious anger issues, this means Starscream does get faced with abuse.

OKAY BUT has anyone noticed THIS?

The faces.
Shinyas pose.
Shinyas hands.

Can we all take a moment and pray for sister Guren?

@sensendameda (Shinya = you here 301%)
@gureshinforlife (you should totally ask for permission to use this as your icon, lol.)
@xatanic (things like THAT are why you’re my fav artist ever ♡)

[Ps: sorry for making a new post. I wanted to put the screenshot in my reblog but either I’m stupid or the tumblr app won’t let me use images/pics in reblogs 😞😶 Sorry :/♡]

Happy holidays to @sithbellamy!

Main Pairing: Bellamy/Clarke

Summary: “i was super pissed so i went to the gym even tho it’s really late at night so i was the only one there and i was at the punching bag listening to music and you surprised me by tapping me on the shoulder, holy shit i didn’t mean to punch you, i’m so sorry, but srsly why the hell would you sURPRISE SOMEONE WHO IS ANGRY AND PUNCHING THINGS"

A/N: I actually really enjoyed writing this, very fun prompt and honestly got kind of carried away. I wanted to add on but figured 3k words was enough. Maybe I will continue it and just kinda make it a small short story? The ending I kind of felt like it had to be done due to your blog, but anyways, I hope this is what you were expecting/hoping for. If not I apologize. Merry Christmas!

Bellamy didn’t think he was that angry until he went to the gym and settled on the punching bags around 8:30 PM.

Bellamy didn’t desire to start adding in the training bags to his list of things to do at the gym, but Bellamy saw that Octavia was getting pretty good at her martial arts from all the classes she’ had been in since she was a little girl, and seeing her kicking ass with what she had learned made him kind of envious of it. He wished he had decided on attending some classes when he was a kid as well.

Octavia also had a tendency to use him for practice and whenever she did she kicked his ass, a lot. Bad enough he was on the couch for a few hours covered in ice packs. And honestly, his baby sister should not have the ability to beat him up.

He talked to O about it, seeing if there was any classes for 21 year old men at her dojo and her response was “yeah but they totally suck.”

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The signs as things my libra older brother has said
  • Aries: You sweaty kid
  • Taurus: Why am I a bald woman?
  • Gemini: (me: I'm deep) You're deep fried cause you're so fat
  • Cancer: Your mood swings more than Tarzan
  • Leo: I was a beautiful baby
  • Virgo: You're like a sequel. Never as good.
  • Libra: All your friends died from ugliness
  • Scorpio: Your face looks like someone regurgitated then ate their sick then regurgitated again
  • Sagittarius: (about killing kpop idols) it doesn't matter. You kill one, two more pop up. It's like hydra.
  • Capricorn: Your idiocy makes me want to punch you in the face
  • Aquarius: We're brothers
  • Pisces: Go cry to 5sos

“You don’t have to live without me” he promised her softly, holding her tightly, wishing there was a way he could make this better. “Please don’t hate yourself” he begged her, “I’m sure Henry doesn’t hate you” He hated that she was thinking like this, he wanted to make things better he just wasn’t sure how. “Tell me how I can make this better?”

//But what if I really really wanna punch someone?? Yeah the bed is gross. The whole place is. And the car park is full of big vans and since I checked in has completely filled up so now I’m a bit concerned I won’t have anywhere to park if I go get food. But I’m gonna have to go out at some point cause I have to go to the airport at 10 😡 Why is he doing that?? Have you told him to stop? I’m sorry, that’s really really shit, and if I were you I’d want to snap his neck.