things like this happen to me yay

Enjolras could you be ANY MORE obvious? :’^)

My thoughts on SPN episode 12x08:

  • Yay another ep with Cas! Legit that’s all I care about now. If Cas is in the ep. That’s it. That’s my standard for this show to keep me invested lol. 
  • The… president???? Is this a thing that is happening????? They are having Lucifer possess the president???????
  • Sooooo the POTUS regularly has his staff bow at his feet for group prayer? Like????? Whaaaaaaat…
  • Who keeps their pearls on for sex? Gotta look prim and proper when committing adultery! 
  • LOL this chick wants a baby. Do I sense a devil’s spawn storyline? (please let me be wrong)
  • Damn. I wasn’t wrong. 
  • I knew there was ZERO chance their fake agent schtick would work on the president’s people. 
  • I love how Cas is like “huh, what’s this large explosion happening?” as everyone else runs for cover. 
  • Well at least SOMEONE got to use a grenade launcher. 
  • Oh good. A magical golden egg. This is officially a fairy tale. 
  • YAAASSSSSSS so happy Sam is the one who got to officially lock Lucifer the hell up. 
  • Sam telling Lucifer to go to hell is everything. 
  • Did Lucifer escape through the vent or is he in the egg??? This seems unclear. 
  • Wait. What? Why are they under arrest for attempted assassination? Why didn’t Cas or Crowley help them???
  • I’m supposed to believe that Cas would honestly lose that girl in that small ass diner? That he wouldn’t be paying close enough attention to realize she was leaving???

In conclusion: Cas using mind control was hot as fuck. That’s pretty much all I have to say. 

Oh..Ohio. You disappoint me so.

Despite the massive variety of beer, wine, and meads we have around this state, and our fantastically CHEAP rent - there are many things that make me foam at the mouth angry about my state.

It is now up to good ol’ governor Kasich (The previously SANE choice for president), a former member of Ohio-Right-to-Life, to veto a bill banning abortion after 6 weeks.

6 fucking weeks. 

Most women don’t know they’re pregnant until 12-14 weeks - and a huge number of miscarriages happen between 8 and 12 weeks. 

It’s perfectly possible to be 6 weeks pregnant and not have “missed” a period yet. 

Bills like this have been shot down by the Ohio senate 3 times - but according to yay voters this time around, TRUMP’s election and the murky fate of the supreme court made them take the chance this time.

This law has been declared unconstitutional in 2 other states - but if it passes in Ohio, and our federal district judge declares it constitutional, then it’s back up to the Supreme Court…

So please- if you’re in Ohio - call Kaisich’s office. It only takes about 3 minutes.

Kasich’s office number ls: (614) 466-3555

And say this: “I am concerned about the passage of the so-called "Heartbeat Bill.” This bill threatens the safety of Ohio women, was passed secretively and unconstitutionally, and violates a woman’s right to choose. I implore Governor Kasich to use his line item veto against the bill.“

Or something similar. It’s a very, very long shot, given Kasich’s track record on abortion - but if enough people call. 


Jessica Jones, you are a hard drinking, short fused, mess of a woman. But you are not a piece of shit.’

((So, yeah, I opened an ask blog. Yay!

Everything you should know about what is happening, before asking:

- Eds are about 19 years old.

- They’re living together in some studio flat - because they couldn’t imagine being far from each other even as adults (Honestly, who can imagine something like that? Not me, for sure…)

- Edd is studying in college. His parents wanted him to be doctor or lawyer, but he found out the thing that always made him happy was making all those great constructions, machines and experiments while he was a kid. So he studies robotics and biotechnology. 

- Ed doesn’t went to college yet. He draws and paints and collects his arts because he wants to go to art school next year. And he started to make his own amateurish comic book meanwhile.

- Eddy doesn’t really know what he wants to do in his future yet. He graduated High School with a lot better grades than Junior High, but still… He tries to work now. In few different places. And next year - who knows?

- Oh, and Eddy and Edd are obviously in love with each other, but they’re so awkward, that they haven’t even noticed how very mutual and requited that feeling is. Silly cuties.

- Ed noticed of course. Long time ago. And is frustrated to no end. Well…

That’s all informations for now, I guess… So… send some asks, please :D))

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Yesterday I was hanging out with my gf and she kept on kissing my neck because it would sometimes make me giggle which she found adorable. I'm so happy with her, honestly, she seems like the greatest thing that has happened to me 💖

awww yay yes good

the funniest thing in the world to me is when dudes you hung out with a few times stopped talking to you and then suddenly texts you for the first time in 8 months at 3am “wyd?” like what do you honestly think is gonna happen buddy i’m just gonna be like “omg he finally texted me!!! and now he wants me to come over in the middle of the night lol yay!” LIKE??? NO THANKS DELETE MY NUMBER ANTHONY

@padmeadmidala tagged me in a 2016 positivity post!! thanks melina, and also sorry u tagged me in this like days ago and i’m just now getting to it

rules: list ten good things that happened in 2016 (could be about you, the world, your friend, etc. as long as they are positive things) then tag 10 friends

  1. i started uni, and i love it
  2. i was accepted into my uni’s art program
  3. i moved in/live with my best friend @waldenbbeck
  4. i got my cat, murray
  5. oh, i graduated high school thank god
  6. i got my first ever tax return?
  7. my aunt gifted me money to get all the adobe apps
  8. i became a legal adult yay
  9. i got oBsEsSeD with moulin rouge
  10. my intro to drawing class brought out some skills i didn’t know i had

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I used to really, REALLY hate Scarlet then legit out of the blue like a stab from a sneaky ghost I realized actually I really love her?! I don't even know where this came from, it just kinda happened

“i hate scarlet, why does she like sparkly things so much? and cupcakes? is she TRYING to be cute? don’t even get me started on those freckles. and the way she dedicates her life to overthrowing an unjust regime? oooh look at me i’m scarlet i’m so brave and beautiful and artistic and i ride a wyvern and wear cool armour and… wait shit shit. goddamn. i love her. fuck.”

`{/ little moe things }

When Guzol was at the end of his life, Lala sang him into eternal sleep. They wanted to die by their own terms. “And when I die, let my hand be the one that breaks you…”

There’s probably no doubt at this point that the Earl is Mana (or something more complicated). I suspect that the one who wanted to be destroyed by Neah is Mana himself–perhaps to save the him that went mad as the Millenium Earl?

Alma went mad with hatred, anger, and sadness. He loved Kanda, and wanted Kanda to belong to “that person” forever by being bonded by the promise of meeting again. That as long as Kanda spent searching for her, he’d belong to her. (*cough* he found her thanks to someone and stopped searching *cough* and now “Search for A.W.” *cough cough*)
But he couldn’t stop killing back then. He wanted to kill Kanda, and then kill himself–for them to die together. So Kanda destroyed him to stop him.

Allen straightforwardly told the others that if he were to lose control, that they should kill him. And it seems as if history would be fated to repeat itself. It seems that someone, likely Kanda, would have to be the one to kill Allen when Neah becomes the Millennium Earl and becomes a mad puppet too.

Neah, who seems intent on killing the Earl (Mana), probably to save him from his madness.

Destroying someone you love to save them is a reoccurring theme of this manga. That much is apparent.

“But Kanda… I want to become a destroyer who can save others.”
In other words, to save someone by destroying them.

I wonder if maybe it’s up to Kanda this time to recall those words, and live up to, or maybe even go beyond those words. If he could somehow, along with the others, find an answer to save Allen Walker from his fate of disappearing, that would be nice…

But my point is:
Guzol and Lala loved each other.
Kanda and Alma were friends while Kanda and past!Alma were lovers.
Mana and Neah love each other

While Kanda and Allen…
WELL. Kanda and Allen.
They obviously break this pattern, huh?
Or maybe even, just so far.
Maybe they have even further to go in their development of their relationship. It was obvious since the beginning that the potential for growth and change in their relationship dynamic was great.

So. I wonder what that means.
–/eyebrow wag.

NICE THOUGHTS CHALLENGE: once you get this, you have to say five nice things about yourself publicly & send this to ten favourite followers.

  1. At my current job, I got a promotion and that has NEVER happened ot me before so yay ? 
  2. I kind of like how short I am.
  3. Music is my medicine and I will ALWAYS give music a chance. So if you like it I’m bound to like it too. 
  4. Over the years I’ve grown some self love and I am growing okay with who I am even though I’m still very confused about my gender. 
  5. I listen well and I’m good at putting in my input and helping others. 

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I’m just gonna write this because I’m thinking and it’s late and yeah.
I’m so happy right now. I haven’t felt this happy in general for a long while. I feel like TOO happy so it makes me think something bad will happen. But my friend told me to just enjoy this and let things happen because i deserve it. So that made me feel better.
At the beginning of talking to this guy i was like “ehhhhhh…i dont really like him”, because whenever someone would show interest in me I’d kinda back off because i don’t know. I talked to my friend about it and she said, “Aiyana don’t sabotage this for yourself. That’s what holds you back. Just go for it and let things happen.” and LET ME TELL TAH YOU GUYS BOY AM I GLAD I LISTENED TO HER. Because since i kinda opened up a little and let this ADORABLE BOY into my world things have been so much better.
Like, he is honestly probably the sweetest boy I’ve ever encountered. Yeah I’ve talked to very sweet boys before but none have made quite the impression he has made. He doesn’t just send me 2 word responses after i send him a whole big thing. He basically always types a lot in response to what I say. And that might not seem very important to you but as someone who gets one word answers all the time it’s really nice to talk to someone who is so engaged in the conversation we’re having.
He’s so cute and adorable and sweet and kinda and funny and smart and perfect oh my Lord. I love how he told me he’s kinda emotional and stuff. I was a little surprised he told me honestly because some guys would see it as a weakness they wouldn’t want to share. But he’s a very open person so I try to be open and honest with him as well. So far it’s going pretty great.
He also respects me very much. He asked if we could have sex on Valentine’s day and i told him i wasnt sure, it’s probably not going to happen so he should prepare for that and, this is the best part, he didn’t get angry or anything, he was like, oh alright that’s totally alright I don’t want you to do anything you’re not ready for.
AND IM SITTIN HERE LIKE Y A L L THIS BOI IS AN ANGEL ON EARTH. IM SO USED TO GUYS NOT TAKIN NO FOR AN ANSWER BUT THEN THIS DAMN BOI, even though he’s horny af and we really want to have sex, is completely okay with just taking things slow and letting it all take time. Im c r y i n g.
He’s just perfect and I’ve never felt this way about a boy, or anyone in general.

So yeah. I have more but this post is long af. Bless this boy’s heart bless.

List ten good things that happened in 2016! Thanks to @thefancyspin for tagging me to do this!


2. I actually went to most of my classes last year so for the first time since starting college my attendance wasn’t the worst.

3. I finally had sex so yay for me I guess lol about time

4. I got to hang out a lot with my best friend which is always good cz I love her and she’s the best person ever.

5. I got a car.

6. I went to Paris with my friend and it was glorious. 




10. SKAM- really can’t think of anything else 2016 wasn’t great but Skam made it so much better. 

I never know who to tag in these things because I honestly love everyone in this fandom you guys are the best and I want to know all of the great things you experienced in 2016, so anyone who wants to do this should totally do it! 

A Slip of the Tongue (Part 2)

Rating: M!

Word Count: 2500

Summary: The reader accompanies Hotch on a date and things get rather spicy. Then ends with some fluff.

A/N: I’ve had several people ask for a sequel and I finally got it finished! Yay! Also, there was a request for more Protective!Hotch which this has a bit of. So, tell me what you think! <3

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Sorry ... Again.

Hey guys. Just thought I’d pop my head in and apologize. I know my queue is empty…. again. It’s not like I’m leaving and done, it’s just life is happening. I’ll share some of my thoughts, but I’m putting it under the cut because 1. It’s not sims related and 2. It may be triggering. Just know I haven’t left left, but I can’t make any promises at this point. Luvs to you all though!

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Tag Game!

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Rules: list 10 good things that happened in 2016 (could be about you, the world, your friends, etc. As long as it’s positive things) and then tag 10 friends

  1. SASHA BANKS noticed me on tumblr and like my shitty artwork, i still don’t know if she saw my redraw a few months ago but still she noticed me and liked my artwork YAY 
  2. MCMG reunited and I cried I’ve been so sad about them breaking up and when Sabin left TNA I thought maybe they’d get back together but it was just wishful thinking until this year TT  
  3. MCMG AGAIN! MCMG noticed me, Alex liked my artwork and my tweet about the bucks and we had a conversation about him rescuing cats and Sabin was like
  1. (this is actually number four i’m too lazy to fix this) my artwork improved ten fold I haven’t drawn much since High school just because life but this year I said NO I’M GONNA DRAW and I did and I was rusty at first but then I got more into it and I improved so much 
  2. (number 5) I got my first set of professional watercolors I finally decided to pull the plunge and get professional grade materials ^^ 
  3. (number 6) JAEJOONG. He came back from military service and began to ruin my life again. 
  4. (number 7) 13 years with DBSK. I’ve been a fan of DBSK/JYJ for 10 years now and that is completely baffling to me its been an incredible 10 years supporting these guys, 10 more years!!~ 
  5. Mystic Messenger was my life for like 3 months seven zero seven ruined my life. I lost so much sleep trying to do all the chat rooms lol i set up alarms and everything 
  6. BECKY LYNCH. speaking of famous wrestlers noticing me Becky liked my artwork of her as Batgirl. I love her. 
  7. KPOP in general I got back into kpop after a long break since the end of 2014 aka the worst year for kpop ever but yeah I got back into it full force this year and for a minute I didn’t think I would like any new groups but then I found a few I liked like Astro so yeah kpop happened again this year 

WOW sorry this was like all “senpai noticed me” but that… happened multiple times even by people i didn’t mention… I narrowed it down or else my whole list would’ve been about people noticing me… 

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Funny Overwatch Moments Pt.2

Yay, I have Overwatch for real now! I played for hours on end last night and had some pretty funny things happen, so here I am again with another list. If you want to see my part 1, I’ll link it at the bottom of this post!

• Single ulted by a Genji as Hanzo

• Dies as Hanzo, immediately after a S76 tells me to watch out

• Punched to death by McCree as Hanzo

• Made friends with a Zenyatta who follows me around and heals me

• Gets stuck in a wall as Hanzo, is saved by an enemy Reaper (because I was in such a hidden spot i can’t believe he saw me)

• t-bagged by Roadhog as Hanzo

• Baited by an enemy Tracer into a Reinhardt pin as Hanzo

• Baited by Reinhardt to turn my back to a ledge then be pinned as Hanzo

• Go to shoot a ball as Hanzo, a Pharah blasts it away right as I go to shoot. We stare at eachother briefly

• A Lucio totally steals the ball from me as Hanzo

• t-bagged by Genji as Hanzo

• Climbs up a wall as Hanzo to only be immediately shot down by McCree

• Had a posing party with McCree as Hanzo

• Teamed up on by a McCree and Reaper as Hanzo

• Made frenemies with Reaper

• Waving/crouch party with a Junkrat as Hanzo

• Goes to shoot a Reaper as Hanzo; he disappears and I don’t think much of it, until I hear the heavy footsteps of a just-teleported Gabe behind me. You could see the actual shock and fear from me in his killcam

• Chase an Ana around in a circle as Hanzo for a good minute because we couldn’t hit eachother

• Accidentally presses Q instead of E when my ult is ready as Hanzo. i was kicking myself