things like this dont happen to me okay

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What was it like meeting Tarjei? What did he speak about?

wwwaaauauauuu it was ltierally amazing and the best moment of my entire life!! it was just after seeing him in det gar bra, and we juts went up to him and i told him i enjoyed the play and he replied “did you even understand it” and i said “uh yeah, i understand norwegian but dont speak it very well, thts why im speaking to u in england” AND THEN HE SAID “okay so if i speak norwegian to you will you speak it back” but he said that IN NORWEGIAN, and he was looking directly into my eyes, and smiling, and my entire body just shut down and i stood there frozen not saying anything bc i was literally having an out of body experience hfkjdhgj, and then ashley behind me went “nei” and they all laughed and i just really was shaking, and then he was like okay lets take a pic, so he put his arms around us and i threw up my phone at some other random girl who was there and got them to take a pic, and ashley said to him “congrats on ur gullruten nomination” (this was before gullruten had happened) and he was like “wow thanks!” and then i said “yeah two!! well done!!” and he was like “yeah its so crazy”, and then we  had to go bc there were some other ppl waiting to see him, and i cant really remember what i said but i think i said “bye have a good night” and he said bye back!! hands down best moment of my entire life!! (and then me and ashley literally .. ran all around grunerlokka screaming, and got really fucking drunk on a roof and i passed out and had to go to hospital skgjhasfkljg but literally still the best weekend of ym entire life!!!!!

Camel Emoji Review

Not my favorite. He looks a little to airbrushed to be traveling the desert, and his neck kinda looks like a chicken neck but A+ for effort. 1.5/5 too much detail

Now here’s a special boy!!! Look at those humps!!!!! Beautiful colors, pretty blanket, nice angle. 5/5 I’d trust him with my kids

I like the stylistic approach. The black outline gives our friend here a nice pop. But why they have only 3 leg??? 3/5 Not enough leg

i dont like this one 0/5 

Yikes. Wow, okay. I see what you were trying to do here, LG, but it’s just not working. This guy looks a bit like a rat that has some weird growths. 0/5 see a doctor

Oh! We got a party animal around here! Look at those long spaghetti legs, the lack of facial features, the humps. Wow. She looks v fun. 4/5 looks like the color of Kraft mac and cheese

This one is pretty good. He looks realistic without looking trashy (cough cough Apple) He seems a bit uptight, though. Loosen up, buddy. 3.5/5 i have nothing to say this one actually looks like a camel

Another realistic-ish one, I see. She’s…. Okay. I’m not a fan of the hair details and she looks like she’s scheming against me. 2/5 i don’t trust her

Wow!!!! Look at her go! Those humps are flawless! I love the salmon color! She’s so pretty!!! 5/5 i would share my lunch with her

awww poor baby they look so scared. What happened? Why are u so trembly, little one? Whatever it is, I hope they get through it. 4/5 poor thing!!

the legs are too square, it’s head looks like a snake, its humps are lopsided. I dont trust this man. 1/5 the colors are aight tho

stop!!!!! -2/5

Maggie Worshiping Alex (”I love you” smut)

prompt from @thebiwisebrownkid – “some like happy playful smut where they focus on the i love yous and alex’s badassery. Basically maggie worshipping alex and showing her how much she loves her by wrecking her in multiple different ways. plz dont dwell too much on the trauma or the stalking or alex almost dying. shit happened recently and im focusing on the what ifs too much and rn sanvers is the only thing distracting me and alot of the new fics arent really doing that.”

They said it once, and they said it twice, and they said it three times.

They said it, and they haven’t quite been able to stop saying it.

“I love you, Alex Danvers,” Maggie whispers as she kisses the back of Alex’s neck while Alex is brushing her teeth.

“I love you, Maggie Sawyer,” Alex grins after she spits, Maggie kissing the toothpaste away from the corners of her lips.

“I love you,” Maggie gasps when Alex lets her mouth roam down her jawline, down her throat.

“I love you back,” Alex breathes while Maggie navigates her by her hips out of the bathroom and into the bedroom.

“Do you want me?” she asks before she goes any further, because Alex’s pulse is thrumming under her lips and Alex is whining and Alex is exhaling “I love you”s with every breath, but she needs to be absolutely sure.

“Please,” Alex begs, and Maggie smirks.

“Please what, Danvers?” she can’t help but tease, because Alex Danvers is always, always, always destructively attractive.

But Alex Danvers, blushing and grinning and spluttering and flustered?

Is near the top of Maggie’s growing list of weaknesses.

“I… Maggie, please, I…”

Maggie steps back just to hear Alex whine, and she’s rewarded richly.

“Maggie!” she moans, reaching for her, and Maggie melts into her instead of dodging her, lets Alex toss her backwards onto the bed, the thrill of Alex’s strength coursing through Maggie’s blood like oxygen.

“Such a badass, Danvers,” Maggie tries to sound cool, collected, unsurprised, but Maggie is shook and Maggie is soaked and Maggie is so, so far from chill.

“Mmm, I am, aren’t I?” Alex tries to straddle her, but Maggie has other plans.

“May I?” she asks, and Alex cocks her head in an unspoken question.

“May I make love to you, Alex Danvers?”

Alex softens immediately, all the cockiness of a moment ago gone like it was never there, and Maggie delights in the way Alex trusts her enough to let go like this with her.

“I love you, Maggie,” is Alex’s only answer, and her body pliantly follows Maggie’s down to the mattress, Maggie arranging Alex on her back, slowly, slowly, slowly stripping away her clothes, lifting her shoulders, her hips, as needed, asking each step, each new thing, if it’s alright, if she wants it, if she wants her.

“God, Maggie, yes, please,” Alex whines, and Maggie chuckles into her stomach.

“And here we are again, Danvers. Please what?”

“Mags – “

“What, my badass girl can’t tell me what she wants?” Maggie winks, but her gentle fingers on Alex’s wrist tell Alex that if she really isn’t in the mood to talk, of course she doesn’t have to.

But god, does she want to.

“I want you to fuck me, Maggie. Please.”

Maggie smiles and crawls up her body to kiss her lips soundly. 

“Mmm, I will, Ally. I promise you that. But I’m gonna worship you a bit first, okay?” She leans up on her hands and glances down Alex’s naked body, licking her lips unconsciously.

“The woman I love deserves to be worshiped.”

“The woman you what now?” Alex asks, because she will never, ever, ever tire of hearing it.

“The woman I love, Danvers. You, in case you were wondering.”

“Mmm, I was, you never know, you could be talking about someone – ah!” Her banter cuts off into a sharp scream that makes Maggie freeze, but Alex begs her, begs her to keep going, because Maggie’s lips have found Alex’s nipple, and Alex needs more, more, more.

She tangles her fingers in Maggie’s hair and she grinds her hips up into Maggie’s thigh, and she moans and she writhes and she begs and she pants, I love you, I love you, I love you.

When Maggie lifts her lips from Alex’s hardened nipple, Alex whines and tries to press Maggie’s head back down, but Maggie presses her palm over Alex’s breast and tugs at her nipple just the way Alex likes. 

“Gotta give both of them the proper amount of attention, babe,” she chides her playfully, and Alex’s laugh turns into a sharp gasp when Maggie makes good on her word, lowering her lips, her tongue, her teeth, to Alex’s other nipple, licking and sucking until it’s hard and pebbled in her mouth, until Alex can do nothing but whine and moan and beg her not to ever, ever stop.

“I’ll never ever stop because I will never, ever stop loving you, Alex,” Maggie whispers when she pauses for breath, pauses so her jaw can take a break, pauses so she can look down instead of up into Alex’s eyes.

“I love you, Ally Danvers. I love you more than I’ve ever loved anything.”

“Maggie,” Alex breathes, tears stinging her eyes, and Maggie kisses her until both of their faces are wet.

“Can I continue?” she asks, and Alex squeaks, and Alex nods, and Maggie grins, because Maggie will never, ever finish her task of worshiping this woman, of making sure this woman feels as special, as loved, as needed, as wanted, as desired, as worthy, as she deserves to.

She starts with a continuation of what she started on Alex’s breasts, but she doesn’t end there. 

Doesn’t end there, because she has other places she needs to be.

So she takes Alex’s fingers into her mouth, slow, slow, searingly slow, keeping eye contact with Alex the entire time, and Alex has never thought she could cum from just looking at something, but the way her fingers disappear into Maggie’s lips, the way Maggie’s eyes scald hers with raw want, raw reverence, raw need? 

She is so, so quickly coming undone.

Maggie takes Alex’s fingers, wet from her lips, from her tongue, from her mouth, and places them on Alex’s nipples, and, with her own hands, encourages Alex not to stop playing with herself while Maggie occupies her mouth elsewhere.

Alex tosses her head back into the pillows and Alex writhes and Alex screams, and Maggie has never been more in love.

“I love you,” she whispers with each kiss she presses down Alex’s torso.

“I love you,” she murmurs with every lick she sends shivering up Alex’s inner thighs.

“May I?” she asks when her face is between Alex’s legs, and Alex begs, and Maggie tells her she loves her with words, and then without, as she lowers her mouth to Alex’s clit, dragging her tongue firm and slow across her most sensitive spot, making Alex pant, making Alex writhe, making Alex beg and scream and bruise Maggie’s lips with her wild thrusts, and Maggie doesn’t mind because god, god, god, this woman is everything.

“I love you, Alex,” she moans as she brings her tongue lower, lower, so she’s fucking Alex with her mouth, and Alex pleads for more, for deeper, for harder.

“You want my fingers inside you, Danvers?” Maggie wants to know, her voice an octave lower than usual, and Alex can only answer with her screams, with the way she brings her hands to tangle with her own hair, with the way she keeps repeating that she loves her, she loves her, god she loves her so much.

So when Maggie slips her fingers into Alex’s dripping body, one by one by one, and she feels Alex tighten around her, and she curves her fingers deep inside her body that she knows Alex needs, she keeps her lips, her tongue, occupied with her clit, shifting so when Alex thrusts – and god, does Alex thrust – Maggie’s chin can give her the pressure on her clit she needs to accompany the way Maggie is beckoning her fingers deep, deep inside her.

And when she cums, it isn’t loud like it usually is. 

When she cums, squirting all over Maggie’s hand, all over Maggie’s forearm, making Maggie moan deeply into Alex’s clit, grinding her own hips down into the mattress because god, the woman she loves is the sexiest woman that’s ever existed or ever will exist, she isn’t loud like she usually is.

When she cums, it’s with a string of soft, desperate “I love you”s on her tongue.

“I love you, Maggie Sawyer. I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you.”

“What a coincidence, Alex Danvers. I love you, too. So, so, so much.”

Just Alter Things

me, in denial: im not real im fake im faking it i dont have alters im just an attention whore i hate myself why am i like this i should just stop im fine

the protector, sighing: kiddo im right here how the fuck do you think i exist

me, panicking: not real not real not real noT ReAL nOT REal NOT REAL NOT REAL NOT REAL NOT REAL

the protector, kicking me out of the front: okay buddy time for you to take some time and rest

me, two hours later: what happened

my protector: nothing i just removed your memory of the past three hours. also your room is clean now.


The Incredibles AU
Part 1 (as a pilot version with scribbles)

YAS, i did it in the digital version, maybe not so neatly as i could

There`s some things i want to describe about this au:

  • I changed a little design of costumes (ahah, i wont get tired to do it, but i just added kind of hero`s signs) just to make them in this cartoon`s style
  • There are no kwamies, characters have their powers/abilities in genes, so they just … wear their costumes without transformation, i guess (wow, how is it possible). About their powers.. Hm, they`re almost the same, if someone is interested i will tell about that more.
  • I want to mention about the kids. Yes, everithing is almost perfect, if talking about Emma, Louis and Hugo as Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack. But i have reaaally, um, strong headcanon that, firstly, Emma is the secong child and, secondly, her character is more like Dash`es as Louis is like Violet. You can say that`s all sounds stupid, but i wanna think about it like that. Sorry @luullaby, bc you mentioned about the kids first.
  • And the most important thing.. Turtle Nino as Frozono, yas. Ive never been so into this idea and Im not sure who created it, but, damn, i like it now. His costume was inspired more like by Frozono and another designes of Turtle costume. 

Jade Turtle is a good name for the superhero, i hope @thelastpilot you wont be mad :0 (or who created this name, im really confused, im so sorry, if im wrong about it).

Thats all, i still have no idea whats happening here, just tell me if something is really not okay (with me or with this au, idk)

oh and before i go to bed, a quick update on my situation!! 

(its in the tags)

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Mun I don't know if it's come up before or if you have but would you ever consider doing a nuzlocke comic?

Well, I’ve never done a nuzlocke challenge before but even if I did, no, I dont think I’ll ever do a whole huge comic. The small pokemon comics that I do are just a fun way for me to spend my free time inbetween projects! :D

However, they obviously do reflect my own experience with the games or show headcanons that I have of how I’d like the story to continue for certain characters (like with the latest comic with guzma). And I do have a fully fleshed out team that I didnt come to introduce yet, but would like to! So I guess you won’t ever see a full comic from me, but snippets of storytelling that may connect to each other and give you an idea of the personalities ect. of my own character / trainersona and her team! 

Or I do random comics that dont connect to ANYTHING
thats a very likely thing to happen too

Okay but how did jules learn how to do fight and sTUFF LIKE WHAT HAPPENED??? How did she learn??? What happened between her getting raped and then becoming a vigilante?? Like i know she stayed in her room for a while and like? But when did she get herself together and decide that she was gonna fuck people up???? Like what happened why doNT THEY TELL US THESE THINGS??? Was she already a fucking badass and was like i know how to fuck people so ima do it so others dont get hurt like me?? Like?? I neeD MORE INFO!!

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I know its not my busy but its been driving me nuts for months. I used to look up to you because you and ichi had been together for so long and looked like you had all ur shit together, then i found out later that things had ended. I say looked up because I had been with my husband for a long time like you guys, and I'm always waiting for that point when I'll think to myself that this is forever. Dont get me wrong I am so happy for you and shane, but i am so curious as to what happened.

Haha. It’s okay.

We met when I was 15 and we were together until I was 25. When I met him I was just a child and I really didn’t know what I wanted in a relationship.

I was just fooling myself, almost our whole relationship. There was a two year long stretch I tried so hard to make it work… but my ex was uncommitted to putting in anything to us. He didn’t (and doesn’t) have any ambition to go anywhere in his life, and when dating him I felt more like a mother than a girlfriend. It was honestly the worst. But how was I supposed to know? I hadn’t known it any other way. He was my only boyfriend. I honestly thought, “well I’m his girlfriend, I’m here to support him” thinking what I was doing was my job.

I remember times when I would flee to my blog and say “he’s been sleeping in until 3 and he still doesn’t have a job” and Anons would message me like “yo….. dump his ass” and I’d say “I just want to try a bit harder to make him change.”

But you can’t change people. You can’t make people mature. They can only do that for themselves. And to me, he is still… the 17 year old that I met when I was a teenager.

In before someone close to me reads this, I wasn’t a saint in all this. There was a period of time in our relationship where I was seeing other people. I told my ex about it at the time, and of course he didn’t like it, but he just… let it happen, and I kept going on with it. Of course, the things I did were awful, and I should have known better. But back then, both of us were awful to eachother.

The last two years of our relationship I didn’t see anyone else. I remember near around the end of our relationship I was giving him “by the end of the month” ultimatums….. – in the 10 years we were together, he had never taken me on a date…. so I would say, “please take me on a date by the end of the month, or we’re through”. I did that probably 3 or 4 months.

It’s so stupid when I think back to it. I did some awful things to him, but I can’t believe what I endured, either. We were awful to each other.

My new relationship is …….. I don’t want to say it’s perfect but it’s really wonderful. We do things for eachother. We compliment eachother every day. Shane is very driven is get a good education and a good job. We like doing things together, and he really appreciates the things I do for him. And he likes my cooking! My ex would only say a simple “thanks” whenever I made him something lol.

I’m really happy. At age 26 I finally fell in love. I loved my ex, but I don’t think I was truly in love with him.

So hmmm. I don’t know. Things are not what they seem, especially when people seem they have it all together, or its too good to be true…. I tried so hard in that relationship, but in the back of my mind always, there’d be a voice saying “this is fake this is fake this is fake ”…. but just keep up the facade a little longer, because you are in too deep to ever leave now.

The longer you wait, the harder it is to leave. Hell. I bought a house with this man. It has been *rough*. I’ve been living with my ex for almost a year and a half now, and it has been *ROUGH*.

This is a lot a lot a lot of personal information, and years down the road I might say “maybe I shouldn’t have done that…” but for now, I’m over it. I hope that clears some things up. Ha ha.

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I'm one of the anons who got into Dishonored because of you, and I need to know: do you have any way to in-universe justify sparing Daud? Bc he makes really poor case for himself: he feels bad (yeah, ME TOO, buddy), but he'll vanish and never do it again (which happens for sure if you stab him). No "I'll serve the new Empress to atone," or something, he just wants to leave the place that makes him feel bad. I just don't see why Corvo would let him completely off the hook. Thoughts?

okay, I’m gonna be honest here, I dont usually talk about it, but I find daud very boring and cliched and with zero character exploration or even reasons why he’s doing things. Like why killing Jess ~~changed him and made him regret and shit? People were telling me its bc he didn’t expect everything to get so much worse after Jess died, but like???? You kill a ruler of the empire in the middle of plague and kidnap her heir and you’re SURPRISED everything falls apart? you’re kind of a dumbass then, sorry, can’t relate. 

And yes, I think there’s 0 reasons for Corvo to let him go - or even let him “serve”, bc he was betrayed like 2 times in a row, why the fuck would he trust the murderer of his loved one? basically I agree with that post completely


why dream drop distance xemnas is a FUCKING KNOCKOFF (a guide)

  • what the fuck happened nomura
  • WHAT????????????? HAPPENED TO HIS FACE
  • look paul st peter youre a great voice actor and stuff and you play xemnas fantastic but what the hell happened in ddd you sound like “well im fucking done with this seeker of darkness shit”
  • am i the only one who sees the face difference
  • AM I
  • why is the chain on his coat paper
  • miss me with that disappearing shit in the end of ddd
  • when he talks it looks like a fuckign puppet HE BARELY MOVES HIS MOUTH THE HELL IT MAKES ME UNCOMFORTABLE
  • his face in ddd. kjust. THE FUCK.
  • why did you change hiM HE WAS PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!
  • at least his hair still looks the same

make xemnas great again 2k17

oh my god my hands are shakign rn 

so work was bad yesterday and this happened and i just had to tell u guys somewhere im sorry im scremaing???

yesterday i watched three men die because one man sneezed in a room full of blood and shit and light.

no. it gets worse.

today 3 more go in and theyre holding these like super cheap mops, like this place cant afford anything better. it just made me fucking depressed like i don’t even get union pay and u make me use these mops??? like what????

. Yesterda, I watched a man I admired just like shot. because he left some chick a flower. like im literally screaming rn how can you do that?? all it was was like?? a flower and u shoot him?? im??

 Today, she doesn’t remember, and three halls down I can hear her screaming. (Im literally screaming rn))

and then the day before that i watched a group of soldiers like… they have to like shoot their own coworkers because of zombies and i was like wtf how is this real??? bjut its real i watched it if you dont believe me!1!!

. Today, we test another sample, this time on children. im criyng

so then like another day last week, as if this isnt’ bad enough,, I watched five men and women gunned down in an abandoned factory no one cares about. (I know no one cars about it b/c i was there okay,,, i saw,,)

 Today, it happens again and again. Every eleven seconds. Forever. ((9(can u imagine???))0

and like to top this all off it just keeps piling up., I watched a man sit comfortably in a nice armchair, sipping scotch and laughing as he ordered a woman to simply stop breathing and then today he gets the day off of work detail for good behavior like what?? is wrong with this place???. I watched hundreds of ppl in orange jumpsuits herded like animals into empty rooms that filled with gas and firebut then the next day hundreds more are told they have a chance for a lighter sentence, and a chance to serve their country (lmfao rite) like what?? does that add up??? no it does not .

so then like all this got to me in my mind and i was like okay this needs to stop. theres no way im the only one that sees like how fucked up all this is?? so i told my coworker, i took them to the side in the break room and i whispered in their ear and i was like look, yesterday i watched the world nearly die in a thousand thousand terrible ways. sometimes we would have had the time 2 scream. ive gotten used to it okay?? today u and i are alive to write about it.

and like they woldn’t listen to me they were like fuck u ur not the ethics committee i dont care. so i blocked them . ,

but here’s the thing like????? you want happy endings???? fuck you honestly???? they dont happen here like. You’re alive to read it. isnt that good enough. god help us all honestly 

so then heres the thing, this morning in the break room i was like, i told that to my coworkers to try to get them to see my side and they all listened and i was like holy shit im a martyr. so then i said really loud i was like “secure. contain. protect” and they all like nodded b/c they agreed and i felt better u know??? like im glad i could move these ppl. then the whole break room clapped

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don't get why ChanBaek is so famous. I'm relatively new to K-pop and i guess soon gonna become a complete EXO-L. I feel Kaisoo is so much more real. I mean, even Chanyeol seems to be around Kyungsoo more than Baekhyun. And Baekhyun looks like this social butterfly who can be shipped with anyone- mostly, Yixing, Jongdae, Minseok, Sehun, well you get my point. So can you please explain to me why ChanBaek is so popular?

First of all, this is based on my own opinion so Im not forcing anyone to believe or anything and dont want to offend any ships. BUt thats what make chanbaek is REAL here. When Im talking about chanbaek, for me it isnt just a simple ship or just bromance thingy. Im shipping kaisoo too but I dont ship them the way I ship Chanbaek. 

You mentioned that Chanyeol seemed to be around Kyungsoo much often than BAekhyun? Okay lets see when it happen? On the stage? For me, the things that happen on the stage and with camera is on is what we called fanservice. But, u see, Chanbaek they got less and more less of that but more off cam moments and so many of it. *to talk about the off cam moment, its gonna be long so Ill suggest to see my other posts or other blog like @lets-talk-baekyeol  @chanbaekah @eternal-chanbaek @awkwardmickey @ms1611 * And also you can see, how Chanyeol gotta to mention Baekhyun out of nowhere in most of interviews and also how he being to be mr.-know-it-all *remember the moment when he knew about Baek’s hidden angel wings on his back- other members seem just to know about it and with sehun’s smirks at that time-more mysterious how Chanyeol get to know about it winkwink* when it comes to Baekhyun compared to the other members proved that their rs is really something. 

While talking about Baek’s bubbly personality and all.. you gotta see its so obvious that he treats Chanyeol differently with other members. You can see Baek always got no problem to have skinships with other members- just list who but he turned to a high-school-girl-in-love-be-like when it comes to Chanyeol. Remember the legendary hug during ExordiuminManila? And u can see, Chanyeol is the only member that Baekhyun wished for his birthday in his ig and even that lip’s post- *OMG IM SCREAMINGGG*. And talking about his obsession with Chanyeol’s hoodie damn they got obviously big different in size but yess he still wore Chanyeol’s instead of other members? Why tho? You got the point here? The fact that they got so many matching items too make me got so many feelssss *usually I dont find couple items as subject to prove a ship but their matching items are so detailed to the brand and sometimes items that really came out with pair of it…*

There are so many other reasons but just point out the one that you asked. I hope this my not-too-long post able to enlighten you more about Chanbaek. And also just a piece of my mind about Chanbaek, to ship Chanbaek u need to be more analytical than seeing what is so obvious and also yeahhh FAITH. Btw, welcome to this fandom dear :)


and I’m not.. super comfortable with the thought of someone befriending me /Just/ because I’m kin with a character they Actually love

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would it b okay if someone (i.e. me) wrote a short fic based on some au of yours? like.. 1k-5k? i'm unable to write anything long (like unholyverse and its friends) but i could do a short thing mayhaps some time 👀

id be so happy if that happened!! you dont need to ask for permission! but if you want to talk it out im always interested 👀

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i dont want to be a downer or anything but can i get hugs and good vibes? my boyfriend broke up with me last night and im not dealing with it well at all. the thing that hurts the most is that he genuinely loves me nd cares about me but it cant work out right now or probably ever

Aww hun D: It’ll be okay! You’re not being a downer, it’s not wrong to ask for comfort, especially when something like this happens

I am sending ALL the good vibes and hugs your way!!

Originally posted by zechs

I hope things work out for you :)

~Admin Kay

okay so like, me and my one dude bro sort of madeout in his car after he asked and i was like, really chill with it but now he feels weird and today me and him are going to hang out and just like talk

he also knows i like this OTHER one guy, but he said he was like, should we not do that anymore and forget, or should that be a thing that happens again? i mean, he DID ask. i honestly feel soooo indiffernt?!!?!?!? I DONT KNOW