things like this dont happen to me okay

How to Flank like a Paladin

Paladin: DM, if I have Boots of Teleportation… can I teleport out of my armor?

DM: …-sighs- Link it to me

-After DM reads the effects-

DM: I’m… torn because one one hand I wanna see this happen but on the other hand I dont wanna see this happen.

Paladin: Think about it, I can animate my armor so it still does things after I teleport out of it.

DM: Okay… because it’s hilarious and amusing… I’ll allow it.

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Can you explain me why the FGC hate smash melee or rather, melee players? I like smash but i dont follow the competitive scene.

Okay here’s the main reasons

One, Melee fans are notoriously annoying and problematic. If some bullshit happens at an FGC event, nine times out of ten it’s centered on Melee. Melee players are the ones who cause trouble with nearby hotels and venues. They’re the ones that don’t bathe en masse, they’re the problem children. What’s more annoying is that this ties into the second point;

Two, Melee requires special set ups. Every single thing used to play Melee is old. You gotta use a Gamecube or a Wii, gotta use a CRT, gotta use gamecube controllers (fuck the pros NOW use SPECIAL CONTROLLERS BROKEN IN A VERY SPECIFIC WAY). This essentially means you need TOTALLY SEPERATE SET-UPS for Melee from every other fucking game that might be at EVO. But the actual competition set-ups aren’t as bad as the fucking shit melee fans who drown in pools or don’t even try

I can’t even count how many times I have seen melee fucks try and co-opt some CRT and equipment someone else brought to set up another old game. It’s fucking bananas. They’ve literally tried to just steal people’s shit. Fuck them.

Third, Nintendo hates Melee and keeps demanding more bullshit from EVO to let them keep running it. This is why EVO even had Pokken last year, Nintendo’s insistence.

Four, Melee is just fucking boring at this point. It’s a stagnate community with a talent pool that has been set in stone for a couple years now. There is no realistic way to get into melee. There is no new blood coming into melee. There are no surprises in Melee. Like I mentioned before; pros are now breaking their controllers in very specific ways to improve their performance that extra bit. It’s over.

Melee has had a longer life at EVO than any other game on the planet. Age has caught up. It’s time to start phasing it out.

Camel Emoji Review

Not my favorite. He looks a little to airbrushed to be traveling the desert, and his neck kinda looks like a chicken neck but A+ for effort. 1.5/5 too much detail

Now here’s a special boy!!! Look at those humps!!!!! Beautiful colors, pretty blanket, nice angle. 5/5 I’d trust him with my kids

I like the stylistic approach. The black outline gives our friend here a nice pop. But why they have only 3 leg??? 3/5 Not enough leg

i dont like this one 0/5 

Yikes. Wow, okay. I see what you were trying to do here, LG, but it’s just not working. This guy looks a bit like a rat that has some weird growths. 0/5 see a doctor

Oh! We got a party animal around here! Look at those long spaghetti legs, the lack of facial features, the humps. Wow. She looks v fun. 4/5 looks like the color of Kraft mac and cheese

This one is pretty good. He looks realistic without looking trashy (cough cough Apple) He seems a bit uptight, though. Loosen up, buddy. 3.5/5 i have nothing to say this one actually looks like a camel

Another realistic-ish one, I see. She’s…. Okay. I’m not a fan of the hair details and she looks like she’s scheming against me. 2/5 i don’t trust her

Wow!!!! Look at her go! Those humps are flawless! I love the salmon color! She’s so pretty!!! 5/5 i would share my lunch with her

awww poor baby they look so scared. What happened? Why are u so trembly, little one? Whatever it is, I hope they get through it. 4/5 poor thing!!

the legs are too square, it’s head looks like a snake, its humps are lopsided. I dont trust this man. 1/5 the colors are aight tho

stop!!!!! -2/5


How to be a Hero like Captain Hook ProTip #47:
Even on epic quests, always take time to stop and smell the rosé.


The Incredibles AU
Part 1 (as a pilot version with scribbles)

YAS, i did it in the digital version, maybe not so neatly as i could

There`s some things i want to describe about this au:

  • I changed a little design of costumes (ahah, i wont get tired to do it, but i just added kind of hero`s signs) just to make them in this cartoon`s style
  • There are no kwamies, characters have their powers/abilities in genes, so they just … wear their costumes without transformation, i guess (wow, how is it possible). About their powers.. Hm, they`re almost the same, if someone is interested i will tell about that more.
  • I want to mention about the kids. Yes, everithing is almost perfect, if talking about Emma, Louis and Hugo as Violet, Dash and Jack-Jack. But i have reaaally, um, strong headcanon that, firstly, Emma is the secong child and, secondly, her character is more like Dash`es as Louis is like Violet. You can say that`s all sounds stupid, but i wanna think about it like that. Sorry @luullaby, bc you mentioned about the kids first.
  • And the most important thing.. Turtle Nino as Frozono, yas. Ive never been so into this idea and Im not sure who created it, but, damn, i like it now. His costume was inspired more like by Frozono and another designes of Turtle costume. 

Jade Turtle is a good name for the superhero, i hope @thelastpilot you wont be mad :0 (or who created this name, im really confused, im so sorry, if im wrong about it).

Thats all, i still have no idea whats happening here, just tell me if something is really not okay (with me or with this au, idk)

a list of healthy habits for a better you

  • getting out of bed as soon as you wake up - no more chilling on your phone for an hour while you should have been doing your homework (me rn)
  • did a mistake? did something you shouldnt have done ? accept you did this mistake but try and stop blaming yourself and critisizing so much: accept that its okay to do mistakes and it happens, by changing into a pozitive attitude there are much more chances to not do that again
  • have a few days/ weeks for a project? work !! on !! it !! seriously dont let it all in the last day the stress is much higher and it probably wont turn out that good because you’re hurrying up
  • eat breakfast !! seriously ok
  • pick an outfit the night before: so much time saved up
  • reading a book? get a highlighter and highlight unknown words ( especially if you’re not reading in your native language ) . at the end of the chapter/ your reading time search them all or maybe even write them down ? ( i struggle with this so much tbh but i believe it pays back knowing much more than before )
  • do a little bit at least of something you enjoy daily: even if you’re busy af find just half an hour in which you draw, read, play with your cat etc etc
  • achieve a morning and night routine: honestly it can be the most simple things but if you do them like straight as soon as you wake up then you’re more likely to be productive while if you just stay on your phone for half an hour then brush your teeth, you’re basically wasting time.
  • talk to people ! ok listen up i know its scary to just go and talk to people but if you know for example you have a common interest its very likely they will be excited about it and you might even become friends !
  • you’re afraid of doing something? lets say public speaking. i am completely terrified of it . this is exactly why i signed up for debate, to get over this fear. the only way you can solve your problem with a fear for something like this is to face it straight on . yes it will give you anxiety probably it might stress you but you’re being so brave and slowly you’ll most likely overcome it
  • have a crush? you know they’re single and a very chill person ? talk to them. like seriously the best thing to do when you have a crush is chill down for a bit and realize its not the end of the world if they dont like you back and the only way even to make that happen is to talk to them ! like become their friend and maybe hint at them that you like them and you never know??¿

okay listen here i know you’re probably thinking im the most peaceful perfect person ever because i do all these things but the thing is : i dont , i barely do any of them . however , i would really like to change that and i really believe these little habits will help me ( and you ! ) in life in general.

hope you have an awesome day!

me, watching everyone scream over Dream Daddy knowing that, like every other tumblr craze, in about a week it’ll be called out for having something problematic in it and people will have “don’t follow if you support Dream Daddy” in their BYFs:

Plz imagine

Stingy losing his babby teeth

Like, he falls over or smth, and then he sees that one of his teeth has fallen on the ground. His first immediate response is to freak out, and run over to the mayor’s.


So the mayor tells Stingy that it’s just a thing that happens when you grow up and that your wisdom teeth will come in the place, but he also makes the big mistake of telling Stingy about the tooth fairy

And this leads to Stingy being all like ‘’So if I were to pull all my baby teeth out, I would get atleast two, no, THREE WEEKS worth of coins!!! Okay I got it, thanks mister mayor!’’ 
The mayor’s eyes widen with horror as he chases Stingy out of his office, to try and stop the madness childs’ scheme.

okay but

i dont know how many people in the Villainous fandom know that Lidsville exists and is a thing (probably only me)

but uh

my immediate first thought upon seeing Villainous being a thing was

“did. did hoodoo’s hat become sentient”

okay so this:

this is hoodoo

“okay yeah andy so what”

alright but. hoodoo lives in a land of sentient hats. and when i say sentient i mean

the hats are literally alive

so uh. ??? did hoodoo put their hat down for a second and walk away and Black Hat just. happened. or.

oh, also.

also hoodoo’s house looks like

which. looks a lot like

“but andy what about the great fandom stuff! what about white hat! thats a great au”

this is hoodoo’s twin brother bruce

heres both of them

do with this information what you will

[also im sorry for spamming the tags]

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Mun I don't know if it's come up before or if you have but would you ever consider doing a nuzlocke comic?

Well, I’ve never done a nuzlocke challenge before but even if I did, no, I dont think I’ll ever do a whole huge comic. The small pokemon comics that I do are just a fun way for me to spend my free time inbetween projects! :D

However, they obviously do reflect my own experience with the games or show headcanons that I have of how I’d like the story to continue for certain characters (like with the latest comic with guzma). And I do have a fully fleshed out team that I didnt come to introduce yet, but would like to! So I guess you won’t ever see a full comic from me, but snippets of storytelling that may connect to each other and give you an idea of the personalities ect. of my own character / trainersona and her team! 

Or I do random comics that dont connect to ANYTHING
thats a very likely thing to happen too

for @warlockragnors prompt:  idk ngl i could get behind a post 2.18 thing where to seal the rift magnus has to summon asmodeus to help and then has to give up the thing he cares most about (because REASONS) to seal it and so magnus gives up his memories of alec to save him and everything else happens kinda the same so alec still feels jace die and magnus for some reason can’t stand to watch this random shadowhunter in pain aND LIKE THE OMAMORI CHARM CAN GIVE HIM FEELS TOO and somehow this ends happy. this really got away from me

(forgive me i dont know much about asmodeus okay so if this is shit then just lmk and i’ll write something else okay) ((also it’s so long it’s like 2k words sjfjdjf)

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There's a lot of differing opinions on a lot of stuff after season three started and I was wondering, what you feel about: Danny's ice powers, Danielle, what you hated least and most about Phantom planet, and what episode you hated least and most in season 3.

Danny’s ice powers: ice powers are generally pretty cool but like, where did they even come from. why does he have them. he didn’t die from… anything… ice related. i get that it’s hinted with the ghost breath or core or “ghostly chill”… but like, if anything, shouldn’t he have electric powers??? that would make more sense. it just feels out of the blue for me

Danielle: love her. why didnt she have more episodes

About phantom planet: the thing i hate most about it was that it just. generally made no fucking sense. things just happen and they dont get explained. its just one big “??????????????” to me. 

and what i hated least was, okay. so when butch explained why this was his fav episode in one of his videos, he said that he liked that every ghost made a cameo and that Danny was saving more than just his town. and just from those words, yeah, that sounds pretty nice and cool. if it wasnt executed in the most convoluted confusing nonsensical way possible, those two things would be A+

i actually havent watched all of season 3 because i know its, a mess


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#phanisoverparty on Insta is making me feel so many things and I dont kno what to do or believe

okay look, what is happening right now, it’s just trying to start discourse. dm’s can be faked, things can be edited to make it look like something it’s not. the people who posted it are just looking for drama to happen. don’t let it get to you okay? Dan and Phil are not faking anything just for money, i’m sure they wouldn’t be faking anything for the last 8 years. Dan and Phil do care about you and every person in their fanbase. why would they go through so much trouble like making a book, going on tour, etc. if they didn’t care?

the fucked up thing that’s going on here, is that they’re using Dan’s brother as a gateway to start the discourse.

Okay but how did jules learn how to do fight and sTUFF LIKE WHAT HAPPENED??? How did she learn??? What happened between her getting raped and then becoming a vigilante?? Like i know she stayed in her room for a while and like? But when did she get herself together and decide that she was gonna fuck people up???? Like what happened why doNT THEY TELL US THESE THINGS??? Was she already a fucking badass and was like i know how to fuck people so ima do it so others dont get hurt like me?? Like?? I neeD MORE INFO!!

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I know its not my busy but its been driving me nuts for months. I used to look up to you because you and ichi had been together for so long and looked like you had all ur shit together, then i found out later that things had ended. I say looked up because I had been with my husband for a long time like you guys, and I'm always waiting for that point when I'll think to myself that this is forever. Dont get me wrong I am so happy for you and shane, but i am so curious as to what happened.

Haha. It’s okay.

We met when I was 15 and we were together until I was 25. When I met him I was just a child and I really didn’t know what I wanted in a relationship.

I was just fooling myself, almost our whole relationship. There was a two year long stretch I tried so hard to make it work… but my ex was uncommitted to putting in anything to us. He didn’t (and doesn’t) have any ambition to go anywhere in his life, and when dating him I felt more like a mother than a girlfriend. It was honestly the worst. But how was I supposed to know? I hadn’t known it any other way. He was my only boyfriend. I honestly thought, “well I’m his girlfriend, I’m here to support him” thinking what I was doing was my job.

I remember times when I would flee to my blog and say “he’s been sleeping in until 3 and he still doesn’t have a job” and Anons would message me like “yo….. dump his ass” and I’d say “I just want to try a bit harder to make him change.”

But you can’t change people. You can’t make people mature. They can only do that for themselves. And to me, he is still… the 17 year old that I met when I was a teenager.

In before someone close to me reads this, I wasn’t a saint in all this. There was a period of time in our relationship where I was seeing other people. I told my ex about it at the time, and of course he didn’t like it, but he just… let it happen, and I kept going on with it. Of course, the things I did were awful, and I should have known better. But back then, both of us were awful to eachother.

The last two years of our relationship I didn’t see anyone else. I remember near around the end of our relationship I was giving him “by the end of the month” ultimatums….. – in the 10 years we were together, he had never taken me on a date…. so I would say, “please take me on a date by the end of the month, or we’re through”. I did that probably 3 or 4 months.

It’s so stupid when I think back to it. I did some awful things to him, but I can’t believe what I endured, either. We were awful to each other.

My new relationship is …….. I don’t want to say it’s perfect but it’s really wonderful. We do things for eachother. We compliment eachother every day. Shane is very driven is get a good education and a good job. We like doing things together, and he really appreciates the things I do for him. And he likes my cooking! My ex would only say a simple “thanks” whenever I made him something lol.

I’m really happy. At age 26 I finally fell in love. I loved my ex, but I don’t think I was truly in love with him.

So hmmm. I don’t know. Things are not what they seem, especially when people seem they have it all together, or its too good to be true…. I tried so hard in that relationship, but in the back of my mind always, there’d be a voice saying “this is fake this is fake this is fake ”…. but just keep up the facade a little longer, because you are in too deep to ever leave now.

The longer you wait, the harder it is to leave. Hell. I bought a house with this man. It has been *rough*. I’ve been living with my ex for almost a year and a half now, and it has been *ROUGH*.

This is a lot a lot a lot of personal information, and years down the road I might say “maybe I shouldn’t have done that…” but for now, I’m over it. I hope that clears some things up. Ha ha.

Relationship Playlists:

Please come back to me: The couple who are destined to be together but something happened and it hurts you because you want them back (a til death to us part couple) (Title: Because i know we’re gonna be together)

I think i love you: The couple who everyone wants together and they are a will they, wont they relationship. Eventually they both give in and confess their feelings and get married (Title: How about forever?)

I f*cking love you: similar to please come back but gay, and they are a we will find each other even after death couple aka soulmates but more (Title: Lexa Wait, I Love You..)

We could have been something: the soft gfs that should’ve been together, the couple that are so gentle with each other but can also protect each other (Title: Allison, I Love You)

First Love: The couple who are so soft and is your teen love but there is something special about it, it’s a first love kind of feeling. one that you know will be with you forever, no matter what happens (Title: There’s no such thing as fate)

The pics for the playlists are just the fictional couples i picture with the playlists, even if u dont like them these playlists are still good and should be listened to with ur gf or if ur like me, ur dream gf okay thank u

Sunbaenim (Mingyu)

Genre: Fluff

A/N: I don’t even know what I’m doing but reading all these scenarios and reactions on tumblr about my favorite people then i thought why not try it out.


Originally posted by performanceunit

You had just wrapped up your groups performance for Inkigayo. Today marks the day of your long awaited debut and everything just felt so surreal. You just don’t know how to thank Pledis for giving you a chance to debut. “I can’t believe we just did that!” Your group leader, Minji said as you stood backstage. “3 years of training is sooo worth the wait” Your other groupmate, Yumin. 

Everyone was smiling, syncing in the moment. People passing by started congratulating you, when a group of familiar and handsome faces made their way to you guys. It was your company sunbaenims, Seventeen. All of your members know for a facts that you’ve had your eye on the groups visual and nastiest member, Kim Mingyu. As they approached your group, your members all took a quick glance at you while you had your mouth open, not knowing what to do when he talks to you.

“Congratulations you guys!” Seokmin sunbaenim greeted you. All 5 of you bowed down at them as a sign of respect. “Thank you sunbaenim!” Chloe repied. “I really like your performance!” Soonyoung sunbaenim added to his friend’s comment. You were all smiling and bowing down at each other. When the one and only person you were trying to avoid went towards you. “Hey Y/N you guys did a good job! Congratulations on your debut!” Mingyu told you. You stared at him for a good 5 seconds. Your groups visuals, Lauren had to nudge you to get you back to your senses. “Oh! Yes! Um…thank you sunbaenim.” You said after your embarrassing self-staring contest while bowing down.

“That took you a while to answer didn’t you?” He jokingly asked. 

omg he is starting a civil conversation, be natural (rv heeey) Y/N dont even try to embarrass yourself like you do everyday, okay holy fuck what do I say now? you thought to yourself

“I’m sorry, I just…um….couldn’t process everything just yet” 

“Couldn’t process the idea that you just debut?” He asked just to make things clear.

“Um..Yeah that” Good save Y/N. “It’s fine. That happened to me too when we debuted.” He continued while laughing lightly. 

Jisoos that laugh will have me dead right on the spot

“Hey are you alright? you look like your heating up” Mingyu asked you. Shit I’m blushing. Stop blushing you idiot. 

When you took your time to answer again. He asked Minji instead. “Is she alright?” Okay now half of seventeen were now looking at you (the other half was too busy being children)

Minji, who knows that you’ve liked this boy for a while, and she knows for a fact that you can be a black hole sometimes, made up a lie so you wouldn’t embarrass yourself even more. “Yeah she’s fine, she’s always like this after performing.” 

Thank you Minji unnie, I owe you.

“Oh really, then here have some water then” Wonwoo sunbaenim gave his water bottle to you. You didn’t have any time to say no since you needed an excuse to not look at Mingyu anymore. As you grabbed the bottle from Wonwoo, you turned your back around and drank the water, finishing it in a few gulps. You turned back to Wonwoo, and handed the empty water bottle back. 

“You alright now?” Wonwoo asked you while you nodded in reply. “All that rapping must’ve drained you. You did amazing by the way, almost as good as me!” Mingyu started a conversation again. 

omg I love you, but please stop I didn’t prepare my brain for this moment.

“Oh thank you again, but I won’t be as good as you” You replied smoothly. Yes good job me!

“Yes you will! You’re really good! And you’re a rookie, that’s saying something” He continued. I swear to god, a few more seconds and I might drop dead.

“Thank You again sunbaenim” You bowed for like the 75318th time today. “Don’t call me sunbaenim Y/N. Just cal me Mingyu oppa instead”


You didn’t know what to say. Mingyu had you stuck on your spot.

“Seventeen, it’s almost time for your stage” A staff called them and thank god they did. “Well we need to go, Congratulations again Y/N” Mingyu said while giving you that million dollar smile. Him and the rest of Seventeen soon walked away towards the stage leaving you and your members right where they approached you. 

When they were out of sight, your knees soon gave up. Thankfully Yumin was there to catch you. “Gwenchana Y/N?” Chloe asked you. Clearly you weren’t the guy of your dreams, just started a conversatiion with you, complimented your skills, made you call him oppa. 

Your friends started laughing at you freaking out for looking so helpless. “That was so funny to watch!” Lauren started while laughing loudly. “Shut up Lauren unnie! I really didn’t know what to do. Mingyu just did that wow how dare he. The disrespect in that one” You said while regaining your sanity. “Yes how dare he….” Minji said while trailing of at the end. Everyone just suddenly stopped laughing which got you so confused. “What happened to you guys?”

“I’m so sorry for doing ‘that’ Y/N and ‘disrespecting’ you, but I just wanted to say that I’ll be waiting for you after your stage tomorrow because I’m taking you somewhere” And just like the guy that you were just talking about a few seconds ago was standing right in front of you again.