things like this dont happen to me okay

okay so you know the whole thing about how TsukkiYama is canon?? well, let me share a thought - 

what if Yams calls Tsukishima “Tsukki” because the first time it happened, it wasn’t intentional. What i’m saying is, let’s imagine that Yamaguchi finally got around to confessing his feelings to Tsukishima, and Tsukishima was silent bc “wow this boy likes me too wOW” and then Yams goes to apologise for being so sudden but he’s cut off so instead of saying “Sorry, tsukishima,” it becomes “sorry, tsukki-” and he’s cut off bc tsukki kissed him 

And this is why Yams always says “Sorry, Tsukki!” loudly because it’s like… how everything started. How their relationship started, how ‘tsukki’ started.


Jon was not afraid of death, but he did not want to die like that, trussed and bound and beheaded like a common brigand. If he must perish, let it be with a sword in his hand, fighting his father’s killers.

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Nickname: tbh i dont have any nicknames ,, people just call me cheryl/ryl . unless you count my friends in because they call me ahma ( grandma in chinese ) because i love taking care of them

Gender: female

Star Sign: leo !

Height: 170cm !!! -20cm ,, yeah im smol and tiny

Time right now: 11pm

Last thing I googled: detrimental’s definition ( last minute notes revision and i came across that word so )

Favorite Bands: nct,seventeen,bts,exo,monsta x,blackpink,got7,shinee,twice,bigbang and i could go on but-

Favorite Solo Artists: ailee , eric nam , roy kim , k.will, crush & dean !!

Song stuck in your head: ngl ,, 마지막 첫사랑

Last movie I watched: cry the beloved country ( i had my literature exam today and it helped so yay )

Last TV Show I watched: i dont watch television shows but does kim bokjoo count omg

When did you create your blog: last mid november !

What kind of stuff do you post: mainly scenarios for nct but i reblog and make gifs/memes/and all that too so … it’s really messy

When did your blog reach its peak: last month omg

Do you have any other blogs: only my main one where i only reblog other kpop group stuff

Do you get asks regularly: yes i’d say ? but most of them are requests

Why you chose your URL: do i even need to explain

Following: 283

Posts: 2K ??

Hogwarts House: -

Pokémon Team: -

Favorite colours: light green and anything bright hehe

Average hours of sleep: 5 hours , no more or less

Lucky Numbers: 4,14,2

Favorite Characters: i don’t have one wth im so boring ??

What are you wearing right now: oversized white tee + really short shorts

How many blankets do you sleep with: one

Dream job: social worker !!! psychologist & also a dancer/performer

Dream trip: canada or japan/korea please !!

i’ll go against the rules and not tag anyone because jaksjsn i don’t wanna bother any of y'all ,, feel free to do this if you want to and tag me in !

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He sent me a snap that said " (girls name that's not my name) you're honestly so beautiful and so perfect" I don't know what to say to him because the super bowl was a week ago. But I thought we both genuinely liked each other so idk

oooohhh okay. honestly, i think you really should just talk to him! you really just need to see what the fuck is going on thru his mind. boys are dumb :((( 

if something seems super duper sketchy like… he’s tryna sweet talk you and be all like “babe it wasn’t like that i dont like her i only like you” type thing, then i say move on. you dont need that kind of sketchiness in your life!!! like honestly i can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me or my friends. so just be weary and cautious.


Continued From X

Right, whatever you say,” 

 A soft chuckle would pass the widows lips. Of course she wasn’t jealous– why would she even think such a thing? 

“–Ah, you like the sound of my offer? What part, pray tell, just so happened to catch your interest~?”

The looking at positives and thing im trying to do is good but i need to alter it so that its more flexible to change? Bc unexpected stuff throws me off so easily . That may just be my brain generally but ik that when im writing like “im looking forward to [thing]” and it doesnt happen i dont know what to do from there bc that was like what i was hinging the days positiveness on i guess? And that tactic helps but its not like. I need to be a kind of ‘oh okay so i’ll do [other thing]’ not just wanting to go to bed lmao


so this is the first major AU i wrote and i actully really like it so im gonna post it in parts and if you for some reason dont ship percabeth you can ignore it ;)

percabeth was my first otp and i love them with all of my heart

AU in which things change after Percy and Annabeth escape from Tartarus

part 1/?

The first time it happens Percy grabs her arms and holds them to his chest, stilling her body as it thrashes, her mind still paralyzed. The blood runs down his face where her fingernails raked down it, her sleeping-self mistaking him for a monster.

“It’s okay. It’s me. Annabeth.” He watches the recognition dawn in her eyes, and she stares down at her hands in shock.

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ooh tell me a story papa shampooligan

okay so I used to go to this summer camp up in the mountains right? it was a wonderful place and I think I went every year for like… 5 years or something. this happened in 2012. anyway the counselors always used to do this silly little secret santa thing where they would give each other dumb gifts anonymously. one year the counselor for my cabin received this book

he pretty much just glanced at the cover, laughed, and tossed it in a corner. but one night during free time I saw it lying there and got curious. I knew nothing about the cheetah girls, and still don’t, but this book caught my eye, so I opened it up. it wasn’t anything incredibly special, just a dictionary of really cheesy early-2000s tween slang. but since I didn’t have anything better to do, I started reading some of these words and their definitions out loud in like, this weird deep voice. pretty soon my other cabinmates realized something was up, and they all started listening. and they thought it was the funniest thing they’d ever heard?? every time I read another page it sent them into hysterics, and I kept going until I’d gone through the entire book cover to cover (it’s pretty short). I considered the incident a neat social success, and forgot about the book pretty quickly afterwards. but my cabinmates didn’t.

this camp, at the end of the week, had a talent show. it was pretty loosey-goosey though, you could go up and just do whatever you wanted and everyone would be cool with it. to participate, you had to put your name and talent on this big list in the dining hall. one morning, while getting breakfast, I happened to glance at the list, and noticed my name written at the bottom, next to the words “cheetah chatter.” one of my cabinmates - I still don’t know who - had put my name down for me. they wanted me to read out of this ridiculous book in front of 200 people. ordinarily I’d have been terrified, but I felt a surge of confidence. people actually liked me up there, and I wasn’t about to ruin that by being a party pooper. no way I was gonna back down from this challenge.

I rehearsed, nonstop. every time I had a few minutes to spare, I would crack open that book and read some definitions aloud. obviously I couldn’t read the entire thing for the show - doing so took about 15 minutes - so I dog-eared all the best pages, and carefully planned which order I was gonna read them in. part of me was afraid that the performance would bust, but at that point I didn’t care. I was in too deep, and too determined to prove myself.

the talent show finally arrived, and boy, there were some amazing performances. people sang songs, performed cool light shows, did skits, you name it. basically I was up against some tough competition, and it was gonna take a lot to keep the crowd’s hype going. when my name was finally called, I walked up to the microphone, took a deep breath, and suddenly realized I had nothing. I was reading out of a book about the fucking cheetah girls. no original material. I was convinced that this was the end of my social life. I was done for. but there was no going back.

I opened up with a silly bit about how I was gonna “teach them a thing or two about how to talk like one of the cool kids” or something, idfk. it got a decent laugh though, which gave me the courage to move forward. and oh my god.

it was exactly what happened in my cabin but on a much larger scale. with every definition, people laughed harder and harder. after a while some of them were in tears. the counselors who were supposed to be (jokingly) judging each performance all broke character and started cackling. one counselor in the audience walked up onto the stage and started filming me with his ipad. the camp director was lying on the floor howling. I had no idea what I’d done. I was just reading from a book. but to these people, it was the performance of the century. my confidence was soaring. after a few mintues of this I reached the grand finale - the best word in there. it and its definition were, verbatim: 

“Majordomo Whack - When something’s not just whack, but really whack.”

that was it. the audience was done for. I had them breathless with laughter for a solid 30 seconds. after the majority had regained their composure, they started clapping like mad. I got a standing ovation. people were chanting my name. one portion of the crowd began singing this one little camp tune that you use whenever you want to tell someone how cool they are. it was a smash hit. no other performance that night got nearly the same level of feedback.

and that’s how I brought down the house at summer camp by reading directly from a cheetah girls dictionary in a funny voice. this is, to this very day, one of my greatest accomplishments

okay the thing that really gets me about trump becoming president is like, what if aliens are real and they tell the president and donald trump gets to know about aliens and we dont? like thats so unfair he is the LEAST deserving of alien knowledge and like what if he tries to contact them? what if donald trump is the first window of earthlings to aliens? it keeps me up at night like i cant have this happen i cant and i wont 

its just weird that ppl are so determined to misinterpret every single thing i say??? like i swear to god y’all reach so hard I’ll be like “im gonna apply for jobs! im gonna have a good productive day!” and people will straight up message me like “wow stop romanticizing capitalism? some people cant HAVE jobs because they have problems that prevent them from getting jobs??? maybe you should just kill yourself you piece of shit” like im not even joking that is a real thing that has happened more than once…. that literally just happened today bc i posted about how work is getting easier for me…. like…. okay….. thats literally boring af you arent even proving a point you’re just getting worked up because it’s somehow fun for you? if thats what gets u off that’s cool but go like… write in your diary about how awful i am… i dont care and i dont wanna hear it 


okay ok as i purromised here’s the thing w the bloggers that i like 

FT. foundation that doesn’t match my neck colour, switching from third to second person too much, awkwardly dancing with my cat @ the beginning (and the middle) (and the end), dropping aforementioned cat on the keyboard, and ever-mispronouncing everything. all around a good time.

pls pls pls ignore my dumb eye twitch it happens when i get nervous jkdsjkdjkds im sorry

im gonna tag the ppl i mention so u can follow them !!! and i’ll give them the vid time i talk abt them in case they dont wanna sit through 9 boring mins of me talkin abt ppl they prob dnt know lmao

rhi warboyfriends 0:32
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q jimlocket 2:07
jo jimzuccofromit 2:32
tomi killbenedictcumberbatch 3:14 (IM SORRY I JUST LYSM I DONT REMIND U ENOUGH)
alyssa whykhan 3:52
claire thepotterwholockian 4:33
mikel janus-cars 5:05 (i literally realized what your url was referencing like as i was reviewin this vid im so dumb end me)
oliver sherlxxk 6:38
nicole cumbergoddess 7:03
lara equinoxjimlock 7:36
abby the-queen-of-the-cats 7:58

ok ahhhh thats it im sry this is awkward and embarrassing i was too tired to try again ajhfjkas end me