things like that bug me

Another thing that bugs me is like

so, el diablo is a stereotype but Michael Peña from Ant-Man is just a fun character? is that how it works? Just because he’s a gangster, the character who is reeling from guilt from his past deeds and gets to be one of the big heroes of the film is seen as more of a stereotype than no-last-name Luis, whose van horn literally plays La Cucaracha? Is that really how that works, because something seems off about that.

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I've been replaying dan's mumbling and i cANT FIGURE OUT WHAT HES SAYING it really does sounds like "do you really have a thing"but idk and it's bugging mE

apparently its “it doesnt really have a theme!” according to people with better hearing than me cri // (why do we all care so much) but “missing my leggings phil” is 100% true and said weh what a life


Seconds vs. Ticks, and Altean Time

okay obviously in the clock race, ticks and seconds appear to be approximately the same measurement, but either altean measurements of time are vastly different from human ones, or the altean lifespan is vastly different from the human lifespan.

coran states that the castle is 10,600 years old, and that his grandfather built it; his grandfather is, therefore, at minimum 600 years older than coran (a generational gap which obviously doesn’t fit to either human lifespans/human years). not only this, but coran remembers travelling to a balmera as a child while his grandfather was building the castle so coran is at least 600+ altean years ignoring the cryopods

therefore when allura and coran say that they’ve been asleep for 10,000 years, it means either: a) 10,000 altean years is not even close to 10,000 earth years and an altean year is approximately the length of idk a human month or b) 10,000 years is only about ten times their expected lifespan (which is still huge, obviously, but less huge than the approximately 100 times their lifespan that it would be to a human)

it’s 4 am and i can’t stop thinking - what if we all just collectively went with Dirk as an artist?? i see stuff with dirk being the robot master all the time, and yeah cool, he’s a smart dude he gets the robot stuff, easy. i feel like people don’t really reflect on the part of him that’s totally an artist though?? i mean he draws things for caliborn even though it’s kinda weird and it’s pretty clear he has a tablet and everything.

maybe it’s been a while since i read canon?? but i feel like that’s totally a hobby dirk has that doesn’t get touched on as much, and i kind of want to see more of it. dirk being passionate about drawing!! wanting to get better, in part because of his bro’s stuff, but also because he wants to just make it his own thing? wants to like, make dave proud even though he already is. like connecting to his brother on another level.

au’s where dirk is the classic suffering art student! hell, have dirk do art with like robotic sculptures or something??? or even hal as an art project gone very wrong - it was supposed to be a commentary on like, existentialism or smth but instead you get hal. just, artist!dirk with his unique and philosophical approach that’s also totally ironic.

This is Petty but it’s like Really Bugging Me that Morelull looks nothing like a goddamn morel mushroom???? Get good localization team??????? Use literally 90% of other mushroom names???????????

^^^ an actual Morel Mush (fully edible most delicious mushroom in the world fuck truffles)

^^^ Morelull, a glowing CAP mushroom that makes people sleepy

JUST saying

I’m normally a very calm person but if I see a cockroach in my room I swear I become filled with the rage of a thousand shrieking suns

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OH HEY i think the "fetishizing pointy hats" thing might be a coincidence, but uh its worth mentioning that pointed witch hats and cloaks and basically all of stereotypical witch looks tend to stem from antisemiticsegregation and propoganda... im jewish so it bugs me so baaad seeing these things, like. the reason yarmulkes even exist nowadays is bcause of segregational acts like making jewish men wear "judenhats" / horned skull caps, and i understand it's commonly part of the jewish faith to (1)

distinguish yourself as a believer, but they literally made jewish people wear horned skull caps & black robes so they knew they were jewish & could target us, etc., etc… these things (yarmulkes, black robes) became worked into jewish law and i personally believe its so we didnt have to fight it so much. it started waaaay back and i cant tell you how often my olive skin tones make me think of the green skin on typical caricatures and big noses and all… anyway its something to consider. (2)

ive been a witch for a while now & i understand people dont know the origins of these things; that doesnt take away the fact that it hurts to see people continually view these things used to hurt us in the past as something ~cute~, its something you can find info on if you were to google it (literally just the words “witches antisemitic”) but wherever that anon on that other blog was coming from they did remind me of this ;;; hope you are well & have a good day ! (3 / last)

ah i didnt know that !! i’ll delete the post cos i want people to be comfortable on this blog and thank you for informing me !!


a rin i did for kinda stress relief doodling, and wanting to try out a few new things!! there’s some things about it that bug me now but i still really like it!!

((do not repost, and don’t use/alter/edit/etc/without my permission! please DON’T tag as kin/me/ID/system member/rp character tags etc!! putting in comfort char or synpath tags is fine! don’t remove my caption!))

hey the whole weird “religion bad spirituality good” things bugs me to fuck because like, that has always been used against certain religious groups by those who hate them

by saying that this group follows too many “old dead outdated backwards arbitrary whathaveyou” laws and they don’t have “real spirituality” it became easier to convince people to violence against them

(see: people saying the law portions of the hebrew bible don’t matter because they’re cold and clerical and unfeeling - unlike the narrative portions which if you rearrange and misinterpret you can say that it’s all prefiguring jesus. 

also see the current trend towards saying that islam is inherently bad and backwards because of “sharia law”)

There are certain things that I try not to let bother me ‘cause I know we all have different personalities and our minds function differently and so on and so forth (well, they still bother me but I usually keep my mouth shut about them), but there’s one thing that just bugs me so much and I just feel like I need to vent a little.

The main reason I listen to music is because of the lyrics. When I share a song with someone, it’s (usually) not because “it sounds good.” It’s because I’m trying to communicate and share a piece of myself. The lyrics are so EXTREMELY important to me. A lot of people in my life that I try to share with like this are people who don’t really focus in on the lyrics, they just listen to the music. Which is fine and everything (I want to emphasize that I think it’s certainly okay to be like this, we’re all different), but it just creates a problem because it feels like I’m trying to talk to them about something very important and they’re not listening. They’re not understanding. 

I don’t expect people to communicate in the same ways I do all the time, but it’s just very distressing for me when I want to so badly convey something to someone and they are not receptive of the only way I know how.

omg that misspellings post wasnt at anyone specific i know esp that ppl genuinely mix up relatable/relateable, just, “relateable” as an intentional spelling used to be like a Thing on my dash that bugged me… i was mostly thinking about “no notes ghoast” bc every time i encounter it i get like nasty echolalia of it and die. it just makes the pronunciation so gross im hypersensitive to stuff like that

like idk it definitely bugged me that we see the beginning of positive growth for steve and then….timeskip!! one month later hes turned into a friendly softboy wearing a christmas sweater!! i feel like a lot of development happened offscreen and the writers didnt do enough to convince the audience (or me at least) that his growth was authentic enough that nancy would take him back. i just dont see it!! it was one of my least favorite parts of the finale. either let nancy be single or actually flesh out the relationship

@pctriarch gets a thing because care keeps bugging me!

Carolyn was quick to chase after her children, a soft laughter escaping them as they eluded their mother all while Bear chased after playfully nipping at their feet. Annalyn was in the lead, her four year old legs moving much faster than Atticus’ little legs, of which he was still getting used to after months of crawling and failed attempts at walking. He had finally learned in the last few weeks, and walking had turned to learning to chase after his big sister or run from his mother when it was nap time.

All thoughts of Frederick’s death were gone for just a moment as she found herself busy with the children and work, her floral project laying forgotten upon the blanket she’d spread out for a lunch in the park.

❝ Sorry, ❞ she was quick to say as Bear hurried to the stranger she had failed to see, his nose working over time at sniffing the man’s legs, ❝He’s harmless. More puppy dog than guard dog.❞