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i thought i'd send something in for the sleepover thing you reblogged! last year i left a relationship id been in for 3 years, i was living with the person and they moved out after we broke up, it felt like my whole life was falling apart. but i recently met a guy who is everything i could ever imagine!!! hes my absolute dream, i never thought i would get out of the toxic relationship i was in but i'm so happy that i did. he cares about me more than anyone ever has, its such a wonderful feeling

i can relate, breakups are hard but you come out of it a better person especially if you’ve come out from a bad relationship. 😞 im so glad you’ve found someone better, and you’re happy though!! you deserve happiness, i hope you get to make lots of great memories together!! 💓😇

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My cousin’s pitbulls had 8 beautiful pups yesterday! (sorry for my grandma talking on the phone in the background)

Bella, her small blue nose is the mother (no like, she’s so small. She must’ve been a runt or something. We waited so long for her to get big and it never happened haha)

And Rasta, a huge brindle American pit is the father. (Literally the most gentle dog I’ve ever met. He hides behind my cousin and I when he meets new people)


Let go of your bitterness and realize you are not alone we all stare at vacant ceilings wishing we could just let go.

We’re all captains on a sinking ship and the setting sun helps pass the time as we sing along to our demise.


Merchant Ships - Things Left in Last Year


DAY : Sat, 10 Sept 2016.
TIME : 00:33.

Late post! I took these photos today, sorry for uploading them so late. ㅠ ㅠ
I haven’t posted these last days because I already finished my homework, but school starts on Monday for me, so I’ll try to post every day! And I’ll also start my 100 days of productivity challenge. ; u ;
This is what I bought for the start of the school year! I didn’t buy much things since I still had pens left from last year and controlled myself from buying things that aren’t the ones that I really need to save money. I’m pretty satisfied with my pastel supplies! ♡

Unchained – 4x12 – Episode Review

A few episodes are not enough to forget the past. To forget the old habits, a dark path, the consequences of a choice, a character who left or one who was left behind. The past came back in Arrow tonight and it was without a doubt the main character of this episode.

Many characters from the past…

If Nyssa and Katana are two iconic figures from the past, Roy is the one who makes a difference in this episode. Nyssa and Katana are designing the future of Arrow in the coming episodes. Roy is anchored in the present, his impact only ephemeral in the grand scheme of things.

Roy’s departure last year left a lot of us heartbroken. Heartbroken because Roy is one of these characters we got to learn about and love across multiple seasons, that we saw changing, becoming a better self before sacrificing themselves for a greater good.

I miss Roy. I miss his humor, I miss his attitude, his handsome jawline, his sexy scenes with Thea, his totally useless but so entertaining backflip and other stunts. I miss the man, I miss the friend, I miss the boyfriend and I miss the hero in him.

We are lucky enough that Roy wasn’t kill last year. It gives the opportunity to the writers to bring him back every so often and to hand it to us like a treat at Christmas. We know it’ll always be for the special occasions but at the same time, we can never get enough of him.

Roy’s character is never stronger than in his interactions with Thea. Both of them are united by a bond that will never disappear. Both of them have moved on but both of them are still deeply in love with each other.

Neither the distance nor their new lives will ever change this. Their love is bigger than themselves. Their love is selfless. Both of them are ready to sacrifice their happiness together to see their loved one happy, in a normal life, with someone else. The relationship between Thea and Roy is much more mature than what their history could suggest. It has the material to build an epic love story. Will we be lucky enough to see more of Roy and more of this wonderful love story? Considering the potential of Arsenal, we can only hope…

A (new) character from the past – Papa Smoak

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“Goodbye Harley Boo,  Daddy loves you and he will miss you.  You be a good boy.”

The last thing my fiance did before he left after seven years together was to tell my cat Harley goodbye.  He told Harley how much he loved him and would miss him.  He never said goodbye to me.   After all those years, he cared more for the cat than he did me.  I didn’t even warrant a farewell.  I had supported him for our entire relationship, I bought him a car.  It’s been two years since he left, he had another girlfriend.  They were engaged this past Christmas.