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john has to deal with his moody teenage daughter who doesn’t like the reader

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When you married John, you knew that there was going to be issues with the kids. They were so used to having their mum, Esmé, around them constantly and now to have you, was going to be a major shock to them. The youngest ones didn’t mind as much, they didn’t really understand. His eldest, Katie, was the one with the main issue. John tried hard to make Katie understand that you were there for good, she just wouldn’t accept it. Katie would constantly make up lies, in hopes that you and John would divorce. John would tell you that the stunts she pulled didn’t matter to him, but it didn’t help in any way.  

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Every fandom has inside jokes, guys. Every fandom also laughs at the actors for things they do. Guess what? Actors normally laugh along. If Katie’s brother or Katie herself haven’t stated that she isn’t cool with it then why are you trying to police what others say? It’s really not that freaking deep. Just because you find it offensive, it doesn’t mean it is.

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how do you feel about people that are saying talking about Katie's accent/clothes/past work/birthday/ and even supercorp is not supporting her and is disrespectful? I mean, Katie laughs about the birthday thing and has vocally supported supercorp so...

theyre fucking stupid lmao

Reason #29375 why I am actually a twelve year old

*choir professor asks us to sing a specific part of a song to practice tuning*
*the measure he wants us to sing is literally just the word breast*
*tries to hold back laughter as the entire concert hall is filled with the sound of the choir angelically singing the word breast*

There’s a difference, too, between camera kissing and real life kissing, and so when we did it the first time they were like ‘well okay, just kiss’ and we kissed and I guess that just looked a little too Rated-R for the camera angle so we had to tone it down a little bit. So that was interesting. We learned that, that day.
—  Rita Volk on kissing Katie Stevens (x)

Kurt and Blaine head to the Hudson-Hummel home after school to talk and eat and kiss. a (belated) 5x12 reaction fic


“If you don’t tell him, I will.”

“Blaine,” Kurt huffs, parking the car in the driveway. “It’s really no big deal. It’s not like he doesn’t know I can do it.”

“Fine, fine. I can’t believe April gave these to us–”

“Put that down, you’re underage and we’re within a hundred feet of my dad,” Kurt says, grabbing the flask from Blaine’s hand. He hesitates, then sticks it in the glove compartment with his own, hiding them under the papers and other miscellaneous junk. “Don’t let me forget about those.”

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Poe Party Props!

This week’s episode featured my favorite prop from the whole show!

This beautiful thing was made by our Production Designer, Katie Moest (@orangepenguino) and I laughed every time I saw it on set! (Which was a lot because I was in charge of props most of the time.)

As sad as it will be for the show to end (on Halloween), I can’t wait to show you more of my BTS pics! Stay tuned!

Watch Chapter 9: The Sleeper here.