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every westallen scene ever (120/?)

You’ve all heard of “Full Boyle,” but have you considered… Full Thorin?

Dwalin having to hold Thorin back as he plans to make the most wild, over-the-top declarations of love to Bilbo inappropriately soon.

Balin explaining why it’s not practical, not at all, to propose marriage (two weeks into their courtship, mind you) in front of a full court, or to have a gold statue of Bilbo in full armour erected in the middle of the throne room.

I am so tired of being tired. I’m so tired of feeling that empty feeling, you know? Like, you’re having a great day, and you see that one thing, and suddenly all the emotions inside you just disappear. Your stomach feels empty, like all the butterflies just died. And you do everything you can to feel something, to have something to look forward to, to have one thing in your life that you can appreciate. But you just can’t. And it’s fucking exhausting.

“….you just disappear!”

Jesus this is heavy.

He does have a point though. Like, I understand that Rose probably felt incredibly guilty and bad, she didn’t trust herself to change like Pearl and Garnet had done, she didn’t expect herself to follow the path she had allowed other gems to take.

So she decided to disappear, to kill herself.

Remember that she could’ve had a fully human offspring and not die if she wanted to, but she decided to give Steven her gem.

She chose this, and for better or for worse, despite her good intentions and desires, she hurt a lot of people.

This kinda reminds me of that part in AT:LA where a big theme of it is how guilty Aang feels that he basically disappeared for such a long time, and how many people are angry at him for that.

Difference is, he didn’t have a choice in it.

Holy shit this shot.

It’s beautiful and haunting and help this episode just got fucking intense.

Steven just said exactly what I said.

Rose may not have intended to hurt anyone, but she inevitably did. Sure, she couldn’t have known that Homeworld would come back so soon, but the possibility WAS there. Pearl, Amethyst and Garnet, none of them had the experience or maturity to accept what happened and raise Steven without any bumps in the road.

And just…. everything Steven’s suffered, all because of Rose’s choices. She was an incredibly kind person, but she lacked perspective.

That’s another thing. Was Rose so ashamed that she tried to hide from all she did? Was that really one of the main reasons she created Steven?

It’s impossible to know for sure, but….

Beta Unrequited Love Headcanons

-A small Beta meeting an Omega in preschool and deciding right away that they really love that Omega. So they approach them and after the Omega demands that they play house, they become best friends

-At age ten the Beta is still the very best of friends with the admittedly bossy Omega and one day as they are playing together the Beta just randomly announces, “I wanna marry you” and the Omega is just like, “…okay? Maybe when we’re older…you can hold my hand though.” so they do and the Beta is so happy

-Middle school comes around and suddenly the Omega doesn’t want to hold hands or even really hang out with the Beta anymore. When the Beta asks about it the Omega awkwardly admits that their Omega friends teased them about being so close to a Beta when they were nearing the age to start looking for an Alpha, so they didn’t really want to have it come across like they were good friends anymore. The Beta is confused because they were pretty sure the Omega liked them…but they start to drift and the Beta does nothing to stop it because they are now very aware that they aren’t wanted

-Second year of high school starts and unlike in middle school nobody really cares who you’re friends with. The Beta ends up assigned to a project with their old Omega friend who acts like the cruel words of middle schoolers never happened. And because the Beta’s feelings never really went away, they act like they were never hurt by it…and so the Beta does the majority of the assignment and their friendship is pretty much back to normal and the Beta regains a little hope

-The Omega going through heat for the first time and during their absence from school the Beta overhears a bunch of Alphas talking about knotting and they are forced to realize that even if they were with the Omega they wouldn’t be able to satisfy them like an Alpha could

-The Omega coming back to school and complaining to the Beta that heats are horrible and they really want to find an Alpha before their next one…and the Beta just listens and nods along and acts like they aren’t slowly dying on the inside with every word

-The Omega starting a relationship with an Alpha and then constantly blowing off any plans made with the Beta. On the rare occasion that they do hang out the Beta not only has to hear the person they love gushing about someone else, they also have to deal with the Omega absolutely reeking of some strange Alpha…and they hate it

-In an attempt to get over the Omega, the Beta starts dating another Beta. They are actually pretty happy together but once the Omega hears about it they go out of their way to make snide remarks about the Beta’s new partner, mainly because they knew the Beta loved them and they are insulted that there was someone that the Beta could like more than them. But the Beta doesn’t take kindly to the attitude of the Omega and soon enough they drift apart again

-Eventually the Omega breaks up with the Alpha and they ask the Beta to meet them somewhere, which the Beta agrees to because even after everything they can’t deny the Omega of anything. They walk around and the Omega rambles pointlessly and laughs when they remind the Beta of their plans to marry when they were children and then they get an odd look on their face before, “If only you were an Alpha there might actually have been a chance of that happening.” and the Beta just walks away, finally, because they know they will never be what the Omega wants

-The next time the Omega wants attention, the Beta ignores them because they are finally aware that the Omega had been using and abusing their feelings for a very long time and later on in life they actually do end up with an Omega. A nice one that genuinely loves and appreciates them

No More Batman

 Prompt: Daughter of Bruce in full adolescence rebellion, get into trouble with the cops etc

Words: 650

You don’t expect him to be waiting for you, despite the fact that he lives there too. After seventeen years though, the man has a routine; go to work, come home late, and go patrol the streets of Gotham. It’s not ridiculous to expect him to keep to it. That’s why you jump, when you see him sitting in the chair on the other side of the room.

          A raised eyebrow tells you that he’s not impressed with your skill in observation. You consider throwing one of the shoes in your hand at him. You decide against it; he’d just catch the damn thing.

          You disappear into the closet and change into yoga pants and a tee-shirt. You don’t bother wasting time; you’re going to get the lecture one way or another. Plopping down on the bed, you make yourself comfortable and simply say, “Okay, go ahead.”

          “That’s all you have to say?”

          You turn your head to look at him “What else do you want, dad?” The word is laced with venom. The man sitting in the chair is a sperm donor and nothing more in your eyes. More concerned with Gotham than you, you had spent the better part of your youth trying to be perfect in everything. Trying to get his attention. Instead you’d been left with a lot of time by yourself, or on occasion Alfred.

          Then Dick had come. One year older than you the boy had breathed new life into the manor, but very quickly fascination became resentment. As Dick, and now Jason had consumed your father’s attention, you’d grown tired of the perfect act, and moved into a life of your own. You’d been determined to live yours even if your father wouldn’t live his.

          “We haven’t seen each other in nearly two weeks.”

          “How is that new? Even when you’re in country I only see you every few days.”

          He doesn’t respond instead he asks, “Have you seen your mother?”

          You shrug, “About two months ago. She’ll probably make another stop by in another month or two.” There’s several moments of silence, you wait for him to start chewing you out for staying out past curfew, for drinking, for something. When nothing happens you ask, “Is there something you want?”

          “Jason is dead.”

          The sentence makes you shoot up right. “What?” you whisper.

          “The Joker got to him. He’s dead.”

          Taking in a deep breath, “I don’t understand.”

          “Jason. Is. Dead.”

          You move toward him, and kneel beside the chair, “He was only …”

          When his face goes to his hands, you reach out and stroke his back. When he starts crying you know some part of him has broken. “Why do you do it?” He stills under your touch, “Why do you keep killing yourself little by little? Am I not enough?”

          He turns towards you, “What are you talking about?”

          “You don’t know me. I bet you couldn’t tell me who my best friend is, what my favorite color is, or even my favorite subject in school.”

          He studies your face for a few minute, “Your best friend is Caitlyn Ramone, your favorite subject is social studies, and your favorite color is light blue. You’re on the varsity softball team at school, despite your recent behavior you’ve maintained your grades. You went to a party tonight that had no supervision, and from the way your pupils are dilating I’d say you’ve been drinking. I also know that you were arrested at a party last month and that Dick bailed you out.”


          “You’re my daughter. I’ve kept away, so that you didn’t get swept into this. So that you could live, and have a normal life.”

      You take a deep breath, “Part of having a normal life is having a dad. I don’t have that, but I want that. I want my dad, and I want Batman gone.”

You’re Here Willingly? - Shadowhunters (Raphael Santiago)

Pairing: Raphael x Reader

Requested by: Anonymous

Request:  Do you write imagines for Raphael from Shadowhunters? If so can you do one where the reader is a shadowhunter dating Raphael and Jace catches them kissing or something and gets really jealous?

Warnings: None

A/N: I hope you like it even tho it’s short, darling^^ ENJOY! 

Originally posted by shadowhuntersdaily

*gif not mine* 

The night was warm for once, which you appreciated since Raphael never thought of the temperature when you were out together, such things seems to just disappear from your conscience as you become one of the undead who feel no warmth nor cold. 

 You were standing in a alley, Raphael had you caged against the wall, as you two stood chatting calmly about nothing and everything. It wasn’t uncommon for you two to be seen like this, Raphael having you caged between his arms for the protection from everything out there, standing in an alley more for his own comfort than anything else. 

 From time to time he would tilt his head down, his lips meeting yours in a sweet and gentle kiss. You would giggle at the action, and he would smile, having that loving look in his eyes. 

 Although now as your lips met, you heard a thump just meters from you. 

Unfortunately Raphael’s arm was in the way, so you were only able to see what looked like a guy’s black leather jeans. 

 «Shadowhunter. Could I help you with something?» Raphael had turned his head to look at the guy, who calmly walked some steps closer. 

 «What are you doing with that girl?» A dark, yet silky like voice said, sounding suspicious. 

 «Well, I was kissing my girlfriend.» Raphael emphasized, taking a step closer to you, lowering his hand to rest it on your hip. 

 You saw the whole guy this time, wearing all black, a weapon hanging from his hip, blond long wish hair and blue eyes. He did fall within the category handsome, maybe more for some when taking the tattoos into consideration. But even so, to you Raphael seemed more appealing. 

 «Really…» The guy trailed off. 

«You’re his girlfriend?» The shadowhunter directed himself towards you this time as he took a step closer, Raphael’s grip becoming stiffer, his posture changing slightly to shield your body from the shadowhunter. 

 «I am.» You answered, voice steady. The guy’s gaze lingered a little longer on you, his eyes sweeping over your skin. 

 «And you’re here willingly?» The guy’s eyes softened drastically as he said so, and you gave him a firm nod in reply. 

It seemed to give the shadowhunter the measurement he wanted as he turned back to your boyfriend. 

 «I’m watching you, Raphael. So don’t try to hurt this beautiful girlfriend of yours in any way. Got it?» The guy pointed a finger at Raphael. 

 «Don’t worry, Jace. The only one I will be hurting is you if you come near her.» Raphael answered back, pulling you closer to him. 

 With one last glance over at you, Jace, as Raphael had called him darted off into the shadows again, disappearing into the night. 

 «Why was he so curious about me?» You asked Raphael as soon as Jace was no where in sight. 

 «It’s his job, Y/n. Shadowhunters protect the mundanes from us downworlders. Even though they are extremely annoying, they’re doing what is right for people like you, and I’m thankful they’re here guarding the streets.» Raphael admitted as he took a step back from you, before offering you his hand to take. 

It was time to head back. 

 «He was doing a extremely thoroughly job.» You marked as you started to walk down the street. 

 «A little too thorough.» Whispered Raphael back as he tugged you a little closer to him, his eyes watching the rooftops.

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Have u ever been heartbroken? If u can say anything about being heartbroken what would it be? I need some help right now ):

unfortunate and as cliche as this sounds, heartbreaks are just a part of a series of lessons we learn throughout our lives. 

with this in mind, take comfort in the fact that flames don’t burn forever and smoke doesn’t turn to clouds. let yourself grieve and hurt for lost love, be kind to yourself in this process. feel intensely and throughly during this time. rage if u need to. muddle old letters and photos in ur tears. burn shit. realize these feelings are mobile, like waves, like passing cars, like the days on a calendar. 

and it’s true what they say, it does get easier with time. and you will love again. and it won’t be the same but it’ll still be important. it will still be good. the amazing thing about love is that it doesn’t disappear, it just shape shifts with you. it changes and flows and moves like you. it’s you. the love is still there!! it’s you. 

Gunsmithing can be incredibly frustrating

Sometimes you just can’t get things to feed right, sometimes that pin you needed just disappears into thin air, sometimes you just can’t figure out why it only goes bang like half the time, but in the end it ain’t so bad because at least I got to play with guns all day.

  • me: i love trying new things!
  • other person: ooh, here, try this new thing!
  • me: oh.... no thanks.... *goes back to my favorite thing*

if you don’t see me around, don’t panic. i know this week is going to be crazy spoiler wise, so i’ll be limiting my tumblr time because of that. you can still catch me on mesenger (it’s on my phone!) and i’ll be answering asks/writing fic, so i won’t be completely gone. i’ll see you folks post wedding!


You see, there comes a time when you meet someone and all the things you wanted in a lover just start to disappear. You wanted deep blue eyes like a clear ocean and then all of suddenly his brown creamy eyes become your favorite. You wanted someone who plays sports but the way he plays piano just softness your heart. You wanted someone who can use beautiful words to make you feel better but he doesn’t speak when you’re down crying he just sits there and holds you with no intention of letting go. You wanted a lover who tells you you’re the real art when you are at museums but then you meet someone who doesn’t look at the stars in the night but he just stares at you eyes. And you meet someone who pours milk in the coffee enough to resemble your eyes. And you meet someone who makes you laugh. And suddenly he is like you wanted him to be. He makes you happy. That is all, happiness. Find a lover who tries everything to make you happy.
—  k.m
Long Live the HOODINI jokes!!!
  • Vanoss: what do you call a dead owl? Hoo( dies )
  • H20 Delirious: Tada
  • Vanoss: look what I see in here.
  • Moo: it's poodini
  • Vanoss: do you have any spare change Nogla?
  • Nogla: HOODINI!!
  • Vanoss: do you have any spare change?
  • Nogla: HOODINI!!
  • Vanoss: shut up!! Do you have any spare change
  • Nogla: HOODINI!!!
  • Vanoss: answer the goddamn question!!
  • Vanoss: knock knock
  • Nogla: who's there
  • Vanoss: mr.
  • Nogla: mr. Who
  • Vanoss: DINI!!!
  • Nogla: Hahahaha you got me good!!!
  • Moo: I need to stick a couple of things together do any of you have any gluedini??
  • Vanoss: you just disappeared where did you go??
  • H20 Delirious: HOODINI!!
  • https: //

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The Truth by Handsome Boy Modeling School

If happy times are too few and far between
It’s a pity dear, we can’t erase the things we’ve seen
So disappear, vanish if you wish
Just go before you’re swallowed up by bitterness

I wasn’t familiar with this at all…but that’s what Google’s for ❤

Dial’s Disapearing Glove

Okay so I was going through the pages of chapter 4 of tpoh for Dial references when I noticed his gloves…or glove.

Up until page 63, we can only see Dial’s right hand clearly, which has a red, fingerless glove.

But in the third panel of this page, we catch a glimpse of Dial’s left hand, which has NO glove.

So I figured, ‘Okay he just has a glove on his right hand, alright,” and everything is cool, right?

However, I turn the next page to see THIS;

Dial is waving with his left hand. With a glove

Oh and did I mention the left glove disappears again on page 140?


After a tiny bit of research I found out the word “left” and left handed people are often connected to “evil”. Does this mean Dial’s left glove signifies evil? Is it magical? As in dark magic and turns invisible at certain times for reasons?


YESSS, I finally finished it! Now take it and put it in your purse.