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LOST + text posts part 76

Jin as your best friend

this was like the first request we’ve gotten before so I was super excited thank u to @seoksins lmao. But yay here we go best friend Jin sounds like the nicest thing ever honestly. I just noticed how I used grammar in the tae one and then it went completely out the window with Kookie. SORRY, I’m used to abandoning grammar and stuff omg. 

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  • Getting him to drive you places all the time just because you had that advantage and you were definitely gonna use it often
  • even when its like 2 am, “jin lets goto the park” “you should be asle-” “see you in five!”
  • telling him everything that bothers you because you trust him with your problems
  • having stupid ideas and letting him talk you out of it because jin is the smart one here
  • getting lots of caring texts and reminders
  • such as “have you eaten today?” “you look great! don’t worry,” “remember to dress up warm”
  • going to parties with him so neither of you are awkward 
  • him not letting you drink at said party
  • being that one person to laugh over enthusiastically at his jokes because he tried
  • being the only person around to witness it when he makes a really funny joke and praising him for it 
  • he makes you feel better about yourself constantly and in return you do your best to make him feel just as important!!
  • telling him when someone bothers you and he declares war
  • but you know he wouldn’t hurt a fly so you just thank him
  • calling him as soon as you feel down without a second thought
  • but he has to keep telling you to put stuff back even though you’ve already put like 3 things into the shopping cart without him noticing 
  • appreciating his dancing because hes so adorable when he does tbh
  • he always takes cute pics with/of you!!
  • telling him to take another one because you didnt like it
  • “its ok no one will even know you’re there”
  • quickly apologizing for that 
  • sometimes you forget he blinks his left eye when hes hungry
  • and you’re like??? why are you winking at me
  • disney movies all day long!!
  • arguing about the order because he wants to watch cinderella but you wanna watch a different one 
  • watching cooking shows together so you can make new recipes!!
  • trying to get him to watch horror movies w/ you 
  • turning it off halfway through because poor jin was terrified

woo this was fun!! thanks to one of my buds for giving me so many ideas for this like i’d be lost if it wasn’t for that, but to the person who requested this, here you gooo!

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