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Superpowered Regular- any advice for dealing with superpowers and a cold? My bravery inducing thing has gone berserk. I'm holed up in my lab because last time I sneezed a couple guys down the hall were about ready to jump off the roof just to prove they could. Also apparently it does the reverse too, because I blew my nose and three people screamed in terror. I am very worried. Would not mind a Bat bailout at this point, people are going to figure out I'm a meta if this doesn't stop soon.

Go to the roof. I called Bat-Dad.


I love being productive. I like have tons of things to do it makes me feel so alive. I realize i might not be in the best position socially right now but at least my mind is thriving. Its wild because i can definitely feel my intellect increasing/feel smarter than last year, so i’m doing hypeee

Only thing i hate is unnecessarily negative people (@ my lab mentor), like i get it, you’ve been doing this shit forever but i’m still learning, be constructive not shitty

had a decent workout today, thought i was gonna throw up in the middle so it was great! I’m starting to lean out again, i just gotta keep grindin

Also there was something else i wanted to add but i dont remember??? Maybe that i finally got my tooth implant after 2 years!!!

Ok i remembered but like i’m at this word point in my life where i’m too busy for a relationship but would actually just want a hook up??? I’ve always been such a relationship person, so this realization shocked the hell out of me today. I was like huh wow, a nice fuck buddy would be nice

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I saw that you said you had a route to find gilded gingers in the glass desert, is there any way you can post a video or a couple of gifs showing it? I am terrible at finding gingers

Well, I just polished up my ginger route yesterday while streaming and I’m planning on running the route again tonight, but here’s the route I used! All of the information I used for the route is from the wiki here.

I decided to check just 19 spots every day out of a known 53 spots from the wiki. Giving me roughly a ¼ chance of finding a ginger every day. Here’s the map of my route, blue arrows indicate using a jetpack:

To help me remember each location I placed a gold echo over each spot, doing this really helped me remember exactly where each spot was.

I put a teleporter right in front of the first location and used the tangle teleporter to take me home.  Here’s photos of each location:

It takes about 3 minutes to run through the route each day. I hope this helps!


Honestly, Elizabeth.  It astounds me that you could be hornswoggled by something as simple to fabricate as a DNA profile.

Aaand here’s what I’ve been working on! Sorry it’s a day late, I’m a bit slow at drawing. It’s not really that good. That background is waaaay too plain. Well, it was fun either way. Hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I enjoyed making it! c:

some other undergrad: so why’d you pick an inorganic chem lab instead of oragnic?

me: well there’s a lot of cool work being done in materials science and also catalysts used for clean energy production in the inorganic labs here at uchi

me, internally: transition metal compounds are very colorful and i’m all about the #aesthetic


Fandom: Marvel

Summary: For the contest, based on: “Imagine returning to Peter’s apartment after a date, only to find your dad, Tony, waiting for you.” by @thefandomimagine

Word count: 1,637


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“Trust me, my aunt’s cake is almost as bad as that was,” Peter exclaimed mockingly, while the two of you exited the Chinese restaurant of Peter’s choice.

Both of you enjoyed fast food, whether it was Chinese, Mexican, or something else, so it wasn’t anything strange for you to just choose a random restaurant for your date. You decided to check on every one of them in the quarter Peter lived in, and it resulted in a variety of unusual experiences. You were certain you would never again step foot in the one you just left. The strange taste their food left on your tongue was enough of a warning. Who knows what they would bring you next time?

“But that was just a simple chicken! I wonder what they would do if we ordered something more complicated,” you shivered in terror at the mere thought of that disaster-to-be.

“I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t survive that. Or at least you,” he laughed at your expression.

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Serendipity (Music Box Ver.)
Serendipity (Music Box Ver.)

hey kids,, i found this thing while messing around on the different pitched percussions on musescore called the crotales and it sOUNDS rather like a music box so therefore we are going to pretend that this is a music box

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I really want to adopt an ex-laboratory mouse or rat, are there rescue groups who take in these animals or should I try contacting places that use them directly? I'm worried if I ask if they experiment with these animals they'll think I'm part of an animal rights group trying to do harm to them.

Unfortunately, I’m fairly certain that’s not possible. I know that sometimes dogs used for research will be rehomed after they are no longer needed (depending on the research done). But I’ve never heard of lab rodents being rehomed - if they live longer than the research protocol lasts, as far as I know, they’re either used for another protocol or euthanized. With the numbers that are used for research, I don’t think anyone has the time or resources to put into rehoming them, especially with their relatively short lives. 

But there are still plenty of other mice & rats that are in need of homes that you could rescue! You could contact @thepipsqueakery - they mainly take in hamsters, but also have some rats (though Idk how many are up for adoption). If they’re not close enough to you, they may know of other rodent rescue groups that are closer, I know they’ve worked with several during their last huge hamster rescue.