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Study Habits to Develop.

I am nearing the end of my grade 11 year and just wanted to share the study habits that I developed (and I wished I picked up from the start) when taking up VCE for the first time. 

1. Learning Style - There are a bunch of learning styles such as (visual learning, auditory learning and physical learning). I for one learn through visuals and jotting down notes over and over annnd over again just to get it through my head. 

2. Always have a planner - If you’re a Starbucks fan (like me) - I usually just use my Starbucks planner that I get at the end of the year through collecting stickers and what-not. Having a planner is really useful to write down reminders for school and writing down goals. I also get if you don’t like planners… so I recommend using your phone or any device that can store details of reminders. 

3. Have a specific time to do homework - If you get distracted by alot of things (like me) you should set a time in the day to get work done. In my case, this study habit wasn’t really developed I just had it pounded into my head when I was younger. Just have an alarm on what time you need to do your homework. 

4. Find a “study zone” - Find a place where you find comfort in studying and where you can be really productive. Usually I just hang around in my room as it is very quiet and nobody really disturbs me. 

5. REST - It is 100% important to get things done, but if you’re really drained from all the school activities - you need to take a power nap and regain that energy that you’ve lost. When you wake up, drink water and you’ll be good to go. 

* Note: You may get distracted (trust me, it’s normal) - try to think about the time you’re wasting not getting work done and how much time you couldve saved to do whatever you wanna do after getting things done. 

Good Fortune


Summary: Baz hasn’t come back for their eighth year at Watford. Simon is too busy adoring the mysterious little feline that has taken possession of Baz’s bed to care.

Word count: ~1.5k

Rating: T

Tags: Watford, canon divergence, fluff with a tiny bit of angst, cat

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“These nights at Watford, before Baz gets here, are the only nights in my life when I actually sleep.”

I’m running.

This is it. I’m going to die.

I’m in the Wavering Wood, Baz is running beside me.

The chimera is just a few steps behind us.

Baz keeps casting spell after spell against the beast. But he’s not powerful enough. Nobody is.

And I’m useless.

Baz is getting behind.

I turn back just in time to see the chimera leaping on Baz and slashing him dead.

I hear someone screaming. But there’s nobody around. And Baz is dead.


I look at his inert body and it’s then when I realize that I’m the one screaming.

The chimera is coming for me.

But I’m on my knees. Frozen.


I have the beast right in front of me. It steps forward.

It’s going to eat me.

I’m going to die and I can only think of Baz.

The beast opens its mouth.

That’s it.

I close my eyes and wait to be devoured.

But then I feel something wet and rough on my face. Something like a tongue.

I open my eyes.

Two little grey eyes staring at me.

I’m on my bed, at Watford. It was just a dream. A nightmare.

And I have a cat on my bed.

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Just a medium length arkos fluff piece. Fair warning, a decent amount of angst in the beginnings, and mentions of unhealthy relationships. So fair warning. 


To say Pyrrha was a little sad would be the understatement of the century. It had finally happened, she had heard the words she had sincerely hoped to never hear come from Jaune towards her. The four words she had been worried about.

“I got a girlfriend!” The blonde had gleefully cheered out. He was beaming from ear to ear, like he had just won the lottery. Pyrrha felt something inside her crack, but took a deep breath. Forcing a smile to her face, she grinned and threw her arms around him in a hug, congratulating him. It was much easier to sound happy when he couldn’t see her face.

Nora offered her a sympathetic look, but also congratulated Jaune.

Now Pyrrha was rather fair minded. Honestly, she was happy for Jaune. She knew how much her partner craved a romantic partner. Ever since the dance, he had given up on pursuing Weiss. He had finally realized she was not interested in him romantically, and that it wasn’t actually just him screwing it up. He had seen past her harsh rejections to understand the rather obvious message that she wasn’t interested in him, and no approach or scheme would change the result. Apparently whatever talk he had had with Neptune had also improved Weiss’s opinion of him, especially once he no longer nagged her about a date.

Pyrrha had known that it was her chance. After he had shown up in a dress for her, she knew she couldn’t wait much longer. She hadn’t expected him to land a girlfriend so shortly after the dance though. As long as he was happy though, she would manage. She just hoped that her crush would fade eventually. She knew seeing her partner with another woman would certainly be painful.

As Jaune began to explain how the girl, Bistre, from team BICH, team Birch like the tree, had approached him and asked him to go on a date tomorrow.

One other fear had crept into her heart. Would Jaune start spending time away from his team to be with her? Would she slowly be shut out of his life and replaced with this new girl? Pyrrha wished for anything but that.

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Love Letters - Moonbin

Imagine | Requested 

This is a cute little imagine where Moonbin tries to confess to you by sending love letters to you in class.

For some reason I feel I needed some more to it, but this has been months in my drafts and I just needed to show it the light. 

As always I hope you enjoy this and if you see anything I should correct, please let me know. I will correct it as soon as I am able to.

Originally posted by smolbean-v

You were completely concentrated on your work. Turning from your book to your notebook and highlighting when necessary. You tried not to get distracted by the few people talking around you. 

“Y/N,” You waved off the person taping your shoulder as you continued your work “Y/N, its a note for you” He said trying to hand it to you “Keep it, Rocky. Now leave me alone, I’m working” With that he left you alone.

The thing is, that wasn’t the only time this happened to you. Yes, it was the first time, but it proven not to be the only one you ever received. The timing annoyed you, and, when you’re annoyed you didn’t allow curiosity to get to you. Curiosity usually got you at home, you always tried to think what it could be so important. For it to be so consistent. 

“Hey Y/N” You closed your locker when you heard your best friend and locker neighbor “Moonbin, hey, how’s that confession going?” You adjusted your bag strap as the both of you began to walk to your class. 

You could’t even imagine how anyone could ever reject him, he was just so…. well, Moonbin “Not well, I can’t seem to get her to get it” He said looking at his hands a little disappointed. You gave him a gentle smile and a pat on the back. 

He was always the kind to try something new, something a lot different. You had suggested he just, tell her, but he refused very quickly “I’m too shy for that” he had stated causing you to roll your eyes. He had quickly decided that another approach was necessary, denying to tell you what it was.

“I bet she will notice, see you after class” You walked to you sit and he fallowed to his, on the other side of the classroom. 

“I’m forcing that note down your shirt if I have to today” Rocky told you as he walked passed you to sit on his chair. 

You laughed “If you weren’t so annoying I might have taken it by now. Rocky” Thirty minutes later and Rocky was poking you in the back “You got mail, Y/N” You groaned as you dropped your wood pencil on the desk, you were in a creative roll with this essay “Couldn’t you WAIt Rocky!” You whispered angrily at him “I didn’t send this! Now take it!” You ground and took it “I’m going to need you to sign here” “You’re not a damn mailman Rocky!” You responded “I feel like one, its been months!” 

You ignored his response and placed the paper on your desk, as you continued writing your essay. Trying to get concentrated on the topic once again. 10 minutes later and Rocky was poking you again “What now? I took the note!”

“I just wanted to know what it was” he said placing his head on your shoulder “Nice topic on the essay by the way” You roll your eyes “Fine, just leave me alone” and opened the note, just begging to be left alone for your work. You seriously hated homework. 

I like it when things end up where they should. I’m kinda happy this confession finally reached you. I guess the question is, do you feel the same way?


“You better tell him yes” Rocky said after reading the note. HE had definitely never heard of privacy. You smile at the note for a moment “If you had taken my advice it would have been a lot faster to get a Yes” You said loudly as you turned in Moonbin’s direction “It wouldn’t have been memorable” You laugh at his response. the entire class clapping “Does this mean no more notes?” One of the girls said happily “I think so,” Rocky said blandly turning to his work “Finally”