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“Crushing it backstage with a game of trash basketball!”


At MinnCon I gave everyone in Louden Swain some custom jewelry. Two things were given to Rob because I covered up his name on the back of the pick with the design I went with (so I gave him the leather bracelet and an extra engraved pick). The “Mother of God” w/ back “R.P.B. 1970” was made into a keychain and given as a gift to Rob’s mom. They don’t know this but I also stamped my name into the leather inside. I bet they’ll never notice. :)

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“Prince lived on the North Side, but he’s also from the Central neighborhood in South Minneapolis. He went to Central High School, he went to Bryant Junior High. He went to Park Avenue Methodist Church. And I grew up in that neighborhood. So I’ve always felt like he came from us, and that he was a champion of us. He embodied all of our greatness. And even as a rock star, he was loyal to us.

I remember as a kid being conscious of where Minneapolis fell in the list of cities in the United States by population, or by sports team’s success. And there was this cable tv show called Night Flight. I remember they did this whole thing on the ‘Minneapolis Sound.’ And so much of it was driven by him. He took it to that international level. The fact that there were people around the world who were thinking about Minneapolis as a music center was inspiring and gratifying.

He pushed boundaries around sex and race. I remember when I was a little kid and I first saw his Dirty Mind poster where he’s got his bikini briefs on. I was kind of scared, but also intrigued. I was like ‘What the fuck is this?’

I don’t know if there’s another fan base like it that crosses those lines like it did, and was so important to so many people. Gay cats love Prince, black folks love Prince, and so many white people love Prince. It’s like Minneapolis at it’s best.”



The sexiest thing you will see today!!! Minneapolis ❤️

Those 18 and under living in Minneapolis, MN

You are important and valued, so I want to make sure you all know you get to eat a free meal every day school is not in session. Very few of my students knew about this until I brought it up.

For more information (including where to go near where you stay)

Text: “summer food” to 612.516.3663

Call: 612.516.3663


Stay safe and get something to eat, from your friendly neighborhood teacher

5.5 Recovery Miles

With no kids at home Beth and I slept in this morning before heading out for a recovery run. One of the great things about the Minneapolis area is the diversity of running/biking trails. We run on the Luce Line near our house quite often but today we drove to a Luce Line trail head in Watertown, 15 miles away. We’d never run there before and it was great; nothing but crop and horse farms and the trail all to ourselves.


Little Things, Minneapolis-  July 26