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The Garden of Orange Delights by @wentingthings

Color: Orange / #FF7538

Have you ever wondered why some orange things – orange hair, orange-breasted English robins, the orange planet Mars – are instead called red? The color orange has had an interesting path into the English language, and many things that are orange predate the word itself. Orange the color is named after the ripe fruit of the same name, from the Old French pomme d’ orange; its first recorded use as a color in the English language is in 1512 – the High Renaissance. (To trace the word further back: orange comes from the Arabic word, nāranj, which itself is from the Persian, nārang). Believed to be native to Asia, cultivation of the orange fruit spread first to India, and then to the eastern Mediterranean from eastern Africa. When oranges arrived in the more northerly climates of Europe, affluent households preserved the trees in dedicated glass orangeries, as seen here in this garden of orange things.

the best things about the minneapolis live show (feel free to add to this)

  • misunderstanding of prostate exams
  • griffin falling out of his chair and taking THREE ibproufen on stage
  • griffin then sitting in his chair backwards
  • e a t. t h e. c h a n d e l i e r.
  • derek’s strength
  • We Are All Farmers
  • griffin’s laugh
  • haunted doll watch
  • the girl who cosplayed as griffin from episode 2 of the show
  • all the good cosplayers (you guys looked so good i was so happy!!)
  • a sticker someone gave me of mario voring a dabbing griffin
Late Night Snacks at Red Rabbit
What are you doing between the hours of 10 pm and 12 am this weekend? (Please don’t say sleep.) You should try the late night menu at Red Rabbit because they just added Korean fried chicken (a.k.a. KFC). It’s fried twice and stays super crunchy, even with the sauce and accouterments. It’s so juicy and savory.

I used to live pretty close to Koreatown, so it makes me reminisce about late nights in NYC. Because of this and having spent many evenings comparing different KFC’s, I kind of like to think of myself as a KFC connoisseur and I think this is pretty damn good. Now, the only other thing we need in Minneapolis is 24-hour Korean restaurants…Korean BBQ all night long!

The Korean fried chicken – you can choose between traditional or spicy – is only available on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Now you know what you should be eating this weekend.

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“Prince lived on the North Side, but he’s also from the Central neighborhood in South Minneapolis. He went to Central High School, he went to Bryant Junior High. He went to Park Avenue Methodist Church. And I grew up in that neighborhood. So I’ve always felt like he came from us, and that he was a champion of us. He embodied all of our greatness. And even as a rock star, he was loyal to us.

I remember as a kid being conscious of where Minneapolis fell in the list of cities in the United States by population, or by sports team’s success. And there was this cable tv show called Night Flight. I remember they did this whole thing on the ‘Minneapolis Sound.’ And so much of it was driven by him. He took it to that international level. The fact that there were people around the world who were thinking about Minneapolis as a music center was inspiring and gratifying.

He pushed boundaries around sex and race. I remember when I was a little kid and I first saw his Dirty Mind poster where he’s got his bikini briefs on. I was kind of scared, but also intrigued. I was like ‘What the fuck is this?’

I don’t know if there’s another fan base like it that crosses those lines like it did, and was so important to so many people. Gay cats love Prince, black folks love Prince, and so many white people love Prince. It’s like Minneapolis at it’s best.”