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“Crushing it backstage with a game of trash basketball!”

The Garden of Orange Delights by @wentingthings

Color: Orange / #FF7538

Have you ever wondered why some orange things – orange hair, orange-breasted English robins, the orange planet Mars – are instead called red? The color orange has had an interesting path into the English language, and many things that are orange predate the word itself. Orange the color is named after the ripe fruit of the same name, from the Old French pomme d’ orange; its first recorded use as a color in the English language is in 1512 – the High Renaissance. (To trace the word further back: orange comes from the Arabic word, nāranj, which itself is from the Persian, nārang). Believed to be native to Asia, cultivation of the orange fruit spread first to India, and then to the eastern Mediterranean from eastern Africa. When oranges arrived in the more northerly climates of Europe, affluent households preserved the trees in dedicated glass orangeries, as seen here in this garden of orange things.

“Prince lived on the North Side, but he’s also from the Central neighborhood in South Minneapolis. He went to Central High School, he went to Bryant Junior High. He went to Park Avenue Methodist Church. And I grew up in that neighborhood. So I’ve always felt like he came from us, and that he was a champion of us. He embodied all of our greatness. And even as a rock star, he was loyal to us.

I remember as a kid being conscious of where Minneapolis fell in the list of cities in the United States by population, or by sports team’s success. And there was this cable tv show called Night Flight. I remember they did this whole thing on the ‘Minneapolis Sound.’ And so much of it was driven by him. He took it to that international level. The fact that there were people around the world who were thinking about Minneapolis as a music center was inspiring and gratifying.

He pushed boundaries around sex and race. I remember when I was a little kid and I first saw his Dirty Mind poster where he’s got his bikini briefs on. I was kind of scared, but also intrigued. I was like ‘What the fuck is this?’

I don’t know if there’s another fan base like it that crosses those lines like it did, and was so important to so many people. Gay cats love Prince, black folks love Prince, and so many white people love Prince. It’s like Minneapolis at it’s best.”



At MinnCon I gave everyone in Louden Swain some custom jewelry. Two things were given to Rob because I covered up his name on the back of the pick with the design I went with (so I gave him the leather bracelet and an extra engraved pick). The “Mother of God” w/ back “R.P.B. 1970” was made into a keychain and given as a gift to Rob’s mom. They don’t know this but I also stamped my name into the leather inside. I bet they’ll never notice. :)

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The sexiest thing you will see today!!! Minneapolis ❤️

greenpeaceofass  asked:

hello Stiefvater. I, like many of your literature car nerd followers, am very curious as to what happened to the evo? It's usually only Volkswagens that spontaneously ignite, so this raises some questions. hope it gets fixed soon!

Dear greenpeaceofass,

This is a very long story. This is a long story about fire. It begins months ago when I decided to sell the Datsun that I hated and use the proceeds to put a new engine and turbo in my Evo, and was then challenged to a race with John Green via Twitter. Everything was going well. A man who called himself the Manski put in the engine and turbo, and then a man who called himself Greg was supposed to tune it. The tuning did not go well, and it took a very long time, and instead of getting the car a month before the race, I got it two days before I had to leave Virginia for Minneapolis (via my event in Nashville).

Things went pear-shaped nearly immediately. 

Cue multiple calls and texts exchanged with my shop back home, stops at auto parts places along the way, and hasty decisions about whether or not the car would be race-able in three days. Go on, they told me. Go on.

But by the time I got to Minneapolis, things seemed to be devolving under the hood. It was one day before the race. 

A reader picked me up from the shop and took me to NerdCon in time for my signing — we are now friends for life — while I waited for word about whether or not my car would survive for the race. The word on the street came back: yes, but you have no first gear or anything under 2,000 RPM. Don’t sit in traffic but you should be fine (for those car people following along at home, it was not the clutch, it was a problem with the VVT)(i.e. this is foreshadowing).

By the time I got to the race, the car was sounding pretty ill under 2,000 rpm but sounding pretty sick! over it, and so we proceeded.

I had not met @fishingboatproceeds in real life, and he wasn’t at all what I expected. I guess I thought he would be less of the human-shaped fear container that he said that he was on the internet. But no. He appeared to be a 6 foot manboy with a giant, curious mind strapped to a fallible and anxious brain. There was no bravery involved with me — I am devoid of fear — getting into a car for a race. There was a lot of bravery involved in John getting into a race car. He was clearly both simultaneously terrified and going to do it anyway.

Right before the race, he said, tenderly, “I hate you.”

We raced. There were to be two heats. In the first, John Green set his car on fire. 

I thought that this was the end of it, that he would never get back into the car (particularly as quite a few people, including his wife, were shouting DON’T DO IT JOHN), but he did. We raced. He won! Trophy! Excitement! Yay woo!

I was emboldened by my car failing to blow up to this point, so I decided I was really going to actually do this thing. No more playing around. I turned off my traction control so that my car’s ass would turn out nicely, and for the second heat, things proceeded slightly faster:

At one point, I slowed down to see if John was still anywhere on the track, as it had been so long since I saw his car anywhere behind me that I thought I’d missed a flag or that he had set his car on fire again. I had not missed a flag. He did, however, set his car on fire again. I proceeded into victory lane as they once again extinguished his car. 

KT, the track promoter, then danced out to my car and asked me if I would race again, this time against their compact class. “Why?” I asked. “Because you’re fast!” she replied. 

I did.

After I won, they invited me to come back to their track any old time … with a slower car. 

So everything was grand. John was still alive even though he’d set himself on fire, I was feeling pretty great because I heard readers talking about the Raven Cycle in the stands, everything had been tremendous fun, and my car was still alive. A++. Princeton Speedway, you guys were amazing. Readers, you were amazing. We raised nearly $3,000 for our charity, Driver’s Edge.

Then, after one day at NerdCon, I set off for home — a 17 hour drive. I made it to Indiana before getting pulled over. And I made it to Ohio before I caught on fire.

(for the car people following along at home: sudden loss in oil pressure. smoke! damn it)

Here is the guy named DJ who had been attentively watching me drive peacefully along the Ohio Turnpike and was thus able to pull over quickly and use water bottles to extinguish my car (he was traveling with a man named Victor. Or Viktor. I did not ask. Victor/Viktor said I had ‘a famous face’ so I am partial to him.)

Here is every warning code on my car lit up like a holiday decoration, if the holiday is one where you set cars on fire:

Here is a man named Scott putting my Evo on the back of a flat bed:

Here are the pieces of engine that a man named John gave me the next morning after I had spent the night alone in a Toledo, Ohio hotel room and rented a soulless car to take me the remaining 9 hours home.

Why? is the question everyone asks me. Why has your car caught on fire, why did John Green set his car on fire, why is everything fire? John’s car lit on fire because he operated both his brakes and his gas pedal at the same time, which is ill-advised. My car caught on fire because it was leaning out, which means that it was not getting enough fuel and when there is not enough fuel to burn, the gigantic engine decided instead to burn metal. This is also ill-advised.

Will it be okay? is the next question everyone asks. No. No, it will not be okay. It is traveling back on a flatbed and will almost certainly need to be rebuilt in a pretty conclusive and expensive way. Will I be okay? Yes. If I ended the story here, it would be a tragedy, but I’m going to choose to assume this is just a cliffhanger. The Manski has already promised a glorious epilogue. 

That was the long answer.

The short answer was:




Those 18 and under living in Minneapolis, MN

You are important and valued, so I want to make sure you all know you get to eat a free meal every day school is not in session. Very few of my students knew about this until I brought it up.

For more information (including where to go near where you stay)

Text: “summer food” to 612.516.3663

Call: 612.516.3663


Stay safe and get something to eat, from your friendly neighborhood teacher

5.5 Recovery Miles

With no kids at home Beth and I slept in this morning before heading out for a recovery run. One of the great things about the Minneapolis area is the diversity of running/biking trails. We run on the Luce Line near our house quite often but today we drove to a Luce Line trail head in Watertown, 15 miles away. We’d never run there before and it was great; nothing but crop and horse farms and the trail all to ourselves.

SEPTEMBER 8, 2016 - 252/366

One of the things that’s so amazing about Minneapolis is that you can easily rent a canoe or kayak and within minutes find yourself nearly alone with nature. This evening I got a kayak on Calhoun and paddled over to Isles and then to Cedar Lake. As I was returning, the sky turned a beautiful color, and I fell in love with my city all over again. Thanks, Minneapolis.