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So Bendy CAN remember his rampage? He just tries not to? Or can he just not remember it unless certain things are brought up?

“I remember it from start to finish…didn’t enjoy the dying part. But Mick saved me. Second chances and all that. I don’t like talking about it.” - Bendy


“The ideal nap scenario is that you get a break midday for some reason, like your schedule suddenly opened up. When does that happen, right? You go home, it’s warm outside, there’s a bit of a cool breeze so you can open your window. But there’s no traffic outside, no cars making loud noises. Maybe just birds, and the faint sounds of children playing. Throw in a wind chime. And you just play some nature sounds, turn on your white noise machine, and you get 30 good minutes. Just long enough to reset, and then when you wake up, you have food somehow.”

hey guys fun fact “uwu take a bubble bath and eat chocolate” self care and “get out of bed and take a mcfucking shower” self care aren’t mutually exclusive and making fun of the former bc u think the only self care mentally ill people should practice is the latter is uh how do i say. Odd to say the least

sort of an extremely questionable trend of claiming juno/peter is ‘obviously unhealthy’ and ‘need lots of therapy before they can be in a relationship’ when they are. actually. two people who love each other and have been proven to make each other better people and also why would you now start holding a queer relationship in media to an increasingly lofty standard when no m/f relationship ever shown in media has elicited that level of criticism from its fans ever

like, yeah, both of these characters should have character arcs, i agree that i also would like this story to work in the way that stories generally do where the characters become better people and heal, but? if you start calling this relationship “toxic” because both people involved have traumas and/or mental illnesses and therefore are CLEARLY too fucked up to deserve love until they work better… i dont trust you and thats that 

Okay but in all honesty guys:

Ethan and his dogs are the only update i care about right now. I mean, look at this tweet:

This boy is pure and wholesome and must be protected.

(Also, look how fucking fluffy those doggos are.  i want to know their names and i want to hug them. i mean i always want to hug doggos, but still.)

Colorless to Colorful


“You’re at least going to let me pay you for gas I hope you know that- ah!” Alex yelped in surprise as he was heading out the door, slamming into someone face first. Literally.“Ow, fuck. Shit. Ugh. What the..hell..” Alex was cursing from the stinging pain in his nose from where it had smashed into the other person’s. He was brought to silence as he noticed how things weren’t greyed anymore. Colors filled his vision slowly where all he could see before was grey. Some things seemed dull, but he wasn’t going to question it as he stared at the guy in front of him in shock. He looked his teens maybe.“Holy shit..”

Note: Little oneshot for the heartstrings au :) Alex meets John and sees color for the first time

Warning: mentions of abuse

A puff of hot air escaped chapped lips as Alex walked along the packed sidewalk. It was a busy November Monday for the college student, just having got out of class for the day. Earbuds and loud music filled his ears as he walked, intended target in sight. Stopping outside the Starbucks, Alexander pulled his hood down and then walked inside. Sitting at the back as usual was Alex’s best friend, Lafayette. He wasn’t paying any attention to the shorter man, fiddling with what looked like a piece of string on his finger.

“Herc still at work?” Alex asked as he sat down. Laf looked up and smiled sheepishly.

“Yes. He is.. we’ve been talking, still” he hummed, tugging on the string tied to his ring finger.  To Alex the string was grey, but to Laf it and everything else was colorful. That was a typical side effect of finding your soulmate. Alexander hummed as he looked at his hand, two bright red strings going from his middle and ring fingers. They were tied there and had been since he was young. The one on his middle had been there since he was born and the other appeared when he was about four. Memories from his childhood were fuzzy, but something like that stuck with you. Though having one soul bond was nice, Alex had been fascinated when he had not one string in his life, but two.

“How was your day? Classes were shit for me. Thomas was being an ass again and I swear I almost punched him..I obviously didn’t, but you get the point..” Alex huffed, giving the two strings gentle tugs, getting one back after a moment.

“Mine was alright. I spent the day with Mom and we shopped a bit. Apparently her and dad had a little argument this morning so she wanted some relaxation time. I got a free shopping trip, though, so I’m obviously not complaining…are you feeling alright? Is it one of those days..?” He asked softly, looking at Alex in concerned. Laf was only a few months older than Alex, but since Alexander had been adopted by Laf’s own adopted parents, he had become somewhat of an older brother to Alex.

“I’m okay, my chest just hurts a bit and I’m tired..and hungry. I’m hoping Peggy feels like making dinner because I’m just not feeling like it today..” he muttered, slipping his hands(as discreetly as possible) under his hoodie, tank top, and binder to push it off his chest a bit. It made it easier to breath and he let out a sigh of relief. The day he no longer had to wear this fucker was the day he would be able to happily go through his day without dying inside and outside.

“Want me to drive you back to the campus? And it’s Peggy. If they aren’t snacking and making food for themselves, then they’ll be doing it by the time you get there.” Laf chuckled, but he was concerned.

“I’m sure I can walk-”

“Nope. We’re going and I’m driving” Laf said in finality as he stood up. Alex groaned, but didn’t argue.

“Fine, fine.” He sighed, slipping his hands from his shirt and getting up.

“You’re at least going to let me pay you for gas I hope you know that- ah!” Alex yelped in surprise as he was heading out the door, slamming into someone face first. Literally.

“Ow, fuck. Shit. Ugh. What the..hell..” Alex was cursing from the stinging pain in his nose from where it had smashed into the other person’s. He was brought to silence as he noticed how things weren’t greyed anymore. Colors filled his vision slowly where all he could see before was grey. Some things seemed dull, but he wasn’t going to question it as he stared at the guy in front of him in shock. He looked his teens maybe.

“Holy shit..” the guy breathed out and Alex was about to speak when Laf interjected.

“His name is Alexander. This is his number. Text him.” Laf said, shoving the napkin into the teen’s hand. Both Alex and him were both in shock from the whole situation. Alexander kinda felt light headed, to be honest.

“O..okay..I’m..John” the guy, John managed out as Laf pulled Alex past him. Alex

“Pull your hood up and watch the ground. You really don’t want to be looking around right’ll get really overwhelmed” Laf said and Alex, who was still in a form of shock, nodded slowly, pulling up his hood and watching the sidewalk as they walked, letting Laf lead him along.  They stopped at his car and Alex got in the passenger side, leaning back in the seat and closing his eyes. His head hurt.

“Laf…holy shit. Lafayette I just met my fucking soulmate. I might be sick. Is that normal? Are these feelings supposed to be like this?”Alex asked and he listened as Laf started the car.

“You’re just overwhelmed. I threw up when I met Herc” Laf pointed out and Alex smiled some.

“I know. I was there, remember?” Alex said, using the conversation to focus on instead of this sick feeling he had.

“It might have also had to do with the fact that we were freshman and he was that cute senior I was crushing on since the start of the year.

“Wild year for us. Mom and dad adopted me, you met your soulmate, I punched that one kid-”

“Alex. My.. dear…sweet brother. You punched a lot of people that year” Laf laughed and Alex snickered.

“Defending our honor of course” he chuckled and he smiled some.

“Tell me how punching Charles was defending ‘our honor’” Laf asked and Alex could feel himself dozing off.

“He said dad being voted Governor was rigged and that he was incompetent. So I punched him. A lot. He also said something about my clothes so there’s also that”

“Ah. Thats the part I walked in on. I always thought you just got pissed because he made fun of your clothing choices” Laf hummed with a chuckle.

“Mm.. no it was because of that too..I just..I dunno…” Alex trailed off and before he knew it, he was waking up in his own bed. The light was off and it looked like it was getting dark. He must have dosed off. Sitting up and yawning, he noticed his binder was off. Ah. He wasn’t surprised. Laf and himself had agreed that if Alex, for whatever reason, fell asleep with his binder on, that the slightly older man could remove it for him. Alex trusted him to do this since the uh.. first incident which ended at the hospital.

Rubbing sleep from his eyes, he noticed a note on his bedside table.

Hey Al. Laf brought you in and gave me the run down bout the sitch. Made mac and cheese, it’s still on the stove if you’re hungry (and by that I mean get your ass up and eat ho)

- the peggiest Peggy to ever Peggy (Peggy)

Alex couldn’t help but laugh softly. The note was just so… Peggy. There was no other word in the world to describe it better than that. Getting up and sliding out of bed, he walked out of the room, hair hanging down around his shoulders. The apartments walls didn’t appear very brightly colored, so it was a welcomed sight to Alex’s eyes.

“Well hey there sleeping beauty. Get some Mac it’s warm still..I think” Peggy said from where they were watching some ghost show.

“I can tell what you’re thinking from that look you’re giving me, and no it isn’t just some ghost show it’s a /great/ ghost show. Dead Files is my shit” Peggy huffed and Alex shook his head.

“Margarita Schuyler, you terrify me sometimes” Alex said with a laugh, going into the tiny kitchen area of their dorm room.

“S’what I’m here for boo” they hummed.

“So. Soulmate huh. Oh oh, what color is my clothes right now?” They asked, looking away from the TV to peer at Alex in excitement.

“Pegs..I don’t know what they’re called how the fuck could I tell you” he asked with a snicker. Peggy stuck their tongue out at him and tossed him their phone.

“By googling it, of course” they said as if it was obvious. Alex rolled his eyes and smiled, pulling up google and typing in “colors and their names”.

“Fuck this is weird uh…your shirt is..yellow? But like..a light yellow? Your shorts are purple I think..yeah, purple” he said, looking at the screen in a sense of wonder. This is what colors were like..what used to be varying shades of dull grey was bright colors(though somehow they still felt slightly dull). He had always thought Laf had over exaggerated the difference, but he could see now that he wasn’t.

“Oh heres your phone, I swiped it from your unconscious body and snooped” Peggy said, tossing it as well for Alex to catch.

“As expected. Anything interesting happening in my life?” Alex asked with a hum, turning on his phone to check for anything new.

“Yeah, a text from a guy named John. Not in your contacts so I was gonna fuck with him, but then you woke up.” Peggy said with a nonchalant wave. Shit.

“Dude I think that’s the guy from today- holy fuck it is” Alex said as he opened the text.

From Unknown Number

Sent at 4:18PM

Hey. Its um. John. From starbucks? Are you doing okay? Everything happened kinda fast and you didn’t look so hot when you left

From Unknown Number

Sent at 4:21PM

Wait shit I didn’t mean it like that.

From Unknown Number

Sent at 4:21PM

You looked fine, you just looked kinda sick is what I meant..

From Unknown Number

Sent at 4:21PM

So uh…yeah hope youre doing okay..

Alex couldn’t help but snicker at the texts. This kid was definitely a teenager still. Ah the shy and awkward years. Yeah Alex was glad he was past that phase of his life. He just didn’t really care anymore. He hummed softly as he saved the number as John, then replied.

To John

Sent at 6:10

Hey, its Alex. Its okay, I understood what you meant.

To John

Sent at 6:11

Things were really overwhelming. Still are, really. Are you doing okay? You probably have school or something tomorrow, but if you live by that Starbucks, I go to the University a couple of blocks from it. We can meet up there and talk, if you want

Alex sent it and scooped a spoonful of macaroni from the pot to his mouth.

“What’d he say?” Peggy asked and Alex swallowed the bite before replying.

“He was worried about me. It was cute as hell. I asked if he wanted to go meet at Starbucks to talk” He hummed and sat the spoon down for a moment to give the strings on his fingers a little tug. One was almost immediate, but there wasn’t one on his other one. There was, however, a reply to his texts.

From John

Sent at 6:17

Sure. be there in 10. Also you messed up my first text pulling on that tie. Had to rewrite it and everything lol

Alex smiled and shook his head, He ate enough of the left overs to hold him over for awhile, then he went to grab his shoes.

“You gonna go meet color boy? Take a picture I wanna see him in all my black and white vision” Peggy teased and hopped up off the couch.

“Oh and get me some coffee!” Alex heard them call from the living room as he slipped on his shoes and then looked at himself in the mirror on his wall.

“Should I put on my binder…? Nah, I’m not gonna push it today. My hoodie is baggy enough..” He murmured to himself, pulling his hair up into a bun for now. Yeah. He really needed to cut it.

“Yeah, sure I’ll get your usual. If I’m not back by morning I’m probably dead” Alex replied as he walked back to the living room and then out the door. He snickered as he briefly heard a reply from Peggy.

“I’m buying a dog to replace you if you do” Alex loved them sometimes. As he walked his mind began to wonder. Why Peggy put up with him, he would never know. Angelica was still irked at him(for good reason) after what happened with Eliza…Peggy was far too forgiving, though, and as was Eliza. He was just happy they were all still friends, though he sometimes wished they hated him so he could continue to shame himself. He had about a ten minute walk as well, so he popped in his earbuds, pulled up his hood, and started his playlist on shuffle, letting himself get lost in the loud music. One long walk later and he found himself outside the  Starbucks. Humming softly to himself, he walked in and looked around, pulling his hood down. He pulled the earbuds from his ears as he spotted a familiar face in the very back.  He ordered a coffee and got it first before going over to the table he was at, taking a seat.

“Hey” he said simply and John looked up from the table.

“Ah..Hey” he brushing some hair from his face. The teens hair was let down from where it had been pulled back the first time they met that evening.

“You forget your hairbow?” Alex asked, just in curiosity really. John blinked, but shrugged.

“Couldn’t find one and I snuck out my window, so I couldn’t just go look for one in the house. Door was locked. Don’t like my hair down but I’ll live.” John said and Alex paused. There were a lot of redflags going up, but he didn’t want to ask something and potentially scare him off.

“Ah..well. Hm. Here, lets do this, then” Alex said and carefully pulled his hair down.

“There. I don’t like my hair down either. We can suffer together” he said with a smile. John blinked in what looked like surprise, but smiled some as well.

“Alright. Sounds good to me.” John hummed and then paused again, sipping on his drink.

“Okay this is probably going to sound really..rude..” John started and Alex sat up a bit, watching the teen squirm a bit before sighing and looking up at him.

“I just…I didn’t think my soulmate was going to be a girl. I mean..don’t get me wrong youre really pretty and all, but I’m gay and I’m just not..fuck I sound like an asshole don’t I? I’m sorry” John said, a deep frown set on his lips. Oh. Alex blink and shifted uncomfortably.

“Ah. I see. Well might not make a difference, but I’m trans so..I don’t identify as a girl? I go by Alexander and I’m a guy..” Alex explained. He should have been used to explaining his situation by now, but for some reason it felt harder telling John. John looked at him in slight confusion.

“Trans..gotcha. I’m going to admit it now. I’m really ignorant on the subject. I don’t know anything about whats okay to say and whats not. I dont in a good house. Pretty intolerant. Ive never really been able to look into anything lgbt. I know I’m gay, because I like guys..but..anything else is just lost on me. So um..sorry if this is really offensive. Just like..I dunno, slap me or something” John started and Alex was about to protest that option, but John started talking again.

“Have you like..I mean..are you transitioning..? Thats the word right..? I’m sorry I just..ugh I’m really bad at this shit..” John groaned, running his hand through his hair. It had been covering part of his face and once it was brushed back, Alex could see a bruise on John’s cheek. Shit. He wanted to say something, but again he was held back by the fact he didn’t want to scare John off with accusations. He’s been in an abusive household before and..he was worried, but he didn’t know if it was that or if John had just gotten into a fight. Everything in him said it wasn’t that, but he just tried to focus on the  question at hand.

“ I pre or post op? I’m pre. I honestly don’t mind talking about it, but not everyone will be. Its alright to be curious, but just be cautious.. I havent started on testosterone, but I want to soon. Its just an issue of money, ya know? I want to have top surgery, but again. Money. Its a long and slow process, but I’m working towards it” Alex said as calmly as he could, trying not to make it obvious that he was now searching John’s face for any new or old bruises. He didn’t see anything obvious and decided to let it go for now.

“Okay…Is there anything else I shouldnt ask or do..? I just. If we’re soulmates I don’t want to do anything to upset you. Could you..I dunno..teach me what’s okay and what isnt so I know…?” John asked almost stiffly and Alex couldn’t help but smile at it. Alex had met a lot of people in his life who he had to tell he was trans. No one wanted to understand things so deeply like John. Normally people would just interact with him with caution until they saw whatever answer they were worrying about. John wanted to know so he didn’t have to feel like he was walking on eggshells. It was sweet really. The only other people to do this was his parents and Laf when he told them. Alex hummed softly and took a sip of his still burning hot coffee, giving John a happy smile


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How about a request of mtmte rodimus during a mating cycle for the seaformers au? Liaison is a bit oblivious and asks if Roddy is feeling alright. (Bonus points if this leads to little Rodimus jr being born)

( Melly’s Mod Notes: Golly gosh I hope Rodimus Junior becomes a thing for this blog of mine. )

✦ Still learning the ropes of their new job, the liaison hadn’t been informed by the others in CROC that it was mating season for the Lost Light pod. Everyone thought everyone else had given the poor newbie the heads up for whats to come. None of them wanted to be the bearer of bad (and awkward) news for what to expect during a mate obsessed seaformer. The most the liaison understood is that everyone was sending them off to their funeral on the day they’re to make their monthly visit to the pod. Was Ultra Magnus in a poor mood or something…?

✦ It wasn’t that bad, they thought at the time. In fact it was downright pleasant with how nice everyone was acting towards them. The podmates were friendly to the liaison upon their arrival at the cay, doing their best to make them feel comfortable with offered drinks and sweets and presents. Some of the seaformers were a little too friendly - reaching out to card their claws against their hair or their back, brushing their tail against their waist if they went in the water to inspect maps or items - but they brushed it off. The Lost Light pod are notorious for being extreme when it came to physical affection. Either no physical affection or all the physical affection ever and it seems that today they’re feeling inclined to have all the pets and scritches.

✦ What tips them off to what’s happening is noticing how… well… aggressive Rodimus is being to the rest as the day goes on. He sticks to the liaison like glue while they’re going about their business and keeps the rest of his podmates at bay, hissing and glaring his gales in an intimidation tactic. When he begins to bump and rub against them in a display that the liaison knows is shameless even for Rodimus’ standards, they decide it’s best to drag the co-leader of the pod aside, somewhere quiet and away from prying eyes, and ask what the hell is going on.

✦ Which is how they learn that its mating season and they happen to enter the cay at the height of it. Oh. Oh. Ohhhh. Oh dear. They can’t help apologise to Rodimus and, through him, the rest of the pod for making a big mess of things. He tries to reassure them that it’s not their fault and he should have known better. They note how his fins, usually displayed with pride and confidence are flat against his face and frame when he realises they weren’t responding his courting methods because they liked him. They see how he’s not looking at them while he speaks, his tail wrapped tight around his frame and looking like he’ll like to jump in the water and hide for the rest of his life.

✦ …It would be a lie to say it wasn’t flattering to have Rodimus so enamoured at the thoughts of mating with them. He was a stunning mershark, his breed bearing similarities to a shortfin mako while they can tell his breathtaking fins and flame-like patterns took cues of the betta fish. Not only that but he’s earnest and sincere, giving all he’s got no matter what is thrown at him and doing his best to act confident and certain for the sake of his pod. They reach out and caress his cheek, biting down on their lip to smother a giggle at his confused and hopeful voice expression. Maybe, they tell him in a quiet voice, maybe when they’re on vacation and are not this pod’s liaison they could… you know… see where this goes. Never hurt to try anything once, right?

✦ ( Rodimus loves to tell this story to Rodimus Junior in the far flung future, explaining this is how he and their pup’s carrier began the process of falling in love which would lead to their awesome union. The director of CROC won’t argue with their mate at this time, content to let him tell the story his way while he grooms their peeping pup and sneaks a kiss to their cheek every now and then. )

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wait how is black hermione the correct colour??? isn't she white?

((OOC: I’m assuming that this is a reference to the fanart I reblogged where, in the tags, I said something like “HERMIONE IN HER RIGHT COLOUR!”

I had been referencing her dress. I came to love Harry Potter through the books moreso than through the movies, and in GoF, Hermione is described as arriving at the Yule Ball in periwinkle-blue dress robes, with her hair in an elegant knot at the back of her head. So in those tags, I meant that I was pleased that the artist had drawn Hermione in the blue dress, which is what I always picture, rather than in the pink dress from the movies, which I never cared for.

On that note however, though in the films Hermione is white [played by the lovely Emma Watson], to me, Hermione is black, and that is how I picture her when I read the books and fanfics and everything. And I welcome you to the world of fan interpretation, where everything’s made up, and you get to decide what everything/everyone looks like!))

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Can I get a scenario of you being in a long distance relationship with Yusuke and you finally meeting in real life for the first time? I'm a sucker for romantic reunions ❤️

I’m a sucker for that stuff too, so I’m probably gonna make this kind of cliche. Thank you for the request, please enjoy!

Your heart thudded in your ears as you exited the airplane, your nervous excitement threatening to still your tingling nerves. The Tokyo airport wasn’t exactly bustling, but it was certainly far from desolate, with the humming of chattering voices permeating the chilled air. Miraculously, your flight arrived earlier than anticipated, so you decided to roam about the airport, pondering the sequence of events that brought you here.

You had dated Yusuke for about a year now, and despite never meeting him in person, you both shared a precious bond that went beyond anything you’ve experienced. You were both there for each other through the good times and the lonely nights; of course, no relationship comes without problems, but the vital communication between you two remained strong, and the relationship flourished wondrously as a result. 

During the cold, sentimental nights – which were quite frequent – you often sought each other for comfort and subconsciously dialed the other’s number, hearts swelling as soon as you both heard the immediate greeting through the receiver. You would sing or read to each other and whisper words of consolation through the tears or quivering voices; the lack of physical presence didn’t make it any easier.

However, it wasn’t as though you had never seen each other; Yusuke definitely sent you his share of… interesting selfies, most of which consisted of his blurred face in front of paintings or places he visited with friends. Occasionally, he would request a selfie from you and subsequently reply with a picture of himself along with a sketch of your selfie, framed with penciled flowers or hearts. 

You wondered what you did to deserve such a considerate boyfriend until the familiar call of your name whipped you back to reality. Turning to the source of the voice with a curious and hopeful expression, you asked, “Yusuke?”

“I’m pleased to see you’ve arrived safely… my love,” he said, his voice even smoother in person. You craned your neck to glance up at him; you were prepared for his tall height, but it was going to take some getting used to.

“You’re here early,” you said as you returned his warm smile with one of your own. 

“That’s because I couldn’t wait a moment longer to do this.” Yusuke promptly circled his lithe arms around your shoulders, gently pulling you into a welcome embrace. You wrapped your arms around his waist in response, suddenly being blanketed by a wave of emotion from the feeling of security and comfort that followed. 

This was the man always made you laugh with his charming and colorful personality. This was the man that soothed your sorrows even on the nights you were contemplating giving up. This was the man that showed you how precious, passionate, and beautiful life could be underneath the daunting and mundane realities. 

This was the moment you both have been waiting for, and suffice to say, it was well worth the wait.


gotham vs. smallville: breaking your bff out of an asylum

penguin: [carefully placed extortion, strategic power plays]

superman: I will punch every bitch in this facility I swear on the fucking sun try to stop me

the wind is wild and you are ravenous for a heart.
the dark closes in,
the wolves weep for your hunt,
the owls cry for your flight,
and the sea laments;
come home,
come home,
come home.
the calls are comforting,
as you are hungered for too,
but you are scared of this shouted refuge
they all guide into shadow and fright,
the night wants you to leave
and listen to your cadavers,
follow your phantom fae,
embrace the tendrils of a sinister willow

and never return

—  (once they get what they want from you, the ache will abandon and they will devour)
In the 1950s, where we begin, there was a firm expectation […] that required men to grow up, marry, and support their wives. To do anything else was less than grown-up, and the man who willfully deviated was somehow “less than a man.” […] The man who postpones marriage […] into middle age, […] who is dedicated to his own pleasures, is likely to be found […] suspiciously deviant
—  Barbara Ehrenreich, The Hearts of Men: American Dreams and the Flight from Commitment