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Whose plectrums are in your Trilogy ™ ?

Matt Bellamy, Alex Turner, and Chris Martin.

I still remember the last songs they were each used for because I have little going on in my life.

Matt Bellamy - Knights of Cydonia: I asked for it at a backstage M&G after the show and he pulled ‘the warm one’ out of his pocket because he ‘just used it’. 

Alex Turner - Do I Wanna Know & Snap Out of It: Threw it at me during Arabella and we all know he doesn’t hold a guitar during that… he just slut drops for 3 minutes.

Chris Martin - Paradise Tiesto Remix: A part of me wants to believe he used it during my favourite song just before (God Put A Smile Upon Your Face) but the Paradise Tiesto Remix he’s using an electric guitar and GPASUYF an acoustic… don’t know if he’d use the same pick (IDK anything about guitars). Regardless… I’m glad I have a pick from the rare times he uses an electric guitar.

She’s arrived and now has a place on my shelf with my other prized possessions.

I now own one of 1750 of these in the world… I shall be buried with it.

R U Mine?
R U Mine?


Another arrived!

Five Minutes With Arctic Monkeys 7"
Fake Tales of San Francisco
From the Ritz to the Rubble

Debut single from 2005, not entirely sure if it was limited to 1500 or 2000 copies.

Released on ‘Bang Bang Recordings’ — a fictional label made to release the Five Minutes With Arctic Monkeys vinyl and CD.