things i've never seen my cat do before

anonymous asked:

My newest kitten astral projects into my room and sleeps with me. She climbs up my art in my room so she's not allowed in while I sleep. It scared me the first few times because I thought something happened to her because none of my other cats have done it before. She can also call for help while I'm asleep when she gets herself trapped and shows me she is trapped within my dream. It's the first time I've ever experienced or even heard of kittens being able to do it.

Ah gosh that’s so cute! I totally do think animals have spirits and their spirits can travel, I guess I just never thought it could be called astral projection (I’ve always seen that as a very meditative thing)! But this makes sense. :) If animals are really well bonded to you, it totally makes sense for there to be spiritual communication between you.

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