things i'm probably going to delete later

why does tumblr always talk about “scary” mental illnesses but then waters down the symptoms? my intrusive thoughts aren’t “uwu eat cardboard”? they’re things that can ruin friendships or horrible disgusting things that, if I posted them on here would probably get my called out. my impulses aren’t to go eat dirt, I get impulses to stab my eyes out. sure people can get things like eat cardboard but that’s not what a lot of ppl have to deal with?

Quotes from my new Spanish teacher (worst human on Earth)

“When you finish your career here and go to Paris to wash dishes and do disgusting jobs, where you probably belong, oh but it doesn’t matter because you’ll be in the Paris, right?”

“I want you all to know something, I don’t give two shits about any of your opinions.“

"Girls, don’t wear shorts, have some respect for yourselves, nobody cares about your legs; the only thing you’re going to achieve is for some guy to see you, follow you home, and… Well, that’s going to be your fault.”

“These disgusting people that dress the opposite gender they were born, that’s wrong, it’s not natural! It’s like a daughter fucking her father, it’s against human nature!”

My friend is almost blind, and he was struggling to hear her because she was talking quietly, and she just turned to him like “What, you’re deaf, too?”

Forcing myself to close my eyes and go to sleep while knowing that you are probably still awake has been hard the last couple of days. The urge to send you a message and talk to you has grown tremendously all of a sudden. I keep fantasizing about what I would say to you and, of course, about what you would say back to me. Sometimes I even start typing a vague hello, only to delete everything again a few moments later. I guess I just miss you. I miss you so bad.

Sorry for not uploading any art lately.
This happens when I try to do any.
So many unfinished things…

I have some doodles but I don’t feel like putting them here for now.
They’re shitty anyway.

If there’s one thing i hate it’s “for every note this gets- i’ll put back my suicide date by one day” posts. Speaking from personal experience, notes on  a blogging website isn’t going to fix the deep-seeded issues that causes suicidal thoughts, and although yeah, it might give them momentary bliss of “oh, people care.” no- clicking a button can’t count as caring and it won’t. They probably won’t even click on their blog or find out their name.

Especially if you’re posting on someone else’s behalf- it’s altogether a shitty thing to do. You’re drawing attention to their mental instability and suddenly their private life is exposed to everyone who sees & reblogs it.

Not to mention it guilt-trips people into reblogging it, but altogether it’s just offensive to people like myself who have struggled with suicidal thoughts to see it trivialized like that. You don’t care- you’re fishing for notes and attention.

This is just a stef appreciating jimin post

It’s going to be quite squishy and probably won’t make a lot of sense so I am sorry. I’ll prob delete this later

I was just lying in bed thinking about a lot of things
And then I thought about how this wonderful human
Actually exists in this world
He’s a real human
Not just some perfect figment of my imagination
I think about how jimin has probably encountered and touched so many people’s lives
And like
If I love him as much as I do right now and I haven’t met him yet
How much more will I love him when I do?
But even if I end up never meeting him
How lucky I am to know of this boy’s existence
It makes me so happy
Even on my worst days
Just knowing he’s out there
And that he’s real.
It gives me comfort knowing that jimin exists, and jimin is happy, and jimin is living his dream, no matter how exhausting or tiresome it can get.

Just knowing that he’s alive and that he exists-
I’m content.


how dare you say that this isn’t directed specifically at the lgbt community how dare you say that sexuality plays no role in it

you don’t get to erase our sexuality now that it’s inconvenient or uncomfortable for you to address it, not when you spend the rest of the time making our sexuality the only thing about us that matters. not when you create laws to discriminate against us or create characters meant to represent us only to kill them off a few episodes later. our sexuality matters, and you have no right to take that away from us