things i'm awful at

neil smiles so much these days. it’s a soft smile, still a little unsure on his face, but full of genuine warmth and happiness. he has andrew, he has exy, he has his foxes and his cats and they all bring him so much joy
things aren’t perfect. he still has bad days, andrew definitely still has bad days, but they get through it together and they have the comforting knowledge that everything will be fine because neil isn’t being hunted anymore and andrew is safe and still committed to his recovery 
so no, things aren’t perfect, but they’re as close to it as they could possibly get and neil is thankful every single day for every single stupid decision he made that got him to where he is today. so he smiles. and every time he does andrew’s breath catches and his heart feels ten times lighter 

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my least favorite thing is where I don’t intentionally procrastinate and instead just suddenly find out that I totally didn’t do the thing and it is now too late

I hate that thing


Yoo Youngjae’s Birthday Countdown - Day 3

C is for Confidence


hp ladies: fleur weasley (née delacour)

“what do i care how ‘e looks? i am good-looking enough for both of us, i theenk! all these scars show is zat my husband is brave!”


Two very different kind of evil.

Ignis: Noct, how much do you love me?

Noctis: I would die for you

Noctis: I would never let you go

Noctis: I would do anything for you

Ignis: Can you eat your vegetables for me?

Noctis: Let’s not exaggerate


Humanity…  It’s not a state. It’s a… It’s a quality.
↳ Leo Elster, 1x08


“Listen to me, I sound like a Blake Shelton song!”
“Yours is better!”

I promise I’ll stop talking but I was thinking about this : Joyce and Jonathan are going to have the biggest argument of all time when Jonathan gets accepted to NYU and he then says he doesn’t want to go because it costs to much money and he couldn’t leave her and will behind. I can see her packing up his bags and loading them in the car and saying you’re going Jonathan you’ve wanted to go since you were six years old, will and I can take care of ourselves. Joyce knows it will be hard without Jonathan she knows that but she also knows her baby boy (who isn’t much of a baby anymore but grew up into more of a man than Lonnie could ever dream of being) deserves the best. So yes she will struggle because Jonathan deserves everything this life has to offer