things i would sell my soul for

Day6 As Things My Non-Kpop Friend Has Said About Them
  • Sungjin: "Okay but he totally has that "ruthless businessman who's super cute and devoted around his pretty wife" vibe"
  • Young K: "I would date the shit out of him holy crap he's hot AND he looks like he would treat me right"
  • Wonpil: "He's so hot wtf if he smiled and asked me to sell him my soul I would just give it to him for free"
  • Dowoon: "I feel like he has girls falling at his feet but he doesn't care and just loves his dog."

Lemme tell you guys something. Inej Ghafa is my life. I would legitimately sell my soul to Leigh Bardugo to know what happens after Crooked Kingdom. For the whole crew. But mainly Inej.

Anyway I tried something new stylistically. Pretty sure I’m the only who notices it but I like it better irregardless.

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First things first, your drabbles are making my jaw drop to the floor. Damn! So many different pairings and kinks and just, wow! But, I've got an important question ;D Did you sell your soul for the actors/characters to film porn for you, Kim? ;D 'Cause I just can't stop looking at those gifs, they look so much like the cast/characters that it's crazy!

Hahahaha, THAT would have been amazing. Honestly, I found this:

It has made my life. XOXO

“Phresine, the queen’s senior attendant, watched them from behind the throne as her queen danced like a flame in the wind, and the mercurial king like the weight at the center of the earth.”

My current new favorite line in the book. 

That whole dance was a thing of beauty. I loved that he stole all her hair hairpins in the middle of all those spins. And you know?.. *stares off into distance* I think I would actually sell my soul to see that dance on a screen.

Also I gotta say, I love how she keeps in all seriousness offering to flay the people that insult him. And that she would too.

The Attolian court is so lucky that Eugenides is their new king and they don’t even know it. Or appreciate it.

I can’t wait to see when they all start realizing all their many many many mistakes. One of which being that they think their Queen despises her new husband. Another being that they think that Eugenides is a harmless idiot.

Those poor poor Attolians.

(also still love the subtle influence of the Eddisian gods in those coin tosses that Gen was absolutely trying to get to land on heads).

Top 15 fics I would sell my soul for to be made into movies/TV

1. Performance In A Leading Role and it’s sequal: Lifetime Achievement by Mad_Lori  

2. The Measure Of A Gentleman by i_ship_an_armada 

3. Just Like That Series by cwb

4. John Watson, Bachelor (Director’s Cut) by Rayonea 

5. At Least There’s The Football Series by sheffiesharpe 

6. Not Broken, Just Bent by Schmiezi 

7. Working On The Edges by earlgreytea68 

8. To The Sticking Place by blueink3 

9. Corpus Hominis by mycapeisplaid 

10. Wars We Fought, Things We’re Not by blueink3

11. Over/Under Series by khorazir

12. The Tennis Series by Jupiter_Ash

13. Be Here Now Series by Todesfuge

14. LHR-HNL by scullyseviltwin

15. Fly Very High by yalublyutebya

Friends, family, and all,
As some of you already know, I rented out an art studio at Mellwood Arts center a few weeks ago to display my photography and have a place to do some of my art. This has been a dream of mine for over a year and a half now. I have spent the last few weeks planning, designing, and decorating away at my studio. There are still a few things I am working on, but other than that it has really come together. I would like to invite anyone and everyone who would like to come visit and look at my photos to stop in today and say hello. It would mean the world to me. I have a few photos I am trying to sell so it would be awesome if someone would want to buy one of my pictures. I will be at my studio all day today doing drawing, so please, come say hello and take a look at the work I have been putting my heart and soul into. I have so many pictures up that I would love for people to see. I have snacks, seats, and even bean bag chairs if you want to sit and talk to me. I even have Mario Kart if you want to race. I’ve got everything anyone could ever really need honestly lol. I will also have my dog with me, so if you love dogs, that’s an even better reason to come. My dog is hypoallergenic and she is good with all people and children, so nothing to be worried about with her, she’s a sweetheart.

My studio is 242.5 and it is on the second floor, side B. If you can’t find it or if you have any questions, message me and I will help you find your way to my studio. I will even meet you out in the parking lot if you’re really struggling. Please share this with your friends and stop by.

Thank you for all of the love and support, Hal

1860 Mellwood Ave
Louisville, KY 40206
United States

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Hi! I read your tag about VRMMORPG YOI AUs and I wanted to ask if you read 'much ado about ADO'? I'd include a link but I can't do that in asks ^^;

Yes yes, one of my other followers recommended it to me and I am completely and utterly in love with it and I would SELL MY SOUL for an update okay.

I just love accidental playboy Yuuri so much. It is all I live for tbh.

Everyone else, you can read it HERE!!! Go read it now! It’s the best fucking thing ever!!!

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AFDNIASHGFRJJ OKOK It’s almost a 90% sure thing!! :’) It will take months but I think it will be cute. I’ll be using some drawings I’ve already done and some old or unseen ones, hope thats ok? Like. Not all of them will be new drawings that no one ever saw! Hope everyone is ok with that? :o

things i would sell my soul for
  • the raven cycle as a netflix series