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I guess there's no use thinking about the goat kid, he's dead. And I mean, it's not like things can come back from the dead to eat your brains or something silly like that

*You mean like zombies or something?
*Yeah, uh, that would be pretty bizarre.
*Considering his body exploded into dust.
*He better not come back as a zombie.

I was playing a dating sim. I played it 24/7. That was until one afternoon… where something just broke.

It was just pixels. Reality broke.

These people on-screen… I felt like I knew them.
But now they weren’t people anymore.
They were just shapes. They were lines that someone had written. They never existed. They never had feelings. They never would exist, either.
It felt so sad. Like I’d just lost these real people.
This whole thing we had… was just me… alone.

That realization dumped out of the screen and into real life.

The tree out front. I looked at it every day- it was a friend outside the window.
Now it was just a thing.
Just a thing that was there. Growing, eating, and just… being there. It was like all this stuff I had felt about the tree was just in my head.
There was this guy walking by and he was just shapes. Just this moving bulk of stuff.

I cried, because nothing wasn’t there for me anymore. It was all just stuff. Stuff in the universe.

Just… dead.

—  Margaret “Mae” Borowski (Night in the Woods)

hey! as y'all may know i’m a queer trans disabled femme currently attending university. i have a TON of medical bills to pay off from two trips to the emergency room, and i would like to be able to pay my bills and also eat and whatnot.
my skill set is:
custom embroidery
custom clothing
standalone embroidery pieces
also if you want me to write a piece of music for you? need a cadenza? want your own personal sonata? i can do that.
please message me if you’re interested in PAYING ME to do any of these things! please reblog!

Please Don't Bite

A/N: so a majority of you guys picked ‘bite’ by troye sivan! and i’m gonna try my best to make this good for everyone. this is probs gonna be short because I fail as a writer lmao. Also for anyone who lives in LA as well as Hershey, Pennsylvania, imma be visiting in September so it would be cool if you could recommend some nice (cheap) things for me and the fam to do lmao thank (or like, even some good places to eat, if you haven’t already ☺)

Pairing: Dan x Reader (might make a phan version who knows, it’ll be the exact same, just different people lmao)

Song(s) Used: Bite - Troye Sivan (💛💛)

Word Count: 773 words (Soz it’s pretty shit and I also say the word vulnerable about 500 times lmao)

Genre: fluff + mentions of smut 😏

Dans P.O.V

“Why don’t you come back to my place?” she whispered in my ear sensually as her fingers daintily run down my arm, sending shivers down my spine. I can feel her warm breath hitting my ear giving me chills in a good way.

There’s something about going home with a girl that makes me feel vulnerable. It’s not something that I would usually do, but I really wanna do it now. I guess maybe I’m scared, I’m scared I can get hurt by this, I don’t know how, but I’m scared; once I’m involved, I can get hurt, and I don’t want to get hurt.

I nod my head, with slight hesitance but also with excitement. With that, she takes my hand, and we walk out of the club into a taxi that waits outside the club. And then the nerves hit me even more, I don’t know what I should do, should I just sit in silence? Or talk to her, get to know her, considering we’re about to have drunk sex, I should probably get to know her, right?

God I’m really nervous. Why am I so nervous? We probably won’t even remember anything in the morning, so why should I worry about it? ‘because this is something you never do, Dan…’ That thought just echoed in my mind, this is something I never do.

"Are you okay, Dan?” She questions casually, as if nothing worries her, like she doesn’t have a care in the world. God I wish I could feel the way she does right now.

"Yeah, I’m okay, why wouldn’t I be okay?” I nervously laughed. She kinda just nodded as if to see 'lolk’.

The only thing thats currently going through my head is 'why are you doing this?’ 'dan, this is something you never do’ the anxiety of all of it eventually got to me, and i contemplated jumping ot of the moving taxi right then and there, but I didn’t. I started thinking about this differently. 'yeah, its a one night stand, but this is an oppurtunity to finally get out of this dry spell.’

As I was just sitting there, thinking about how everything was gonna play out, we had finally showed up to her flat. I offered to pay for the taxi, like the gentleman I am, but she refused to let me pay. We quickly negotiated by splitting the cab fee in half.

Once we exited the cab (y/n) took my hand and led me inside, and the nerves started kicking in more. But, it almost looked like she was awkward and nervous, and didn’t know what to do. 'Come on Dan, do something exhilarating for once in your boring life.’ So I did. I made the first move and started kissing her.

And after that everything started to escalate, and we were in her bedroom, stripping down to our bare bodies, lost in lust and one thing on our minds, sex. Lost in lust but yet still so damn vulnerable. And now it feels like everything is happening in slow motion. I loved that feeling of everything happening in slow motion, but I can’t explain why, it’s just one of those things.

Her words and moans are echoing in my mind, her, moaning my name as if it’s the last time she’ll ever say it, singing my name, she sounds vulnerable, but I guess that’s what sex is about.

And at the end, I feel like I’m in ecstasy. I look over at her as we finish and flash her a smile. She comes closer to me and kisses me, but this time it feels different. There’s no feeling of lust behind it, but a feeling of happiness.

'Kiss me on the mouth and set me free, but please don’t bite…’

@twyrine the only traces left of djura’s presence, outside of old yharnam, are found in the occasional dog or bird passing by, wearing a handmade jacket. to defend from the cold and the stigma that comes w/ of their hair falling out


SDS/Wednesday picture thing

@cajunkate tagged me for a SDS. Thank you! That made me happy today Kate.

I took one earlier. Then got busy and didn’t post. So I took another just now. Not gonna waste a half decent selfie.

Yesterday was my first day back after surgery. I really thought I would bounce back quicker.

Spring break is coming up. Still far away though.

Would someone like to come play with my dog. She’s a holy terror. The kids come home and take her for walks and play with her. But when they go to bed she’s still ready to go!

So congested right now. I’m at the point that when I eat I have to take breaths while chewing because I can’t keep my mouth closed long enough. And forget about tasting what I’m eating. Good thing it was leftovers and I tasted them yesterday.

My girl watched the end of The Breakfast Club and all of Sixteen Candles with me this weekend. It was so much fun. I loved seeing her reactions to some of my favorite scenes. She absolutely thought Sam should have gone for Jake even though he was a senior. And the sappy kissing part on the dining room table— she didn’t even make fun of me when I awwwww'ed.

Almost typed “Good Talk” like @daddynobucks does. I never know how to end these things.

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i had this horrible dream that the was this giant bug monster (it was kind of shaped like a caterpillar) thing that was made out of hair and teeth and it would eat the bottoms of peoples feet and when i was waking up from it i had a little bit of sleep paralysis. it was awful

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☕️ ❤️

☕️ = shade someone  &  ❤️ + what would you do if you were dating me

@historicalsimslife offers to feed your fish and then does it - but not the way you do and your fish secretly resent you when you get home.

@ddeathflower is actually a live flower who can play the sims with her leaves. She is also a man eating flower I think. Can’t confirm.

@literallywhothe is literally the who that’s the joke.

If I were dating you I would learn how to make you the sushis you like and braid your hair until you were like ‘wow stop braiding my hair so much’. 

When your back hurt I would take you for walks in a fancy cleopatra riding thing but tbh we’d need like 5 dudes to carry it and both of us (i don’t skimp, ok and I’m not walking) so like maybe we just take a carriage or something. 15/10 would respectfully woo and probably not keep up with you in the bedroom.

No More Asks! I promise!


•The earthquakes that Mae’s mother was talking about was all to do with the Black Goat?


•If they make NITW2 WHICH WOULD BE AWESOME would maybe show the place where Gregg and Angus are staying?


•Maybe God Cat Hybrid Thing is Mae talking to herself? Like she has some sort of schizophrenia or she has multiple personalities, like the really humorous, happy Mae, violent, angry Mae, etc. And violent Mae is always taking over normal Mae?

•The song they were going to sing at the end is called “Night in the Woods”?! LIKE I THOUGHT OF THIS THEORY EVEN BEFORE IT HAPPENED





That was a really wild theory.

But yeah, Jack, those were my theories! Hope you like them and if you do then that’s cool!

However it is food studies that keep dragging me back!! The work I’m revising now, for example, has a lot to do with nutrition and agriculture.

I lowkey hate food history because it is affect scholarship (no offense) but also because doing public food history in my area of interest (the monster of postwar u.s. political economy) always seems to make people pivot around nothing but a disgust aesthetic, which is the absolute worst. (I believe the same thing is true with design, we can’t “sell” historical materials concerning interiors without always inviting the audience to imagine the ways that they would not like living in such a space, usually for the absolute dumbest reasons, and I hate it and this is my strongest and most important take of all time.)

BUT I will continue to engage with food history ‘cause I gotta eat anyway 

what even is this lethargy

I’m not hungry, I’m not sleepy, I do not feel pain or physical exhaustion. I don’t even feel especially intellectually strained; given a minute push I find tasks like writing this post in self-reflection (or, say, doing some exercise) not really troubling. it doesn’t feel like there are active Ugh Fields in effect around the things I would need to be doing

and regardless in this state I find myself not able to spontaneously accomplish much than lie on my back and aimlessly browse online or to jiggle a puzzle game back and forth. any actual goals just… recede far away in brainspace. it’s more trance-like than anything

it’s a common occurrence, and it is being a problem

this naturally coincides with some other self-care issues (e.g. excessive sleep, insubstantial or snack-centric eating), but they mostly feel like effects and not causes

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Sparkle tea. Did I do it right?

Let me translate that for you. 🙄

✨ = a blog rate &  ☕️ = shade someone

0/10 Magnificient, Enthralling, Creative. All things someone would say about your blog. over -90000 too hep 4 skool

@deelitefulsimmer won’t eat boxed chocolates unless they have a map - clearly she doesn’t respect that ‘life is like a box of chocolates…’ saying

@valhallansim says she doesn’t like My Little Pony but, probably has like 100 of them. THIS IS A CaLlOuT

@quiddity-jones gives people cookies but, secretly licks them first. She punched me in the face once, it was awesome 13/10.

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But random questions are fun. Like... 'if you could eat only one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?' 'How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop?' 'How annoyed at me are u right now?' 'Do you know the way to San jose?' 'If the pizza man truly loves the babysitter, why does he keep slapping her rear?'

1. I can’t do that. I go through phases. 

2. Who fucking cares? Blow pops are superior. 

3. Not even a little. 

4. Airplane. 

5. Because she likes being spanked. 

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Fic ask meme! You do a tremendous amount of worldbuilding in your fics. How do you start? Do you spot a trailing thread in canon and follow it, or does it often start with your own (eg geological) knowledge?

The only thing I like better than a fandom that has lots of worldbuilding is…a fandom that needs some more worldbuilding. Mad Max is deliciously maddening that way. We get glimpses of the canon worldbuilding here and there, but nothing more than that. I’m not the only fan to go “Fine. Fine! I’ll just build my own Wasteland!

So, yep, I’m following up on trailing threads in canon. Plus nerd questions. What do people in Gastown eat? What does a nuclear explosion do to radio networks? What would chrome be, if it really existed? How do? Why? Sometimes I get inspired by things that are stuck in my memory. Other times, researching/Googling/Wikipedia leads to more, or “so that’s where George Miller was coming from” – such as comparing the Citadel’s water drop with an aquifer test system.

Of course there’s the stuff I look at and don’t use, or that gets cut. In fic I try to keep it relevant to the plot.  Thanks for a great ask!

  • Me : yeah I can finish my homework in 5 minutes
  • Lemony Snicket : Many things can be done in five minutes including enjoyable events such as confessing your love, opening a gift, or eating a delicious meal, as well as miserable events like death, a violent crime, or a severe anxiety attack... one thing that cannot be done in under five minutes is a ten page essay, a word which here means "a student's worst nightmare", and while I can assure you, dear viewers, that the boy would achieve one of these feats within five minutes, I am sorry to say it was not the essay, but rather the anxiety attack.
this is why I get high

• I have more patience for things (from annoying people to video games)
• I’m more optimistic
• I get more done because I’m motivated
• I’m not depressed (actually since i started, my depression is less frequent even when I’m clean)
• I’m more organized
• I’m more social
• I work out better (longer amounts of time, more intensely, etc)
• I sleep better
• I’m more confident in myself
• I don’t eat as much
• Everything feels good
• No stress
• Music sounds better
• I notice minor details that would normally go unnoticed
• I fucking like to

i spent 4578 yen to celebrate valentine’s day reading nothing but manga…

why does tumblr always talk about “scary” mental illnesses but then waters down the symptoms? my intrusive thoughts aren’t “uwu eat cardboard”? they’re things that can ruin friendships or horrible disgusting things that, if I posted them on here would probably get my called out. my impulses aren’t to go eat dirt, I get impulses to stab my eyes out. sure people can get things like eat cardboard but that’s not what a lot of ppl have to deal with?