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It’s Thanksgiving, El Hopper!

so idk i came up w this last night!! idk how good it is or anything i just thought people might like it and i felt in the spirit. im pretty ok with how this turned out seeing as i wrote it in a night but i hope people like it!! its got some mileven fluff and a slight jancy reference 

hope you guys enjoy! i have a writing tag! (#flame writes sometimes i guess idk)


Even though her vocabulary had expanded much over the past year, El had never heard that word.

“W-well yea. It’s a holiday, like Christmas. You sit with your family, and the people you love, and everyone eats a ton of food and has a good time.” She and Mike sat in the boy’s basement, crammed into the pillow fort. Dustin, Will, Lucas, and Max were having a heated discussion over who would make the best Mouth, from The Goonies, at the table. Things had generally calmed down since last November, and the kids were free to be young and stupid.

“Why didn’t Hopper tell me about…Thanksgiving last year?” Eleven furrowed her brow and fiddled with her long sleeves. Fall had set in once more, and the weather was getting cold again. El didn’t mind the cold so much anymore, now that she lived with Hop in the warm, cozy cabin.

“I dunno… maybe…maybe it was just too crazy? Last year was really…” Mike trailed off, struggling to find the words for the absolute shit show that was last fall.

“Stupid.” The corners of her mouth quirking up, El recalled the endless days of soaps and Eggos in Hopper’s cabin.

The boy grinned down at her, dark eyes glittering with stifled laughter. “Yeah, that’s one way to put it.”

The reality of the concept set in around Eleven though. “Mike?” Her voice was more serious now, and Mike could hardly hear her over the other’s debate.

“Yeah?” His voice softened, just like it had on those train tracks so long ago.

“Can we do Thanksgiving together?”

Mike wrinkled his nose. “I dunno. I don’t think my mom would appreciate having-” He cut himself off, watching the curly-haired girl’s face drop. “El, it’s not your fault, it’s just that Thanksgiving is more of a family thing and you’re kinda like a frie-”

Suddenly, his eyes widened, and his face lit up like a Christmas tree. “WAIT!!” He softly took Eleven’s hands, his mouth split into a wide grin. “I have an idea.”

Hearing the secret knock at the door, Eleven shot up from the couch. “I’ll get it!” She called over to Hopper, dancing as he stirred potatoes on the stove.

Mike answered the door, wrapped in a big, clunky scarf and a grey sweater underneath his coat. “Hi. My mom insisted I bring a pie, because she loves to bake.” In his hands was a perfectly cooked pecan pie, complete with two leaves of pie crust set on top.

Right behind him was Nancy, with Jonathan and the other Byers in tow. “Sorry we’re a little late, Hop. Karen talked my ear off when I was picking up Nancy and Mike.” Joyce tumbled in the door, holding a turkey in oven-mitted hands. “The turkey is sort of burned, and it’s probably too salty and-”

“It looks great Joyce. Don’t sweat it.” Hopper took the bird from her and set it on the counter. He looked up when he heard laughing on the porch.

Steve waltzed through the door holding the biggest sweet potato casserole anyone had ever seen. Trotting in behind him like three baby ducks were Max, Dustin, and Lucas. “Who knew I could cook?” A cheeky, lopsided grin spread across Steve’s face as he fought the three kid’s cries of protest- “We practically made the whole thing!” “You fell asleep on the couch while it was in the oven!” You practically burned down my kitchen Steve!”

El stood in quiet awe at the light banter that surrounded her. She had never felt so loved, and so warm. Everyone was light-hearted and kind, and never in a million years would the little girl at the lab even DREAM of a moment like this. Hopper leaned against the counter, casually holding a beer in one hand, as Joyce nursed a glass of wine. They chatted as Dustin and Will pulled out a notepad for a game of pictionary, with Steve, Lucas, and Max groaning and whining. Jonathan and Nancy set the table, stealing quiet glances at each other’s faces in the soft candle light.

Mike broke her from her quiet daze as he slid his hand into hers. “El? Are you alright?” His freckled features were pulled together in concern, and his cheeks were tinted with the softest shade of peach.

The girl felt tears well up in her eyes. This is my home. She nodded quietly, breathlessly at him. Wiping away her tears, she pulled him into a hug. “Thank you Mike.”

Mike went fire hydrant red with shock and held Eleven in his arms. “Y-yeah, uh you’re welcome I guess? What are you thanking me for?”

“For a family.” She pulled away from him and stared at his face. Though he had aged since that night in the rain, under all those freckles, under these last few harrowing years, he was still the boy who gave her the only thing she could ever want: acceptance and love.

“Hey lovebirds! Dinner’s ready!” Dustin called over from the kitchen, the food spread out on the table like a king’s feast.

Blushing, the two kids jumped up from the couch and quickly slid into their seats at the table, as the rag tag family began to serve themselves.

As they ate, laughed, and told stories, El held Mike’s hand all night.

Because he was what she was most thankful for.

I can understand where Sirius’s crazy and reckless abandon became a prominent feature in his personality; living in an environment against his will the way he was in book 5 would make anyone act wildly. Really, I love his character. I love that Harry had someone like Sirius, at least for a short while, to feel like someone cared about him. Sirius wasOn the run from the ministry, living in caves and eating rats just to be near and keep watch over Harry. He was the most important thing left to Sirius and he’s one of the few characters who put effort into showing that.

Fate/Grand Order NA edition: A Recap

A quick recap of some of the events that happened so far in the misadventures of Mash and Guda:


  • A teenager (we shall call them Guda) answers an ad in the papers, ends up in a military base called Chaldea hidden in the Himalayas.
  • A bomb toasts everybody inside the base.
  • Mash and Guda time travel back to the edgiest version of Fate/Stay Night where Saber Alter rules with an iron fist.
  • Mash, a cute Chaldea clerk, fuses with the ghost of some guy, gets a massive shield to bludgeon people with. 
  • Cu Chulainn beats people up with the Wicker Man; Thankfully leaves out the bees.
  • Their boss turns out to be a bad guy and throws their other, dead boss’ ghost into a black hole, making her super dead-er.
  • The only staff surviving at Chaldea is the ghost of Leonardo Da Vinci and the absentminded doctor she’s fucking.


  • Gilles de Raiss, unhappy with the canon ending, makes an edgy Jeanne D’Arc OC to fix it.
  • The real Jeanne is summoned without her Ruler powers, joins Mash and Guda on their merry stroll through France.
  • Some countries have roaches, others have rats. France has dragons.
  • It also has vampires.
  • Marie Antoinette pulls a drive-by shootout with the vampires to rescue Jeanne D’Arc and company.
  • They escape because Mozart makes the vampires vomit and/or poop themselves with a piano attached to the back of Marie’s carriage.
  • They bond. Marie learns what a homie is. Marie and Jeanne are super gay.
  • Kiyohime and Liz are first introduced. FGO is never the same.
  • They rescue the German hero Sumanai Siegfried from a castle. He’s pretty beat up.
  • They need saints to heal him for some reason. Good thing St. George spawns… on the other side of the map.
  • Do you really wanna hurt us this way George? Really? Take anyone else instead. Take this Mephistopheles, he’s just hanging around in my archive!
  • Big Bad Battle with Cheese and Dragons. Assassins recommended.
  • Jeanne vs Jeanne. The edgy OC is no match for the original of course.
  • Gilles is kicked back into the depths of where he belongs


  • U M U
  • All of Nero’s forebears in the Roman empire form an alliance against her called Every Villain Is Lemons, also known as EVIL
  • Nero brings the company to Britain from Italy. On foot.
  • Mash suffocates under the overwhelming force that is Boudica’s boobs.
  • Nero chops down the ghosts of Roman emperors past one by one. No biggie.
  • Mash and Guda find their bad boss in the capital and oh shit he’s a demon from hell.
  • The demon summons Atilla the Hun. He is later of two minds about this choice.
  • Nero punches Atilla in the face. Civilization will never die!


  • Someone steals all the dumplings. Now Chaldea’s gonna starve.
  • Some booby archer pesters Mash and Guda about helping them recover the food.
  • Marie doesn’t remember her own homies.
  • Never mind she totally does.
  • Saint George is into photography.
  • Martha is into dumplings, bondage, and breaking faces. Tsk tsk, Saint Martha.
  • Martha makes her escape by jumping on to her dragon Tarrasque, who begins to fly by spinning around rapidly until it zooms away like a UFO. She probably puked at some point.
  • Altera, Atilla The Hun, the great destroyer herself, explains the differences of good and bad civilization.
  • Surprise surprise, Booby Archer is a bad guy- holy shit this is the goddess of the hunt?
  • Please don’t spook my guaranteed SSR gacha Artemis, I beg you. I’ll do anything you want just don’t come home.


  • Sir Francis Drake, Pirate Queen.
  • Blackbeard. Weeb.
  • And lo, Captain Drake did shot the god Poseidon in the face, declaring with a mighty shout “Let there be booze!”, and the crew were drunk with infinite booze, and it was good.
  • Blackbeard wins the award for cringiest villain.
  • Drake and her motley crew recruit Medusa’s bitchy sister Euryale and her hot monster boyfriend, Asterios The Minotaur.
  • The Golden Hind VS The Queen Anne’s Revenge, battle of two legendary pirate ships, FIGHT
  • Artemis and Orion board the Queen Anne’s Revenge during the fight in an admittedly cool action scene. Orion blows a hole into the ship.
  • Blackbeard is a tough bastard, but Drake literally killed the god of the seas for some booze so
  • Hektor, hero of Troy, won’t shut up about being an old man. Also he betrays Blackbeard.
  • Blackbeard to Drake: “Secretly, I admired you…r boobs.” *dies*
  • Drake trades upwards, gets the Argonauts as her new nemesis
  • Jason is just as much of a shitter in Fate as he is in mythology. Who would have guessed?!
  • Wait wasn’t one of the most famous members of the Argonauts the great hero Hera-OH GOD HE’S HERE WE HAVE TO RUN
  • Asterios vs Heracles summed up:

  • Guda: Well now that we lost our muscle we need reinforcements.
    Atalanta and David: Hi
  • Atalanta meets her God. She now believes in atheism.
  • David: Yeah I actually have the most dangerous thing on Earth with me as a second noble phantasm.
    Everyone else: It’s a box.
    David: I know. It’s got nerves of steel.
  • Who would win? A nigh-immortal demigod, son of Zeus and the strongest hero there is, or some box?
  • “Hey Jason, eat a dick.” - Medea Lily
  • Eating a dick turns you into a vessel for yet another Demon God. As Jason painfully finds out.
  • RIP AND TEAR 2.0
  • David: Yeah all of this time-stream dicking is my idiot son’s fault. It would be just like him, for he was an idiot.
    Roman: Nuh-uh!
    David: Yeah-uh!
  • Goodbye, Captain Drake. T’was an honor to be one of yer hearty crew.

HALLOWEEN 2015(17?)

  • An invitation? To a party? But all of history was dicked. Where are you supposed to hold a par-is that a castle?
    Guda: Mash calm dow-
  • Kiyohime casually defies the laws of space and time (again).
  • Mata Hari: *Starts stripdancing*
    Mash: :O
    Kiyo: >:(
    Roman: :D
  • Carmilla uses her noble phantasm to clean a spot. I-I’m not even exaggerating this is actually a thing that happens.
  • Vlad is the supportive uncle who knits for his fellows.
  • Tamamo Cat; nothing she says ever makes any sense.
  • Elizabeth Bathory: Surprise! All of this was to prepare you for a special private concert from an up and coming pop idol star!
  • Everyone: Liz you are a bad
    Me, tears falling onto my phone: Liz you are a good
  • Liz: Y-you d-didn’t like m-m-my concert?
    Everyone: Boo you suck!


  • Split psyche story
  • What you expected: Angry Nobu, sad Nobu, kinda freaky happy Nobu
  • What you got:

  • Rabbit season? Duck season? No. It’s Nobbu season.
  • A whole string of really funny jokes if you’re a fan of Oda Nobunaga’s place in Japan’s history.
  • Even more funny jokes that don’t require knowledge of the Sengoku Period
  • Arash chases after the crew while on fire and screaming “STELLAAA!!”, blows up over Ushiwakamaru’s army
  • Mash and friends somehow run all the way into the desert.
  • I give up. There is no way to exaggerate anything that happens in this event.
  •  It is just bonkers.
  • Oda Nobunaga and Okita Souji for best couple


  • DW: Boy we sure hope you’re not tired of the Fuyuki map!
  • Stupid, sexy Scathach: Greetings.
    Guda: Gaddamn.
    Mash: Senpai, for once can you not be a perv-
    Stupid, sexy Scathach: *flips her hair*
    Mash: Holy fuck I’m so gay right now.
  • Scathach casually kills ten thousand ghosts.
  • Scathach casually teaches her new students while crushing a skull with one hand and flexing with the other.
  • Scathach also gives the nicest headpats.
  • Brock from Pokemon Fergus joins the party.
  • Mash: And then, Cu Chulainn saved us in his sexy druid outfit.
    Scathach and Fergus: Druid outfit? AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  • Fergus: God I’m just super horny right now.
    Scathach: I’m pretty DTF myself but only the finest warriors can get some of this.
    Fergus: Well do I qualif-
    Scathach: No.
  • Altera: Hi
    Fergus: *Dies from nosebleed*
  • For the final part of the trial, Scathach summons another warrior to replace Fergus.
  • Diarmuid knows its fanservice day. He doesn’t even bother to put on a shirt.
  • Artemis: I’m baaaacckk~
  • Scathach to Artemis: From one booby servant to another, your kind of fanservice is super gross and wrong my dude. Domestic violence against men is a very real concern. Now I’m gonna spank you.
  • Scathach kicks divine ass. Thank you, Shishou!
  • Scathach: Now before I leave kids, what did we learn?
    Mash and Guda: That the road ahead of us is long and dark, but if we hold firm and believe in each other, we can be humanity’s saviors from the dark?
    Scathach: No. What did we really learn?
    Me: That now I can’t not have you in my Chaldea and must ask for an advanced paycheck this instant?
    Scathach: Good child.

One of the best things I’ve read on Instagram today:

At a Majlis one day I heard a story of an elderly Arab couple who were so in love that they could only eat when they were together and from the same plate. They said it brought them closer, the husband would cut pieces of meat just the way his wife liked it, and the wife knew just the right amount of yogurt her husband liked on his rice. They didn’t have to ask or say anything, both of them knew exactly what the other wanted. It was beautiful.

Since hearing that story my wife and I always eat from the same plate and only order one drink to share. What this taught us is the value of sharing in a relationship and how sharing brings two people closer together. When you share you learn about the other person, what they like or what they don’t like. When you share you always have to consider the other person just as much as you consider yourself, and that is what love is all about.

Love is about giving a part of yourself to the other person, love is about always thinking about your partner’s feelings when you make a decision, love is about agreeing together on one thing that makes you both happy, and you will practice all those things when you share who you are, what you want, and even what you eat with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

My time in the otherkin community, and how it harmed me

I’m submitting this to existing blogs instead of posting it on my own- I don’t want to be attacked, and I’m honestly scared of losing followers if I say this. With that being said, here we go. -KR

I’d like to share my experience in the otherkin community and how it has harmed me.

I used to identify as a red fox therian, dragonkin, and fictionkin of three characters, namely Peridot from SU. I identified with even more fictotypes at on each point, but luckily I was able to drop them. I had a blog that was pretty popular and respected at one point but I took it down.

Early in fall 2015, my depression was worsening and I felt like a void. I felt empty as I was losing connection to myself because of developing anhedonia. I came across otherkin on YouTube at one point, and I related to their experiences of wanting to be part of the wild, walk in family-like groups, and play the role of animals I closely connected to. Heck, I still like the thought of that whole concept. Eventually I came across the Tumblr side of things, and everything basically became a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I started looking for “memories” via meditation, and because I expected to see them, alas, I found “memories.”

I felt extremely connected to foxes and Peridot (I still do, but obviously no longer in a kin way) so those were my “main kintypes.”

It was ignorant bliss for a while, using the kin identity as a comfort/coping mechanism, but slowly I had lots of self-doubt over my newfound kin identity, and I pushed it all away, ignored it, because I wanted so desperately to be my favorite characters and fill the void my depression had been leaving me.

Repressing my doubt would only hurt me. I had a identity crisis over something that wasn’t even a real part of me.

Trust me though, many parts of this whole phase felt very real though. I had “phantom shifts” (a result of my vivid imagination), “"physical dysphoria” (which I think is worth mentioning only happened once), and even “memories.”

Let me tell you about those memories, by the way. There were vivid and spontaneous as hell, and I swear to you they felt very real. I felt some Deja vu  too and they were very well triggered by events that “reminded” me of said memory. Walking through the halls of the a gem spaceship as I handed some homework to my teacher, licking my lips at some very juicy looking blue berries when the smell of perfume smelled familiar to me, etc. I never had them before I started identifying as kin. And you know what? I never hadn’t thema gain after I dropped the kin label, either. As real as it feels, some things are just fabrications- you don’t need to be doing it consciously for it to be all in your head.

I also took the smallest parts about me and used them as explanations for being kin, as traits brought over from past lives. I thought my affinity for the forest and eating meat was part of being foxkin, although they are very normal things humans can feel. Also because I share a lot of quirks with Peridot, I thought they were traits from lives before. When really, they were just normal things that I developed in this life- such as scratching my forehead where her gem would’ve been. I did this isnce I was a child, but it was actually one of my coping mechanisms for my anxiety, not because something felt missing on my forehead.

Other excuses I used to “prove” my kin identity:

A strong pull to the forest (which is honestly pretty normal), liking to eat meat,  being able to predict what would happen in a certain series (most of the time, these are coincidences), my fear of fire and the dark (again, very normal), wanting to fly, relating to characters and feeling strongly connected to them, wanting to be a part of the fictional series I liked (honestly, who doesn’t want to be a part of their favorite movie, show or book?)

I would also make up things and overexaggerate certain memories or feelings in order to make myself feel more “valid.” When watching or reading “my canon” I forced myself to give myself anxiety during scenes my kintypes would be stressed in, and felt horrible over nothing.

My time in the otherkin community started in September 2015. I got so deep into it that I couldn’t pull myself out until late spring of 2016, where I forced myself to give it up. I was legitimately very upset, as I was very attached to my delusion and surrounded my identity around it- like I said, I felt like a void. I barely had one at the time.

I eventually started calling myself otherhearted instead. Otherhearted is just a way to say you feel very connected to a character and still feel special about it. I ditched that eventually, too, and just started collecting “comfort characters”- which, honestly, is more healthy than identifying as kin, hearted, or even copinglink will ever be.

I’m honestly very proud of being able to get rid of this before it got worse. Unfortunately, it left some lasting effects.

Because of the whole kin phase, I lost trust in myself and started doubting myself on parts of my identity I knew were 100% true, but I couldn’t believe myself on what was logically and emotionally true just because I was wrong that ONE time. My anxiety increased in general, honestly. I think it’s safe to say that if I was never otherkin, my anxiety wouldn’t have made a comeback like this.

Before older and more experienced therein get mad at me and shout “just because you were delusional, it doesn’t mean all of us are” I’m not saying that all kin are delusional or fake, but I’m saying that VERY lightly. Maybe your memories are real and you really are a wacky dragon, elf, and Lapis Lazuli thing,  I don’t know.

But what I want people to get from this is: identifying as kin, using it as a coping mechanism, etc CAN be harmful, and is most likely a phase. If you identify as kin, I just want to look over your reasons for being kin and see if they are caused by something else, or coincidence. Did you have ‘traits’ of being kin before or after you started identifying as it? How did you start being kin- were you using it as a coping mechanism initially, had a desire to be your favorite animal or character, or feel special? Be honest with yourself. Honesty is the key factor to finding out if you are really kin. Instead of looking for things that might validate your kintypes, look for things that disprove it.

Trust me, you could really help yourself in the long run.


loyalshipper  asked:

Can I have Lucio and DV.a introducing Junkrat and Roadhog to their first All Hallow's Eve (after the war for Roadhog) and both of them just going all out because of Junkrat's enthusiasm?

*Ended up a little different from your prompt sorry ahhh just had an idea and ran with it*

Junkrat eyed up the large orange thing with the big grinning face, he squinted at it before turning it around until it was facing him once more. Why would you put a face on food? He looked up and watched as Hana was doing the same in another.

“I don’t get it… why don’t we just eat it?” He asked standing up fully and drumming his fingers on the edge of the table. Lucio chuckled from where he was stood at the other counter icing cookies that looked like bats.

“It’s a jack’o’lantern.. you put them outside with a candle in and it looks cool” Lucio added as he turned to face the Junker.

“Riiiiiiiiight…. an’ we can’t eat it?”

“You can eat it if you want but these ones wont taste nice Jamie..” Hana added as she admired the cute cat face she had done in her pumpkin.

“I don’t know, Junkrat’s eaten things out of the garbage before…” Roadhog had been hanging up decorations that the petite mech polite had politely asked him too because her and Lucio were so short…

“Rack off mate…” 

He eyed the pumpkin up some more and took off the lid.. He pulled it to his face and gave it a sniff, not really smelling like much he mused and licked the hard orange outter skin, nothing. He shrugged and took a bite. Hana and Lucio stared at him in shock when he coughed, gagged and spat it into his hand.


Roadhog rolled his eyes and shook his head moving to the other side of the room to hang another large fake spider. Junkrat looked at the chewed up offending orange piece in his hand before leaving it on the table, rubbing his hand on his shorts.

“Told yoooou~” Hana sing songed and pat him on the shoulder.

“Do you put everything in your mouth?”

“Most things” Mako called, getting another annoyed huff from the skinny Aussie

The house was overly decorated, so much festive stuff slung everywhere, Lucio had baked about a thousand cookies while Hana had made just as many pumpkins to add around the place and to cover the front yard. Mako had explained that Jamie had never experience Halloween and the two younger members were determined for him to have a great first one.

“Wanna try?” Hana pushed a hollowed out faceless pumpkin towards Jamie.

He grinned suddenly keen on trying something new, he’d been watching the creative young girl work her magic on them for an hour and he had to admit he was itching to try himself.. He wasn’t good with the knife.. he popped out too many pieces, it fell apart from how much he was trying to do with it., he scowled and eyed it up, looking from his one to her’s.. why did they look nothing alike?

“Let me Jamie.,..” she offered as she giggled behind he hand, she pushed it aside and sat next to him putting a fresh one in front of him.

Shew drew on the face, copied what his design would have been. She placed his metal hand on the surface to hold it steady, her much smaller hand held his flesh one, he pointed the tip of the knife out and she guided his hand, he looked at her, seeing the look of concentration on her face before he watched what they were doing with combined effort.

He let out a happy cackle as it started to look good. She smiled softly at him and winked . “Seeeee that’s how you do it Jamie!” she praised and moved her hand letting him take control.. and he managed to not fuck it up this time…. not as much anyway.

“OI HOG, LOOKIT ME MASTERPIECE!” He loudly announced and held it up.

Roadhog glanced over and looked at the face on the pumpkin, it looked a little derpy but the look of pure pride on the smaller junkers face, he just gave a thumbs up which caused Jamie to just beam brightly.

“Tha’ woz pretty fun…” he admitted softly.

whothehellisbella  asked:

Headcanons about how carter or clay or Bucky (like just whichever inspires you more) help you out when you’re just in a really bad place and you feel like your whole life is falling apart, mostly because it truly is falling apart??? Also, ilysm sugarplum

I think Carter would whisk you away somewhere, no phones allowed. You’d get lost in a city together, spending every moment eating, laughing, kissing, and just finding all the good things in life again. 

Clay would pick up on it instantly, he’d talk to you about everything in the wee hours of the night then tell you some jokes and order bad pizza and promise you’d make it together 

Bucky spoils you, baths, cooking, little gifts. But one morning he takes you to the rooftop to watch the sunrise, holding your hand tightly. 

I love you 

Fluffy Friday™

Yesterday, I had a talk with my gf @thiccy-wise-666 about the current situation that I am in, and it made me confident to bring this up (she has a way with words :heart:) It made me realize that I should voice my opinion on how I feel…

It’s about… *sigh*… the pairing between Pennywise and myself… now, I understand that a LOT of people hate the idea of Pennywise x OC, but flat out insulting the work in question is another thing… I have had run-ins with people who insult my pairing (mostly on Tumblr and there was a situation on DA where I had to disable the comments on a piece I was proud of…). I even have had people try to bring logic into my work saying “Oh, you know that he would eat you if he was real” and “He would be disgusted if he knew you like him the way you do”
You do realize that he won’t EVER be real, right? Sooo how would you know his reactions? How can you have a voice, when I am not allowed to draw how I feel? People feeling this way is not new, hell in the book it even says that people have actually fallen in love and had come to understand Penny… so why can’t I?
I draw myself with Penny as a means of comfort and peace, and I did not know that I would be told that what I was doing is and I quote, “hella cringy af”…
I just want all of this to end and hopefully you understand my situation
I hope you all have a wonderful day~

lisannaje  asked:

hi mama! i feel like i am tearing myself to pieces because i have so many things coming up in December&January and i have no time to sleep, eat, or even rest. and it is all because i can't say no to my teachers so i have to take advanced and my current grade level to prepare for Bio and Geo olympiades at the same time and like that isn't enough, i have two dance groups that both have performances coming up very soon so i have extra practice for those too. i neeeed help.

Maybe you should sit down and reevaluate what’s important to you and what matters most and what you would need to cancel in order to have enough time to actually exist and feel good. It’s perfectly fine to cancel some of these things if they compromise your wellbeing! You being okay is more important than almost anything else! So please, please try to throw some of those things our the window ❤

As someone who made three pies today, and also was thinking about adding Content™ to this tag, I got to thinking about Voyager characters + favorite types of pie.

Tom, with his thing for 21st-century American culture, would definitely be an apple pie guy.

Tuvok, who of course can’t eat sugar, would probably go for a nice spinach quiche.

I really can’t nail down what Janeway’s would be. I feel like the obvious would be “something with coffee,” but since coffee and chocolate-coffee pies aren’t THAT much of a thing (at least in this day and age), that feels like low-hanging fruit (or rather low-hanging bean, snrk snrk). I’m sure one of you can come up with something better…

Is Chakotay drinking tea fanon or canon? If canon, I happen to have a really good recipe for tea pie, so I’ll say he goes for that. (I know tea pie is also, typically speaking, Not A Thing, but I’m including it because I make it myself XD).

Harry? B'Elanna? Janeway?? Kes??? Take it away fam~

Often, being a teenage girl, I would think and sometimes still think thoughts like: “I’m going to work out more and eat healthier and then! he’ll want me”.

What I alwAys wonder is, if I think doing this thing will make other people like me, why don’t I just do it for myself. Because if anyone should like me, it should be me. If i want this thing, why isn’t self satisfaction enough to motivate me to do it.

First off, I don’t need to do shit for anyone. Second, aquiring a healthier lifestyle is a good thing, but I Don’t need to be so obsessed with it.

I hope this makes you look at thoughts like these differently. I still need to be reminded sometimes that if I want to change for someone else, maybe I should ask myself if It’s me I should change for. And why I feel the need to change anyway??

((Ps. I love you all, thanks for the asks recently! Ask for advice or send me a little message!)

Combining asks cause I’m a loser

They would ironically wear ugly holiday sweaters for fun and then force Ordis into one as well (probably while he was under deep diagnostics and could slip it on his frame without him realizing till he woke up)

Honestly how Ordis feels about holidays is something I’m still unsure of. Perhaps he likes them but not to the extreme. He does like “magical” things (cough, cough, silver grove) So i think he would be the type to see the joys of celebrating the holidays but LOATHE some of the things that come with it.

Ugly sweaters and having Deer antlers put on him being one.

I’d say for his Operators sake he tries at the very least but is obviously a grump about some aspects (them eating too many cookies, the coldness of being out playing in the snow, overly decorating ect.)


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Okay list your top five favorite things about Thor Ragnorak GO

1. Literally every interaction between Thor and Loki
2. eVERY TIME THEY DID THE GLOWY EYES THING ON THOR OH MY GOD it was so cool? it looked like he was sorta losing control on his powers because like it would happen whenever Thor got particularly pissed off or was beaten up and he actually showed off that hey Thor’s not just a cool superhero with lightning powers sometimes, he’s actually like this truly super powerful GOD with some kind of absolute power like I just??? Its so cool??
3. I forgot how much I loved Loki and then they got to Asgard and he’s sitting eating grapes watching a play about his “death” and I missed him so much the little shit💚
4. Loki running through the vault of treasures in Asgard and stopping for a second to look at the completely unprotected Tesseract and I’m not convinced that he didn’t take it again what a dork
5. Right after (SPOILER) Odin dies it starts to thunder and Thor gets all moody and sad and Loki just sorta looks at him and I’m like. I turned to my brother and said “It’s thundering because Thor is sad this is so cool” idk I just love that detail
6. Okay okay I can’t ignore the fact that this was probably one of if not the most hilarious marvel movie I’ve ever seen so like. POINTS TO YOU MARVEL

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Sorry I don’t mean to be intrusive but how did you lose weight?? I’ve been trying to lose weight for over a year now and it just isn’t happening. So I was wondering if you have any tips ??

losing weight is not easy, nor does it happen overnight it took me 2? 2.5? years to lose my excess weight and I still feel like I should lose more. talk to your doctor, or see a nutritionist since different things work for different people but I noticed that I am extremely carb sensitive so essentially for me lose weight in addition to working out, eating, right, drinking and keeping hydrated, I basically had for cut out carbs from my diet. like pasta, pizza (rip my italian soul), bread, sweets, etc etc, I make alternatives, use protein dense bread, only eat pasta during like family things, etc etc. I would eat often throughout the day but like smaller healthier things, like always had healthy snacks on me, never starve yourself, protein dense foods often when you feel hungry you’re actually dehydrated, eat carbs and junk when was out and wanted to but even then it’s not like you eat 30,000 cal in one day; it’s all about decision making, lifestyle and such so 

it takes a long time, it doesn’t just happen over night. any progress you made in the year is still progress, you’re close to where you want to be than you were last year. remember that

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you being targeted by one of the criminals harrison is after, him having to keep an eye on you (which means spending a lot of time together). you being so accidentally careless he's basically forced to spend nights in your apartment. sitting on the floor late at night eating pizza out of the box together, messy hair w his shirt unbuttoned, tie loosened, and he tells you stories about all the crazy shit he's been through. accidentally careless? yeah that includes u realizing how in love w him u r

I HAVE NEVER FELT THE NEED TO HAVE THIS BE A THING. OH MY GOD. oh my god, like the sight of his messy hair and unbuttoned shirt. but uh, no offense, he’d get some grease stains on his off white shirt, and you’d be like “i can wash it!”
















which he would throw off after asking if you were comfortable with it, because he didn’t want to make his trousers greasy too

holy fuck this is a need

fbi!tom & fbi!haz night

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IoRyuu! ^.^ <3

thank you!!! <33

Who was the one to propose: 

Io he planned for it for weeks before he did it because he wanted it to be perfect for Ryuu but Ryuu doesn’t mind any way Io does it

Who stressed more over wedding planning:

I think both would like they want the wedding to be perfect for the other and themself on the same time

Who decorated the house: 

Ryuu but Io sometimes jumps in telling his opinion or comes up with an idea

Who does the cooking: 

Ryuu mostly does it because Io works very late times or forget to eat but sometimes Io would love to surprise or gives a hand to Ryuu

Who is more organized: 

Defentily Io, Ryuu can be originzed in some things

Who’s the cuddler: 

Ryuu is the most of them the cuddler but both love cuddles alot but Ryuu loves them a just a bit more I mean they can’t resist to cuddle eachother and want to cuddle every second they can

Who’s the big spoon/little spoon:

Io is the big spoon and Ryuu is the little spoon they love it that way Ryuu loves being hugged, cuddled and hold close by Io and Io loves hugging and cuddleling Ryuu close

What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: 

Cuddleling they love to cuddle sometimes giving the other a smooch they just can’t stop they feel so comfy and happy doing so

Who comes home drunk at 3am:

Ryuu doesn’t drink alchohol but Io thought

Who kills the spiders: 

Io does so because Ryuu refuses to be in the same room as the spider

Who falls asleep first:

Depends usally Ryuu but if Io is really tired he can just fall asleep as soon Ryuu is in his arms

A headcanon: 

Io loves Ryuu’s tiny nose and loves to poke and kiss it all the time Ryuu mostly pouts at that but on the inside he loves the affection Io is giving him

Who has most patience?:

Io he has to keep calm with his work and such so he’s used to stressful sitiations

Their relationship summed up in a gif:

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Errrr the thing with the pidgeons and Peru is a meme popularized by chileans (Peruvian/Chilean conflicts dont ask about it), saying that Peruvians eat pidgeons, and though in some parts of the country it's consumed it isn't a popular dish. In fact one of the most beloved and popular dishes of Peruvian cousine is Roasted Guinea Pig, or also know as Cuy chactado. (oh the irony, i don't think craig would like it)

The story gets deeper

i don’t understand people on twitter. some of them literally reply with hateful things about taylor to every single popular tweet about her. sometimes even when the tweet isn’t about her. do they not have anything better to do than spread negativity??? in what world would someone enjoy trolling for tweets about someone they don’t like just to reply??? idk but they need to go out more, maybe eat some cake, take a bath

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Hello! May I request MirioxIzuku Headcanons about how their love life would be like?

Hello lovely and you surely may! I very much hope I could write it well enough and that you’re going to like it.

- They’re both very busy with school and training and they do their best to work around all the things they have to do.

- Often enough, it  results in them sending back and forth text messages during the days they can’t see each other or they eat lunch together during school days. Mirio often tends to hook his foot around Midoriya’s when they’re sitting side by side at the table, eating and talking.

- On the days when they can meet up after school or in the evening, they plan their activities around how much time and energy they have. Both Mirio and Midoriya have no problem with spending their dates at either of their homes, to go to the cinema or to explore different parts of the city.

- Since they’re both still students, their dates or presents rarely are expensive. They both rather gift each other things that have personal value or pick up sweets the other loves.

- Mirio doesn’t mind if Midoriya leaves stuff at his home, like books or jackets. Mirio in return forgets a pair of socks and his spare toothbrush and other things at Midoriya’s place. Both of them just clear out a drawer so they can safely stow away the belongings of their lover.

- Mirio can be a cuddle bug, especially when the temperature drops or he feels calm or tired. Midoriya loves to share his enthusiasm and talk about what he loves. They often find themselves lying on the bed our couch, arms around each other or legs entangled while they talk.

so gentle - with humans anyway - by rights - the unpoet and i should be clawed bloody and bitten - then she should have done the cat thing - and shredded some furniture - knock over something fragile - if i was a cat and her - i would -the circumstance dont matter - yah she growled meowed howled writhed pushed and did her best to escape what felt like torment - tho she -wanted the same outcome as we - and knew we meant -  the best - intentions - and to top it off - food she duznt like much is all we offer - sniffs it in disdain - walks away - she comes back to eat it later - and purrs when i approach and lets me pet - praise u bet