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a) Thank you so much for filling my space-mall-episode ask (and beyond what I ever expected)! b) I did not see that particular detail with the Black Lion coming (although maybe I should have)—I like the added edge of characterization/the low-key visceral horror in everyone else’s reactions/the way you make said lion a little more terrifying and fabulous.

You’re very welcome!  And at first he was just going to be crushed but then I thought the eating thing would be funnier, and it turned out to just be kind of horrifying.  Turns out I can’t write anything without lowkey traumatizing Shiro.

Glad you enjoyed!!!

i spent 4578 yen to celebrate valentine’s day reading nothing but manga…

Things that I would rather watch than the All-Star Game:

Sidney Crosby eating a sandwich

All starting goalies putting on sumo suits and fighting at center ice

Henrik Lundqvist hosting a “What Not to Wear” for hockey players

Patrice Bergeron wandering around Boston and making people’s days

A three-hour montage of NHL dads gushing over their kids

Pkane in a head-butting contest with a rhinoceros

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Yo Chara do you like Toriels pie?

*It was amazing. Heavenly. Divine. God Pie.
*Never before had I eaten anything that good.
*Other than chocolate, of course.
*The spoon was not even an issue.
*I would eat the whole thing with my hands if I had the chance.


mama, it’s amazing what baking can do

Having to Re-Read Your Own Fic

Cause you forgot how the story was going and need to finish the last chapter.

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@twyrine the only traces left of djura’s presence, outside of old yharnam, are found in the occasional dog or bird passing by, wearing a handmade jacket. to defend from the cold and the stigma that comes w/ of their hair falling out

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when preparing food for the animals do you ever snack on the food like the fruit and vegetables


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Okay, so most of the time there are very few things that the animals get in their diets that I would eat. Their fruit mix is a hodgepodge of random fruits and veggies that don’t exactly mesh well for the human palate, the raw veggies they get are stuff like yams and corn, and of course I’m not eating raw meat, mice, or pellet food. And of course, I would never want to take away food that my animals need to eat.

But the parrots get a mixed un-shelled nut mix, you see. It includes brazil nuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, and pecans. And they don’t like their pecans very much. And I may or may not love pecans. So… I kinda sometimes snack on the pecans. 

Don’t judge me.

sometimes, i wonder if you can see the stars in my eyes when i look at you.

if i were a magical being i wouldn’t ask for your firstborn like fuck that shit i don’t wanna take care of a baby i want a lifetime supply of chicken nuggets so pay up bitch

Okay so I may have a slight addiction to sushi and I’m 100% okay with it. Not to mention the green tea that they sell, man that stuff is so damn good I swear I have like 4 cups every time I go🙌🏼But there was a time were I would never eat out, that was that last thing I ever wanted to do because I was convinced that it would make me fat. Now I eat out at least once a week and it helped with my mental health tremendously! It made me feel so amazing and free because I didn’t feel like I was restricting myself. (Veggie roll, cucumber roll, and an unpictured avocado roll)