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I don't have a resolution for this year but last year I decided to start going out by myself and honestly it was the best decision EVER. I started going to the movies alone, having nice lunches and dinners alone. It was so wonderful and relaxing (after fighting some nerves in the beginning) and it really taught me to love who I am. Self care is so vital. And if someone wants to do this and gets nervous just get your phone out and scroll through your fav sites before your meal comes, it helps! <3

oh man, listen, i love this a lot

Things that I would rather watch than the All-Star Game:

Sidney Crosby eating a sandwich

All starting goalies putting on sumo suits and fighting at center ice

Henrik Lundqvist hosting a “What Not to Wear” for hockey players

Patrice Bergeron wandering around Boston and making people’s days

A three-hour montage of NHL dads gushing over their kids

Pkane in a head-butting contest with a rhinoceros

I believe that once you love someone, it never really goes away. That each person you’ve loved in your lifetime will always have a small piece of you and you can’t throw it away. And it’s not a bad thing, it’s just the way of life.


“I will always wish for that…”

Today is the day I finally managed to keep down food more complex than soda crackers. Also today is the day my body slid into Underweight territory.


mama, it’s amazing what baking can do

Having to Re-Read Your Own Fic

Cause you forgot how the story was going and need to finish the last chapter.

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author: this outfit had a lot of bright colors and contrasting colors and was ugly

me drawing it: okay but i can’t make the colors contrast /that/ much because then my picture would look bad

anyway i’m gonna paint boy 412 because i love that outfit (also i’m gonna stream me painting it and that’ll probably start in a few hours)

I don’t understand when people use the argument that “they wouldn’t eat it if it wasn’t good for them” to justify feeding animals the wrong thing.

Like, if i handed Rudi a rock she would eat it… If i handed her a potato she would eat it. If i fed her a box of carrots every day she would be thrilled.

Animals are like children, don’t trust them to make good choices.

Also yes before someone says it, i know a lot of herbivores know which plants are bad, but that doesn’t go for food given to them by humans.

i’m drinking a smoothie with carrots and spinach in it. it literally looks like shit. but surprisingly it doesn’t taste that horrible……

sometimes, i wonder if you can see the stars in my eyes when i look at you.


mood….Kim seok Jin eating.

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Got7 seems to be hitting a rough patch lately. Youngjae is out sick, BamBam and the rest of Thailand lost their king, and Mark had to miss his sister’s wedding. Please send them all your love and support❤️