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So the Audi A3 XXL exists and it has eight seats and I can’t function.

Olympic Gymnast AU

Eggsy never stopped with gymnastics and was picked for the Olympic team when he was 20, competing in the London Olympics. By chance, he runs into Tilde, the Crown Princess of Sweden, who is there to support the Swedish Olympic team. 

It says ‘click’, and suddenly, the biggest story coming out of the 2012 Olympics has nothing to do with sport results…

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every time I put a taz reference into the tags I find another taz fan and it’s my favorite thing in the world

I like it an unhealthy amount, and I love the THB from now into eternity literally forever, but I’m so excited for the Commitment characters!

Probably gonna be scarce this week since my work has blocked tumblr on their VPN again but also (and slightly more important) because the project that I’ve been working on for the last four months, the project that has extremely high stakes for me both in the eyes of my management and business partners, is going live this weekend.

So I am, naturally, a bit of a hot mess right now. All well-wishes and positive vibes are extremely appreciated.


These photos are of the same mouse, taken about 24 hours apart. The first was after discovering due to a miscommunication my mice had not been fed for five days while I was out of town, and the second was a day later after being given lots of TLC in the form of food and water and supplements. So far it looks like there has been no permanent damage and everyone is going to be fine but I will be keeping a very close eye on them until they are 100% recovered.

I thought these photos would be good to post because it shows exactly what to look for in mice that may be sick or in pain, either in your own pet mice, when picking out feeders (sick or malnourished feeders aren’t as nutritious), or when you are looking to add new members to your family.

Note in the first picture Provolone’s squinty eyes, messy fur, flattened ears, and extremely hunched posture. These are all classic signs of discomfort, and if I hadn’t known why he suddenly started showing these signs, he would have either been euthanized or immediately rushed to the vet. More things to look for include puffy cheeks, bulging nose bridges, and changes in whisker position, especially whiskers pressed flat against the face.

I would be very hesitant to support a business selling mice in this condition, either as pets or as feeders. If you want to make a difference for these animals, don’t “rescue” them by buying them. Purchasing sick animals perpetuates the systematic abuse and neglect of these animals. If we are content to buy animals in this condition, there is no incentive for businesses to make positive changes in their care. Instead, take pictures and report the sick mice to management. If they don’t do anything about it, you can take the issue to corporate (posting publicly on their Facebook can get you in contact with someone extremely fast).

tagging @why-animals-do-the-thing because I thought they might find this interesting, plus more people need to understand not to buy animals to try and rescue them


(Inspired by @mrbarbacarisi‘s post and of course this)

The ice clinked against his glass as he drained its contents, setting it back down on the bar as he fought the urge to loosen his bow tie. The damn thing felt like it was strangling him, but there were still hours to go yet. He’d just have to suffer.

He signaled the bartender for another drink, turning to survey the room while he waited. Beautiful gowns and tuxes abounded, conversations about summer houses and the daunting process of getting their kids into ivy league schools flowed, and he couldn’t be less interested. He was here on order of the DA, and he knew it was for a good cause, but God these events bored him to tears.

He should probably mingle, but he couldn’t bring himself to. He’d hang by the bar, getting the right amount of buzzed - enough to tolerate the evening, but not so much that he embarrassed himself - until dinner was served and he was forced to his assigned seat. Most likely next to the dullest person in attendance if past experience was any indicator.

The bartender placed his refreshed drink in front of him and as he turned to pick it up a familiar face caught his eye. What was he doing here?

Rafael watched over the rim of his glass as the object of his gaze stood among a small group of people, laughing a little too hard at whatever had just been said. The tux fit well, hugging him in all the right places, and his hair was back from his forehead in that all too familiar swoop, but with less product than it normally held.

Green eyes traced the plains of his face, sparkling eyes down to soft pink lips, before catching the bob of his adam’s apple against the smooth slender column of his neck. When he worked his gaze back up, blue eyes were staring back at him and knew he’d been caught. Embarrassed, he turned his back to the room, resting his forearms against the bar.

“Thought I might see you here, counselor.” The familiar Staten Island drawal greeted him a few moments later and he heard the grin in his voice before he turned to see it for himself.

“I can’t say the same. This doesn’t really seem like your crowd.”

Sonny shrugged. “I ran into the DA the other day when I was leaving your office and he mentioned it. Said it might be good for me to make some connections. Ya know, just in case.”

Rafael raised an eyebrow. “Just in case you decide to stop wasting your brilliant mind on cop work?” He’d never admit that he was the one to put Sonny on the DA’s radar. It wasn’t a big deal, really. He might have just mentioned what an asset it would be having a former detective as an ADA.

“I guess I’ll take that as a compliment.” Sonny flagged down the bartender. More than anything he wanted a beer, but he thought better of it, ordering a Jack and Coke instead. “I hate whiskey.” He told Rafael when the bartender went to work on his drink. “The Coke helps a little bit.”

God, he was precious, Rafael thought, watching as the detective did his best not to wince as he took the first sip of his drink.

“I thought maybe Jake would be here with you.” Carisi’s forced nonchalance was so noticeable that, not for the first time, Rafael wondered how he did so well when he went undercover.

“It’s Jacob.” He corrected like he did every time Sonny called him Jake. He was starting to think he was doing it on purpose. “He couldn’t make it. He had…something.” For the life of him he couldn’t remember whatever excuse Jacob had come up with this time. Probably something work related, it usually was. Not that he had any room to talk.

“Ah.” Was all Carisi said, taking another drink, used to the taste now. Rafael did his best not to watch his throat work as he swallowed. His best was not good enough.

“Well, I better go mingle.” Socializing with New York’s elite now seemed like a reprieve from the torture of standing in such close proximity to Sonny Carisi.

“Wait.” Sonny put a hand on Rafael’s arm and had the audacity to leave it there even when Rafael looked down at it with what could only be described as contempt. “I don’t really know anyone here. Mind if I tag along? Maybe you can introduce me to some people?”

Rafael wanted to say no, but the hopeful look on Sonny’s face wouldn’t allow him to do so. “Fine, but don’t embarrass me.”

Sonny frowned. “I know how to behave in public, Rafael.” Rafael’s eyebrows raised at the use of his first name. “Barba, whatever. You act like I have no class at all.”

“Just try to tone down the accent.” He grabbed his scotch off of the bar and made his way out onto the floor with Sonny rushing to keep up.

Rafael didn’t have to search to find a group to join, they came to him, Sonny noticed. He’d barely stepped five feet from the bar when an older woman in along, black sparkling gown reached an arm out and gestured for him to join their conversation.

“Mr. Barba, I was just telling them about what a great time we had when we all went out on the Thompson’s boat last summer.”

Sonny wanted to smirk at the use of the word boat, like this elegant woman was out cruising the Hudson on a bass boat. Odds were it had been a forty foot yacht.

“Well, who couldn’t have a good time when you’re involved, Margaret?” Rafael blended into the conversation seamlessly, while Sonny hung back, not really in the circle, shifting awkwardly on his feet. He wasn’t sure what to do. It had been too long now to introduce himself, but it would look strange if he just walked away, so he stayed, listening in and laughing when everyone else did.

Finally, an announcement was made that dinner would be served soon and Rafael excused himself from the group, reaching into his pocket to find the small card that held his table assignment.

“What?” He asked when he saw Sonny’s face.

“You know, I could be wrong, but I think the most important part of introducing someone is the actual introduction.”

“You could have introduced yourself. No one was stopping you.”

“You could have just said no, you know.” Sonny was starting to get angry. “If you were too embarrassed for your rich cronies to know that you’re friends with a lowly SVU detective.”

“We’re friends?” Rafael smirked. “I wasn’t aware.”

“You know what?” Sonny held up his hands. “Forget it.” He turned on his heel and slammed through the closest door leading out of the hotel ballroom.

The eyes of everyone nearby turned toward the noise and Rafael gave a small reassuring nod, embarrassed. “Everything’s okay.” He followed Sonny mostly to get away from the questioning looks and found that they were in a dimly lit service corridor. “Look, you don’t want to know these people. If it had been someone that was actually important to helping your career I would have made sure they knew who you were.”

“I don’t get you.” Sonny spun and Rafael stepped back in surprise. “One minute you look at me like you want to swallow me whole and then the next you’re acting like you’d like nothing more than for me to disappear.”

Rafael stared at the floor. “It’s both.”


Rafael took a breath and looked up into a sea of ocean blue. All he wanted to do was drown in it, but the world was cruel and he had a Jacob and maybe Sonny did too for all he knew. “I said, it’s both. You’re so…” He lifted a hand, running fingertips under Sonny’s eyes, down his nose, over his lips. “Perfect. And that makes it so hard to be around you, so yes, it would be much easier for me if you weren’t around. Don’t you understand?”

Sonny understood, more than he could know. He understood that sitting in the gallery of the courtroom, watching Barba deliver an impassioned closing argument or an expert cross examination, he felt desire like he’d never felt in his life. He understood that sitting in on a meeting in Barba’s office, that framed picture of he and Jacob sitting on his desk mocking him, he felt like he’d been kicked in the gut. He understood that any time Rafael offered him the slimmest amount of praise he felt like he was on cloud nine for days. So yes, he understood, because his life would be much simpler, less complicated, without Rafael Barba in it.

As much as he wanted to say all of that, he didn’t. He didn’t say anything. Instead he tried as hard as he could to remain still as Rafael continued to touch him, his fingertips now trailing lightly up and down the side of his neck.

“So perfect.” Rafael said again softly, almost as if it was just for himself. Without thinking he slid his hand around to grasp the back of Sonny’s neck, lifting himself up on his toes until their lips connected. Sonny melted against him, fisting his hands in the jacket of Rafael’s tux, parting his lips to allow Rafael to lick greedily into his mouth.

Sonny allowed himself to get lost in it, to pretend for a moment that finally his dream had come true, but just as his lungs began to burn with a need for air, his mind came back to him. “Barba. Rafael. Wait.”

“Come home with me.” Rafael panted.

Sonny shook his head, letting go of Rafael’s jacket. “What about Jacob?”

Of course now he got his name right. “What about him? Do you really want to think about him right now?”

“Yes, I do.” Sonny took a step back. “And you should too.”

Rafael frowned. Of course Sonny would do the noble thing. He always did what was right, no matter what. It was actually something that he admired about him, at least until now. “Jacob and I, we’re…” He trailed off, not knowing what the end of the sentence was. Trying to make it work? Not in love anymore? It was something he’d been trying to figure out for awhile.

“I like you, a lot.” Sonny was saying. “But I won’t be the other man. I can’t be the other man.  And I know you probably think that’s me being noble or some bullshit, but more than anything it’s that I can’t bear the thought of sharing you. If it were to happen, you and me, I’d need all of you, one hundred percent. I couldn’t handle anything less than that.”

Rafael opened his mouth to speak, but then closed it, a rare bout of speechlessness overtaking him.

“Let me know if your situation changes.” Sonny didn’t want to walk away, but knew that he had to. He slipped back through the door that led to the ballroom, leaving Rafael alone in the hallway, shocked at Sonny’s admission and ashamed at his own behavior, but most of all torn about what to do next.

He wanted to follow after Sonny, but what would he say? That he was too much of a coward to end a relationship that’d been slowly dying for months? That he was scared that if he did, then Sonny would want too much too soon? No, he couldn’t say any of that.

His phone vibrated in his breast pocket and seeing the name of the caller he almost didn’t answer, but finally he swiped at the screen. “Hey.”

“Hey, I was able to catch an earlier train.” Oh, that’s right, Rafael remembered now. He went to DC for work. “Will you be home soon?”

“Yeah, actually, I was just about to leave.” It was possibly the most honest thing Rafael had said all night.

“Great, I’ll have a glass of wine waiting for you.” Rafael could hear Jacob popping the cork.

“Sounds good. See you in a bit.” He paused for a moment. “I love you.” He meant it, at least he was pretty sure he did. Whether it was the love he’d always feel for the person he’d spent five years of his life with, or if it was a love that could sustain a relationship, he didn’t know. But it he owed it to himself and Jacob to find out.

Rafael could hear Jacob’s surprised intake of breath. They hadn’t really been saying those words much lately, especially Rafael. “I love you too, Raf. I’ll see you when you get home.”

Rafael returned the phone to his pocket, taking one last longing look at the door to the ballroom before turning on his heel and walking down the hallway toward the exit.


My little bby sis made a mEME


We have a Comfy Reading Nook! And computers set up! The room still needs some adjustment (I.e. I have a lot of crap that needs homes, art needs to go up on walls…) but by golly it is useable!

Over the next few days, projects include Vacuum All The Floors (moving furniture reveals so much dog fur…), rearranging the bedroom (which was home to many things temporarily), and bringing furniture up for the family room. Then finish the attic floor (vinyl fake wood aaaaw yeah) and move everything around up there to be a craft room. Then… completely remodel the toddler room.

It never ends, does it?

But at least now we have a cozy nook!



a sim for @cillaben  !!

a redhead female sim with a positive personality 💗


  • GOOD


  • do what you want with her change her name or hair or whatever!
  • feel free to tag me if you use her!
  • don’t re-upload( duh)


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@wouldntyoulichentoknow​ ay yo it’s Fooze™ back at it again with the collabs. Today’s installment: shadow senshi.

up top: the two lineart pieces I gave Mouse to color 
bottom two: her two lineart pieces I was entrusted with

Shadow Senshi was something I’ve been wanting to play with for a long, long time, and good ol Mouse decided to help make this happen finally! We talked out our ideas and found areas of similarities as well as interesting differences. For starters, Mouse sees the Shadows as separate from the Senshi. I see them as one, where the Senshi can become corrupted and end up as a Shadow. 

10/10 will collab again :D


so i’m sure you’re wondering where i’ve been or not that’s fine – but lately i’ve been feeling overwhelmed with things and i’ve decided that i’m going to DROP ALL CURRENT ASKS AND THREADS.

the only things that i’m not dropping is the threads that i have with @joltastic and @toughspirit and the starter that i promised @erasureeyes 87 years ago.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO KEEP A THREAD, please tell me. the only reason i’m dropping everything is because i’ve just been feeling overwhelmed with everything to the point to where coming on here i can’t focus and therefore it makes me unable to be active. so with a clean slate i feel like that would help me a lot.

this also means that i’m going to be posting a starter call soon and i’m going to plot with every person who likes that starter call. that way i can get things back on track. this isn’t because i don’t like the messages/threads. this is simply because i can’t focus because i’m panicking about all the things i need to respond to. i had 89 asks in my inbox and 23 drafted asks, along with 17 drafts and i just burnt out i guess. i’m really sorry and i’ll try to make it up to you guys in the future;;;;