things i will never give up

can i tell you all a tale. cool thanks.

so i pre-ordered these lil shits like last week but for some reason amazon had a crap attack and never process my payment and then said they were going to deliver them but never did so i finally gave up today and cancelled my order, determined to go on a hunt around town to try and find them.

so i start my hunt. nebraska went from being 70 degrees for like a week to 34 degrees and rainy today. i hate the cold but whatever. as i’m driving to the mall (we have one aaayy) it’s like starting to lightning and thunder like crazy and i’m excited because even though thunderstorms give me nightmares (it’s a psychological childhood thing lmao) i love them because they mean warm weather.

no it starts to fucking hail and i’m stuck in my car for a solid ten minutes until i decide to get out of my car since i have an umbrella but the wind almost snaps it in two as i’m running for the door. keep in mind it’s freezing and i’m trying to not slip on the inch of frozen hail on the ground.

finally make it inside to hot topic. find and purchase my lovelies. got the last el w/ eggos even though it’s not the chase (i want wig!el so bad 😩) and make my way back outside.

hail has frozen like a friggin lake. it’s snowing the biggest snowflakes i’ve ever seen and it’s THUNDERSNOWING which is like one of the coolest phenomena to experience ever and i’m prancing around the parking lot waving my hot topic bag around and screeching cause this is the coolest shit i’ve seen in a while. finally i’m freezing and my feet are wet cause i was dumb enough to wear socks and birks in a snowstorm. driving home was like the worst because everyone was terrified it was slick but i made it because my subaru is the best.

but like. i have these two tiny overpriced figures and i’m so happy. 😭😭

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Hey bonney, I generally enjoy your posts. but what's with the Gray hate? He's a lovely man, and a lovely character. He doesn't deserve to be insulted.

It’s not hate at all. :O I actually love Gray, he’s one of my favorite characters. He has gone through some of the shittiest shit ever and he deserves to be loved and cherished by someone exactly like Juvia. But I’m a bit fed up of people trying to give their lives all the time (I’m not even a fan of the double-sacrifice thing, but I’ve learned to accept it).

Just because I want for Juvia to stand up for herself and maybe give him a well-deserved smack, doesn’t mean I hate him, it means he’s not perfect and I would love to see Juvia bring the hammer down. Since it’s probably never gonna happen and she’ll be her lovely self… I edit stuff. :) 

(besides, he has that slap edit coming since Avatar lol Still salty about that one) 

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Hi, there were never any pictures of Tony from that Costa Rica trip right? You'd think he would've been there. Yet there was a shadow picture of Sam not Tony on that boat. Next our two stars missed PCA, funny how they BOTH missed that event. They show up and give the cutest, loved upped interview, plastered against each other, with Sam's arm around Cait. Next day IFH and now all this starts happening. Does anyone ever ask if Tony has a job? Is independently wealthy? What's up with him?

nope no pics of Tony in Costa Rica and his forehead didn’t show up in Paris for Cait’s birthday either 🤔.

I’m not sure what he does. I’ve never given it any serious thought. I’ve heard he does a couple different things but whatever it is it clearly allows him to be flexible and travel when Cait needs him. I’m glad she has a friend that’s that dependable :)

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ngl i miss when class act updated every Thursday. any chance you'll be getting back on that schedule again?

Oh hi Anon! I totally understand where you’re coming from and I get it. I miss the updating every single Thursday, having something for you folks every week and hearing from you regularly. I don’t miss how stressed out I was trying to get that update ready every single week, or how I felt like there was never enough of me, to both write well and give my students the time and attention they deserve. 

I write in addition to working what most days feels like far more than a full time job, and it’s hard, because I love both of those things so much and I feel like sometimes I am pulled in different directions by them. If a student asked me to come to their play/sport/whatever I always equated it to a night of writing lost and then there was so much pressure I was putting on myself to catch up. And now, I feel much more like I can say yes, and I can support them and my grading is less behind etc. 

So, I’m sorry for rambling, but the answer Anon, is no, I don’t plan to get on that schedule again. I’m also working on my new novel now, and I don’t want to lose the momentum I’ve got on that. It’s nice to have two different writing projects to switch back and forth between. I promise I’m not abandoning Class Act, but this schedule of every other week has worked so much better for me in my life. I hope it means that the updates, though less regular, are better quality. 

Thanks Anon for wanting more, it makes me feel good to know that people miss it. 

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I understand that the 'fuck off' attitude is very tempting sometimes, the only problem I see is that it works both ways - Gillian will of course do whatever she wants, but so will everyone else.

And that’s exactly why this was a minefield that needed someone else navigating through it, not her.

Because at the end of the day, while she’s determined to maintain control (and I can understand that, because it’s obviously how she feels most comfortable when the situation is stressful), pushing back in such a forceful way can have repercussions.

It seems to me that she’s willing to accept that.  Sometimes, surprisingly enough, some people are. That’s a risk you take.

But it’s three times more difficult to rebuild what you once lost than to keep it in the first place by giving up a tiny bit of control.  And dousing some embers before they become a blaze is never a bad thing to do.

     look, ‘m gonna be honest here. i’m the kind of person who
     hates repeating themselves. never tried to hide it either.
     for example if i’ve brought up an issue with someone and i
     see it be repeated more than once after initially being
     rectified, i’m not gonna be pleased. in fact, i’ll just go off
     and stop giving a fuck because i’ll take that as a sign that
     the other doesn’t care in the slightest if it’s done in return.
     simple as that. 

     in short, if i’ve privately made it clear to you that i will not
     interact with your character for a certain reason or in a
     certain setting or voiced my personal discomfort over certain
     things and we’ve worked out a solution that’s best for the both
     of us, yet you’ve done something to go back on that… don’t
     be surprised if i do it right back.

     for me, it’s simple. i’m not requesting people go around and
     hold my hand and baby me or anything of the sort. in fact,
     most of the time i just roll my eyes and move on. but hey,
     i guess people figured i wouldn’t notice some things. i’m more
     perceptive than you think.

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things w the same amount of syllables as "paradichlorobenzene": "sometimes i wish i was dead" "i really like this ice cream" "where is my boy i love him" "dab to we are number one" "seven earth-sized planets, dang!" "and this triagonal sign" "never gonna give you up" "never gonna let you down" "never gonna run around" "never gonna make you cry" "never gonna say goodbye" "never gonna tell a lie"

Exclusive interview with Yugi Muto

Yugi Muto, dueling superstar. Barely 20, Yugi has managed to turn the dueling world upside down when he defeated national champion Seto Kaiba, and with this, he wrote his name into Duel Monsters’ Hall of Fame. Later, he gained more momentum in the infamous tournament named ‘Battle City’, in which he won first prize, cementing his position as King of Games.
Despite his wildly successful career, not much of the young man is known. Fortunately, Mr. Muto has agreed to give an interview.

DD: Mr. Muto, you’ve quickly become an inspiration for many young people. What is a tip you’d like to give to aspiring duelists?

Yugi:  Thank you! Well, I think a tip that’s important to share is when dueling, it’s easy to become flustered or intimidated by your opponent- but the main thing to remember is to never give up! Even if you lose- just keep on trying until you get better! If you play from your heart and with respect for the sport and for others, you’re more than halfway there.

DD: That’s very insightful! Mr. Muto, how has fame affected you? It is my understanding that you don’t like to flaunt your talent and mostly keep to yourself. Still, do you have many fans?

Yugi: Haha, yeah, well I think it’s important to stay modest. I do have fans, and it honestly makes me really happy to hear from them or when they come up to me- it’s an honor knowing they would look up to me like that.

DD: Many duelists in your position have built franchises around their persona, or started their own business. How come we haven’t heard anythingabout your ventures?

Yugi: Hm, I suppose that is a good question. Well, it’s mostly because I duel for a different reason entirely I think- I duel because I enjoy the game, plain and simple. I’m not really in it for the money or the fame, haha.  

DD: Despite dethroning the millionaire Seto Kaiba, you seem to be on good terms with him. Do you know him well outside of dueling? 

Yugerz: I’d like to think so- yeah! We’ve known eachother for a while, but I think there’s still somethings I don’t quite know about Kaiba. But yeah, we are on pretty good terms.   

DD: Yesterday, after a shocking assassination attempt Seto Kaiba was carried away by an ambulance. You were on the scene, and several witnesses claim you and Mr. Kaiba seemed very affectionate with each other. Is this true? Are you two close?

Yugi: I….ah…. I mean, yeah, we’re close and everything but…..we- We’re not /dating/ or- or anything like that, haha…..

(interviewer’s note: read speculations about the true nature of Kaiba’s and Yugi’s relationship on p. 45, tabloid section)

DD: And finally, the question that divides Domino: pineapple on pizza. Yes or no?

Yugi: I actually really don’t mind pineapple on pizza! I think it tastes good, haha!

Songs that never fail to make white people beyond turnt
  •  Don’t Stop Believing 
  • Bohemian Rhapsody 
  • Living On A Prayer 
  • Come On Eileen 
  • Sweet Caroline 
  • Shot Through the Heart 
  • Pour Some Sugar on Me 
  • Sweet Home Alabama 
  • Under Pressure 
  • Shook Me All Night Long 
  • Ice Ice Baby 
  • Cotton Eyed Joe
  • 500 Miles
  • Wonderwall 
  • Buddy Holly 
  • A Thousand Miles 
  • Teenage Dirtbag 
  • Red Solo Cup 
  • Mr Brightside 
  • Never Gonna Give You Up 
  • Eye of the Tiger 
  • Chicken Fried 
  • American Pie 
  • I Love Rock and Roll 
  • Dancing Queen 
  • Don’t You Want Me
  • We Will Rock You 
  • The Time Warp 
  • Hey Jude 
  • Piano Man
  • This Is How We Do It
  • Drops of Jupiter 
  • Hey Soul Sister
  • In The End 
  • All The Small Things 
  • Stacy’s Mom 
  • Kryptonite 
  • All Star 
  • You Found Me
  • Bad Day 
  • Bring Me To Life 
  • Dance, Dance
  • Sugar We’re Going Down 
  • I Write Sins Not Tragedies 
  • All The Small Things 
  • Ocean Avenue 
  • Dirty Little Secret 
  • Margaritaville 
  • Sk8er Boi
  • Brown Eyed Girl 
  • Life Is A Highway 
  • Some Nights 
  • Little Lion Man 
  • Breakeven
  • Hey There Delilah 
  • Viva La Vida
  • Use Somebody 
  • Carry On My Wayward Son 
  • Take On Me
  • 1985 
  • Iris 
  • I’m Awesome 
  • Seven Nation Army 
  • September 
  • Since U Been Gone
  • Skinny Love 
  • Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)
  • Bye Bye Bye 
  • Say It Ain’t So 
  • Somewhere Only We Know 
  • I’m Yours 
  • Last Resort 
  • My Girl 
  • Tiny Dancer 
  • Roxanne
  • Shout 
  • I’m a Believer 
  • Soul Man
  • Feel Good Inc 
  • Check Yes Juliet
  • Walking On Sunshine 
  • MMM Bop
  • Pumped up Kicks 
  • Hooked On A Feeling 
  • It’s A Beautiful Day
  • Summer Girls 
  • Before He Cheats 
  • Happy Together
  • You Make My Dreams Come True
  • Build Me Up Buttercup
  • Escape (The Pina Colada Song)
  • Shake It (Metro Station)
  • Juke Box Hero
  • Girls Just Want To Have Fun

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Hello Mr gaiman. How old were you when you started writing stories ? I'm 14 and I try and try but they are all awful. I always give up in the middle and I can never finish what I wanted to write.

I know. I found a pile of papers of mine from my teen years and into my early twenties recently, and there were so many stories begun, so many first pages of novels never written. I’d start them, and then I’d give up because they weren’t as brilliant as Ursula K Le Guin, or Roger Zelazny, or Samuel R Delany, and anyway I wasn’t actually sure what happened next.

I was around 22 when I started finishing things. They weren’t actually very good, and they all sounded like other people, but the finishing was the important bit. I kept going. A dozen stories and a book, and then I sold one (it wasn’t very good, and I had to cut it from 8,000 words to 4,000 to sell it, but I sold it). I probably wrote another half-dozen stories over the next year, and sold three. But now they were starting to sound like me. 

Think of it this way: if you wanted to become a juggler, or a painter, you wouldn’t start jugggling, drop something and give up because you couldn’t juggle broken bottles like Penn Jillette, or start a few paintings then give up because the thing in your head was better than what your hands were getting onto the paper. You carry on. You learn. You drop things. You learn about form and shape and shade and colour and how to draw hands without the fingers looking like noodles. You finish things, learn from what you got right and what you got wrong, and then you do the next thing.

And one day you realise you got good. It takes as long as it takes. So keep writing. And all you need to do right now is try to finish things.

On the list of “things that should never EVER be put on television, ever”, this is pretty damn near the top of the list. And this, by the way, is why on hate speech I take the Jeremy Waldron “Dignity and Defamation: The Visibility of Hate” approach of not giving them a platform, period.

Because guess what? You now just signaled to anti-Semitics everywhere that “are Jews people” is a matter of debate. And that’s about a million types of fucked up.

What I noticed about the signs

Aries: The most enthusiastic people I know. They will never lose their energy or optimism, even in the darkest of times.

Taurus: The most humorous people I know. They will make a joke out of everything, even if that means they won’t deal with the real situation.

Gemini: The most insecure people I know. Even though they’re always talking and doing so many interesting thing, deep down they doubt their every action.

Cancer: The most ambitious people I know. They need attention, they need to succeed and they will fight for that.

Leo: The most generous people I know. They will give up everything to help you, even if they don’t get anything in return.

Virgo: The most stubborn people I know. They won’t stop arguing with you, even if they know they’re wrong. They can’t stand being wrong.

Libra: The fairest people I know. They will treat you exactly the way you treat them. Also, they won’t forget about you and will remain good friends.

Scorpio: The most devoted people I know. If they’re into something, they’re so deep into it, you just can’t not notice.

Sagittarius: The most honest people I know. They will tell you the truth, even if you don’t want to hear it. Lies hurt them.

Capricorn: The strongest people I know. No matter what happened to them, they will always remain the same.

Aquarius: The most unpredictable people I know. They’re so weird, you never know what they will do or say.

Pisces: The kindest people I know. They will never say no to you or ignore you, even if they don’t like you.

Please don't
  • Victor: *is unconscious*
  • Yuuri: Victor isn't breathing! What do we do!
  • Victor: *secretly pretending because he wants yuuri to kiss him*
  • Chris: don't worry I'll give him mouth to mouth
  • Victor: *gets up* please don't

You’re gonna meet one great girl in this life. And from the moment you meet her, you’ll know she’s trouble. She’s gonna be weird, she’s gonna have attitude. She’s gonna make you do things you haven’t done. She’ll make you see things, she’ll make you feel.

You’re gonna love her against reason. But somewhere in the middle, she’s gonna get tired of everything. Don’t leave. Because if you do, I promise you, you’re gonna live every day of your life looking back and regretting why you never took the chance. Just stand by her, do not give up. Because you know.. You knew from the moment you met her…she’s worth it

—  thoughtsofla 
5 Things that Keep us Stuck in Life

1. Believing negative, unproductive and self-defeating thoughts. These include thoughts like “I could never … I’m not good enough to … I don’t deserve to … I’m useless at …”

2. Blaming others. It’s true that other people can have a huge affect on what happens to us, and where we are in life. But we give them too much power if we let them set our course, and see ourselves as victims, and act like we’ve no power.

3. Taking ourselves too seriously. It’s important to work hard and to have integrity – but we also have to laugh and enjoy ourselves as well. Also, decide to let things go, and put up with some mistakes. You’re not a perfect person and, the truth is - that’s OK!

4. Being afraid to take some risks or to live close to the edge. To have an interesting life you must leave your comfort zone and say “yes” to some new chances and opportunities. It will broaden your perspective, reduce anxiety, and provide you with new options and possibilities.

5. Being afraid of change. It doesn’t take much effort to stick with what you know. The unknown can seem daunting as we don’t know where that leads! But we grow as individuals and lead a richer life if we learn to accept changes, instead of being scared.



I come from a Hungarian family, and we put this stuff (paprika paste) in everything. Soups, salad dressings, meatloaf, beans, meat seasoning/rub type things, and sandwiches.

I never really cared about it, but since becoming a vegetarian, I’ve realized its P O T E N T I A L


It comes in regular and spicy!! The spicy tube has a flame on it, or it will say ’csipos’ to tell you it’s spicy! There’s also another tube that looks really similar but is orange and instead of just having paprika in it, it also has red peppers and spices and is the base for Hungarian goulash, which I have slowly started vegetarianizing for my personal enjoyment.

THE BEST PART? THE TUBES ARE ONLY LIKE $3!! I live in Canada, and I find them in Polish/Italian/other ethnicity specialty stores. They last FOREVER because you only need tiny amounts! AND (at least the red one) is both vegetarian and vegan!! Really, we’re covering all our bases!! You need to refrigerate it after you open it, but it lasts forever.


I love how all sports anime teach me everything like
  • Haikyuu : Never give up, and believe in yourself and your teammates. You are never alone.
  • Free ! : It's never been wrong to try new things, true friends always there for you.
  • And then Yuri on Ice : how to make a better tumblr post, editing, drawing. Make a fanfic and spread it around the world and don't forget, victuuri is canon u idijts