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Imagine...Trying The Nurture Approach

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*Season 13x02 Spoilers

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: language

A/N: I had feelings after this week’s episode so…here you go…

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Nice interactiom between Warfstache and Anti? (I'm just curious on how you'd write them talking hahah)

Warfstache makes a visit to the pillow fort after he gets word that Ollie and Anti are back. Of course, Oliver is working at the front desk, but Anti has been holed up in the fort pretty much ever since they got back. “It’s a maze in here! How do you find your way around in here?”

Anti springs awake from where he was curled up asleep in a nest of pillows and blankets. He draws his knife as Wilford pokes his head into this part of the fort. When Anti sees the shock of pink and Wilford’s bright smile, he relaxes a little. “Oh, it’s you.”

Wilford sits down cross-legged in the middle of the space, studying Anti carefully. “Who were you expecting? The Author?”

When he says that, Anti flinches. “Don’t joke like that.”

Wilford nods slowly. “You should get be doing something. Just lying here will drive you crazy.”

“‘m already there,” Anti mumbles, then realizes what he said. His eyes go wide. “Don’t tell Ollie I said that!”

Will frowns. “Whatever you want, but I stand by what I said. You should get out, go back to making your sculptures.”

Anti blinks at Wilford. “You know about those?”

Wilford snorts and shakes his head. “You don’t think Oliver didn’t go around showing everyone pictures of them? He was so proud that you were trying so hard.” Wilford jerks his head in the direction of the fort’s exit. “He’s the most valuable kind of friend you could ever hope to have. He’s a reason.”

Anti frowns. “A reason to what?”

“To stay sane,” Wilford says with a pointed look. “Used to have one myself before things went all… pink.” He grins. “But I’ve got the others now… Bim and Walter especially. And you’ve got Ollie.”

Anti smiles a little and nods. “Yeah.” He looks up at Wilford again. “Do you ever still… want to go crazy?”

Wilford pulls his knees to his chest and nods. “Yeah, sometimes… A lot of the times.” Wilford pulls out his gun and looks at it, turns it this way and that before tucking it away again. “But I’d never want to disappoint my brothers. Ever.”

“I understand.” Anti hugs himself and gives another smile to Wilford. “Thank you.”

Will waves him off. “Ah, no mush.” He nods towards the exit again. “Come on. Let’s go be nice little sane people together.”


I’m still mad that Sten’s sword is so useless. By the time I’ve run around all of Ferelden looking for the damn thing Sten already has something at least twice as good. But because the sword means so much to him I have a hard time justifying roleplaying-wise making him use something else…so I usually just end up never taking him with me. Which blows, I really like him. There are other items like this (the sword you can give Fenris, Zevran’s gloves/boots) but none that annoys me as much as this.            

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Hi! I'm currently planning on writing a murder mystery. Basically, the main character's best friend's dad is murdered and then near the end of the story the main character finds out that her friend killed her own father. I want this to be a plot twist, but I've never really written a plot twist before. How do I sprinkle in clues that she did it without straight up giving away that she did it? How do I write a good plot twist?

Writing Plot Twists.

For a successful plot twist, don’t give the reader so many details that they piece together the plot twist before it happens, but scatter enough information that when the plot twist appears, they have a moment of damn, I should have known; all the signs were there!

Here’s some tips to help you achieve that:

1. Give subtle clues. You don’t want to hit them over your reader’s head! 

Give a strange action without specifying that it’s strange. Have a character mention something odd before the conversation is suddenly drawn away. Put an object someplace it shouldn’t belong, but don’t give the pov character time to think about why it’s there. 

Instead of just planting clues like a reverse sleuth, you can also try creating openings for the reader to notice something is missing. Always try to put both clues and openings in places where they stick out a tiny bit, but could still be rationalized away.

2. Try not to bury your clues under a mount of details. If you give too much superfluous information, it’s unlikely a reader will pick up on half of it. 

Oh the other hand, if you give the sense that all the details mean something specific and the reader just don’t know what a few of them are for yet, then they’ll be more inclined to care about the details, especially if they’re given immediate positive feedback for remembering them.

3. Don’t flat out contradict* the plot twist while trying to obscure it. 

Don’t give the murderer a conformed alibi. Don’t have the wise old magician teach that magic can do anything but reverse death, and then have a character come back from the dead. Don’t claim a piece of world building works a certain way, only to have your plot twist go against it.

The last thing you want is for your reader to reach the plot twist and go, “You jerk! You told me this wasn’t an option! I could never have guessed this! You broke your own canon!”

* The exception to this is having new, better information come up just before or during the plot twist. The main character suddenly receives word that the murder’s alibi has turned out to be false. The character being killed had a piece of the soul of a villain known to split up their soul into parts, and that piece died in their place. Someone uncovers new information showing there have been exceptions to the world building “rule” for centuries.

4. Throw in some red herrings. You certainty don’t need red herrings in order to pull off a good plot twist, but if you’re having trouble hiding your plot twist from the readers, they can work quite nicely.

The vaguer the red herring, the better it generally works. If your world is big or your story complex enough, readers may even create red herrings for themselves by incorrectly combining the clues you set out for *other* plot twists.

5. Edit it later. Whatever you do now, you’ll need to make some adjustments after you get feedback from critiquers or betas. Make sure you keep notes on how and where you hint at your plot twist so you can easily adjust them during the revision stage!

6. Bonus: A plot twist should not be a deus ex machina. If you plot twist saves your characters from doing the work to save themselves, then it takes away from your story instead of adding to it. (On the other hand, a plot twist that makes your character’s life worse is fantastic.)

Also let me just address that Taylor’s “300 people know” comment came at a very bad time. If I’m remembering correctly it was the exact same night a secret sessioner said something like “Gorgeous has such a great meaning behind it and you wish you knew what it is but you don’t and you won’t :) :) :)” so everyone was on edge ALREADY and then came the whole baby thing with the fandom innocently wondering whose voice it was and SOME (of course not all) secret sessioners were on here like “lol you’ll never know because that’s a secret between US and TAYLOR ONLY!!!” so a lot of fans were already so upset when Taylor made her comment. On any other day maybe her “300 people know” thing would have been taken much more lightly but with the events leading up to it I think a lot of us here felt like Taylor was feeding into the already huge egos and basically being the ring leader of a cult of bullies. It felt like Taylor was giving these people permission to act that way toward the rest of us. I truly don’t know if Taylor saw the comments made by those people or not but THE POINT IS Taylor’s explanation was SO NEEDED because prior to it seemed like she was condoning the bullying taking place. I don’t think it was the comment itself that made everyone so upset but the fact that it came off like she was joining in with the people who were being not so nice.


future looks good - onerepublic ● fireproof - one direction ● sofa - ed sheeran ● thinking out loud - ed sheeran ● hold back the river - james bay ● home - gabrielle aplin ● for him. - troye sivan ● new year’s day - pentatonix ● stand by me - florence + the machine ● strawberry - paul baribeau ● home - one direction ● to build a home- the cinematic orchestra ● the one - kodaline ● say you won’t let go - sonya ● if my heart was a house - owl city ● young and beautiful - lana del rey ● locked out of heaven - bruno mars ● the (shipped) gold standard - fall out boy ● true love waits - radiohead ● youth - troye sivan ● fine by me - andy grammer ● first day of my life - bright eyes ● house of memories - panic! at the disco ● i love you more than you will ever know - never shout never ● arms - christina perri ● that’s so us - allie x ● i lived - onerepublic ● oblivion - bastille ● a world alone - lorde ● anyone else but you - the moldy peaches ● ride home - ben&ben ● ribs - lorde ● come to me - the goo goo dolls ● interrupted by fireworks - pontus hultgren ● i like you - ben rector ● together - the night café ● laughter lines - bastille ● i won’t give up - jason mraz ● love - lana del rey ● sick of losing soulmates - dodie ● stand by you - rachel platten ● ocean eyes - billie eilish ● call you home - kevin jones ● finding you - kesha ● the anchor - bastille

CS FF: This is Us

Summary:  Emma and Killian experience important moments in her pregnancy together.  (Includes some missing scenes from 7x02.)

Rating: G

Note: Well, I am mourning CS and I wasn’t all that happy with their last episode.  I was especially disappointed that we never got to see any important moments in her pregnancy and didn’t get to see them with their baby.  I was hoping we’d at least get a few little snippets.  So that’s what fanfics are for and that’s why I wrote this one.  I hope you enjoy it!  ~Steph

…This is Us: Part 1/1…

Emma smiled as she finished lighting the last candle on the dining room table.  She glanced at her watch.  Killian would be home any minute now.  She wanted everything to be perfect when she told him he was going to be a father.

They had been trying to conceive for a long time.  Emma was starting to worry that they wouldn’t be able to conceive naturally and would have to explore alternatives.  There had been a couple of false alarms.  Emma was late, but when she took the pregnancy tests they were negative.  Her doctor attributed her late periods to stress.  

There was a part of Emma that feared she might never be able to have a child with Killian. She worried that maybe she was being punished for giving Henry up all of those years ago.  But Killian, always understanding, had soothed her fears, assuring her that when the time was right, they would conceive a child of their own.  She wanted nothing more than to raise a child with her husband, her true love, right from the start of its life.  

About a week ago, she realized that her period was a couple of days late again.  She wanted to tell Killian, but he had been so disappointed after the last two false alarms.  This time, she wanted to be sure before she got his hopes up.   So she took a pregnancy test and it came back positive.  Two more confirmed it.  Still, Emma wanted to be absolutely sure, so she had confirmed it with her doctor this afternoon.  The joy she felt at knowing she was carrying Killian’s child was indescribable.  She wanted to run and tell him, but she resisted.  They had waited this long and she wanted it to be special when he found out he was going to be a father.  

Emma heard the front door open and then slam closed.

“Emma, I’m home,” Killian called.

Emma smiled at the sound of her husband’s voice. Even after years of marriage, his voice still made her heart race.

“In the dining room,” she replied.

Killian appeared a moment later, a smile on his lips at the romantic dinner before him and his wife in the dress she’d worn on their first date.

“What’s all this?” he asked, placing a kiss on her cheek.  “Did I forget a holiday of this realm?”

Emma shook her head and took his hand.  She led him to his seat.  

“I wanted tonight to be special,” she said, as he sat down.  

Killian cocked an eyebrow and looked up at his wife. “And why is that?”

Emma moved to the hutch on the wall behind him and picked up a bottle of rum. She came to stand in front of him and placed the bottle on his plate.

“This should answer all of your questions.”

Killian looked down at the bottle of rum.  A label had been printed and affixed to it that read:  




Killian stared at the bottle, his mouth dropping open in shock.  Emma scanned his face, trying to gauge his reaction.  

His gaze finally lifted to hers. “Are you…You’re…We’re having a baby?”

Emma felt tears fill her eyes as she nodded her head.  “Yes, Killian, you’re going to be a father.”

“And you’re sure?” he asked.

Emma nodded.  “Three pregnancy tests and my doctor confirmed it.”

A huge smile swept across his lips as realization finally dawned on him. “I’m going to be a father.  We’re going to have a baby!”

Emma laughed, as he grabbed her hand and pulled her down onto his lap.   She looped her arms around his neck, as Killian’s lips met hers.  They pulled back a moment later, their foreheads still touching.

“I can hardly believe this is finally happening,” he breathed.

“It was the right time, just like you said,” she replied with a smile.

Killian placed his hand on his wife’s belly.  Emma covered his hand with hers.  “Turns out, you were right.  I do have a little pirate in me.”

Killian laughed and then kissed his wife again.  “Or princess,” he whispered.

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I think I missed a few pieces when I tried to put myself back together.

Or maybe you still have them

-either way I’m falling apart

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Hi! A mysterious friend here! You must never give up! Do you know what the difference between getting a thing out and not is... NEVER! GIVING! UP! Cha! See, I'm not trying to convince you of anything... I'm just telling you... TO NEVER! GIVE! UP! That's right! NEVER! GIVE! UP! That's about it. Sorry. I can only send so much life-force through the monitor. (But never give up.)

Ha ha. You watch too much anime, Mark.

hey london friends

i know i’ve been on hiatus a bit, and i am for a little while probably, i have some things in the works, a thesis, a business thing, book #2, finding work. i recently started as part of the production/design team for a music fest, which is great! i’m super busy! but anyway

i’m part of a choir - or i am for now, due to aforementioned production team i have to give it up until the summer because of clashes. but choir is basically the only thing i have it in me to be proud of and my last concert for a while is nov 17th at the southwark cathedral

so if you’d like to come, that’d be really nice. i’ve never really asked people on here to come to that sort of thing before but choral concerts are an experience i really value and my choirmaster is actually magic so if you’d like to pay £6 to see me grin like a fool and sing the alto part of verdi’s requiem, i’d love that! a lot! 

you can! here!:

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Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you Never gonna make you cry Never gonna say goodbye Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you Never gonna make you cry Never gonna say goodbye Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

omfg this just made me remember that when I went to get my braces tightened last time, this came on the radio and I wanted to laugh so much but I was having a thing stuck on my tooth so I couldn’t, it was so funny

Almost Always

So I tried writing a thing? Idk, I wanted Patton to open up in light of Moving On pt 1. So yeah, enjoy my first fic feat. familial moxiety!

Patton took in everything around him. The table he sat at, the clink of forks and knives as the others ate dinner, their plates, their glasses, the food. Roman giving an elaborate, likely highly exaggerated, account of his most recent quest. His voice creating a vivid landscape punctuated by wild gestures emphasizing the story’s events. Logan listening to him intently, clearly not appreciating the lapses in reality, eyes unmistakably displaying annoyance. But, he never interrupted the prince’s tale, and his mouth, normally hard set in a neutral line, tipped up at the ends ever so slightly. He was enjoying this. Virgil  also uncharacteristically content. He sat straight up with his shoulders relaxed, the small smirk on his face a real smile. Patton looked between the three of them; scenes like this weren’t all that common in the mind palace and they always made his heart sing.

Well, almost always, apparently.

Of course he was happy that everyone was enjoying the meal together. He just… no. He wasn’t.

Everything was great! Dinner actually turned out really tasty tonight, if he did say so himself, nothing in Thomas’s life was going wrong, everyone was getting along- oh, Virgil just laughed! That had been a sound they’d all been hearing a lot more lately, but it still always made Patton’s heart lighter.

Well, almost always.

“…and THAT, my curious compatriots, is why you ought to never trust a magical talking rock!”

“Well, Roman, that certainly was an… enlightening apologue. And Patton, dinner was more than satisfactory. Now, if you all will excuse me, I would like to begin on Thomas’s schedule for the morning.”

“I think I might take a note from teacher tonight; there’s a lot of daydreaming that goes into a script!”

Something tightened uncomfortably in Patton’s chest as Roman and Logan got up to leave. He just smiled more. Because he’s fine.

“Alright kiddos, don’t work too hard, now.”

As they sank out into their own rooms his chest tightened even more. He needed something to focus on.

“Well, Virge, what’d you want do tonight? We could watch a movie, or we could break out the coloring books, or- oh, we could even-”

“Actually, Patton, I was just gonna go back to my room. You know, if that’s ok.”

“… Yeah! Of course, kiddo! No worries, we’ll just take a rain check!”

His cheeks hurt.

“Thanks, Pat. Have a good night!”

“You too, kiddo!”

The tightness moved up to Patton’s throat. Virgil had been smiling when he sunk out. Seeing his son smile always made Patton smile too.


Patton was alone now. He let his smile fall away. He let his shoulders droop. He let his eyes burn, he let-

No. No, he was fine. Nothing a little work couldn’t fix!

Patton started cleaning up from dinner. He put away the leftovers, he washed and dried all the dishes, he put them all away.

Well, he almost got them all away.

He dropped one and it shattered. Patton just froze. He stared at the broken ceramic until his vision blurred, then he shut his eyes tight against the tears. Why couldn’t he just be fine? This was one stupid accident in an otherwise great day, why couldn’t he be okay? Why did he have to-


Patton’s eyes shot open. Why did anyone have to see him like this, especially Virgil. His son didn’t need anything else to worry about.

“Hey, hey, Patton. Everything’s okay, you’re alright. It’s okay.”

Virgil had stepped over the broken plate and was… holding him?

Patton felt himself be led out of the kitchen and over to the couch. He heard Virgil’s calming words. He felt tears fall as sobs began to wrack his body.

“I’m s-sorr-ry.”

“Hey, no, dad, it’s okay. You don’t have to be sorry about anything. You’re always the one telling me it’s okay to freak out, you’re allowed to, too, no matter how small the issue is.”

“B-but that’s j-just it-t. There’s n-nothing wrong! Everything was f-fine today, I just-t…”

Patton was cut off by another sob. Virgil just held him tighter, drawing small circles on Patton’s shoulder, letting the father figure get everything out of his system. After a few minutes, Patton did honestly feel better than he had all day.

“Thanks, kiddo. This… actually felt kind of good.”

“Of course, dad. Any time you need to vent, I’ll always be there for you. Hell, you’ve helped me too many times to count, I’d owe you even if I didn’t care.”

“Language, Virge,” Patton even laughed a little now, “and thanks again. I just, I didn’t want to bring everyone down. It’s been a good day otherwise.”

“Patton, you’re allowed to have bad days like the rest of us, you don’t need to have any special reason. We’re all here for you. Always.”


“Hm. Always-always.”

Virgil kept his hold on Patton as he continued to calm down, and Patton was so grateful for that. It was grounding to have someone there, and helped him get it all out. It had been more exhausting than he realized, keeping everything in and faking being entirely happy. Maybe all that was why he let himself fall asleep on Virgil’s shoulder after a few minutes. Virgil didn’t mind, of course, Patton was the dad. He was Virgil’s dad, and he did so much already, Virgil wasn’t going to let him burn himself out.

When Patton woke up a few hours later, Virgil draped over him, he decided that if opening up about his less than happy emotions meant cuddles with his son, he might have to do it more often.

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Um I don't know if your still doing Another episode request but if you are I was wondering if you could do some Haiji Towa Headcanons?

We sure are! Sure thing Anon, have some headcanons but be warned, I don’t really know much about him so I’m using the Wiki for ideas haha

Request: Haiji Towa HCs

- He’d prefer it if you were a rather… Young looking girl

- But even if you weren’t, over time he developed feelings for you

- As long as you weren’t noisy

- You’d often have to help him with a lot of things

- You know, because of his broken arm

- He’d often insist that he could do it himself

- “I’m sure you can Towa - kun… If you had two functioning arms that is”

- “Wow, that’s kinda… Rude?”

- There’s also one thing that he can never give up despite his arm

- Going for a ride on his motorcycle

- You of course, are always there making sure he is as safe as possible

- Before sitting in the front

- “Huh?”

- “Well you sure as hell can’t drive”

- You hear him mutter a ‘I could try’ before sighing and sitting behind you

One thing I don’t get about Stanc//hez is everyone has Rick being the effeminate one. 

While I am 100% on board to a gender role destroying Rick, Stan sang Cher’s part, puts his hair up in a towel after a shower, clearly looks comfortable and adorable in a skirt, baked bread in a frilly apron in that Jimmy Snakes picture, and was the one swooning like a fangirl over Rick.

I’m not saying it’s weird. But I’d like some equal opportunity if we are doing this “gay couple must fit into het gender roles” bs : //

Update on commissions/giveaway/life

Hello everyone I hope you are all doing well and enjoying your weekend. I’m just giving a small update on how things are at the moment. Some people asked me about updates so here we go.

Short story: Some stuff happened , free next week, hoping to catch up with commissions and Inktober, 100 followers giveaway and happy Halloween!

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-”Just shut UP! Can’t you see I’m busy?! The irate flower roared, causing the totally green plant to flinch. His leaves seemed to lower. Things were going terribly, as if he had never left the farm in the first place.
“’M terribly sorry, Cagney…” He looked down, backing off to give them space. 

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anyone else kinda terrified you’ll never be able to hold a job in the future because of your mental illness


And Jaspers never break their promises! 💖