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tony lost a bet & now he has to go ahead of me into every room and announce that ‘winter is coming’ before i enter

Happy 18th Birthday Tarjei “I don’t want to adult” Sandvik Moe {24.05.1999}


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Overseen at Shinichi Kudo's phone screen
  • Conan: Shinichi-nii-chan! Thank you for the help in the recent case, Kogoro-occhan solved another mystery, and the criminal confessed to their crimes!
  • Shinichi: It's fine, kiddo. Thank you for helping me participate in this, although I'm so far away. You're really useful.
  • Conan: I'm always happy to help Shinichi-nii-chan! Oh, by the way, looks like Ran-nee-chan is about to call you soon ^-^
  • Shinichi: Wh... why do you think so?
  • Conan: Sonoko-nee-chan teased her and she became completely red! And she also was searching for the phone...
  • Shinichi: Don't she have mobile with her?
  • Conan: She forgot it at home ^^
  • Shinichi: Crap, she's really calling. I'll talk to you later.
  • Conan: Tell me what she'll say!
  • Shinichi: ...
  • ...
  • Conan: So, how was it?
  • Shinichi: Like hell I would tell.
  • Conan: She doesn't seem happy...
  • Shinichi: Does she?
  • Conan: Ran-nee-chan looks upset and frustrated. Did you say something bad to her, Shinichi-nii-chan?
  • Shinichi: That's none of your business.
  • Conan: That's so bad, Shinichi-nii-chan... Ran-nee-chan only seems to worry about you, and she always feels so lonely, although she tries to hide it. Why can't you be more soft to her?
  • Shinichi: None. Of. Your. Business.
  • Conan: Ran-nee-chan doesn't deserve it...
  • Shinichi: ...
  • ...
  • Conan: Hey, Shinichi-nii-chan...
  • Shinichi: ?
  • Conan: Shinichi-nii-chan, are you going crazy?
  • Shinichi: ...
  • Shinichi: Why do you think so?
  • Conan: Because, Shinichi-nii-chan, you see, I don't exist! And you're using two phones right now to send messages to yourself... Do you need help, Shinichi-nii-chan?
  • Shinichi: ...
  • Shinichi: Shut up.
  • Conan: So rude, Shinichi-nii-chan...
  • Conan: Well, talk to you later, Shinichi-nii-chan. I'm off to comfort Ran-nee-chan. At least I am the one who's close to her and actually can comfort her.

pc-the-unicorn  asked:

If you had to place money, tho do you think would kiss who first, Midoryia or Urakara?

Oh wow– Um, I would have to say Ochako would kiss Izuku first. I feel like Izuku would be a tad bit oblivious in regards to showing affection. I mean, I’m pretty sure he’s aware of it, but he probably doesn’t know how to initiate it himself? Whereas Ochako is more inclined to showing affection and getting her feelings across, I believe. Of course, both her and Izuku are pretty much a bit hesitant on stuff like kissing and whatnot since they’re so easily flustered. So if anything, I think it would take a bit of time for them to do stuff like that? But yeah, I’m pretty sure Ochako would be the one that musters the extra ounce of courage to give him a little peck– in comparison to Izuku who probably overthinks about making a move on her which ultimately gets him to opt out last minute due to nervousness. What dorks..

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do you think taemin hates being seen as feminine? he's always saying how he dislikes it & mentions it quite frequently but i feel like it's all talk??? wanna know ur thoughts on it

that’s a subject I’ve discussed a lot in here, although mostly in scattered notions in lieu of a solid perspective. I’ll try to gather my main thoughts into a single, simple text, but you might want to check out some of my previous replies here, here, here, here, here and here~

going straight to the point: 

does he hate being seen as feminine? I can’t speak for him, obviously, but that depends heavily on your definition of ‘feminine’ - or rather, what feminine means to whoever puts him under that particular light. being feminine is not, has not been and will never be something inherently bad, but toxic masculinity (the actual definition of toxic masculinity; as in, harmful expectations imposed on men) claims and has been claiming since forever that it is - that possessing feminine traits, uh, mellows out your. status as a man. or something. it’s sounds ridiculous because it is a ridiculous concept; but it exists, it’s rampant, and men often feel pressured to live up to those expectations. not only does it damage them, it enables more toxic behavior from these same men, and what you get is an endless cycle few are willing to break apart from. harmful expectations are placed on men > men do anything to live up to those expectations > men permeate the idea that you have to live up to them if you want to be considered a man > harmful expectations of what men are supposed to be arise > and it goes. that’s where we head to the next question: is it all talk? 

no. no, it’s not, because he has shown traces of having been affected by those harmful expectations through rather subtle harmful behavior, but harmful nonetheless. case in point: that last ask I linked above.  

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I've just sat and read Better With You By My Side in one sitting. It's taken about 6 hours and half a pack of tissues because your writing is so incredible is reduced me to tears countless times, and it's possibly the best chaptered fic I've ever read, I cannot shower enough praise on you. The pacing was perfect, the plot kept me guessing, and was just the right mix of angst, fluff, and occasional smut. Thank you so so much for writing this wonderful story.

OH MY GOD u have no idea how much it means to hear this thank u so so so much i’m honestly so happy you liked it omg this message made my day <33

happy moment of the day | 1

so within my anxiety, i have a specific thing about phone calls and like adult things and especially when they’re combined. Like for a long time I forced my friends to leave me a message on my voicemail and then i would respond by leaving them a voicemail, like it was bad. Eventually, we did some ~unprofessional therapy to help me through my phone call anxiety with my friends, but I still for the longest time couldn’t do phone calls with strangers/anyone besides friends or family.

and so college hit me like a freight train and I was having to have other people make my phone calls like say to the advising office or to the parking services or even to call the pizza delivery people or an uber or something. and it has sucked but I’ve been really trying to work on it to jump this hurdle rather than just avoiding it or working around it like I usually do with my anxiety. (i know it’s not an approach for everyone, but i’m just the kind of person that likes to face my battles head on)

and so finally getting to the point, I jumped a little hurdle today and I called the doctor’s office and made an appointment over the phone and i’m just proud of myself because i finally did it and like i didn’t even cry after like i usually would and so like yay for happy moment of the day, yay for breaking down barriers, yay for being one step closer to kicking my anxiety square in the ass.

BTS as tags on my fake chats
  • Taehyung: #CUTIES! #TAETAE! #2NDBF #this is so adorable omg
  • Jimin: #this is actually super adorable though #ahhh #cuties #my beautiful chimchim #me and my bby <333
  • Namjoon: #JASON HISTOLOGY GOT MY CRYING #THIS IS SO FUNNY PLS I NEED AIR #but this is so cute #damnit
  • Hoseok: #THERE'S REAL TEARS IN MY EYES #IM SCREAMING #squealing and screeching in my room
  • Jungkook: #BUNBUN #jikook is still real #I have nothing else to say #my baby bunny #awwwwww #so cuuuuuuuute
  • Seokjin: #hahahahahahahahahahahahahah #too good #goodness this is beautiful #never gonna not reblog
  • Yoongi: #oh my f*** god this shit is hella real

i do want 2 write the pining jealous keith drabble while he stares longingly at lance and plaxum….. im Weak its such a good idea @lanceskincare

Honestly I still can’t see Touken as a couple in any way, it just felt so forced