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So, look.   I'm not at all surprised Melissa moved me to tears in this episode because she slays me every damn time.  But can I just give a shoutout to Mr. Reedus?

Because that little “Why’d you go?” just about finished me off.  The hurt in his voice, and his body language the whole episode…I think the man is pretty underrated.  He’s really brought Daryl to life, and when he and MMB share scenes?  It’s fucking magic, man.  She’s already a master class (IMO), but when they’re in scenes together, they elevate each other’s game. 

Take note, TPTB.  Forget this whole absence makes the heart grow fonder shit, and reunite these two for good.  They’re each compelling in their right, but together?  Let me just put it this way.  Was Mulder not better when he had Scully by his side?  What about William Adama and Laura Roslin?  I could go on, but I won’t.  And really.  Carol and Daryl, in my mind at least, are just as much a part of each other as these characters are a part of each other. 

So.  Let this latest separation be blessedly short.  Because these two?  Deserve to be together.  They deserve to know love and be able to actually bask in it, openly, for more than 5 damn seconds. 

And hey. If it’s the whole thrill of the chase, longing pining thing you’re afraid of losing, don’t be.  Because I think we all know, MMB and NR are more than up to the task of continuing their beautiful story and taking it forward naturally.  The characters, the portrayers, and the fans have all earned that much. 

Bathroom Makeover?

in 6.1 this is what the bathroom in the Turner’s flat looked like:

However in 6.5 it looked like this:

I can understand a mirror being changed but not the tiles!

(It’s probably just as well the Turners are moving!)

anonymous asked:

hi i know you mostly draw mchanzo but if u could draw junkrat that would be great hes my fav and id love to see him in your style <333

anon i love this junk boy s O muCH

{{ I’m embarrassed and instead of working on those asks I’ve been doing this, but IM GOING TO TRY THIS OUT?? }} low key tag dump

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So I really want to do something for the Ninjago Zombie AU
and I debated just opening another ask-blog but then… I had a thought.

What if…

What if I made a blog that worked like a “choose your own adventure” comic.

For example, say the ninja were being attacked by a rival gang, but only one person in the other gang had a gun.
And say you were Kai for this “Chapter”, and he has a gun he can use.
You guys would choose between the options of “shoot”, “try to negotiate”, or “surrender”. Or commands similar to that. 
I pick the command based off of which one has the most asks with it. 
So, say 3 people chose “negotiate”, while only 2 chose to shoot.
Kai would try to negotiate because that’s what most of you guys chose. 

Basically, I have a plot and you guys choose your own ways through it.
You collectively send asks to write the comic while I draw it out. 

I might be venturing into the world of commissions next week if you guys are interested in that…