things i will make

  • pewdiepie: makes a few terrible, ill advised ‘jokes’
  • onision: makes transphobic videos, mocks a mentally ill youtuber, kills his pet turtle, films his girlfriend having a seizure and posts it on youtube, films the same girlfriend having an emotional breakdown and posts it on youtube, sends at least two ex girlfriends into extensive therapy for post traumatic stress because of his treatment of them, courts and marries a teenager in secret without her parents knowledge, drives across state lines to 'legally' fuck a 17yo, accepts half naked photos of his predominantly underage fanbase to rate them, calls mentally ill people 'weak', 'selfish' and 'stupid' for their self harm or disordered eating, forces his wife to have a girlfriend, tells his wife he's going to fuck her girlfriend because 'no boundaries', tries to force the girlfriend to brand herself with his wife's name or other dehumanizing things, tries to chain the girlfriend up in the basement for a week with a dehumanizing sign because she smoked weed, tries to cut the girlfriend off from her family, loudly broadcasts his sex life online to his teenage fans, mocks the death of christina grimmie, robin williams and other celebrities.
  • internet: *crickets chirping*

every westallen scene ever (122/?)

  • Hazel: hey, Percy. What's up?
  • Percy: nothing but the ceiling, girlie
  • Hazel: *laughs*
  • Percy: *leaning over to Annabeth* See? She thinks in funny!
  • Annabeth: statistically, I suppose someone has to
  • Percy: . . .

Drabble fragment I wrote because I couldn’t sleep due to a stuffy nose.

Ladybug smiled at Adrien, nervous but refusing to show it.

“I am glad you’re okay.” She said, eyes locked with his.

He smiled back. “It’s all thanks to you.”

Had he moved closer, or had she? She wasn’t sure but they were now rather close. Close enough to kiss, maybe?

Before she could work up her courage to ask for a thank you kiss, an arm slung around her shoulder, pulling her back.

“Ladybug!” Alya exclaimed in her ear. “That fight was amazing! You were really in top form today.”

Ladybug blinked at her, dazed by her sudden appearance. “Alya?” She asked, confused.

“From the Ladyblog, yes!” She pulled her away from Adrien and Ladybug glanced back longingly.

Once Adrien was out of earshot Alya’s cheerful voice dropped to a warning whisper. “Ladybug, I love you, but if you flirt with that boy, I’m going to have to slander you so hard. My best friend has dibs. Respect the dibs.”

After a few excited selfies, Alya ran off, leaving Ladybug deeply touched by the fact that her best friend would stand up to a superhero for her. And also very annoyed.

anonymous asked:

Im curious how many followers do you have because like you are one of the most famous yoi blogs especially with your lil cutie keilattes

asdjfdk hhh I’d rather not say, but it’s a lot, and I’m really grateful ;v;
also who decides on these things though omg?? 
SDJFDJLFK LIL CUTIE KEILATTES…….. kei you’re a cutie

also I hope you don’t mind that I use your ask to answer a bunch of other ones too hahah

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this took me years i couldn´t finished bc i was super busy but i  managed today to do it aaaaa help

(sorry for delay @markiplier @crankgameplays and tyler)

well i hope u like it even tho it´s not the best sorry :)

i probably repost this bc this video means a lot and I like how it looks at the end all the effort well bai

these are the nicest messages I’ve gotten from anons. I deleted and blocked the nasty ones. I purposefully divided accounts so people could avoid the explicit fic. This weekend I needed a break and I locked the other blog and it moved here so I closed my askbox. and today I got this comment notif in my email.

The timing could be entirely coincidental and it’s 3am and I’m cranky anyway I guess but I’m kinda. Mad. ? I don’t mind being asked to add a tag and I’m on mobile but I’ll add the tag when I login to ao3 again… idk. Something about the comment rubs me the wrong way. Maybe it’s all like puffed up defensive bluster on my part but. Idk. It’s really discouraging to get a barrage of this.

We’ve all ready fics we viscerally dislike. We all have that howling THATS OOC voice inside when we read. Sometimes we are like why is this fic popular I HATE IT.

I like writing and I’m lucky to have people who engage with me about it and are nice enough to read and review. I’ve made awesome friends and I think improved my writing a lot. I’ll keep working hard to improve. But it’s kinda discouraging, this barrage of the same thing. Maybe I’m being too sensitive and need to work on accepting criticism! But also maybe just….

But maybe just. Click away and find something else you enjoy reading more. I know I always say let me know what you liked and didn’t like but let’s just say enough on this. You don’t like my clexa. I get it. Just leave me alone.

Kj seems like the guy who would totally go to church with you and that makes me feel all warm inside


feeling kinda icky so I made a comic to cheer myself up?

since i feel kinda like a dickhead for not doing anything againts the wank, i’m just going to share my latest adlock crack headcanon and hope it lightens up the mood

here are my two other headcanon posts if u are interested x  x

  • one of the few times irene got drunk, she called sherlock from wherever in the world she was at the time, not given a single fuck about time zones, because she thought having phone sex was a brilliant idea 
    • sherlock realises she’s not exactly sober and knows she gets weird when she’s drunk, so he tries to talk her out of it (which doesn’t work at all, bc when the f has that woman ever listened to him???)
    • sherlock decides to hang up the phone before she says something neither one of them would be able to forget
    • sadly, it was too late. irene called sherlock’s dick lil’billy
    • sherlock was not sure if he should laugh or cry