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hi, I'm new to the studyblr community and I was wondering how I could take nice pictures for my blog/studygram, do you have any tips? 😊

hello there! i do have some tips! 

so you want that aesthetic you love seeing on your dash? here are some things you can do that aren’t difficult at all! 

  • lighting makes a huge difference
    • natural light makes photos clear and adds to the aesthetic
    • lamp light is okay if there is a lot of it!
    • usually, if it’s too dark outside already, i wait until the next day to take a picture. it’s just higher quality when taken in the daytime. 
  • use photo editing apps for nice filters or other editing options
    • vsco is awesome (that’s what i use!) 
    • instagram has some good ones, too
    • if photos look dark, increase the exposure or brightness 
  • positioning and angles make a difference, too!
    • try to take pictures directly above what you want to photograph
    • position the things you want in the picture the way you want them to show up
    • changing up the angles by focusing on one part of your notes or another creative angle helps when you want to upload more than one photo at once. your photoset will have different perspectives! 
  • you don’t have to take a picture of your whole page
    • bringing the camera closer to the page to get certain details works well, too
    • press and hold the phone or camera button to bring the foreground into focus. this will blur the background and add depth to your photos! 
  • experiment!
    • find out which filters you like/match the lighting you have 
    • tweak the exposure/brightness/contrast to see what makes your picture better
    • try black and white to see if that looks cool!

i know this sounds like a lot, but it’s pretty simple once you figure out what works for you :D have fun!

RFA, V, and Saeran react to a crafty MC

° Yoosung °
“Oooo MC what’s that?”
“My newest project.”
-He tries to take it from you before you’ve put the last pieces on it like chill its almost done
“What is it?”
“Yoosung. It’s a flower crown.”
“Oooo! Can I try it on?”
-boi yes of course you’re too adorable to say no to look at those eyes
-oh right gotta be chill
“I mean I guess”
“Am I pretty now, MC?”
“Yoosung you’re always pretty”
“Aww thank you MC”
-Is blushing when that happens
-Always wants to wear what you make
-Tries desperately to help with buying supplies but college is expensive
-Always helps as best as he can
-Definitely tries to get you to make LOLOL related stuff
-This cinnamon roll I love him-

° Zen °

“Oh MC is this for me?”
-boi I just finished that jacket I swear to go~
“Uh, yeah sure, wow you look good in that”
“Well its your skills that make it”
“Aw Ze-”
“But I mean I always look good”
“Okay Zen you can take it off now”
-Always steals what you make so he can show off to all his coworkers
   -“My lovely MC made this, look how nice it is”
-Wants to get you to help make props and such for his work
-If you make flower crowns they’re gone within the hour and your phone died from all the spammed selfies

° Jaehee °
“MC what are you doing?”
-You jump out of your skin
“Oh my god don’t sneak up on me, I’m just making charms”
-(Bet your bottom) This girl constantly wants to help you
“Can I see?”
-Girl yes admire the work lololol-
“Sure thing, here’s the one I finished earlier”
“Uhm, thank you?”
“MC we should make charms for the RFA”
-She is so supportive -go girlfriend-
-Will always show off your creations in the café
-Just loves what you do

° Jumin °
-Watches you intently work at his desk for hours *picture we are number one when sportacus is in the cage being watched*
“MC we should make you a store for all this”
-you wot m8-
“Jumin that’s kind of a lot for just some jewelry”
“MC I’m serious, let me call Assistant Kang”
-he is forcibly removed from his phone
“Jumin its not necessary please don’t”
-Will always help buy your supplies, there’s no way to get out of it
-jumin please I can buy the $3 bouquets of flowers-
-Will wear flower crowns around the house for your enjoyment
“MC do you think that I look better with this crown or that crown?”
“Jumin can I please take your picture you look great”
-you never get his picture unless you’re also in it-
-Will bring your little pieces to keep at his desk at work
-Loves every piece you’ve made

° Seven/Saeyoung °

-Has known since you joined
-Loves when you give him a new charm for his phone
-Wears your bracelets all the time
-Praises all of the things
“MC is that a sweater for me?!”
“Dammit Saeyoung can’t you let me surprise you?”
-your wedding rings are ones you made, cmon that’s cute-
-Will ask for you to make his glasses cooler
-Eventually wants to challenge you to out craft him (he’s been practicing while you sleep)
“MC you won’t win this round”
(try me bitch)
“Okay show off your jacket in 3- 2- 1-”
-His has memes hand painted all over it
-The back of the denim jacket you did has a scene where you and seven are stargazing
“MC that’s too good what the heck”
-he starts crying and you’re facepalming-
-You wear each others creations all the time after that
“MC can you make a scarf for Vanderwood?”
“I could, what colors?”
-You knit Vanderwood’s scarf and Seven is ecstatic
-Vanderwood is unamused but wears it anyway because he’s nice (even though he doesn’t want to wear it)

° Saeran °

“MC why are you cutting the stems off the flowers”
“Saeran you asked for a flower crown, I’m making you a flower crown”
“I never asked that” -boi yes you did-
-Asks you why you craft for so many hours
“Saeran I made this for you”
“MC why is it an ice cream cone?”
“Because you like ice cream, Saeran” -“why do you ask dumb questions-”
-Won’t admit it but he loves when he can watch you make stuff
-Whenever you make him anything he will wear it for a little bit to see you smile
-Give him charms and you’ll see them on his phone he loves them
-Won’t wear a flower crown unless he is holding your phone
-No pictures are allowed
-you try to sneak them-
-Loves helping you even if he won’t say so
-salty boi loves when you make him cutesy stuff that he says he won’t wear even when he does wear it-

° V °
“MC can I take your picture while you wear that?”
-flustered MC-
“Can I finish it first?”
“Of course”
-Will constantly take your picture
-Loves watching you being focused, loves when you make your concentrating face
-Will ask you to make him little things to wear like crowns and such
-Will teach you more about photography if you teach him about your crafts
-Loves to craft with you
-It’s a date option when it comes up-
-Just loves seeing you happy doing what you love
-Will hang his pictures of you crafting in his office/gallery
-Makes photosets of your crafts and those are his favorite
-Will always wear/use what you make him
-So much love from the blue cinnamon roll-

So I still haven’t figured out how to make it look crossed out (I’m dumb I’m sorry) but when there’s text between the dash lines just pretend its crossed out. Eventually I will know I just don’t yet okay? I’m gonna figure it out after school tomorrow.

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#despite the amazing finale the season was still a let down i stand by that #i’ve missed the team ups and them talking to each other #the bonding over disinterest in Marvel movies only reminded me how much I missed them just genuinely chatting and being friends that are on #on the same page #they are just so well suited for each other ugh #honestly them being together would not have stopped them from following their dreams #that’s such a narrow view of things #also focusing on the age difference so much misses the fact that if Jeff was in their 20s right now they actually would NOT be good for each other #like we can only IMAGINE what big of a douche and fratboy he was in his 20s #for their dynamic to work as well as it does Jeff actually HAS to be older #people mature at different ages and Annie in her mid20s is probably more mature than Jeff will ever be even in his 80s:p #so instead of trying to find reasons why their age difference would make it hard for them to work they should have focused on why it actually #makes it possible for them to work #in the first place  #just my two cents i guess #because i’ve always thought there was a lot of ‘i ship them despite the age difference’ kind of thing going on even amongst j/a shippers #which always baffled me because the age difference is not a despite kind of thing for them #it’s an integral factor of the dynamic #Annie simply would not like a douche-y green frat boy Jeff Winger #she likes the seasoned distinguished version #and if Annie was Jeff’s age now she simply wouldn’t have patience for someone that immature while being her age #she would see him as Frankie does probably lol #so really Jeff and Annie could only work with age difference while retaining their personalities (via teruel-a-witch)

I thought Katya’s fabulous tags deserved a post of their own so here you go. :-) The bolded tags are the parts that I especially agree with 1000%. 


April 15th: “I know that everybody worries about what’s coming next, but in my experience, it doesn’t do any good. It just makes you more stressed out and usually, you’re just worrying about things that may never happen. Today and this moment is all we have, so stay present and focused, and count your blessings for today, and trust that the rest will fall into place.”


Maya Week: Day 4 - Favorite Episode

“I love that little girl. And I won’t pretend with her.”
“I’ll be just fine with half.”
1x07 - Girl Meets Maya’s Mother

This is such a great Maya episode. It really highlights how differently Riley and Maya see things. Riley is very focused on dreaming of the world as it should be; Maya focuses on how to live in the world as it is. Both things are important, of course, but I just love how this episode brings the two into such contrast. Maya’s character gets a lot of depth in this one and it’s just so great. It honestly makes my eyes water if I think about it too much.

Maya Hart is talented and strong.

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I love how u capture things I focused on when I saw the episode the first time… like here, Beth’s head nod. I love it!

Daryl and Beth’s silent communication is literally everything to me. From the very second that they ran from the prison together and were stranded out alone in the woods, the pair of them could immediately get stuff done without a single word. Inmates was really the episode where we first got a taste of it, and I feel like their portion of that episode is almost under-appreciated within the Bethyl community. Literally, their entire ten minutes was of them searching through the woods and killing walkers without saying anything. They just got it, each other, and understood what to do.

When Beth got attacked and Daryl ripped that walker off of her, he looked back to her form, connected eyes, and nodded. And from that, alone, she knew he was going to give her an opportunity to kill it, safely. Then there was the perfect example of one of the important boxes on Norman’s “Daryl Romance” checklist; saying things that you can’t take back. When she told him that it wouldn’t kill him to have a little faith and he immediately bit back, “Yeah, faith. Faith ain’t done shit for us. Sure as hell didn’t do nothin’ for your father.” it was followed by such an important batch of their silent communication. He apologized for his remark, without saying anything. And she understood. All without words.

And then we opened Still and saw just how far it had progressed in their time together. A few “come on’s” and grunts and each of them knew what to do with the car and the impending herd. And in the trunk? We have this briefest of moments of reasurance from Daryl, which he’d been failing (and, honestly, doing the exact opposite of) to provide from the moment they’d been alone in each other’s presence and after this one, as well. For that briefest of moments, he saw her panicking, held out his hand, and nodded. Silently conveying, “We’re going to be okay. Give it a little while longer and we’ll be able to get out of the trunk.” Their not talking is just as extraordinary as them doing so.


I’d never intended to be an actor. Well, to be fair I had some notion at 11 years old that I would be an actor and live in LA, but by the time I got to high school I’d become more of a realist. I decided I was instead going to be a rock star. I’d done plays in high school, but that was just fun and games. I was more focused on my band. Next thing I know, my parents convince me to audition for Julliard and somehow I tricked them into inviting me to join their 20 person-a-year drama division. It was stunning and unexpected, and I really didn’t know what to do with it. In fact, I was somewhat resentful to have to leave my band and music behind. Long story short, I embraced some things about the Julliard training and rejected others and this led to Julliard kindly asking me to leave.