things i want to sleep next to

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Fuck District Managers. 

So I have a sleep disorder. It’s pretty bad at times and I had to get a note from my doctor saying it’s extremely dangerous for me to work if I am on one of my down cycles.

Luckily I have enough tricks and things that I have come up with between my doctor’s recommendations and personal experimentation that I can, even during one of my down cycles, usually manage to get enough sleep to stay out of the danger zone. ( I try not to take my sleeping pills unless I have the next day or two off because I am solid dead asleep for at least 14-20 hrs straight and I don’t want to risk missing my shifts).

I have only called out 5 times in three years of working there. Only twice because of being dangerously sleep deprived. The second time was 2 days ago, which happened to be during one of our DM’s surprise store visits 

Now my doctor’s note is in my employee file. I had called around and gotten my shift covered before I called out to my store manager. My ass was as covered as I could make it. 

Imagine my surprise to go into work and find a formal write up for skipping work.

From the DM.

Who would have seen my doctor’s note saying I MUST be allowed to call out for sleep if I get to the level I got to when he went in to put my write up in my file and been told by my manager that I responsibly made sure my shift was covered before I called out. 

According to my SM the DM’s reasoning was that if I was going to “make shit up to be lazy” then I would “have to be made aware of the consequences of [my] actions”. 

I hope he has a run of sleepless nights like the one that ended with me in the hospital getting diagnosed and then I get a chance to tell him that he’s obviously just making it up to be lazy. Ass. 

TL:DR: medical necessity required me to call out for a shift which I made sure was covered. DM gives me a formal reprimand for “laziness”

I am stealing my sister’s blackcurrant tea and it is one of the most delicious & soothing things I’ve ever had, we saw a bad movie at the cinema and I am very tired and sad and I miss Anna all the time. Incredibly sleepy but can’t go to sleep because I really don’t want for tomorrow to come, that sinking tight stomach feeling is very prominent and it’s going to snow and rain lots also.. I want to fall alseep next to Anna and wake up in a dimension where everything is alright

This is some sort of blog notice, actually! But I wanted to draw those two, so. 

Back in track - I’m MOVING. That kind of changing house that involves package all your belongings, dissemble your furniture, repaint every wall, cry because Wifi? What’s that? Let’s hope the pub haven’t changed the password, and other little things ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ ehhhhhh.

So the next two weeks (only, I hope) are going to be very full. I think I’m not going to have a lot of problems in keeping the blog updated because the whole sleeping thing and the snitchingthepubwifithing, but, from tomorrow, ask, chat and whatnot - they will have to wait! 

bye (◡‿◡✿)! 

cute klance sleeping things:

  • ever since they started dating, keith secretly wanted to share a bed with lance so bad but felt it was too fast/rushed/pushy and agonized over it. should he ask??? how even?? (and that amount of touching makes him a bit nervous too)
    • but one night lance comes in to keith’s room, exhausted after a Coran Cardio workout and just collapses into the bed next to keith, sleeping before he hits the sheets
    • keith doesn’t move the whole night. it’s like a cat has Chosen him and he doesn’t want to scare it off. he just lays there grinning like an idiot at the ceiling while lance snores on his stomach.
  • keith is a total blanket hog; by morning he is wrapped up like a wee caterpillar. lance fights back by spreading his lankiness over every inch of the bed, whether keith is occupying it or not.
  • also lance sleeps in until like noon so keith’ll wake up and just stare lovingly at the boy for a while until lance blows a snot bubble and ruins it.
    • OR lance’ll wake up and see keith and blearily, crookedly, smile instantly and that right there makes keith’s whole day
  • before they go to bed keith reads aloud from a book while lance snuggles into his side and listens, holding his hand.
  • on the rare occasions lance wakes up before keith, he kisses keith awake:
    • “wake up, sleeping beauty! I am thy prince and thy spell is lifted.”
    • “oh my god lance you have morning breath get off”
    • “i SAID thy spell is LIFTED”

Hey everyone!

Tomorrow I’m traveling to Romania to see my family and friends. I won’t be posting any comics for the next 4 weeks, but more episodes are on the way as soon as I’m back!

If you want to see sketches and pictures from my trip, make sure to follow me on Instagram @cassandracalin

Cheers and I hope you all have a lovely summer! Ne vedem în curând! :)

Good morning everybody ♡

The last couple of days were pretty exhausting for me, jobwise. Even more so yesterday I was looking forward to train. Compared to other training sessions it was kind of frustrating though. I was not able to lift as much as the last time and I just could not get the pump. After doing what I had to do, that is getting a sufficient stimulus for muscle growth, I stopped - reluctantly.

See, sometimes things don’t work out the way we planned. Be that as it may. Accept it and move on. I could have pushed through yesterday but that would have led to even more fatigue. It would have been a chore and I don’t want that to happen. Training to me is something epic, something that makes me very happy. If, for some reason, it does not satisfy me, I try again. Knowing that the next level is out there waiting for me.

I ate well and had a good night sleep and I woke up this morning feeling a lot better. Heading to the gym for arms day, I expect nothing less from my arms than to explode!

Have a great day!


honestly idk what im doing with colors and shit but enjoy this shitty comics 

I want to sleep with you. Or next to you. It doesn’t matter. I just want to lay in your bed together and talk and laugh about silly things and personal thoughts. I just want to be with you.
—  Meinherzwirdtaub

sexual history does not define purity. i have seen pure. it is my friend silently moving things so her blind girlfriend doesn’t have to grope around for them. it is the seven year old student i had who learned how to sign “want to play” so he could talk to his deaf neighbor. it is the morning i woke up to find my dog and two cats all sleeping next to each other. it is in small beautiful moments: holding someone’s hand so they can work through a panic attack, giving someone a smooth rock from the ocean, a little boy being a princess, the look on a child’s face the first time they read a book on their own from start to finish. pure is paying for someone’s coffee, is giving up time for soup kitchens, is staying up late to help a friend work through things. it’s saying “yes, i’ll help,” even when you’re dead tired and you need help yourself. 

this world is full of terrible things people can do to each other and yet we don’t see “pure” as the moments that matter. we see it as one black or white possibility: either you are a virgin and holy or you are unclean. but people are not blankets of snow. we don’t dirty for letting people in. no. when we love, we only become more beautiful.

The rain came and came until I was flooded out
of my own home. By home I mean body. By body
I mean something you didn’t want anymore. Or,
maybe, more accurately, didn’t have a use for
anymore. It’s hard to talk when you’re choking
on the river. When my heart starts to bleed, it
pollutes the water. Distorts the fish and birds.
I start speaking in shades of blue, wrap the
color around your name. I dream about
sleeping inside the belly of a dove and
cracking eggshells. I’m starting to forget
what cherries taste like, and I’m sure the
sound of your voice will be the next thing
to go.
—  THINKING ABOUT YOU, angelea l.

Constantly losing focus while you study be frustrating. We will go through some of the top study tips that can allow you to focus and study effectively.

Remind yourself why
One of the key things that help us maintain focus no matter what, is by getting really interested in whatever we are doing. So find a way to make your topic interesting, relatable and practical in your life.

Remind yourself that you want to study to expand your worldly knowledge, to graduate, get into a field that you can flourish in, and provide some value to the world with your awesomeness. Also try thinking in metaphors and whatifs. It’s your mind, no one else has access to it, so think of wondrous things to make yourself want to devote the next few hours of your life to the task at hand.

Before studying

  1. Plan out what you want to accomplish and give yourself a time limit. For example, I will read 10 pages from my psych textbook in 30 minutes, or I will spend 1 hour researching the key words for my report.
  2. Get enough sleep. Ideally around 7-9 hours. If you sleep earlier, you may need less sleep, but please never do less than 6. Constant sleep deprivation is deteriorating for the brain and body.
  3. Eat foods that help you focus. Which include blueberries, green tea, avocados, spinach, kale, salmon, nuts and seeds. I often have a spinach, banana & kale smoothie with matcha green tea powder, but you can combine some of the ingredients in a quick sandwich if you like.
  4. Your brain mainly works on sugar, but you need to temper it with a protein or something with low GI, to reduce any blood-sugar problems which can lead to sudden tiredness. A quick way to find a a balance is to opt for a fruit or healthy smoothie.
  5. Be aware that if you study right after having a heavy meal the blood circulating around your brain reduces and goes to help with digestion, so you may feel less alert. Smaller meals can help.
  6. Take supplements that help you focus: fish oil, omega 3, Ginko Biloba, vitamin B12, Co-Enzyme Q10, and iron.
  7. Identify whatever distracts you and find a way to minimise it. So perhaps you can go to a non-distracting environment, if that is an issue. I prefer libraries or coffeeshops.
  8. Surround yourself with motivated people. If you can befriend the top few students in your class, or at least be on nicer terms with them, hopefully their studiousness will rub off on you.
  9. Have all the stationary and materials you need at hand.
  10. Set up a reward system, but avoid food as a reward as it can lead to an unhealthy relationship with food. Instead try a relaxing activity, or hobby. Pretty much any incentive you can think of that will help you cross the finish line.

While studying

  1. Prime - Spend 2 minutes skimming or figuring out what you will be going through.
  2. Drinking game - Keep a bottle of water or two next to you. Drink a cup or a half cup worth every time you get distracted for more than 5 seconds.
  3. Put distractions in their place - Write down any distracting thoughts in a small notebook. But remember it’s not supposed to act as your pretty bullet journal, but you can make another spread for if it you like. I made a small notebook the other day to write down quick thoughts that I would otherwise dwell on. It helps me direct my thoughts appropriately to what I’m studying, and still have those important ideas to refer to later.
  4. Motivate yourself - Write out exactly why you want to be a [insert awesome career position] in detail with examples. Keep that page or post-it on hand and look at it when you feel yourself losing focus. It can give you a motivational boost and can inspire you to keep going. Sometimes I like to visualise specific scenarios of how I could help people once my finish my studies.
  5. Take strategic breaks - Remove yourself from your study space and think of something else for a few minutes. You can get a snack, walk around, do a quick workout, look outside, and notice nature. Practice being present in the moment. Listen to of the world around you and get out of your head.
  6. If you feel you can not sustain your concentration on a task for too long, you may switch between two different yet equally important tasks. But try to do a big task for at least 20 minutes, you never know, by then you might like it. Some studies show, it takes 20 minutes to really get into concentrating on something.
  7. Reduce as many distractions as you can, including turning off notifications and wifi, putting you phone on do not disturb or airplane mode, and try blocking apps.
  8. Track how you use your time. I like the apps ‘Now and Then’ and ‘Moment’ for iOS. So you can see how much you have accomplished or slacked off.
  9. Write draft first. Edit and prettify later.
  10. If you’re in the final stage, focus on the fact that you have made it this far and that you’re almost done.
  11. Try to make it fun somehow, perhaps with strategies you used when you were a kid.
  12. Use as many senses as you can.
  13. Record your voice and say whatever you are reading or writing in different accents.
  14. Draw quick doodles next to whoever you are doing to help you remember it better.
  15. As long it’s not your first draft, feel free to use colourful pens, highlights and tape to keep you engaged.

After studying

  1. Revise whatever you have accomplished just before your break, by quickly skimming through your most recent notes or readings.
  2. Consequent revision schedule. The best way to remember what you have worked on is to revise it in specific intervals, after you have studying it. So after five minutes, in that evening before bed, the next day, at the end of the week and then in three weeks.
  3. Reward yourself, as long as you feel like you ended up accomplishing something you couldn’t before.

You can try out each step for two days each to see which strategies work best for you.

I hope these tips can help you, and feel free message me if you would like more details for one of the points :)

Keith goes through a kinda second "Galra puberty" thing

• He craves weird foods and basically just wants to be a vegetarian
(“I want CARROTS” “We don’t have carrots” “But I want them”)

• He needs to sleep all the time and gets super grumpy when he has to wake up early

• He can get super emotional but it’s really random. He can take all kinds of crap one day it the next day someone can bump him by accident and he will just curl up there on the floor and cry

• He becomes sensitive to smell and scents. He gets stressed when things don’t smell right or like his and gets calmed by the smell of his team.
(“Keith, don’t take this the wrong way but I think it’s time you washed your bedsheets” “Fuck off they finally smell right!!”)
(Shiro doesn’t care about the smell, he just wants his shirts back)
(“Keith I’m very happy you like Allura and Coran so much that you want them to smell like family but you really need to stop rubbing against them”)

• He loves Red so fucking much just in general and will be found laying across her warm muzzle cooing at her

• But the main thing is he gets super protective of what is his, mainly the rest of the team

- Someone goes to greet Pidge and touch their shoulder and Keith just smacks their hand away.
(He doesn’t even realise when he did this and is still in denial)
- Someone goes to hug Hunk bc he is so huggable and Keith practically tackles them to the ground.
(“Ok, that I can’t deny I did. Sorry.” He’s not sorry.)
- When someone new sits next to Shiro Keith is just shoves them away and lays across his lap.
(“No, no, nope nope nope, sorry, just no.” Shiro pats his hair and Keith practically purrs.)
- Nobody expects how defensive he is with Lance though. People Keith doesn’t know can’t even look at him without his ears going flat and him baring his fangs. He will move to stand in front of Lance so the person can’t see him. Thy can talk to him so long as they don’t say his name or look directly at him.
- This gets better and worse after they start dating. Better bc at least it’s not awkward when someone speaks to Lance and Keith just presses himself completely up against Lance with no explanation, and worse bc Lance loves PDA and totally tempts Keith into it.
(Lance will smile at someone so that Keith will snarl and force cuddles on Lance)
(Lance ‘forgets’ to shower after a cuddle session with Keith and wears his shirt the next day to a meeting and Keith cannot pay attention at all. “Keith are you listening?” “Hell no.” “Please stop sniffing Lance” “HE SMELLS SO GOOD” “Ohmygod please stop” and Lance just grins)


Derp Emblem: New Year’s Party

I mean, even though uh… Midnight was 17 hours ago in my timezone, Happy New Year everyone??? We have a lot planned for this upcoming year, with the first big thing happening within the next two weeks! I can’t tell you what it is or what day it’s going to be, but I think it’s a surprise that regular stream goers are going to enjoy! As for getting more stuff out, I’m still trying my best to work between all of the other things I have to do! Seriously though guys, thanks for sticking around for another fun-filled year and may many more come ❤

(Wingdings translation in the image captions!)


This Will Do

For @ebbthegoatgirl

Merry Christmas, Sadie


I wake up to a mouthful of sweet, golden hair.

           I’m not expecting it and I’m shocked backwards. Impossible, it can’t be.

           And then I remember.

           Lips and tears and heat and fire.  I remember being so afraid of what I’d begun, of what kind of a door I might have opened – or closed.  I remember him begging me to look him in the eye, of being terrified to let him see exactly how much I need him.

           I remember him extinguishing my fear, kissing me over and over and over again, holding himself above me and making me reach up for him.

           And I did.  Long into the night, I did.

           I would again.

           We must have fallen asleep in each other’s arms, because here I am, gazing into his sleeping face, lightly touching the moles on his cheek next to his eye like I’ve always wanted to.

           Crowley, all the things that I’ve always wanted to do.

           Simon is an unbelievable kind of beautiful up close. He’s the kind of beautiful that is significant from a distance, but if you stare at his features too long, they begin to lose their meaning.  His eyes are just eyes, not Simon’s eyes, until you look away and back again.  It’s like the longer I take in his face, the more I realize I could never possibly get enough.

           Sunlight is drifting into the room, setting his curls aglow, and I remember another thing.

           “Simon,” I whisper, “it’s Christmas.”

           He doesn’t stir.

           I’ve just woken up with Simon Snow in my arms on Christmas morning.

           I grin.  What more could I possibly ask for?

           I press the lightest of kisses to his lips, and he sighs, starting to wake up.  When his eyes flutter open, they meet mine and there’s the slightest moment of confusion before I see that he remembers everything, too.

           And suddenly I’m afraid again.  I’m afraid he’ll have come to his senses.  I’m afraid he’ll push me away and regret everything that happened the night before, from the first kiss to the last.

           “Morning,” he mumbles, and I feel him stretch under the covers, his feet lightly brushing mine.

           “Hi,” is all I can say.

           For a long time, all we do is lie there, facing each other, inches away, searching each other’s eyes, thinking all the things we wish we could say.

           “What’s today?” he asks suddenly, his brow furrowing.

           “December twenty-fifth,” I murmur.

           His face lights up.  “Christmas Day,” he breathes.

           A pang of guilt hits me suddenly.  “I don’t have anything for you,” I admit.  

           I probably shouldn’t be guilty.  After all, he did sort of show up unexpectedly, I haven’t really had time to prepare, and anyway we were still enemies.  Reluctant allies.  Until… well…

           Simon snakes his hand out from under the blankets, and he touches my cheek, as gently as though I were a butterfly.

           “This will do,” he whispers, and there’s something in his eyes.  Certainty. A promise.

           I want to kiss him.  So badly.


           He must see it on my face because he doesn’t wait for me to decide.  He kisses me with a softness that I didn’t think he was capable of.  I almost want to laugh because his mouth tastes sleepy, drowsy, and it’s not the fiery heat he kissed me with last night and it’s so new.

           Simon Snow, the Chosen One.

           You’re meant to kill me, not kiss me.

           He laughs and I realize that I’ve spoken aloud, whispering against his lips.  “Chosen One,” he scoffs quietly, “just this once, I’d like to choose for myself.”

           My heart nearly sinks because for some reason I think he’s going to change his mind, but to my relief he joins our mouths again, and I wonder if it will always be this way, if I’ll always doubt that my luck could turn, that a boy like him could ever love a boy like me.  I wonder if he’d keep kissing me if he knew how afraid I was.

           “What would you choose?” I dare to ask when we pause for breath.

           He grins at me like I’ve always wanted him to. “You, of course.”




           “That’s not very smart,” I tell him, “you might want to think about that.”

           “I don’t think,” he reminds me.

           “That’s for the best,” I mutter ruefully, “if you did, you’d run as far from me as you could.”

           His face goes solemn, and he takes my chin in his hand, not letting me look anywhere but into his eyes.

           “Baz,” he murmurs, “I’m not going anywhere, because it turns out I like you a lot and now you won’t be able to get rid of me.  I don’t care how crazy it is.”  He smirks. “Now shut up and let me give you your Christmas present.”

           I’m laughing against his lips at how ridiculous he is, how ridiculous all of this is, and I move my mouth to those three little moles by his eye, pressing my hands into the small of his back, peppering his face with kisses.

           Crowley, all the things I’ve wanted to do.

           And now I can.

I hope someday you’ll find someone that has a better playlist than mine - songs that will never let you miss him. A sweeter version of me, I hope. Someone who will never forget to remind you that among all these beautiful roses, you don’t have to be one. If you choose to be a lily or a sunflower, he will wholeheartedly support you and will always appreciate you for who you are. Someone who will love you more than you could ever love yourself. I want you to be happier. I hope you could find someone who never shouts on arguments. A midnight talker, an all day companion, a dreamer, a dog or a cat person, an admirer of sunsets and waking up next to you. All the things you wished I should be but couldn’t be. I hope he sends you voice memos just so you wouldn’t forget his voice. Someone who will sing you to sleep and will give you a morning forehead kiss. a better version of what you used to love.
—  12:05 AM // excerpt from the letter i’ll never write

Just wanted to say that we’re all in this together. It may look bad right now, but let’s hope this will unite us and make us stronger.

Just remember to breathe, and that we’ll all get through this together, no matter what. I love you all, and I hope you all sleep well and do your best the next day, and I wish nothing but the best for everyone in the future.

It’ll all be okay, and let’s all hope for good days ahead of us, even if things may look bad at the moment. Just remember to breathe, and hope.

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aw pretty girl love your blog ! id like to request a reaction of when you're cuddling and you fall asleep in there arms

Me? Pretty? :0 Thank you bby~

Jin: He was probably talking about the same thing for 20 minutes until you finally passed out. When he stopped talking to realize it he couldn’t stay mad at you because you looked so cute

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Yoongi: Well if you were going to sleep there so was he. He didn’t want to wake you up by moving, plus he was comfortable where he was. Next to you.

Originally posted by yoongijae

Namjoon: I feel like he would make an attempt to lay you down but it just ended up waking you up. “Shit. Sorry…Just go back to sleep.”

Originally posted by namseok

Hoseok: He’d find this so cute he had to stop himself from waking you up. Instead he’d keep smiling down at you, occasionally giving you a kiss on the head or two.

Originally posted by hobipd

Jimin: He’s one just to keep checking to see if you’re comfortable, pulling a blanket over you but careful enough so he doesn’t move around too much and wake you up.

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Taehyung: Something about seeing you like that just made him so happy on the inside. He felt like you trusted him enough to just easily fall asleep on him while at the same time thinking about how adorable you were.

Originally posted by jeonthegreat

Jungkook: I can’t see him doing much, just continuing to watch the movie without you but he’d steal glances every now and then to make sure you were still sleeping soundly. He also might be the type to wake you up and walk you back to his room so you can sleep more comfortably.

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I wanted to write @asktheboywholived an angst-free wolfstar thing because I like them and because I could. Also they, like everyone else, could use a daily/weekly/monthly dose of wolfstar.

Sirius got back from the Great Hall on his own after James ditched him for Lily and Peter ditched him for… whatever it was Peter could ditch him for. When he arrived at the Common Room, he dived straight for the couch next to the fireplace, laughing when he heard Remus, who had been drifting off to sleep while reading a book, huff under his weight.
“Hello my sleeping Moony,” he said, nuzzling his nose against Remus’s neck, making him yelp.
“Ungh, geroff, Sirius. I was sleeping,” Remus said drowsily, trying to push his boyfriend from on top of him. Sirius laughed at his sleep-weakened attempts, but got up and sat on the floor next to the sofa, looking lovingly at Remus, who was falling asleep again.
He ran a hand through Remus’s hair. “Moony you’re going to get neck cramps if you stay here. Let’s go to bed.”
“Mmm, don’ wan’ move,” Remus mumbled, and shuffled on the couch, finding a more comfortable position. Sirius sighed, stood up, and grabbed one of his boyfriend’s hands.
“C’mon, Moons.”
Remus pouted but stood up, never opening his eyes. As soon as he was on his feet, he let his dead weight fall over Sirius, who stumbled but caught him. “Git.·
He could feel Remus smile against his shoulder, and he started to take him up the stairs, trying his best not to kill either of them. When he got to the dormitory, he let Remus fall heavily on his bed.
“Noooo, stay,” Remus said as Sirius started to pull away, and he found his hand trapped in the surprisingly strong grip of his boyfriend’s hand. “’S cold.” Remus moved aside on the bed, leaving an empty space, and pulled Sirius next to him. Sirius sighed again, sat on the edge of the bed, removed his boots and his cloak, and slipped under the spell-warmed blankets. Immediately, Remus curled up into him.
“Not cold anymore,” Remus whispered hoarsely, and Sirius repressed a shudder. He felt rather than saw Remus frown. “You cold?”
“No,” Sirius whispered softly.
“Why you shiver, then?” Remus whispered, mouth pressed against Sirius’s shoulder.
Sirius smiled at the air and said, “Your voice is sexy.”
Remus smiled against his skin and whispered in Sirius’s ear, “your ass is sexy.”
Sirius gulped. Before he could say anything, though, he felt Remus press closer to him, tighten his grip around his waist, and exhale deeply against his neck. He turned his head slowly and kissed the top of his boyfriend’s head, and settled to sleep himself.