things i threw away

Giriboy - 술자리 (Let’s Drink) lyrics (translation)

I’ll be fine 걱정마
웃는 내가 보이잖아
아침이 밝기 전 마시자

눈물을 섭취해
상처는 전부 씻겨가겠지
I’ll be fine 괜찮아 걱정마

거짓말이 아니야 괜찮단 말이야
웃음꽃에 물을 왕창 줬단 말이야
일을 정리하면서
감정이란 것을 버렸어
신경이란 것을 쓰기 싫단 말이야
계속 그런 표정 지을 거면 말이야
30분만 더 있다가 일어나자

I’ll be fine 걱정마
잘 먹는 내가 보이잖아
공기밥 두 그릇 마시자

얼음판 세상은
국물에 전부 녹여가겠지
I’ll be fine 괜찮아 걱정마

거짓말이 아니야 괜찮단 말이야
웃음꽃에 물을 왕창 줬단 말이야
일을 정리하면서
감정이란 것을 버렸어
신경이란 것을 쓰기 싫단 말이야
계속 그런 표정 지을 거면 말이야
30분만 더 있다가 일어나자


I’ll be fine, don’t worry
you can see me smiling
let’s drink before the morning comes

I swallow my tears
all my wounds will be cleaned
I’ll be fine, it’s okay, don’t worry

I’m telling you it’s not a lie, I’m okay
I’m telling you I watered my happy laughter*
while putting things in order
I threw away my emotions
I’m telling you I don’t want to care
if you keep making that face
let’s stay like this 30 minutes and then get up

I’ll be fine, don’t worry
you can see I’m eating well
let’s eat two bowls of rice

The ice world
will all melt in the broth
I’ll be fine, it’s okay, don’t worry

I’m telling you it’s not a lie, I’m okay
I’m telling you I watered my happy laughter*
while putting things in order
I threw away my emotions
I’m telling you I don’t want to care
if you keep making that face
let’s stay like this 30 minutes and then get up

*the word 웃음꽃 could be literally be translated as “laughter flower” (웃음= laughter 꽃= flower).

When Josh and I talked about our dreams of playing music in front of people and seeing who all we could get to be a part of this and creating something special, something that everyone could be a part of, one of the things I never anticipated was needing to speak about things that are tough to speak about, like tragedies. Last night, I barely slept, I didn’t know what I was going to say but I knew something needed to be said. Do I say something in the beginning of the show? Do I say something before this song, after this song…I didn’t know. So I wrote a few things down, and then I threw those things away, I’m just going to speak from the heart. I want you to know something. When we decided we wanted to be musicians, we wanted to play shows, we knew that our concerts, the places that people could come, we wanted them to be a safe place. So, we want this area to be a safe place, and that was what we intended from the beginning. But heres the truth, this is going to be a safe place in here, we’re celebrating the fact that we’re alive, that we made it. I want you to know that music can help you get from one place to next. When you’re listening to music by yourself, you’re trying to survive, at least that’s what Josh and I use it for, but when you come to a show, you’re celebrating. You’re celebrating with thousands of people around you that you’ve made it. You made it for that day, you made it for that show, and you’re still kicking, you’re still here. This is a safe place. What I can’t deny, what I cannot pretend doesn’t exist, is what’s outside of this room right now, which is the rest of the world. And when I heard what had happened last night in Dallas with the five policemen who got killed and also when I heard about the two african american men who were treated unjustly and were killed, honestly I said to myself, ‘what is going on? why does this keep happening? This is wrong. Something’s broken and I don’t know how to fix it. I just write songs’ and I don’t know how to fix it, guys, I really don’t. And I wish I had the words to fix it…but I don’t. All I can say is that this city, I was in this city last night when everything was going down and even though it felt dark. It felt like there was fear, I felt a strength, and if there’s anywhere in the world that everyone can look at, and learn from, it’s from this city in Dallas, Texas. I know that they can learn from this place right here. We have to stick together, guys. We gotta figure this out, we have to stick together, and we have to love each other. I want you to know that all I know is how to play shows and how to write music, and I don’t know what kind of power that brings, what kind of change that brings, but I promise you that we’re doing everything we can, to try and bring that power and that change to this community, and to this world. And I want you guys, when you leave this room, to know that we’re asking you to work your hardest to make that change as well, Okay?.
—  Tyler last night (07.08.16)
I wrote a poem about it, and then threw it away, because that’s the last thing I need right now: More words dedicated to people who will never dedicate a single thing to me.
—  Charlotte Green, You Say You Don’t Want A Boyfriend, But You Know That’s Not True 
Dear old friend,
Correction: You were everything but a friend.
You were more, You are less.
We haven’t spoken in a while.
We left everything and moved on, and I don’t know why.
Sometimes I wonder what life would be like if you were ever in it again.
I don’t particularly miss you, or want you back.
I just wonder.
I sometimes question what things might have been like if I knew why we threw it all away. But just as they say, sometimes things are meant to be let go.
So I understand.
I don’t blame you.
I never did.
But I want to know one thing : Do you wonder about how life would have been if you stayed?
—  Sincerely, O.S. 
Panic Cord - Steve Rogers x Reader

Originally posted by slayalec

Words: 1069
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Featuring: Tony Stark
Warnings: kinda sad, kinda angsty
Requested by anon
Your song imagines are AMAZING!!!!! To change it up, could you do Panic Cord by Gabrielle Aplin, where Steve is the one who “pulled the panic cord”? Thanks love xo!!
Author’s Note: This is a song fic with the song above ^^ and you can check it out here!! With this request out, I now have less than 50! WOO!

Masterlist. Request List.

You kept all the things I threw away. A leaf I picked, a birthday card I made.

Maybe you were happy, I was bored.

Maybe I pulled the panic cord.

Maybe I’m the one to blame.

“You’re looking at (Y/N)’s picture again?” Tony walked up behind Steve.

“What? No.” Steve stuffed the picture in his pocket.

“Maybe you should go talk to them. It’s been a few months, you guys should really talk it over,” Tony tried to give Steve his advice, but who knew if he would actually take it.

“Why do you care if I go see them?” Steve snapped as Tony’s voice echoed through his brain.

“The relationship ended so quickly; you guys were only together for a little less than a year. And it was blown off for nothing, (Y/N) is beating themselves up about it thinking it’s their fault. I think you owe it to them to talk,” Tony nodded, and quickly walked out of the room before Steve decided to snap again.

Steve looked at the picture of him and you one more time before ripping it up and throwing it away. He sighed when he threw it into the trash, seeing a few memories come back to him.

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Oh the glorious Nalu moments

making sure her bae is alrighte is ok

Her bae hearing her call

Natsu answering his bae back

And they are now back together

I’m Nalu Trash and I’m proud of it

All i want from life is to know how mandy patinkin reacted to finding out that the crew had finally enough of his bull and had gideon murdered and also how he reacted when he found out they kind of made light of it by having jj and garcia have an ice cream party almost smack bang on the blood pool

I don’t ask for much. 

But i want this. 

i just found this gif on my computer

and i need to go light myself on fire because that’s the only way i feel capable of handling this



someone come tell me these two aren’t in love with each other i want to fight

ive found this interview on my laptop, i think its from 2003 :)

Kera: First of all, tell us about a Valentine’s memory.
Kyo: I’m not given chocolate and things like that very often? Um,
one time I was given homemade chocolate. The person was standing
right there and told me “Eat it,” and I ate it, but it wasn’t sweet,
it tasted really terrible. At that time, I couldn’t say the truth-
“It’s terrible,” and when I got home, I threw the chocolate away.
Basically, I like sweet things, but when I’m on tour or on a
diet and I receive sweets, it makes me sick.
Also, my birthday is February 16th. It’s annoying when I get
one present for both my birthday and Valentine’s Day. If a holiday
follows a Sunday, does this person get only one day off!?

Kera: (Laughs) How would you like to be told by someone that they
love you?
Kyo: I would like them to say it mixing dialects. “I like you” or
something [tk: in Hakata dialect (Hakata is in northern Kyushu)]. I
want them to say it in a way I’ve never heard before.

Kera: On the other hand, what about when you tell someone?
Kyo: If I try to do it, well, I just can’t budge- absolutely not!
Even if I think, “I want to try and talk to that girl,” I’m not able
to do that.

Kera: That’s to say, the other person must come and talk to you?
Kyo: I don’t meet anyone by that technique. I just let time pass me
by without making a move (laughs). I’m very pessimistic, so if I talk
to a girl, and she is cold to me, it wounds me 5 times worse than it
would other people. That’s why the other person doesn’t even approach
Most people will take that chance many times [of approaching
someone they like], but in my case, I try to avoid being hurt. It’s a
problem of pride!

Kera: Conversely, if you are approached by a girl you don’t like
very much, what would you do?
Kyo: I would be direct about it. “You are gross!” or something like
that [tk: It’s not so mean when Kyo says this in Japanese,
but “gross” is the best word I could come up with. I idea is sort of
like “you make me feel uncomfortable”>. For me, `live honestly’ is my
motto. When you like someone, you are not supposed to mind that
person’s bad points, but I won’t do that. I hate the things I hate.
For me, no matter how ideal a girl may be, if I come home and she’s
raising cockroaches, that’s horrible, isn’t it?

Kera: That kind of girl doesn’t exist (laughs). When you meet, what
type of girl do you like? A focused girl? A girl who likes to talk?
Kyo: All different types. All kinds, from easygoing to cheerful. Oh,
but a harsh person would be bad. I have a strong ego, so if the girl
is harsh, won’t it be like a sword striking a sword? That would
bother me.

Kera: Is there a type of person, about whom you say, for some
reason, “I’m attracted to this kind of person”?
Kyo: If she has a really good personality, isn’t any type OK? If I’m
having a conversation, and I have some standard [to judge girls by],
and the girl’s face isn’t “the right type”, I don’t think I would
want to talk to her. ?Oh, but I’m attracted to a person who is
considerate and observant.

Kera: Do you mean a person who will sew a button on right after it
has fallen off?
Kyo: And also, wouldn’t a person who does that without saying
anything about it be nice? I grew up in Kyoto, so I have some old
fashioned ideas. As a specific example, I don’t want a girl to walk
in front of me.

Kera: Are your ideals high?
Kyo: I guess they are high.

Kera: For you, Kyo-san, is love not a very important thing [in a
Kyo: No, if there is no love, it’s boring and it would upset me. But
love is great (laughs).

Kera: Do you mean there’s a connection between love and a desire to
Kyo: That’s right! That energy [from love] breathes life into what I

Kera: When your emotions are stirred up by love, do you think you
could write a love song?
Kyo: I don’t want to do that sort of thing. “I am happy, so I will
try my best at work,” or this kind of feeling is what I would think.

Kera: OK then, Kyo-san, what is your ideal relationship with a girl
Kyo: If I’m riding the train, I would like it if we could say bad
things together about the other passengers. Things like “That
person’s T-shirt is tacky”. While we’re riding, until we get off,
we’ll continue to say these kinds of bad things. In contrast to that,
I don’t like a girl who would say, “It’s bad to say things like
that”. On the other hand, I want her to follow my lead, so we can act
For example, if I say, “That person is bald!” the girl would
go right up next to him, hanging on to the strap, and say “He’s
bald!!” (laughs). A girl who did that for me as I am thinking “I want
to get off” would be the best.
And if she also doesn’t walk in front of me- well, if that
girl exists, I’ll try hard to please her! I can’t even imagine if
someone were to do such a superb thing for me?

Kera: Would you end up telling her? [tk: I thing she means would Kyo
tell the girl that she is wonderful].
Kyo: Yeah, probably.

Kera: What about your ideal love? Do you want to be together all the
time, or do you not think about this?
Kyo: My personal time is important to me. When I’m alone my work
(=band) comes before everything else. Since a while ago, when I meet
girl, I say to her “Work is the most important thing to me, so you
won’t be the most important”. It’s hopeless if she doesn’t
understand that. If I’m writing a song and a girl calls and
says “Whacha doing?” I’ll think “Whaaaat? (angry)”. I think I would
make a tight fist. It’s that I hate interruptions.

Kera: And lastly, what are your thoughts on marriage?
Kyo: Marriage, yeah; isn’t that an issue concerning the other
person’s feelings? About things like the wedding and the reception,
it’s not necessary to have many people attend. I would like to be
married at a temple. The would be a 2 o'clock mokutou [tk: silent
prayer]. Isn’t that tasteful!
And there’s no need to wear wedding clothes either. If your
everyday clothes are neat, that’s fine, I think. Some people
say, “The ceremony has to be at a church” and “You need to wear a
wedding dress”- I hate people who are bound by conventions.

Kera: Certainly, it seems it’s not necessary to worry about clothes.
Kyo: But if you want to look pretty? How about blue fish? [tk: what
is Kyo’s obsession with blue fish? He mentions it in “Mr. Newsman”
too!]. Ocean fish is pretty, isn’t it? It would be nice if you hollow
out the inside and wear that. It’s certainly pretty, and it’s blue!
Well, if just fish doesn’t cut it, wouldn’t it be nice if you put on
a flower pattern badge (laughs). [tk: So Kyo couldn’t go cold turkey
on giving crazy answers ^^]

Kera: That’s absolutely a joke (laughs).
Kyo: No, thereabouts, if I see something flying by, I’ll
say “Really?” (Whole face breaks into happy laughter

i red that Kyo was honest in this interview :)

  • dad: hey interesting necklace, where'd you get it from?
  • me: oh this? my brother, sammy gave it to me when he was 8. pretty big deal actually, some crappy christmas in a motel, you know, it was a miracle he got me anything at all but you know what that kid's like
  • dad: what
  • me: gotta tell you a secret though, it's actually a replica this girl gave me. i threw the damn thing away. it's nice though, having it back even if it's not the real one. like a symbol you know
  • dad: you... you don't have a brother called sammy
  • me: ...
  • me: ...
  • me: god i love that kid

Cozy Mornings, Cozy Home ♥

We absolutely LOVE the new house and has even started to decorate it, this is our first family home that we actually own (the rest were rented or leased) and it looks like this family is finally settling our roots here! I am SO excited to have a house warming party soon and may invite a few fellow people / families from here who are familiar with my blog!

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