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So this is a thing! I’m taking preorders for straps of Halloween Treat chibi! (samples coming soon! I’m gonna update this post so stay tuned!)

Price for 1 (one) strap is 4,50 € + shipping (it depends on where you live and it will be calculated when you tell me your address!)
Price for the whole set of 5 (five) is 19€ + shipping!

If you want to purchase more than 1 but less than 5:
Price for 2 (two) straps is 8€ + shipping
Price for 3 (three) straps is 12€ + shipping
Price for 4 straps 15€ + shipping

  • Every order will get the digital download of Halloween Treat + Extras and a little traditional drawing I’m gonna send with the straps~ (please tell me if you’re more than one person!) 
  • You can order the same character multiple times!
  • If you want to order more than 5 at once we can negotiate a price or sum them up! (for example, if you want 7 we can sum 5+2, 19€+8€=27€)

If you are interested or just want some info please send me an ask or write at
You’re gonna pay just the price of the strap(s) right now while you will pay the shipping cost when the straps are ready to be shipped to you! (If nothing goes wrong they will be ready late december)

Preorders are open until November the 30th!

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