things i sometimes need to remind fandom

With volume 5 about to come out, I’d like to remind people that you can make a free account on rooster teeth’s website, and watch the new episodes on tuesdays.

You don’t need to pay, you don’t need to wait a whole week, and you’ll be supporting the creators.

Please don’t watch pirated versions. Let’s not forget that every person on earth needs to earn money, and in this case, ensure a budget to continue the show.

Waiting a few days and watching it on their website is the best way to let them know you appreciate their work. They do still offer it for free.

friendly reminder that it’s okay to leave fandoms

friendly reminder that it’s okay to not be as obsessed as other fans

friendly reminder that it’s okay to like things casually, you can like a book/movie/show and never talk about it, it doesn’t mean you liked it any less

friendly reminder that books/movies/shows can inspire original stories and artwork and new hobbies as well as fanart and fic and fandom related hobbies and it is 100% okay to steal parts of a story and make it yours

friendly reminder that you can be any kind of fan you want, including not outwardly looking like a fan

You know, the thing is… I actually love Dean to pieces. I know it probably doesn’t seem like it at times, and sometimes I need to remind myself of that, but I really do love him.

And if things were switched, and the narrative of the show heavily focussed on Sam’s POV instead; if the majority of fans/fandom took Sam’s side on everything, constantly justifying everything he ever did, while hating Dean for doing those same things… then I would probably defend Dean with the same passion and anger that I do for Sam.

But that’s not the way things are, at least, not in my 3-year experience. The reason I don’t make many posts about Dean feels or defend his perspective or his actions, is because I don’t need to. There are millions of other people doing that already. Everybody knows why Dean does the things he does - the show focusses on his point of view, and his emotional state almost all of the time.

If I could scroll through the Sam tag after an episode has aired and, like the Dean tag, not find it clogged with hateful comments, I wouln’t feel the need to scream when I talk about Supernatural. But I can’t.

If Sam had multiple complex relationships with other characters, whose relationship was primarily with him instead of Dean, I wouldn’t roll my eyes every time a new character is introduced and gets friendly with Dean. But he doesn’t.

If there was an important character (besides a manipulative demon) who took Sam’s side, and called Dean out on his mistakes/assholery, I wouldn’t feel such a strong need to do that for him. But there isn’t.

If people gave Sam compliments that weren’t so backhanded as “You’re a freak, but you’re not dangerous” and “The only person who screwed up more than you is me.” I wouldn’t be so bitter about the few ‘positive’ Sam interactions that we get. But they don’t.

If Sam wasn’t villified for doing good, healthy things, like leaving an abusive household to pursue an education, or setting boundaries in their relationship, or trying to move on and build a life for himself (like. they. agreed. to. fucking. do.), then I wouldn’t be so damn bitter. But he is.

All the damn time.

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Hi! What was your honestly opinion about the proposal? Do you think that it should have gone differently or are you just happy it happened? A lot of mixed signals from the fandom about this and I'm curious about your opinion :)

Obviously I would have preferred it if there wasn’t this ominous secret looming over the whole thing. But this is TV and, although we’d all like things to go smoothly for our ships, TV shows love to have drama for the sake of drama. I think I just need to remind myself of that sometimes when things get frustratingly angsty.  

In this scenario I was glad they had Emma initiate it so at least it wasn’t Killian deliberately deceiving her (not that i ever think he would). I think they portrayed it in a way that, while frustrating, was understandable from Killian’s pov. He really couldn’t bring himself to hurt her in this moment.

It’s gonna suck next week though.

So this one is kind of a special one, and I really wanted to get it before Clexa Con came around. If you know me, then you know I’m pretty Lexa obsessed, and most of you will automatically think this is for Lexa; most of you are wrong. It’s not a symbol to represent Lexa, or my love for her, but rather a reminder. A reminder of how I should, and need to live my life. How life should be about more than just surviving, but also how sometimes, despite our feelings and emotions, tough choices need to made. How sometimes it is essential to think with your head, but also be able to listen to what your heart is telling you. How walls are good to have, but sometimes it’s important to lower those walls, and trust in people, or you will miss out on great opportunities. It’s not only a reminder of all these things, it is also a reminder, and a dedication, to this fandom, and what they have done for me. A fandom who has let me in, trusted me, and listened to me. A fandom who has provided me the opportunity to attend Clexa Con so I can meet as many wonderful people as possible, and speak in front of those who wish to listen. It’s a reminder, but it’s also a thank you to you, and to Lexa for being there as inspiration and a guide. This is cheesy, I know, but I needed you to know this; when ever I look at this tattoo, I will always be reminded that she was special, and so are you. 

There’s “drama” that comes from petty infighting and social interaction and human imperfections and competition.

There’s “drama” that comes from seeing injustice and calling people on it. From forcing people to have hard discussions.

They’re not the same. I’m sorry that the first exists in this fandom (though it’s fairly inevitable in every fandom), but I’m really proud that the second is what characterizes this fandom. Sometimes things need to be called out, even if it’s uncomfortable or leads to drama. 

I know I haven’t been posting much of substance lately, and largely that’s because, from my perspective at least, all the drama has been of the first kind. But as horrible as tonight’s drama has been, it has reminded me just why I want to be in this fandom in the first place. Thank you to everyone who stood up not only for Louis but for yourself and your fellow fans who have found a safe place in Louis and 1D.

Twenty Øne Piløts sentences

As always, feel free to tweak to fit pronouns/characters/fandoms/settings/etc.

Stressed Out

  • “I wish I had a better voice that sang some better words.”
  • “Now I’m insecure and I care what people think.”
  • “Wish we could turn back time, to the good old days.”
  • “But now we’re stressed out.”
  • “Sometimes a certain smell will take me back to when I was young.”
  • “It would remind us of when nothing really mattered.”
  • “ Used to dream of outer space but now they’re laughing at our face.”
  • “Wake up, you need to make money.”

Lane Boy

  • “We go where we want to.”
  • “I know a thing or two about pain and darkness.”
  • “Don’t trust a perfect person and don’t trust a song that’s flawless.”
  • “Who would you live and die for on that list?”
  • “If you get in between someone I love and me you’re gonna feel the heat of my cavalry.”
  • “Will they be alive tomorrow?”

Tear In My Heart

  • “Sometimes you got to bleed to know, that you’re alive and have a soul.”
  • “[S/He’s/They’re] the tear in my heart.”
  • “The songs on the radio are okay, but my taste in music is your face.”
  • “Take me higher than I’ve ever been.”
  • “You fell asleep in my car I drove the whole time.”
  • “My heart is my armor, [s/he’s/they’re] the tear in my heart.”
  • “[S/He’s/They’re] a butcher with a smile.”

Car Radio

  • “My lungs will fill and then deflate, they fill with fire, exhale desire.”
  • “I have these thoughts so often I ought, to replace that slot with what I once bought.”
  • “Sometimes quiet is violent.”
  • “My skin will scream reminding me of who I killed inside my dream.”
  • “I’m forced to deal with what I feel, there is no distraction to mask what is real.”
  • “I find over the course of our human existence, one thing consists of consistence, and it’s that we’re all battling fear.”
  • “Faith is to be awake, and to be awake is for us to think, and for us to think is to be alive.”
  • “Now I just sit in silence.”


  • “All my friends are heathens.”
  • “Please don’t make any sudden moves.”
  • “Just because we check the guns at the door doesn’t mean our brains will change from hand grenades.”
  • “How’d I get here, sitting next to you?”
  • “Please don’t forget.”
  • “Wait for them to ask you who you know.”
  • “We don’t deal with outsiders very well, they say newcomers have a certain smell.”
  • “Yeah, I trust issues.”
  • “You don’t know the half of the abuse.”
  • “I tried to warn you just to stay away.”
  • “It looks like you might be one of us.”

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I think sometimes things need to be reminded... -w- so, Makoto here is not drawing nor in the UT fandom no more, so they would rlly appreciate if people stopped with undertale requests (they got their reasons, so it would be better to support them now even if Macchan doesn't draw Undertale related things now, cuz they are a p talented and hardworker artist that needs and deserves support -3o) so, people, that is the issue, thank you for ur time reading it eweb

thanks pal ✨

PSA for Newer Fans of Hetalia

For the past few days, I’ve been seeing posts urging people not to do fanworks regarding the recent terrorist attacks on Paris. I feel like I need to put my two cents in.

For those you who do not know, it is generally frowned upon by the fandom to do fanworks of a very recent tragedy.

I understand the recent attacks are upsetting. Art can be a way to express those upset feelings, so it’s tempting to use Hetalia to express feelings of sadness, grief, or shock.

But, as a fandom, we must remind ourselves that Hetalia and reality are two separate things. It’s a fine line that sometimes seems to blur, but we must do our best to see that line and know when and when not to cross it. Especially with a series that occasionally deals with some touchy issues, such as WWII.

What has happened here is something that’s very real and very painful in real life. Please, Hetalians, use your empathy and best judgment, and out of respect please keep the people who are hurting in mind. France has just experienced a national tragedy. Please, don’t use this event to write fanfics about your OTP or something like that. Please, don’t forget that there may be people browsing AO3 or trying to forget the gloominess of real life by reading fanfiction that won’t remind them of the French tragedy. Please, keep in mind how sensitive people are to the Paris attacks right now.

If we can do that, we’ll become a much better fandom.

Eren and Mikasa didn’t even interact in this chapter??!

This is a reply to maggzdaspaz post

I thought I would put it on a separate post because I know that’s not the only insecure and disappointed eremika shipper out there :)

First, I totally understand your worry! :)
And I would have agreed with you If I didn’t see how things happened in this chapter and their context !

Eren and Mikasa didn’t interact for months

TRUE . Only it’s because Eren has been kidnapped for all these months!
(and I have to remind you that it’s not “actual months” it’s just few days, the monthly release of the manga can reallydeceive us sometimes huh :D)

Tbh I can’t understand feeling insecure about Mikasa not showing feelings to Eren. If I remember well, the chapter where they did experiments to Eren, Mikasa was constantly by his side, even disobeying orders to retrieve him from the titan which was necessary that time because Hanji might exaggerate sometimes! She wasn’t afraid to retort on levi to defend Eren, and honestly she has been lifeless this whole time Eren wasn’t around, I’m sure her deep concern for Eren is still just the same!

Now to this chapter

Keep reading

FitzSimmons Fandom Appreciation Post (#2)

Soo, I’ve been noticing an odd amount of hate being spread in this fandom and I?? Don’t??? Like?? It?? At?? ALL?? Because everyone here is an actual gift and super important!! I made one of these when I was very new to the fandom but I was only scratching the surface of awesome people and the things they do, so I’m back with an updated version because sometimes you just need a reminder that you’re awesome and great and beautiful and this fandom wouldn’t be the same without you. Anyways, *cracks knuckles* let’s spread some positivity!

First off, thanks to @thefitzsimmonsnetwork , @teambiochem , @leofitznetwork , @jemmasimmonsdefensesquad @teamengineering  for bringing the community together.

Thanks to @inevitablyfitzsimmons for being an actual BABE. Like honestly, you’re so sweet and kind and pure and what did we do to deserve you in our fandom.

Tip your hats to @superirishbreakfasttea a boss lawyer, great fic writer, and overall sweet person who handles hate better than any one I’ve ever seen.

@agl03 AKA the mama hen of this ship. Thanks for calming us down when the rumors start to fly and thanks for answering meta’s and spending your free time writing fics for me us.

@grapehyasynth Honestly, what can I say. THE FLUFF QUEEN. Thanks for dedicating so much time to writing drabbles and answering asks and I still remember when you were very new to the fandom and you asked if I could write you a thing because you didn’t have time. oh, how the tables have turned (I’ll write that thing for you one day, I didn’t forget about it!)

Thanks to @agents-of-frickle-frackle  @leotitz @agentsofpsych for the crack posts that are the actual best.

@dilkirani My favorite fanfiction writer, I can only aspire to write the way you do.

@shieldsil @theskyefalls and @eclecticmuses for the fantastic art. These people were #blessed with the art abilities I could only wish for. Honestly amazing and will always be seen as more than just “doodles”. ;)

Thanks to @blake-wyatt who just has thee BEST tags in history, like I don’t know what I would do without them.

@ughfitz who’s just super sweet, I can’t even.

@agentsoflove thank you for spreading positivity.

@wakandandperthshire @bioforensics @fitzsimmonsinthetardis Just overall great people that I don’t know much about but I know they are great and loved and awesome and yeah.

@mynameiseco @blacklolitarose @stelenaisinfinite for the UH-MAZE-ING fan videos. They are so beautiful and amazing and deserve more recognition and I watch them multiple times a day because they are just sooo good. 

@cardb0rdeaux your edits are simply divine! You’re so talented, stay awesome!

Tip your hats to @fitzsimmonsfic​ for “doing the lord’s work” and finding us fan fiction. 

Major thanks to @jemmamaximoff @agentcalliope @nerdlove4thewin @memorizingthedigitsofpi @agentverbivore @comickid99 @chinese-bakery @everyl1ttleth1ng @perthshirekisses *deep breath* @thelatenightstoryteller @recoveringrabbit @agent-85 @agentlukaofshield @writeonthrough  @plentyofmalk @theclaravoyant @notabadday @consoledacup @amanda-rex @jessiecrimefighter and so so sooooooo many more it’s kinda overwhelming and I feel really bad I couldn’t recognize everyone but the list just keeps going. Fan fiction writers, in my opinion, deserve thee BIGGEST thanks. From all the AU’s to period fics, The crack to the heavy angst, this fandom would not be the same if it wasn’t for fanfic writers. So take a bow, pat yourself on the back, and remember that you are the base of this operation and life wouldn’t be the same if we couldn’t laugh and cry at your amazing writing.

A thanks to just overall awesome people that deserve to be recognized like  @jemmasimmuns @jemmasimmonsy @welldonefitz @idecaesteckers @mrsdecaestecker @jemmaleopoldfitzsimmons @fitzsimmonns @mech-bull @msdevindanielle @ohifonlyx33 @unbreakablejemmasimmons@omgfitzsimmons @fitzsimmonsies @fitzsimmonss @fitzsimmmonsy @fitzsimmonsftw @pesto-aioli @simplyshipping @leggy–peggy @sciencebiaatch @sciencebabies44 @onewordtest @leopoldfitzsimmons @leosimmons a wonderful collection of people that do things from gifs to edits to videos to fan fiction to just being kind, y’all rock!

I really truly, apologize if I forgot anyone but just know if you’re reading this, regardless if your name is one this list or not, you are important and fantastic. Never stop being you and remember, despite any hate you may receive, there are people that care about you and appreciate your existence . Feel free to tag anyone I missed, stay awesome, spread positivity, and it’s a pleasure shipping with y’all.

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hey i was wondering what u meant in ur tags about jacks tweet?? its ok if u arent comfortable saying it tho!

no, i can! it’s just kinda obscure, i guess.

jack barakat comes across as fun-loving, carefree and almost shallow at times, but there are things that have told me he really isn’t - stuff that i guess most people just don’t talk about much?

for example, he loves frank sinatra, which is truly lovely. he also loves passenger - and to be honest, for anybody who’s listened to any more passenger than just let her go, you’ll get what i mean. he has lyrics like this:

We were big eyed boys / With the salt on our skin / And we’d throw our kites to the wind // We were tired boys / With the soap on our skin / And we’d fall asleep to the wind // We’ll no longer be boys / We’ll have lines on our skin / And they’ll throw our dust to the wind
We wish our weekdays away / Spend our weekends in bed / Drink ourselves stupid / And work ourselves dead / And all just because that’s what mom and dad said we should do // We should run through the forest / We should swim in the streams / We should laugh, we should cry / We should love, we should dream

those are like, bits and pieces from different songs, but yeah. y’know, maybe jack doesn’t hear that stuff, but maybe he does.

oh, and i wasn’t part of the fandom when he and holly broke up, but i heard he was like, properly upset about it and just went real quiet, which is fucking heartbreaking, man.

then there’s this picture. it’s kinda famous around tumblr and idk, it just makes me think. i know i sometimes do the same thing (not comparing myself to him, just saying), and it’s a sense of emptiness. a confusion, a thoughtfulness, and you need the beach to remind you why you’re there.

don’t wanna get all deep and pretend i know this guy, but i really feel like there’s a lot more to him than he acts like. and him loving missing you is an example of that. because it proves he’s still a sucker for a ukulele and a song that’s a bit like a hug.

idk if that made any sense, man, but i hope it did. i’m sorry this is so long! i’m just saying that this quiet, thoughtful side of jack is one i wish came out more often. cause it’s definitely there.

About the discussion going around in the fandom right now, I wanted to say something, before abandoning completely the matter, which is triggering me awfully and I’d rather not follow it anymore.
Yes, sometimes fanfiction offer unrealistic recovery from traumas, love that conquers all and stuff that in rl doesn’t happen. Yes, certain things deserve to be explored realistically.
But I want to remind the ones who complain about this and call it “lazy writing” or “abuse apologism” etc, that the fandom is for many a safe place
Yes, it is escapism.
Reading fanfictions is a way to escape reality, and if I need to read (or write, in case of fanfic writers) some romantic story where the love of my OTP conquers all evil because right now fanfiction is the only damn thing that makes me happy, it’s my bloody right to do so.
Not everyone wants to remember all time how awful the world is.
Fanwriters don’t owe anything to anyone.
And by the way, fanworks were a thing made for fun, why are we dismissing those who still do them to have fun?

Hey, What's up guys? I'm back with another follow forever! 
First, if you were in my last ff and its name is here again,which means you are wonderful! Anyway, I do this type of post just to let you know how special you guys and your blogs are.
I know it's no big deal, but sometimes a compliment can change your day, and most importantly, put a smile on your face. I remind you that I'll always be here if you need anything, talk about the day, asking for help, advice, hear a good thing in a bad dayAnyway. that's all. Hope you're having a good day, bye: *

@myaaronespinosa (always will be the first, okay? Okay!) ♥
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I would put all the blogs I like in this post, but I would have to stay here all day, I hope you understand. Do not forget, Go follow them and THANKS FOR HELP ME TO HIT 900F

I remember the first time I stood up to my parents. They were yelling at me for not trying hard enough with every aspect of my life (not kidding) and how I couldn’t spend my whole life locked up in my room and all that “you’re weak/lazy” crap.

I didn’t get mean or spiteful, but I did get angry. I was crying, but I told them to stop attacking me. I told them I thought I was doing well considering where I’d been a year before. A year before it hurt to get out of bed. It hurt to see my friends. It hurt to get on the bus, to sit in class, to go home. Everything hurt and I could barely do anything and as soon as I started to improve my parents just forgot all about it.

So I told them, I reminded them where I’d been and how much better I was and how I was proud of how far I’d come, and I didn’t let them drown me out. I made them hear me.

And it seems like a small thing maybe and it took me 18 years to do it but sometimes I remember standing up to them and I just get a little bit proud.

Man, I love Jared’s shirt design for AKF (I have never been a big fan of the shirts with their faces, honestly). It’s such an important thing to remember, to love yourself first so you can believe in yourself enough to let others love you. It reminds me of Misha’s quote, “Be kind to yourself so you can be happy enough to be kind to the world.” That’s how these campaigns are all linked and I think that’s beautiful.

It starts with Jared’s Always Keep Fighting because this whole thing starts with the individuals refusing to give up on themselves. But sometimes we all need a hand, and that’s where YANA comes in so fandom can help fans to love themselves enough to spread that love to the next person who needs it. 

What wonderful synergy these campaigns have and I am so excited about how many people this has already helped and how many more we can help going forward,

And on a side note, Jared was so sweet and shy and humble in that video. I was cracking up at several y’alls per sentence! Good for him, though, for having the courage to stand up and talk about an issue that most people hide because of the stigma. I feel so blessed to have these three men who care and give so much to the fandom that I am a part of.