things i shouldn't be drawing


What do you get when you merge Giant Pants Guy and Dan’s Instagram outfit? You get a bad idea. A very bad idea.


Keith and Shiro decide to go to the beach. During the day, Keith gets a spider-man popsicle (because is nerd af) with temporary tattoos in it. Shiro suggests to use them, he loves his boyfriend so much.


I need to fix Millie’s eyes, but I loved these blooper pics so much, i felt the mighty need to draw them. Gotta love these dorks.


I go back drawing dorks. 

p.s. not in a great condition to draw long posts sorry.

For whatever reason, I decided drawing a pole dancing figure would be good practice without using any references so naturally it ended up becoming Yuuri. XD 

My friend so kindly informed me there’s a crop top Yuuri trend thanks to @zephyrine-gale! So here’s my offering of thanks for all the wonderful people drawing Yuuri in crop tops! 

“Chris doesn’t have that reputation because guys don’t go around calling other guys sluts” - Noora Sætre.


Sugary corruption [Ice cream part 1]

I thought I would escape from the ice cream!Hux. Boy I was wrong. 

I don’t know why I immediately thought that apple scene in Tangled would look good with Hux and Mitaka but here you go



In which I really wanted to draw Neo in a floofy dress, and Roman really loves swooping up his tiny wife into the air when they’re dancing together. 

(I just wanted to draw a dress that took up half the screen lmao oops)