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So as you all know I just got back this weekend after being gone for three weeks. Updates and arts might not get in to full swing until next week due to some time constraints. I was jetlagged over the weekend, had a lot of catching up to do at work (which involved a week of 10 hour shifts), there were friends to see, and this weekend I plan on hanging out with my baby brother and baby sister since I haven’t seen them in a month. They’re cute, I love them lots, and they have priority.

The vacation was much needed but things should be back to normal within the next week or so.

Thank you for being understanding.

Skam week. Part 17

Idea explained here.

You can find all the parts here.

Thursday 11:28am

One less problem, two more to go.

Her problem with the girls seemed a lot easier to resolve than the other one, the one with him-who-shall-not-be-named.

It’s not like she could wait any longer to talk to them anyway ‘cause the bus meeting was starting in two minutes and she needed to be there.

She took the paper she had spent the whole night redacting from her bag and approached the table where the girls were sitting outside. All them were already there, even Noora. As always the laughs stopped when she got to the table

“Sana, finally. I was starting to think that you were not going to come” Sara said

“Next time it’ll be nice if you arrived sooner” Vilde added smiling

“Oh don’t worry Vilde, there won’t be a next time” Sana said handing the paper to Sara “This is my formal resignation as bus boss”

Sara took the paper from Sana’s hands confused and started to read it. Vilde looked over Sara’s shoulder trying to see if what Sana was saying was true. The rest of the girls, her girls, Eva, Chris and Noora just looked at Sana frowning.

“What is this?” Sara asked acting like she was hurt to see Sana resigning.

“I just told you, I won’t be the bus boss anymore. In fact, I won’t be in the bus anymore. I don’t think I really fit in with you girls” Sana said smiling sarcastically

“Well, I guess it was doomed to happen then, I just hope we didn’t make anything to make you feel uncomfortable” Sara said faking a smile.

“Oh Sara, don’t act like you didn’t see this coming. You got what you wanted. I’m out of the bus, it’s all yours”

Sana…I don’t think you’re being fair with Sara” Vilde said

“Vilde, believe me, you really don’t want to talk to me right now” Sana warned her

“But Sana…why are you leaving?” Eva asked

“Because they were going to throw me out of the bus anyway!” Sana said desperate

It hurts me that you would think that of me…” Sara said acting innocent.

“Drop the act Sara. I heard two of your minions saying that you weren’t going to allow me on the bus ‘cause you own it and I don’t have any right to be there. A piece of advice? Tell your friends to check the bathroom stalls before actually talking shit about people”

Sara’s smiled faded and squinted at her knowing that she had been caught. Eva, Chris, Noora and Vilde turned to her confused and expecting her to explain.

“I’m sure you misunderstood it, there’s no way that’s true, right Sara?” Vilde asked

“Does it matter, though? She’s leaving willingly, I’m not forcing her” Sara said

“You thought I was going to wait for you to tell me to go? You really don’t know me” Sana said

Girl, that’s not cool” Chris told Sara

“So you really are a psycho, huh? How could you act all innocent and then betray Sana?” Noora stood up and faced Sara

“Noora, I don’t need you to defend me” Sana said bitterly earning a hurt and confused look from Noora.

Maybe she wasn’t being fair to her, but she couldn’t bear the thought of Noora being a good friend to her, not now.

“In fact, I don’t need anyone to defend me. I’m the one who’s not allowed on the bus so I’m the one who’s leaving. You all can stay and have fun”

“Sana…” Vilde whispered

“You know what? I do have one more thing to say before leaving. It’s another advice, now it’s for you Vilde. When you are friends with someone you’re not supposed to talk shit about them or their family behind their backs. I just thought you should know that, if you intend to have real friends anytime soon”

And with that Sana just turned around and left, leaving 24 speechless girls behind.


*insert badass song as Sana leaves

1st update of the day


I’m baaaaaack!

Hi, friends! I’ve missed all of you! I wish I could promise that I will catch up on what I’ve missed, but I’m going to have to rely on all of your tolerance for me as a cactus friend, because the pace of life seems unlikely to allow me that much additional time. 

This past week has been spring break, and whereas that usually means a slower pace at work, that was NOT the case this spring break.  We’re expanding our office space, and we are on the campus of an elementary school, so all of our major moving had to take place while students were off campus.  Plus, I had a ton of homeowner projects going on.  And…of course, for my own sanity, I had to fit in a little fun and reading time! Speaking of reading–The Hate U Give–put it on your to-read list.  Trust me.  Doooo it! It is phenomenal, and the opportunities for discussion are amazing.  I already have several friends reading it and it’s going to be next month’s book for gym book club!

I have to say, though, I am soooo not used to maintaining this sort of pace for my life.  I have had something going on from early morning into the evening/night most days and my poor regular schedule is just destroyed.  I am mostly a creature of habit, so that’s a challenge for me.  I like my routine.  I have not been keeping up with my checklist (for shame!!), and I didn’t go to the gym at all last week.  (Although, I did get LOTS of steps from moving and hiking with Conner and with friends after work.) Still…I’ve also overindulged more than once–notice our office snow cone day photo. I am craving order!! This week, we are eating all vegetarian, healthy meals and I’m doing my best to hit the reset button.  This chaos has caused me to notice some things that I’d like to work on, so I think next week I’ll be starting a new daily/weekly checklist.  I need some updates.  I think there are things I can safely take off the list and some that I need to add. Riveting…I know you can’t wait for that update! ;)

Mostly, I’ve just missed you all!  I’m excited that I think from this afternoon forward I should have at least a bit more time back! :) Also, please consider this my belated SD&S post for @thelipstickchronicles, @leebeeloves, and @liikeahummiingbiird! <3 Thanks, friends!!!!!!! :)  

Chapter Sixteen

When Felicity’s parents announce that they’re hiring someone to be her personal bodyguard, what she hears is that she’s going to be stuck with a 24/7 babysitter… something she is so not on board with.

When Oliver takes up the offer to work for the Smoak family he thinks it’s just another job, but he has no idea what he’s about to get himself into.

Protecting the “tech empire heiress” is the easy part, matters of the heart are where things get a bit more complicated.

A big thanks to Sara @gothsmoak who created the stunning cover art for this story and Aubrey @aubvi my awesome beta :)

Rating: T  This Chapter’s Word Count: 5064

Hey friends! I am so sorry that I missed an update last week, I had every intention of getting a chapter up and then things just got too crazy with finishing up finals and moving home from school. Thank you for all of your encouraging comments, I didn’t get a chance to reply to everyone last week but know that I did read them and I love hearing your feedback. The good news is that I am home now on summer break and I have way more time to write so we should be back to regular weekly updates until the story is finished :) Enjoy the chapter!

“What is he doing?!” Felicity yelled at the television. “You can’t put something in the ice cream machine with less than five minutes left!” She pressed her face into his shoulder and mumbled, “I can’t watch this, this is too stressful.”

Chuckling, he pointed out, “You do realize it doesn’t affect your life in any way if he doesn’t get his dish plated?”

He found it amusing that she was more stressed out watching Chopped than she had been that week juggling exams in a few of her classes and meeting with new clients. It was late Saturday night and she had made it to the end of the marathon of a week, so they were enjoying their first chance to relax by eating take-out Thai food in her bed and watching chefs attempt to make the basket items of kumquats, cinnamon toast crunch cereal, wonton wrappers, and cream cheese into deserts.

She pulled away from his shoulder and pointed her chopsticks at him, “Hey, I’m invested here.”

Shaking his head in amusement, he set aside his empty carton and chopsticks and slung an arm around her shoulder while they finished their episode, watching the guy who attempted five-minute ice cream get chopped.

When she flipped the tv and the lamp on her bedside table off, leaving the room bathed in just the lights of the moon and the city at night streaming through her open window, she moved into his lap and smoothed her hands over his chest. Her nails were painted a bright pink and, even in the relative darkness, the color popped off of his gray t-shirt.

“I didn’t think this week was ever going to end. It’s weird because, even though we were together the whole time, I feel like I didn’t spend any time with you.” She tilted her head, “Does that even make sense?”

“Yeah,” he answered, catching one of her hands and tangling his fingers with hers. “You were busy— busier than usual. We weren’t home alone much, so I mostly had to be just your bodyguard.” He lifted their intertwined hands up to kiss her knuckles. “And you yelled at me to leave you alone while you were studying for your exams.”

“I did not yell,” she protested.

“Fine, you used your loud voice,” he amended teasingly.

“Because you were being distracting.”

Looking up at her innocently, he claimed, “I didn’t do anything.”


tagging people under the cut…

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Update/Catch Up!

Hey guys! So, I’m sorry I was inactive the other day, my friend and I went on a beach roadtrip! It’s beach week so we decided to do a beach day kind of thing and stay the night there. It was super fun and crazy but also super exhausting. That’s why I hadn’t updated anything on here. But now that I’m back home I’m able to get back to writing! I still have a lot to do, which is why requests are closed right now. Those who haven’t gotten their request done yet they should be done soon, so don’t worry if you haven’t gotten it yet! Thanks for being paitent with me. :)

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Hello folks. Mod Lilly here coming in with some long overdue updates.

I apologizing for going quiet again. I moved earlier this year and have been busy with work, in addition to my other projects, so things here got put on the back-burner during that time.

I will be clearing out the inbox this week. There’s a fair bit of unanswered questions and some account requests that never got looked at. I apologize for this. Keep a close eye on your emails. You should be getting your accounts soon.

I thought about this for a while but I’ve decided to stop actively maintaining the Hetalia Tumblr Index. I’m simply too busy to continue on with this project and @hetaliafandomhub already does a fantastic job doing this task already. I will do a cleanup of the index within the next few weeks and should I find any blogs that fit, I’ll add them quietly whenever I get the chance. I will no longer make list updates like I used to.

The FAQ will also be getting an update as well.

I’m hopeful that we can get back into the groove of things when summer hits. Andy has been working on some of his projects on and off and I’m eager to get back into sourcing some of the existing content we already have up on the archives. Wish us luck!

personal update

so like, weeks into this partial social media abstinence thing i’ve been doing to clear my mind and help a little with my anxiety, i’m realizing i should probably announce that i am, essentially, on Hiatus.

(on tumblr and twitter)

for the most part, i won’t be answering personal messages, asks, or much of anything for a while (i’m thinking maybe i’ll come back around April, for sure). I do still have zine illustrations and samples due around march, but other than the occasional art, I won’t really be present in the social sense.

to all my friends who have been worried or don’t know why I’m not replying, im so so sorry. I don’t know if isolating myself is really a solution to my problem, but i can’t exactly handle interaction very well right now, and I’d probably hurt more than be pleasant conversation company.

this has been going on for quite a while, but im hoping things look up once summer rolls in in a few weeks, when i don’t have school and the social problems that link to it to deal with.

To my child @anetteloli and Putri from twitter, i feel like ive neglected you guys especially. To Anette, i’m sorry we caught each other at a bad time, but i think you’re really wonderful, your art is so amazing and cute and you have a style that’s distinctly you, i was taken aback when i found out you were younger than me and I definitely HAD to be friends with you. I’m sorry about closing off before we could get to know each other more. I hope I can make it up to you soon, once i’ve got myself in a better situation.

To @rnoonjelly, my first wife 💕💕
i’m really sorry if i’ve been more distant before i completely went dead on twitter for the past few weeks. I don’t think i’ve initiated much of the recent conversations we’ve had, and i feel like i’ve been unfair in that sense. you’ve helped me through a lot of my bad moments with encouraging and comforting words, and honestly i can’t thank you enough for being so patient with me. and, um, i guess dropping off the face of the earth for the most part isn’t a really good ‘thank you’ ;;;;

to @oiyama my mom,
i think i’ve been unfair to you the most. you’ve been one of the first friends i’ve made on twitter and you have been nothing but kind and patient with me, and i feel horrible that i couldn’t even have the decency to be there for you as much as you’ve been there for me. i’m really trying to get better, and i don’t know if ive hurt you too much for you to really forgive me, but i hope i can fix things once i am able to;;;

to all the friends i’ve made, thank you so much. i know i made a similar message on my private twitter acct weeks before, but i felt like i had to finalize this, since i’ve technically given myself a definite amount of time to recover so i wont just pop out of the blue. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me, and since im rarely ever the initiator to conversations, that means so so very much to me. I don’t know if it holds a lot of weight to you, and i don’t /mean/ to say this as any kind of pressure, but your friendships, the comfort you’ve given, our conversations, no matter how short or long, mean the world to me.

and to the people who have given me encouragements all the while, during the times i’ve outwardly expressed my anxiety and insecurities, thank you so so so sO MUCH. you didn’t have to, but you did, and i’m so grateful you guys had tried to give me comfort. i love all of you!!!

Set In Ink

Summary: Just thought I’d try my hand at a soulmate AU.


Word count: 1500

A/N: Yo guys I’m so sorry for the lack of updates, I have a billion things to do and writing (sadly) hasn’t made it to the top of the list. So postings aren’t going to be as frequent, but after a couple weeks it should get back to normal. Sound good? Good! That said, I’m a little out of practice so I hope this isn’t terrible. 

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They say love should feel like fire, like the whole world erupting from your chest when you land that first kiss. Bucky always seemed to doubt this - he wasn’t a volcano, he was a person. Nothing should be erupting from him, much less the whole world.

They always told him: Just you wait, there’s a storm comin’ and you’re about as helpless as a sheep in a tornado. They never told him that the storm would leave colours a little brighter and gravity a little lower. They warned him against dizziness and fireworks shooting across his skin not just when lips met, but every time he saw you.

He had this picture of you engraved in his mind, soft hair and sweet smiles, and he thought about their warnings - Don’t be scared when it feels like you can’t breathe, don’t look down to see if your heart really is beating out of your chest, it’s not.

And he remembered thinking there’s no way one person could make someone feel all of those things at once.

He remembered looking down at his wrist during grueling days at school, tracing the weaving tattoo patterns thoughtfully. He wondered if yours was in the same place, he wondered if that warning about sparks and electricity against his soulmate’s skin was something he had to worry about, like getting attacked by the neighbours dog or climbing a tree during a storm and getting hit by lightning.

He remembered every time he fell in love with someone new only to see an unfamiliar print on their hip or neck or ankle. He remembered thinking it wasn’t fair, that people should get to love who they love and fate should just mind it’s own business.

He remembered hanging onto a train for dear life, hand reaching for his best friend as wind whipped the sense right out of him. He remembered seeing that same swirling black ink and considering that he might never meet his counterpart.

Then he remembers Hydra wanting to remove it, this little patch of compiled lines on Bucky’s wrist that had grown into so much more than an ID for his soulmate, and he can still feel the utter horror and anger that bubbled up inside him when they tried getting rid of it.

He thinks he remembers every tattoo his targets had, which surprises him because Hydra’s first goal should’ve been to kill the person with his mark, right? And he remembers tracking down all of the tattoos he retraced in a notepad like Steve’s, apologizing profusely for someone they would never meet.

Bucky doesn’t think he could ever forget what it was like to see you, because it was nothing like how they told him it would be. He was confused, because weren’t you supposed to be in your 90’s? And then his heart tightened because did he even deserve a soulmate? And then you were looking right at him, and all of the other people rushing around you two seemed to disappear.

He remembers this wave of relief and warmth sweeping him up, he remembers it so clearly because it happened every time he looked at you. He remembers moving closer to you, like you were a magnet or a planet or some sort of God demanding his presence.

He remembers flicking his eyes down to your smile - exactly how he imagined it would be - and trying to remember all the things they used to tell him.

But his heart wasn’t beating out of his chest, and the trees looked just as green as they had before. He remembers running through every detail of how he felt, and he remembers only picking up on one change.

He felt at home, like he was back in Brooklyn with Steve laughing beside him, like if he remembered which house was his he’d be able to stomp right in and say goodnight to his sisters, like he was stuck in this little bubble of time before he got drafted and the whole world turned upside down.

He remembers how overwhelming it was to shake your hand and see his tattoo on your wrist, and he remembers that was the first time he smiled in years.

He remembers following you to your work, pulling his hand behind you like you had known each other forever. He remembers you grabbing his metal arm, looking down at it, then grinning up at him like some kid at a candy shop. That was when his heart started beating out of his chest.

He remembers you in the flower shop you worked at, beaming down at the plants so vibrantly that Bucky insisted they could survive without a proper sun. He remembers that later, you would tell him all about the types of flowers and what they mean, and his arm would wind around your waist and pull you close enough to be cheek to cheek with him.

He remembers with a smile that after the shop closed you’d let him take home some of the older flowers, and most of the time he’d stick one or two behind your ear and consider how lucky he was to be alive.

He remembers sitting on the couch next to you and listening to you laugh at something he said. He remembers looking over and feeling like his ribs were too small for his heart and he remembers kissing you out of nowhere because it just felt like he couldn’t hold it all in anymore. He remembers your hands on his chest and your smile against his lips, and he remembers thinking that if this was his happy ever after, he’d be good.

He remembers taking you to meet the team for the first time, the closest thing he had to a family. It made him laugh now, because he was so nervous and you just smirked up at him, grabbed his hand and squeezed all the anxiety right out of him.

He remembers Steve clasping him on the shoulder and telling him you were a good catch, and that he was happy for Bucky. He remembers you spreading a little of your glow with everyone else while he stood back and watched. That was the first time he really felt weightless.

He remembers lying on a field beside you, your head on his chest and his hand carding lazily through your hair. He remembers you rambling on about a movie you just watched and thinking he’s never felt so calm in his life. He remembers you quieting down and listening to his heartbeat before he whispered his first ‘I love you’, then you were giggling and kissing and rolling around in the grass just trying to prove how true it was.

He remembers coming back from a mission more roughed up than he’s ever been, and you worriedly holding his face between your hands. He remembers how frantic and passionate the kiss that followed was, and how he promised he’d always make it back to you.

He remembers the proposal like it was yesterday. He remembers looking at you and feeling his heart leap into his throat, he remembers worrying that if you looked at him for too long you’d figure out what was in his hand. He remembers you had a song stuck in your head - Single Ladies - and you were singing the chorus like some sort of taunt. He remembers stopping in the middle of the street, sighing and asking if you really wanted to do this now. Then he remembers almost hazily getting down on one knee, your hand still in his as he pulled out the black box and popped the question.

He remembers you being as quiet as he’s ever seen you, before it clicked and you were bouncing on the balls of your feet, grinning wider than an ocean. He remembers you pulling him up and wrapping your arms around his neck so tight you could’ve knocked him out.

And he told you all of this now; how his skin burns a little with each touch and how he’s never smiled for so long in his life because of you. He tells you how perfect you are and how his heart floods with this warm breathless feeling whenever he thinks about you, and he says he’s the luckiest man alive to have you standing across from him. Then his time’s up and he’s told he can kiss the bride, so he shares his happiest smile with you before intertwining his fingers with yours and slipping his other hand behind your neck.

He knows he’ll remember this kiss for a lifetime because it leaves him dizzy and grinning and he never wants to let go of you. He wraps his arm around your waist, finally having the time to tell you how perfect you look in white, and kisses you again - like he’s been bottling his love up for years and now it’s bursting open and demanding he show it. He’s hugging you closer and grinning at Steve beside him while the audience claps and cheers. He’s thinking of all the things he can’t wait to remember in the future and all the fireworks yet to come.

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Dude i just got done reading dont forget the sun and its so aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa it's so good man i wanna hold it all day, is there going to be another update soon? I'm excited!

aaaaaa thank you! it’s really fuckin nice hearing people excited and liking my fic. 

god, i want to update it. i wanna update all my fics. things have been, they’ve been really rough the past couple of months. it’s really not conducive to a writing environment. i’m gonna update, it’s just, god it’s hard. 

i’m going on a trip next week, and that should help. it should be a lot of fun, maybe i’ll get some writing done during it and can start rolling back into things

Where are the updates?

Sorry for the lack of communication as of late, but I figured I’d break the silence to inform you of my current situation.

Predatortale is just taking a bit of a break.

This is because I have a lot of commissions to finish up since I had to take on a huge workload to keep my bills paid off after having 2 weeks of illness a couple months back, which set me back quite a bit.

So don’t worry, the updates will return, but only after I manage to finish up commissions among some other business.

I’m hoping that soon I’ll have a new job, which should help things considerably, but at the moment I’m continuing the usual path of most adults in today’s atrocious economy and barely managing to survive, haha.

Anyway, updates should return soon enough.

wowzo 200 followers!! thank you so much everyone i’m so shocked i’ve received this much support who even likes cowboys

what better way to herald this milestone in lone star’s development than with me going back on my promises

this last week was super busy so i’m not going to have anything worth showing until next monday so the update’s pushed back until then, i’m really sorry ;;

while i’m making a post everyone should check out

~~~~~~~~ @dreamdiaryjam ~~~~~~~~

(im pretty sure everyone already knows already??)

a lot of really cool Fellows and Friends spent their precious precious time aside to develop ynfgs and you absolutely should support them as well ! (if thats your thing i mean it’s chill if it’s not)

really though, thank you again everyone !

Finally graduated high school yesterday and got awarded a diploma and some award money for being the best/most hard working artist in my school (i think that’s why I got it at least) so that’s kinda cool.

looking forward to focusing on improving my art now that I wont have to bother with school work anymore.

And an update on the uploading of all my old work thing I mentioned a while back, all the loose copy papers have been photographed and I’ve gone through 6 of 19 sketchbooks. Meaning that it should hopefully be up within a week or so unless I get real lazy for whatever reason. So if you’re looking forward to that, get hype. 


Friendly Writer Update

Hi Any Readers of First Night Back in Fuuga,

Since my updates have been slightly more spaced out lately than in the past, I wanted to take a moment to express two things:

  1. We’re still going! Hopefully my next chapter will post tomorrow. I still plan to update regularly and have fun story plans for what’s ahead.
  2. I’m traveling. This month there’s some IRL Europe travel that is causing me to post more like 2 times – and at some point it might only be 1 time – per week. This should just be a “this month” thing.

Thanks for keeping up with the fic ❤️

Sorry for the long post ahead

Hey guys.

I’m sadly gonna have to apologize once again for a delay in updates, Why? Cause of school. I’ve been trying to follow my classes intensely, as my final exam is coming up in March.
And, apparently, the school forgot to give us without a gymnasium degree a properly warning, so we got dumped the news last week, that we got an InfoD (information technology level D) exam throughout Week 5 & 6, sooo that got me a liiittle stressed, but okay, I should be able to handle that.
Though, among this exam, I also got a 3 meetings, one was today, with the educational counselor and the headmaster of my school, so try and help me figure out what to do when I’m done here on 3D College Denmark and if I can possible find an internship somewhere. One of the meetings with the counselor is an hour before my exam is due, so that cuts my work time on that down by an hour, but dumb lil me just agreed to the time without thinking.
PLUS I got all my commission work, which is REALLY slacking behind. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been EXTREMELY lazy with getting them done ever since I came back from my Canada trip in October. Idk what it is, motivation have just been super low and I am SO sorry to all my commissioners for that.

To sum it all up, I’m kinda stressed and nervous at the moment, having A LOT of things going at once. I feel like I’m in control of 5-6 different trains, who all gotta cross the rails at the same time and I gotta make sure they don’t crash each other.

I’ve decided to put this blog on a short, 2 week hiatus. I will return with an update on Week 7, when I’m on vacation again and should finally have time to clear my head and relax enough to draw an update.
I hope you all understand and again, I’m sorry for the delay.

The Crown weighs heavy (Ch.12)

Pairing: NeganxReader

Rating: M

Chapters: 12/?

A/N: Merry Christmas!!! lol I didn’t think I’d be updating so soon :) So I am happy I can.

HEADS UP. This chapter has some smut. (No not between ‘you’ and Negan haha) But, if that’s not your thing (it has woman on woman briefly) skip like the last few paragraphs lol

As always, please comment if you can! Next update should be around tues-thurs

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quick update

you may have noticed that i haven’t been active on this blog at all for about 3 weeks? so i’m sorry if anyone’s messaged me or sent me anons requesting things that i haven’t responded to. i just thought i should say that i’ve been taking a break recently and i don’t know how long i’ll be gone and when i’ll come back to this blog but for now i hope everyone’s doing alright and i’m so excited for louis’ new song !!!!!!

They are?? Sorry I don’t have much up yet.. but Thank you so much for saying that! Glad to know that people enjoy reading this as much as I do writing it.


  • He would be glad that he could see his s/o daily but also worried if they went on seemingly dangerous missions
  • He’d find all sorts of reasons to come around their office every chance he gets. His most popular reason is the ‘I just wanted to see your pretty little face’
  • Very overprotective. He’d try to be on every mission you were sent to so he could protect you. If he really couldn’t, he’d send an army of subordinates to surround you.
  • Now he can easily drag his s/o into a store room whenever he need to
  • Quite rarely, he calls his s/o into his office and they don’t get out until after an hour or two. Everyone knows what’s going on behind those doors. But does everyone care? Not so much. Does Chuya care? Hell no. Therefore I conclude that Chuya can have his s/o whenever he wants
  • Chuya and his s/o would always come hand-in-hand & dressed as a couple when attending formal port mafia functions. And God knows how much Chuya loves being fancy.
  • He would unknowingly try to show off with either his martial arts skills, his ability, leadership skills, fashion sense, or expensive liquor collection to his s/o. The mans got many impressive qualities & he darn well knows it
  • Many different methods of marriage proposals could be arranged easily since 1) he was an executive and 2) he was chuya
  • He would use his executive rank to get a day off work with his s/o but only for special occasions like their birthday.
  • There is now a liquor tasting session in his s/o’s schedule which they can’t ever miss.
  • If his s/o didn’t already have a high ranking or subordinates, he would make sure they had bodyguards or send a few of his subordinates to keep them safe
  • Tells his s/o that they should never ever go near a certain mackerel in the armed detective agency or else they wouldn’t get any for the rest of the week

Important News: I might not have enough time to upload as many headcanons & scenarios as I used to. Don’t worry the updates will only be irregular for about a week before things go back to their usual ways 😄 

Monday Morning Update

Wait … it’s Monday already?!

Waiting at the airport for flight 1 of 2 back to Oz. Had an AMAZING week with @d-s-winchester … the stories we could tell you guys 😂😂😂

As far as the blog, I should have at least a few things for you this week. Traveling today means my posting schedule will probably be screwy, but hey, I’m okay with that if it means I’m posting.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Make Monday be nice to you!

Back in Town & Writing Day (Update News)

Back home after a lovely weekend away and ready to jump back into things! Today’s my “writing day” (mostly since I have the time lol), so you guys should be seeing a Chapter 4 update for Aegis in the next few days.

Likewise going to get started on the next chapter of A Dance of Titans (though those are often longer/more complex so update might not come until next week instead, but hey, chapter 40 is now up for those who missed it).

Also, a preemptive, giant THANK YOU for getting Aegis to 500 kudos so early on (2 away last I checked), and an equally massive thanks for the 2k followers here (just passed 2k yesterday!). You guys rock.

*blows dust away*

Damn… It’s been over 2 weeks already? new Splatoon stuff? Marina and Pearl?  Goddamnit I should really get back to my old schedule a bit more…

But Yeah, I’m back I guess! sorry for just dissapearing, I had to focus on some other things the recent days.

That being said, I have some minor changes planned for my blog. Im gonna redesign my blog entirely over the next 2-3 days, since I still have my old stuff from 2 years ago written there.

After that I got some neat renders (both old, new and of course Shitposts) that I’m gonna upload.

and like I stated in an earlier textpost… commissions. Yep, I’m gonna open ‘em in the next few weeks once I finished up the commission sheet n everything.

Now If you excuse me, I’m gonna go back into my tentacle pit and scream about all the new announced stuff from yesterday.

See you all soon again!