things i should have rebelled on

Took some time to read 1-Star Reviews of the Communist Manifesto tonight and here are some of the highlights:

“Communism would be dead within a few decades without a capitolistic nation to support it.”

“Why work if you can never improve your lot in life?” (unintentionally ironic?)

“Now see this book talks about the utopian society. And since the last time I checked. We were not living in a Utopian society.”

“Really. if Karl Marx had any guts, he woiuld have advocated the working man’s form of economics, Capitalism.”

“not awesome”

“all that marx succeeded in doing is producing an ideology for the DEMOCRATS”

“It is cheaper than a sleeping pill.”

“Communism is a great way to make people get caught up in paperwork”

“You want to respect someone, respect Milton Friedman or F. Hayek. These guys don’t claim to solve all of society’s ills.”

“His philosophy was that the poor should rise up and rebel against the oppressive rich. At least that’s what I understood, though I sped through this book on x2 audio, so I may have missed some things.”

“For all the hype that I’ve heard over the years, this book is not an impressive read. It does reveal communist views and ideals, but not in what I thought was a well developed way. Others (communists, no doubt) may see it differently.”

“This book sucks camel genitalia.”

“I bought this book because I am interested in something like ‘The Wealth of Nations’. Turned out, this book is even thin than the book I read in kindergarden. Thinner than an iPhone. about 5-6 of this book together will get the thick of an iPhone, I believe.”

“Class warfare seems to be the main point of the book.”

“badly wrirren manifesto”

“bunch of crap. crap that not true. if we did this we would a 3rd world natinon, or worse!!!!!!!!!!!111 crap”

and last but not least:

“This book is nothing but communist propaganda !!”


Have a moment between two characters that doesn’t know much about each other than they should.
Abel the rebel angel…
Axel the fallen Angel…
Two creations with two different live. Your creators trying to hurt and save them for the sake of their lives. Joshua has some explaining to do.

This is a special project from me to @the-vampire-inside-me And I hope we have more things like this with Abel and Axel. All the love 💚💚💙

Enemies Turned Lovers Prompts

This was not requested, but I made another prompts list called Best Friends Turned Lovers which you can check out if you like, and I felt like compiling some of my personal favorites from the enemies turned lovers trope as well. I hope these inspire you!

  1. “It’s hard to remember we aren’t in a competition anymore.” 
  2. “Do we like…hold hands now?”
  3. “Sorry, this is just really different from our constant arguing.” 
  4. “I didn’t ever think we’d be here, like this.”
  5. Write about an angel being held captive in hell who falls in love with a demon.
  6. “I don’t fall in love with people very often, I just can’t believe it was you. Out of everyone, you just had to steal my heart. That’s very rude, you know, to steal?” 
  7. An angel sent to destroy the one prophesied to bring the world’s destruction falls in love with them instead.
  8. Person A is from a rich family, intelligent and has a sharp tongue. One day, they snuck out to the poor district, curious. They met Person B, strong and independent, who clearly hates the people of the rich district. Not knowing Person A’s real identity, they both became fast friends, running around on top of rooftops at night, stealing breads from vendors only to give them to the beggars and telling each other stories while laying side by side in the flower meadow.
  9. “I keep forgetting that we got over this ages ago.”
  10. “Isn’t it strange to think that just a while back, we were always fighting?”
  11. “I don’t even remember why were fighting.”
  12. “We still have issues to work around, but we’ll get over it.”
  13. “I’m trying to decide if this thing I did is incredibly stupid or…”“What happened? What did you do?”“Well…I fell in love with you.”
  14. “You know nothing about me.”“Oh, but I do. I know you want adventure, that’s why you’re here standing in front of me. You want to rebel like everyone else. You want mystery in your life, passion, romance… and maybe even a little danger.”
  15. “This should be against some sort of rule.”
  16. “How could this happen? They’re so…so pure. Ugh.”
  17. “They’re kind to everyone, even me. I guess that was my weakness all along.”
  18. “All I ever wanted was for someone to respect me. When they did exactly that, I knew I was doomed.” 
  19. “Please don’t say you love me.” 
  20. “You know I can’t say it, but surely you understand how I feel?”

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If you use one or more of these for a story, I would be delighted to read it! Please don’t hesitate to send your writing to me:)

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On Tuesday, the world learned the name of Khan Sheikhoun, a town in Idlib, Syria, after government forces used what was likely a chemical bomb containing a nerve agent on innocent civilians. Between 70 and 100 people, including dozens of children, were killed in the attack and as many as 500 were injured. Witnesses described the horrors of the aftermath - much too graphic for me to write here. But this is nothing new, it is not the first time President Bashar al-Assad has slaughtered innocent civilians, especially children, in his own country. It is not the first time he has left people laying on the ground foaming at the month until death from use of illegal chemical weapons. It is not the first time the world has been shocked by images from within Syria. It is not the first time global leaders have spoken out and condemned this sort of barbaric extermination… Yet it continues. For 6 years, this war has raged, a war officially between the government and a rebel army, but it is hard to see this as anything besides a war on the innocent Syrian people. The toll is impossible to calculate to an exact number, but most estimates indicate more than 200,000 innocent people, including more than 50,000 children, have been killed to date, and almost 5,000,000 have been displaced. I don’t have the answer, I don’t know what should be done or even what could be attempted, I can’t tell you who did what and recall every detail, but I know one thing, no matter the intricacies, it must stop. Syria is one of several points on this planet which holds the history, known and unknown, of our species, it was once an epicentre of art, discovery, and science - perhaps the oldest civilization besides Mesopotamia, yet it is being destroyed as if it were nothing more than a piece of trash. A jewel in world history has been reduced to ruins. And that is just the past, the future is being decimated as well. With each traumatic injury, with each innocent fatality, the light of Syria’s future weakens. It will take hundreds of years, multiple generations, for Syria to overcome the current suffering, and the scars of today’s battles may never heal. If only we’d think of the children, there is nothing a child could do to deserve the nightmares of war, nothing a child could do to deserve anything close. Adults create war, adults create the weapons that kill, adults create the politics and the fighting, adults create power and money, adults are the cause of and reason for mass conflict, but they do not bear the greatest loss here, it is the children that do. Like I said, I don’t know the answer, I am not even sure of the question, but the motivation to end this all is clear - the innocent children of Syria. My heart aches and shatters for Syrians in the war zone and across the world, I can’t imagine your pain so I won’t even pretend to understand, but I hope you still believe in the goodness of humanity, I hope you still find reason to carry on, and I hope one day, Syria can again be an epicentre of civilization. Most of all, I hope you find safety, and your loved ones find safety. Whether it is peace in Syria or a new home until the fighting ends, I hope you find stability and safety. 

I don’t even care what anyone says ok Han Solo is a DOOMED man ok his ass is so far gone he meets Leia and the poor guy doesn’t even know what hit him one second he’s going about his mercenary smuggler business with Chewie and next thing he knows he’s off running cargo and missions for the rebellion that he supposedly didn’t even believe in and he’s like nervously sweating the whole damn time trying to convince himself that Leia Organa hasn’t completely WRECKED HIS ASS but she 100% has and everyone knows it except for her legit people just snicker behind their hands watching Han Solo alternatively bicker with her and grumble obscenities under his breath and watch her walk away from him like a lovesick puppy and literally the entire freaking base knows that Han Solo would do ANYTHING for the princess like GEE SOLO SIGNED ON FOR ANOTHER PERILOUS MISSION HMMM WONDER WHY DEFINITELY NOT TO MAKE SURE NOTHING HAPPENS TO LEIA OH NO COULDN’T BE THAT MUST BE THE “”“”“"MONEY”“”“” YEAH OK

Like poor bb is walking around with “I’m in love with Princess Leia Organa” essentially tattooed on his forehead while simultaneously shouting to anyone who’ll listen that he’s not in love with her

Han: The princess???? What a… high maintenance… stuck-up… naive… idealistic… condescending… UGH and the way she just… I do NOT like her NO WAY DEFINITELY NOT she’s too… WE FIGHT ALL THE TIME DIDN’T YOU NOTICE… her braids are DUMB they’re not cute at ALL ok she’s so SHORT too and… and… infuriating woman argues about EVERYTHING she’s so

Rebel: Yeah so Leia twisted her ankle and–

Han: ???!!!!??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sweats* *panics* she twisted??????? her tiny????? royal?????? ankle??????? What sonofabitch… who let her WALK in the first place if I was there I would have told her NOT to do risky things like WALKING that stubborn!!!!! that hardheaded!!! Put herself AT RISK that’s what she did DOES SHE NEED ICE?? SHOULD I CARRY HER TO THE MED CENTER?! I’LL BET SHE’S STILL //MARCHING// ON IT THE NERVE OF HER doesn’t know when to quit

Vader: [text] ok kenobi wtf r u losers up to this time????????
Obi-Wan: Good morning to you too, Anakin. 
Vader: ur best buddy bail fucking organa and his stupid friends and that SMARTMOUTH DAUGHTER OF HIS are up to SOMETHING and now i have to go to fucking SCARIF OK do u even KNOW how much i hate it there 
Vader: i am not going anywhere NEAR the beach that is for DAMN sure
Obi-Wan: Wait…what’s happening??! 
Vader: i WAS gonna get in a bacta soak 
Vader: u know because MY BODY IS BROKEN U TELL ME WHY
Vader: but NOW i have to go haul my ass allllll the way over there instead
Obi-Wan: Anakin, please: WHO is on Scarif and why???
Vader: idk a bunch of rebel randoms r trying to steal some shit and now it’s a ~whole big thing~ LIKE I NEEDED THIS TODAY

Vader: aggggggggggggggghhhh FML 
Obi-Wan: What happened???????????
Vader: FFS where do i even start
Vader: fucking krennic
Vader: i knew i should have choked that guy to death when i had the chance 
Vader: I TOLD sheev we should have cut this stupid project from the budget years ago and bought a foosball table for my room instead
Vader: im so cold and tired and this job is so BORING no one is even hard to fight anymore like ffs give me a CHALLENGE for once its been YEARS
Obi-Wan: Anakin: WHAT HAPPENED????!!!! Who did you kill??
Vader: y r u so concerned about my day
Vader: usually ur all ‘shut up anakin i don’t wanna hear about all the murdering u did im obiwan and im the perrrrfect jedi i only murder people SOMETIMES’
Obi-Wan: 🙄 Well maybe I’m taking an interest in your life. 
Vader:  😉 nice try babe.
Obi-Wan: Very well. Maybe I’ll see you soon enough. You never know. 
Vader: k see ya 😘
Vader: wait what
Vader: obiwan
Vader: obiwan???????

(For @yuneyn and her love of both Rogue One and Texting Vader.) ;)  

heathers sentence starters; part one
  • "Well, fuck me gently with a chainsaw."
  • "If you were happy every day of your life you wouldn't be a human being. You'd be a game-show host."
  • "Now that's deep."
  • "When teenagers complain that they want to be treated like human beings, it's usually because they are being treated like human beings."
  • "My teen-angst bullshit now has a body count."
  • "Greetings and salutations."
  • "Maybe we could rent some new releases and pop some popcorn."
  • "Chaos is what killed the dinosaurs, darling!"
  • "You inherit 5 million dollars the same day aliens land on the earth and say they're going to blow it up in 2 days. What do you do?"
  • "That's the stupidest question I've ever heard."
  • "You look like hell."
  • "God! I sound like a fucking psycho."
  • "Real life sucks losers dry."
  • "You're beautiful."
  • "I felt bad every time I did it but I kept doing it anyway."
  • "Praise Jesus, Hallelujah."
  • "I don't patronize bunny rabbits."
  • "You know, I have a little prepared speech I tell my suitor when he wants more than I'd like to give him."
  • "What's your damage?"
  • "Suicide is a private thing."
  • "The extreme always seems to make an impression."
  • "I just killed my best friend."
  • "If everyone jumped off a bridge, would you?"
  • "How very."
  • "Well they, uh, seem to have an open door policy for assholes though, don't they?"
  • "I like it. It's got that what-a-cruel-world-let's-toss-ourselves-in-the-abyss type ambiance."
  • "I say we just grow up, be adults and die."
  • "The only place different social types can genuinely get along with each other is in heaven."
  • "You know what I want? Cool guys like you out of my life."
  • "We realized we could never reveal our forbidden love to an uncaring and un-understanding world."
  • "Jesus H. Christ!"
  • "Is your life perfect?"
  • "Well, it's just like - they're people I work with, and our job is being popular and shit."
  • "They should throw his/her ass in jail."
  • "Just another case of a geek trying to imitate the popular people and failing miserably."
  • "You're a rebel? You think you're a rebel? You're not a rebel, you're fucking psychotic!"
  • "Why are you pulling my dick?"
  • "Our love is God."
  • "Let's go get a slushie."
  • "Why do you have to be such a mega-bitch?"
  • "I'm worshiped."
  • "What the fuck?"
  • "I knew that loose was too noose... uh... noose too loose..."
  • "Did that sound bitchy?"
  • "This kind of thing leaves a bad taste in my mouth."
  • "Lick it up, baby. Lick. It. Up."
Hello. Kallus here. But I guess you already know me … sort of. Uh … so, the thing is, I have a lot of experience with the Imperials, and I’m considered to be pretty good at fighting and planning. Well, you’ve seen me, you know, when I was attacking you? Uh, yeah … I guess I should apologize for that. But, anyway, I’m good now. I mean, I thought I was good before, but now I realize I was bad. Ugh, but anyway, I think it’s time I joined your crew and helped fight the Empire.
—  Kallus
Color Me Yours

Hi guys! This is just a meet-cute about the reader and Tom meeting for the first time in a ceramic art studio! There are a few bad words, but other than that, it’s pure fluff! I hope you like it!

Color Me Yours

The only thing that had led Tom into the painting studio had been his boredom, but since he spotted the prettiest of all pretty girls wandering down the aisles in search of paints, he decided to stay put. Desperately seeking paints, brushes, or anything else that could be used to start a conversation with her, Tom began meandering through the studio.

    “Have you decided what you want to paint sir?” An employee’s monotonous voice asked dully from behind him, forcing Tom to stop his pacing.

    “Uh, yeah.” Tom mumbled, grabbing the nearest ceramic figure to him, which evidently turned out to be a tremendously large coffee mug. “This,” he said questioningly.

    “Wonderful. Paints are over there,” the employee said, pointing at the left half of the studio before walking off.

    “Helpful.” Tom grumbled beneath his breath as he rolled his eyes. At least he was pointed in the proper direction, while the girl seemed completely lost. Tom stopped to look at her for a moment, lost in how the light flickered off the glossiness of her hair. He observed that she was shy, like she was prepared to ask someone for help, but as soon as they got closer to her, the courage would evaporate on the tip of her tongue and she would just stare at her shoes. Tom decided that he’d help end her search for the assorted paints.

    “Hi,” Tom started, feeling a tad bashful himself, “you look a little lost, are you alright?” The words his brain was attempting to get his mouth to say were failing, sticking to the roof of his mouth like cheap bubblegum. Her eyes just looked so kind up close, and her skin looked soft, but not as soft as her petal colored lips. “I mean, you look totally alright, but like do you need help finding anything? The employees here don’t seem to keen on helping anyone.”

    Her eyebrows raised and her cheeks flushed and Tom cursed himself. He wouldn’t blame her if she asked him to fuck off.

    “Actually, do you happen to know where they keep the paint? I’ve been looking for a while, and I think I might be blind? Or maybe just dumb,” She trailed off, twiddling her thumbs, but Tom felt a resurgence of confidence lick through him when he saw her glance up and down his frame, before her cheeks began to heat up again.

    Candidly, the young girl knew exactly who stood in front of her. His name was Tom Holland, and he was a beyond amazing and attractive actor who happened to be playing the coveted role of Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Homecoming. She had first spotted him in The Impossible, and had harbored a small crush that transfigured into a massive one when she saw him again in Captain America: Civil War.

    She could barely believe that they happened to be in the same art studio, let alone the fact that he was standing in front of her looking nervous and offering to aid her on her quest for paint. She wondered if there was a non creepy way to let him know that he was quite possibly the love of her life.

    Tom scoffed, “M’sure you’re not dumb darling, you’ve picked the most intricate design in the entire shop. Besides, I doubt the employee even told you where to find the paints. He just kind of of,” Tom gestured with his arm to the left half of the store, “claimed paint was over here, but I’m kind of doubting it now. We can go look for it together?”

    She smiled and nodded before stepping forward to walk through the store next to Tom. “You know,” the girl started before she could stop herself, “I think you’re going to be the best Peter Parker that Marvel has ever had. Sorry if that’s an odd thing to say, I just think that you’re really neat.” She mentally hurled her body off a cliff, why couldn’t she have any sort of chill? She had binge-watched Sex and the City, she should know how to be a cool girl by now, but instead, she had to rebel and be just so her. It was beyond irritating.

    Lucky for her, Tom had never found a statement more endearing than the one currently hanging in the space between them. “That’s so sweet, darling, thank you so much. I’m kind of nervous that a lot of other people don’t think so,” Tom could tell that she was internally scolding herself, so he did his best to soothe her worries. “Furthermore, when’s a pretty girl telling you that she thinks you’re neat a bad thing?”

    She looked away as he smiled down on her, and she fiddled with the fairy figurine in her hands.

    “Well, we’re having a difficult time locating that paint, huh?” Tom sighed, ruffling a hand through his curls.

    “Yeah, what the hell? I don’t think that we’re both stupid and blind,” she trailed off, spinning around in a slow circle to get a better bearing on her surroundings. “It’s getting a tiny bit ridiculous. Like, they must’ve purposely hid the paints or something,” she wondered.

    “You know what? Stay put and I’m going to go drag that guy over here and make him show us where they hide their damn paint.” Tom said, promising to return with an employee or some clearer directions on where they could find the colors.

“The shop is called Color Me Mine,” Tom pondered out loud, “How is anyone supposed to color anything theirs if they don’t know where the fuck the paint is?” Once he finally received step by step directions, he rushed back towards the girl who stood waiting for him in the left wing of the painting studio.

“You wouldn’t believe it but I know where to find it!” Tom called, coming to a shaky stop in front of her, reaching to hold her shoulders to steady himself.

She rejoiced immediately, taking a hold of his hands and literally jumping with glee. “Thank goodness for you, Tom! Thank goodness!”

Tom felt like a hero, and he smiled when he thought of how happy making her happy was making him feel. He wondered if she had a partner at home who was making her happy, but that was overshadowed by his embarrassment that he’d forgotten to ask for her name.

“Of course, darling, but while we’re on the subject of names,” Tom didn’t think that he could be any lamer, “what’s yours? Can’t keep calling you darling forever,” He chuckled, smiling down at her.

She leaned into him and told him her name, secretly thinking that Tom Holland calling her darling forever wouldn’t be a bad thing either.

Tom spoke her name out loud, enjoying the way her name lingered in the air. “Well, shall we color them ours?” He asked, motioning to the fairy she held in her arms.

After the pair had decided on colors, they sat down together and began to talk, paint, and wander back to the clandestine cabinet that held all of the art supplies the studio offered to customers.

Right now, she and Tom had decided to compete in a battle of who could paint the prettiest item. She had stuck her oversized purse in between them to shield their designs. Although her bag was large, it only covered up what they were painting, so Tom and the girl’s eyes met over and over again.

They were engaged in a game of work uld you rather right now, and they were had making each other laugh so hard that they’d been given angry looks from bothered patrons.

“Alright, darling,” Tom had slipped back into the habit of calling her darling, not that she minded, “would you rather live inside ‘The Shining’ for a week or have the only film that you’re able to watch be ‘Misery?’”

“Oh my gosh! Getting to exist in the same universe as ‘The Shining’ is a complete dream come true! But, to specify, you’re referring to the King novel and not the shit film, right?” She smiled ear to ear, glad to have finally met someone who adored horror flicks the same way that she did.

“You’ve gotta be joking?” Tom said, looking away from the coffee mug in front of him that was about a step away from being completed, “The film was revolutionary for me when I watched it! How could anything Kubrick touches be shit?” He asked, eyes wide and brows raised.

“Well, to start, how old were you when you first watched it?” She teased.

“That’s absolutely besides the point!” Tom dismissed, laughing while he swirled his paintbrush through his final coat of paint.

“You were a kid, huh?” She smiled, her own fairy had been completely painted for a while now. “Have you even bothered to read the book?”

Tom opened and shut his mouth before cocking his head to the side and shaking his head.

“Exactly! If you decide to read it, you’d discover why Stephen King despises that film as much as he does!” She tried to sneakily glance over her purse-wall to see Tom’s progress.

“Hey, hey! You’ve been caught! No peeking, love, besides, I’m about three brushstrokes away from finishing!” Tom knew that what he was about to do was bold, but he hoped it would pay off. The mug he had originally just picked up to have something to hold had been painted into a gift for the girl across from him. He only hoped that it wouldn’t come off creepy and desperate, instead, he was hoping for cheesy and sweet.

“Not that I don’t believe in King’s genius, because I do, it’s just the film is a classic for a reason!” Tom said, finally setting down his brush. Poising the big question, Tom placed his hands on her bag, “Ready for the big reveal?”

She bit her lip and blushed as Tom’s brown eyes stared into her own. Settling her hand onto her bag too, she nodded. “Okay, on three?”
    Tom began the countdown, and by the count of two, all the hairs on his arms stood up, completely electrified.

When they reached one, they yanked her purse into the air, Tom moving it to the side of the table to clear the view of each other’s work.

The fairy she had painted was beautiful, dressed in soft pinks and greens, lively enough to make her way home to Pixie Hollow if she so pleased. When Tom looked at the fairy’s painter, he decided that she too was magical enough to belong in a fairy’s garden.

The mug he’d painted for her was a simple baby blue with a dark blue trim. He’d painted pink hearts along the handle, but the boldest part of the mug was the phrase he’d carefully drawn on. In messy, black cursive, the letters looped together read,

Color me yours?

And on the inside of the mug, he’s painted even more pink hearts and with the smallest of brushes, he wrote,

Breakfast at 10?

When she didn’t say anything, Tom began to panic. “Is it awful, oh gosh, I knew I shouldn’t have-,” but before he could finish his sentence, she cut him off.

“No, No! I’m sure that she’ll love it! It’s adorable!” Her insides her melting into a pile of goo, she wanted to believe that she stood a chance with Tom, but whoever was receiving this mug clearly was the only lady for him.

Tom stopped automatically, hands frozen and mouth dropped open, he couldn’t believe that she thought the mug was meant for someone else. “It’s, she’s, no-, darling this is for you. I want you to love it.”

He watched realization mist over her eyes and she let out a loud giggle, clapping a hand over her mouth and hiding her face.

“Oh my gosh, I’m such a doof,” Tom slid over to her side of the table, laughing as he extended an arm around her frame, pulling her to his chest. “I cannot believe I ruined that. Let me make it up to you, I have a copy of ‘The Shining’ in my car, borrow it, please, please, please.”

“You’re so silly, darling! Of course I made it for you! Granted, yes, the line was weak, but I figured you’d know that it was for you because we’ve spent the last hour and a half together at Color Me Mine!” Tom’s hand circled her lower back, “Alright, I’ll borrow the book if you meet me for breakfast and accept my mug, once it’s baked in the oven and dry.”

She leaned away from his body to meet his gaze, “Okay. I’ll consider you colored mine.”

The next morning, over strawberry and nutella crepes and belgian waffles to share, Tom spent the entire breakfast ranting about how enlightened he was now that he fully realized the genius of Stephen King, and how grateful he was for their chance encounter at Color Me Mine.

[Got] 7 Deadly Sins: Greed

Originally posted by hobilesbian

“Whoever said money can’t buy happiness is a complete fool.”

The words naturally rolled off my tongue as my hand reached out to caress the pair of grey satin house slippers I had just purchased not even five hours prior. Had I become like one of those materialistic humans who spend all their money on useless things? Ah, what was the word? A Shopaholic?

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Age isn't a problem

Request: Ooh maybe one where the reader and Jerome have a but if an age gap? Like she’s a couple years younger and not by a lot but like 4 at the most maybe?


Being a teenager in Gotham wasn’t exactly what you would call easy. Sure it use to be, but now? Everyone is scared of us. We’re the rebels. The ones most likely to be persuaded into doing stupid things. We’re weak. Vulnerable to the bad thoughts. The bad people.

They should be scared. Why be a cog when you can be free? Jerome taught me that. He saved me that one faithful day. Sure I ended up doused in oil, and was about to be burned to death, but I couldn’t help laughing. Laughing at the other girls who I hated nearing their end. Sadly that never came for them, but what’s done is done.

Chained to the floor, and covered in oil wasn’t the best look on me, but strangely I didn’t care. I wasn’t panicked that there was a crazy red head running up and down the aisle with a hose spraying us. As he coats the girls I hated so much I giggle as they scream in fear.

He turns to me with a confused look. He strides to me and gets down to my level. “You’re not screaming. Why?” I giggle and look at the other girls. “They look ugly when they’re scared.” Jerome turns and take a look at them then back at me laughing. “Yeah they do, but you look beautiful. What’s your name doll? He asks placing his hand under his chin. ”(Y/n).“ “Well hello (y/n). I’m Jerome. Say what about this? You seem fun enough to join me. How about you ditch the cheerleaders and join the Maniax? We could use a good Pom Pom shaker. Plus doll. You’re awful adorable.” I smirk and raise my chained wrist as a yes. That’s where it all started.

Sure we tried having dinner with my parents, but that ended with a knife in my father instead of the chicken, and a fork in my mother’s eye, but who cares? They were holding me back from being free and being with Jerome.

Now yes before you ask there is an age difference between Jerome and I. Only 3 years. Not a big deal. What are they gonna do? Arrest him? Like that’s ever gonna happen… Again.

I roll over in the bed Jerome and I share. I sigh and stand up not being able to sleep knowing J is out in Gotham causing havoc and getting himself into trouble. I walk into the kitchen mixing a drink for myself to take the edge off. I’d love to be out there with him, but he won’t let me. Not yet. He says its to dangerous for me. Not till I’ve learned enough.

I sit on the marble counter top right as the door opens and Jerome strolls in laughing, and swinging his gun around. I turn the light on seeing his face smeared with blood. “Don’t you look handsome.” I laugh winking at him. “Oh doll! You have no clue! Ugh what a rush! Gives me so much confidence!” I smile and grab a washcloth wetting it.

I sigh and pull Jerome closer to me so I can clean off his face. “Wish I knew.” Jerome grabs my chin between his thumb and pointer finger. “Aww doll. You will. Soon I promise.” “You’ve said that 6 times in the last month. 7 counting now. Come on J when can I go and be free? I wanna feel it. The rush!” He laughs and pulls my wrists so my entire body is close to the edge of the counter. “Then let’s go. Nights still young. Unless you’re to scared.” I practically bounce out of my own skin at his words. “Really? Ah! Give me a second!” I run off and change into something more suitable for our adventure were about to take.

We stroll the dark streets of Gotham. It’s surprisingly quiet. We pass an ally and see a man counting a stack of cash. I look at Jerome with a pleading look. He simply smirks and passes a gun into my hand. “Go get him sweetheart.” He kisses me on my forehead and pushes me to the ally way as he stands watch against the brick wall.

I stride over to the man making sure the gun is all ready to go. “A little late isn’t it? A lot of freaks out at this time.” I laugh getting his attention. He stuff the money in his pocket and cocks his head to the side. He steps into the light and chuckles at me. “And what are you doing here? Take your own advice little girl. Run before you get shot. Or worse.” I pull the gun out and swiftly pull the trigger hitting the man straight in the chest. “Better take your own advice.” I giggle and grab the wad of cash from his pocket and walk back over to J with a smile on my face. “That’s my girl.” He smiles and places his arm over my shoulder.


Your secret is out, General

This is based on this post by kablob17, who was really awesome for keeping us updated on all of Celebration 2015′s SW goods during this amazing weekend.

WOW, and what a weekend it was! So much is happening: TFA teaser 2, Battlefront, Rogue One, Rebels season 2 and all the extra Clone Wars content and I’m just SO OVERWHELMED *hyperventilates* 

And I just KNOW I have to make it to next year’s Celebration in London (haven’t been abroad for so long OTL).

Also - I’m still bitter about the fact that TCW got cancelled and there are, like, SO MANY UNSOLVED THINGS ;A; 

My Top 15 TV Shows

Hello! I decided to make this list in case anyone needed a new TV show to watch! My recs are going to go from favorite to least favorite (although some are so close that they are basically tied) Just so you all remember, also, these are just my opinions of the shows and you may not agree with me, and I’m sorry if I rec a show that you absolutely hate, because that was not my intention!

1. Lost

So yes, my all time favorite show is not Teen Wolf. Lost is just such an amazing tv series, and I wish they were still making seasons! It is a completed show with I think 5 seasons? This TV series is about a plane that crashes on a strange island. It’s full of mystery with some comedy and action and it is just really good. It follows the stories of all the different people who were on the plane, and this show is so mysterious that by the end you may still have questions. 

If you like shows such as: Twin Peaks, Dexter, The X-Files, Stranger Things etc. this show might be something you’d enjoy!

2. Teen Wolf

So even though in my opinion Teen Wolf has gone downhill, I honestly believe this show, particularly the earlier seasons, is really great. It’s romantic, it’s funny, and it has werewolves in it. It also may be a little cheesy, especially in the first season, but I don’t mind personally. 

If you like shows such as: Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, Shannara Chronicles, True Blood, etc. this might be a show for you!

3. Sherlock

So this one is pretty much tied with Teen Wolf (honestly it should probably be above it but oh well) So the thing I love about this show is the comedy and mystery! There are twists and turns and it’s entertaining and interesting and all the actors do an amazing job! The fandom can be toxic, though, just a fair warning. But honestly it really is a great show that I can not praise enough because I spent hours binge watching this and squealing about it and it is so deep and has plot twists and it’s just amazing! Yeah.

If you likes shows such as: Breaking Bad, Fargo, Elementary, Person of Interest, Black Mirror, Mr. Robot, etc, this show could be something you’d enjoy!

4. Fargo

So this is a thriller show that is very dark and has very mature, disturbing parts sometimes. But, it also has some comedy and honestly it is just an amazing preformance and story. Obviously, this is similar to the movie Fargo, but it continues on with another season, and a 3rd season is supposed to come out sometime this year! All of the actors are just so talented. The main character in season one is actually Martin Freeman, and in season 2 one of the main characters is Kirsten Dunst. Also, this show has seemingly different seasons that all connect. It is just so amazing like honestly I could probably put this one 1st or 2nd but it is kind of disturbing.

If you like shows such as: Sherlock, Lost, Breaking Bad, Narcos, Mr. Robot, True Detective, etc. then try out this show!

5. A Series of Unfortunate Events

If you haven’t heard of it, this series is a Netflix series based off of books. Many people may recall the movie, and I can say that the tv series is very different in many ways that make me prefer it much more to the movie. Firstly, Neil Patrick Harris does an amazing job portraying Count Olaf (the main bad guy). This TV series is meant to be kind of cheesy with a dark, creepy undertone. Also, it is full of mysteries! I really love how they’ve changed it and the casting in my opinion is much better! So far, the 1st season is the only one out, but I have no doubt that there will be more.

If you like shows such as: Dexter, The X-Files, Psych, Veronica Mars, etc. you should watch this show!

6. The Flash

So this show is obviously about the superhero the Flash. The things I really enjoy about this is the action and the plots for each season. The first season especially is my favorite. Seriously though this show is super entertaining and interesting and has a great diverse cast! 

If you like shows such as: Arrow, Heroes, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, etc. you should watch this show!

7. The Office

If you’ve never seen the office, this is a comedy show with romance too! It is extremely funny, thus having it be my top comedy show! It has 9 seasons, so you’ll have tons of episodes to watch, and it’s all on Netflix and finished filming! Seriously if you have not watched this show and you love comedies, WATCH IT! 

If you like shows such as: Parks and Rec, 30 Rock, How I Met Your Mother, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, etc. watch this show! 

8. Parks and Rec

It’s so hard to choose between the Office and Parks and Rec. They are both super hilarious! Parks and Rec is also about the workplace, the people at Parks and Recreation. It has amazing characters and development and jokes and I love it! Plus, it is all finished and has a ton of seasons to enjoy! (7)!

If you like shows such as: The Office, Big Bang Theory, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Last Man on Earth, etc. then this show is for you!

9. Stranger Things

So, if you haven’t already heard about this show, this is basically the popular Netflix original that a lot of people are talking about! It reminds me of the movie E.T., just more modernized. It follows the story of a boy who goes missing, but it’s more than meets the eye. It is a supernatural/thriller show and honestly I thought it would be cheesy, but it’s not! It’s actually really interesting and spooky and mysterious and cute and I like it quite a bit! They only have 1 season so far, but they are releasing a new season this year!

If you like shows such as: Lost, X-Files, Supernatural, Teen Wolf, etc. you should try out this show!

10. Blindspot

If you haven’t heard of it, this is a newish show about this woman who is found and has no memory and tattoos all over her body. The FBI works to figure out who put them there and why. First of all, the plot is interesting, there is a ton of action and a little mystery and drama and romance. It really is entertaining and I just really enjoy the overall thrill of this show!

If you likes shows such as : CSI, Lost, The Blacklist, Criminal Minds, The Flash, How to Get Away With Murder, etc., then you definitely need to try out this show!!!

11. The Last Man on Earth

Honestly I’m surprised this one is not higher up on my list!!! It is so hilarious and I think it just gets better with each season, in my personal opinion. It’s the story of the (seemingly) last man on earth after being wiped out from a virus! It is just so funny and has some thriller/mystery elements, actually!! It gets serious sometimes and it is just so perfect. 

If you likes shows such as: Parks and Rec, The Office, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,  Brooklyn 99, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, etc. you should totally try watching this show!

12. Wayward Pines

This show is about a strange town with secrets. It’s a mystery/thriller/supernatural show, and it’s really good, but also kinda strange. In my opinion, I enjoyed the 2nd season more than the 1st, but a lot of people disagree, so you’d have to watch it to decide for yourself! They currently only have 2 seasons, but I think they’re making a third? Anyways but if you like tons of mystery and thrills and stuff you’d probably like this show!

If you like shows such as: Twin Peaks, Stranger Things, Under the Dome, Bones, etc., you might want to give this show a try!

13. 11.22.63

So this is a mini series (I think 6 or 8 episodes total?) and it’s based off of the novel 11.22.63 by Stephen King. Basically, it’s about a guy who goes back in time to try to stop the assassination of John F. Kennedy. So it is kinda historical but I mean it’s still time travel soooo. I would call it a myster/thriller mostly, with some history of course. (If you haven’t been able to tell yet, myster/thriller is my FAVORITE genre) 

If you like shows such as: Under the Dome, Westworld, Sense 8, etc., you should check this show out!

14. Steven Universe

Okay first of all yes I know this is a cartoon but IT IS SO MASTERFULLY MADE LIKE OH MY GOD. It deals with stereotypes and has lesbian relationships and it is adorable and interesting and the plot is actually so intriguing as it gets more into the show. Watching the first episodes, or maybe even the first half of the first season, it seems really cheesy and annoying but honestly it gets so deep and amazing. It’s about a boy named Steven who is half human and ‘half gem’ and he lives with this rebel group of gems called the crystal gems and it’s all about their trials and it probably sounds stupid to you if you’ve never seen it but I swear to you, in my opinion, it is one of the best cartoons I’ve ever watched.

If you like shows such as: Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, etc., then watch this show!!!

15. Humans

So this last one was really tough because honestly there are a lot of other TV Shows that I like but this show is really interesting. It is about these robots who are like servants to the humans, but there are some ‘rebels’ or whatever you would call them who have human emotions and it’s about trying to find one of the synths who has been taken by a family and I mean I enjoyed it personally but it is about robots so you have to be into that kind of show. 

If you likes shows such as: Wayward Pines, Stranger Things, Westworld, Black Mirror, etc. you should try out this show!

thecybersmith  asked:

(Assuming that The Elder One hadn't interrupted things) Do you believe that the Conclave could have achieved a long-term compromise, or would it have been the Thedosian Versailles Treaty, a stop-gap prelude to another inevitable conflict? I liked the story of DAi, so I understand why we couldn't see the end of the peace negotiations, but I do wish it had been explored more.

I appreciate what you’re trying to say about the Treaty of Versailles as a representative of things that really did not help in the long term. I do. But I think it’s always important to remember that this wasn’t that kind of war.

World War I was, for all its horrors, a war fought between nations. Nations that had land and resources and money. They didn’t have all of these things in equal measure, obviously, but they had them. When you’re talking about the problems of the Treaty of Versailles, you’re talking about the problems of the details of that agreement. A conference to discuss who was going to take disputed territory and who was going to pay for all the damage is not an inherently absurd idea. That’s how you end a war of nations, if you don’t intend to end it by invading and conquering your opponents.

This was not a war of nations. The mage-Templar war is more rightly named the mage rebellion. The mages are people who have been kidnapped, largely as children, and held against their will. That’s at bare minimum – any number of other abuses may be heaped on top of that.

They seem to be stateless persons: in dialogue Vivienne says:

“I am from the Circle, my dear. One’s country of origin rarely matters there.”

Vivienne dialogue

She herself was sent from the Ostwick Circle in the Free Marches to the Montsimmard Circle in Orlais; Karl Thekla, likewise, was transferred from the Fereldan Circle to the Kirkwall Circle. Once taken to a Circle they no longer belong to their homeland and can no longer rely on their government – or any government – to protect them.

In Dragon Age 2 an Alistair who was made king is apparently trying to protect the mages:

Hawke: You were having an argument about mages?

Alistair: Yes, well, apparently I don’t feel the same way about mages as the Chantry does. So we’re in disagreement. That means they get nasty. They’re like that.

Hawke: Sounds like the Circle is better off in Ferelden.

Alistair: You’d think so, wouldn’t you? Sadly, I don’t control the Circle. I can only deal with mages outside the Circle … of which there aren’t many.

Hawke: Aren’t they in your kingdom? Why not just kick the Templars out?

Alistair: Ha! Easier said than done!

Alistair Dialogue

He apparently has no legal authority to intervene on behalf of the mages in the Fereldan Circle, even though most of them were likely born Fereldan citizens. The only way to really help them would be to attack and evict the Templar Order from Ferelden. While it’s implied that idea isn’t entirely off the table, it’s clear that Alistair is just barely keeping Orlais at bay and can’t afford to kick the military arm of the empire’s official religion out of the country right now.

These people are Chantry wards. They own nothing. At most, those from wealthy families, and those who have acquired wealthy patrons, will have a bit of portable wealth: fine clothes, jewellery, books, wine, art – that sort of thing. Assuming some of them had time to pack when fleeing the Circles, that’s the most wealth we could expect them to have to negotiate with.

Except … they’re not negotiating about land or a mine or a strategically placed river, are they?

So when you ask whether I think the Conclave could have produced a ‘long-term compromise’ I think it’s worth remembering exactly what they’re negotiating here. The Templars have held absolute power over the mages for centuries. The mages have fled from that, seeking the same freedoms that any other Thedosian might expect (maybe not all that many freedoms, depending on which nation we’re talking about, but still better than what they had). We are now negotiating how much power the Templars should be allowed to have over any poor bastard who happens to be born with magic.

The Templars are a religious order, enforcing their particular doctrine – their particular view of magic. They aren’t guardsmen or police officers, protecting people from criminals – on those occasions that they do accomplish that, it is incidental to their true purpose. They have murdered people simply for practising their own faith, because that faith included magic that is not accepted under Chantry law.

Chantry law says it’s okay for:

  • children to be abducted from their homes, and potentially dragged off to a completely different country never to see their parents again
  • people with magical ability to be incarcerated indefinitely, without trial, with any ‘release’ (be it short or long term) to be contingent on receiving official permission to be absent from the Circle
  • people to be permanently surveilled, with phylacteries allowing Templars to track and kill them if they try to leave without permission
  • people, usually young people, to be forced to fight a demon to the death
  • people to be mutilated and given what is functionally brain damage to make them compliant and destroy their magic should they refuse that fight
  • people to be summarily executed for ‘blood magic’ or spirit/demonic possession without either trial or any attempt to assist the person in question
  • entire communities to be wiped out on the authority of a religious official (usually a grand cleric) without trial on the entirely vague grounds that they ‘rule it irredeemable’.

All of that is completely legal and normal before we even get into things like people being kept in small cells or solitary confinement, being starved to death, flogged, raped, or made Tranquil once Harrowed.

Which of these things would you say that the mages should have to agree to, to end the war? I would say none of them. There can be no long-term compromise between mages and Templars, because the only reasonable amount of power a Templar should have over a mage is none. A religious institution should never, ever be allowed to have any legal power over a person’s life. The Templar Order is not, under any circumstances, the right group to be handling magical crime.

We, the mages of Ferelden and Orlais, do hereby dissolve the Circles and renounce our sworn submission to the Order of the Templars, effective immediately.

We reiterate Andraste’s assertion that magic was made to serve man, not rule over him, and state unequivocally that we will use our abilities only to defend ourselves from those who would see us relinquish our lives and freedoms under the presumption of guilt for crimes we have not committed.

We condemn those practitioners of magic who, through illness of mind or understandable but misguided anger at those who oppressed them, would use their Maker-given powers to threaten innocent lives, and we pledge to aid any legitimate and impartial government in bringing these lawless apostates to justice.

We look earnestly to a future of cooperation between all peoples of Thedas, free from persecution and prejudice, and hope to build a better world alongside all who approach us with friendship instead of fear.

Rebel Mages

That’s part of the mission statement of the rebel mages. I would say that, right there, they have already agreed to every reasonable condition. They have agreed that offensive magic should only be used in self-defence, and committed to cooperating with secular law-enforcement in dealing with magical crime. Are there details still to be hammered out? Sure. But with the governments if the lands in which they take up residence, not the Templar Order.

The Conclave is an absurd and inherently evil thing. It’s happening for two reasons, one in-universe and one out:

  • In universe, because the mages are not an army – they are refugees with children and elderly people in tow, and many of them will have no idea how to fight or plan a battle. The Templars are an army, and thus can terrorise these people into a position where they may agree to any damn thing to make it stop.
  • Out of universe because Bioware overreached themselves in Inquisition and needed to simplify the scenario in a hurry. They therefore pretended that the mages had no option but to negotiate with their oppressors. I genuinely do not think the Conclave should have happened, but I understand why Bioware really needed to ‘end’ the conflict by blowing most of these people up.

So … I think it’s possible the Conclave might have created a ‘compromise’ that lasted decades or centuries, depending on how badly the mages’ spirits were crushed by its results. But an unjust system will always lead to anger and despair, and as long as Templars have power over mages, another conflict is inevitable. As long as the ‘compromise’ persists, the mages will continue to suffer.

picturesinhismind  asked:

I had about a half dozen 'requests' as I go through your archive, but I saw you mention the Tripods and sat bolt upright in my chair. I was going to ask about them after I hit your posts about the War of the Worlds! Anyway, I read those books as a teen in the mid-to-late 90s and I STILL have the anthology on my shelf, in the mid-to-late-2010s when I'm in my early 30s after about a dozen or so moves. I never saw the tv show or nuthin' but here I am. Witness me.

The John Christopher Tripods novels were great fun. I once heard the greatest definition of young adult literature ever: “a YA book is a book for adults that people actually read.”

I have wondered why Tripods haven’t been revived in some form or other, because this should be their moment of supreme pop cultural relevance: they’re dystopian post-apocalypse novels aimed at young adults with boy and teenage main characters rebelling against the system. 

After thinking about it some more, I think the tragedy here is that the taste for the young adult dystopia novel in the modern form is based around things that the Tripods doesn’t have, like girl heroes and love triangles.

In other words, because Tripods is a “boys’ series,” it could be a casualty of what librarians and educators call the “reading gap,” where girls are more likely to read novels than boys, and read for pleasure in general. This is a tragedy that goes way beyond one fandom for one novel series. I’m very worried about the “angry young man” in society, especially when it comes to how our educational system often fails boys who are labeled difficult or troublemakers.

Dizzee fucking Kipling

I see a lot of people arguing over the whole intimacy issue and frankly I think all of ya’ll are comparing them to the wrong couples - its not mylene and zeke or ra-ra or boo-boo ya’ll should be talking about. It sure as shit ain’t qaf - who had such a high sex rate for the sole reason that they wanted to force straights to deal with the reality that gays do indeed fuck. Or compare Dizzee x Thor fans to Sterek fans…while claiming people love Teen Wolf for it cause thats lies - that show gets ripped from those same fans…trust me. If you wanna know where the show runners stand look at their other malexmale assemble - Zeke and Shaolin. 

I see a lot of people shaming those who feel some type of way about the lack of physical intimacy as if that avoidance isn’t a real thing the gay community is battling exhibited through straight out avoidance, queerbaiting, or actors getting roles of gay characters but then shying away from the physical. THIS HAPPENS ALOT! Lets be honest…it seems to be happening on TGD. But I think people should pay attention before they start telling others not to watch the show or claiming things against the showrunners/writers. Sometimes (it should be all the time) story and character are important elements when it comes to physical intimacy or sex. Take QAF again - Brian wasn’t just all about sex just because…it was his way of rebelling against both the straight world and his parents. It was also his way of having an emotional disconnect. It was why he was physically intimate with his best friend but would not have sex with him. Now look at Shao. Shaolin is mega touchy when it comes to Zeke, any chance he gets to pull him in..he does. It is in fact this reason that people started shipping the two. The only sexual scenes we get from him are with Annie but he was very clear on his thoughts of that. I always see people say Shao hates Mylene cause hes jealous and really its more than that, he resents her, women have always taking what was his and no matter how he loves Zeke he does consider him his and Mylene is a clear threat between that. Zeke and Shao have a different intimacy than Diz and Thor. Which of course makes sense storywise. 

In the first part we had the telepathy kiss and I think this is where they fucked up. Because people get in a tif about things like this…all it would be about from then on is when were we gonna get a real kiss…the other intimacy wouldn’t matter if they weren’t physical it would be side eyed. I do think that telepathy was also about who Dizzee is - it highlighted him in this artist world of the gays (with music, fashion, dance, and form). Dizzee is the metaphor character and sadly because his sexuality is exhibited as such, so is his relationship with Thor. I think people forget that just because we see the emotions….doesn’t mean those feelings have been vocalized (the love convo never happened it was a drug induced fantasy). The closes we get to it is Diz’s comic asking if Thor will come back and join him. We didn’t even get to their relationship until after Dizz disappeared (locked himself away with Thor). And when we see them they’re staying together in their paint paradise looking domesticated and shit. And its not that they lack intimacy because this little scene was so amazing and spoke volumes about their relationship. They seem settled and happy. They exchange what can be taken as a joke about the physical and Thor watches Diz create and they speak about the revolution. They paint eachother and this shit is my favorite thing because its pure yet sublime with this undercurrent, as they stand in their Paint-Palace with art they’ve created themselves with this little mattress and television that creates light - Thor watches Diz as he dances and its easy, so fucking easy to understand why they’re together. Diz had been somber the whole part 2 and in this scene hes just so damn…free. He’s revealed himself on the walls and he shouts that hes an alien with a top hat and the alien has gotten to the fucking opera. Even though he feels like his family can’t accept him, his friends outside the circle can’t accept him, hes accepted by Thor and hes learning to accept himself. This is why I’m not salty about a kiss. Cause normally I would be. But honestly looking at what they worked with I have to ask myself where it would’ve gone. I mean yeah they could’ve kissed in the Paint-Palace but a part of me wonders if I would’ve felt jaded by that as if they only placed it in to please the crowd, because for the message of the scene its not needed at all. And even cuddling wasn’t needed because it would’ve taken away the proof on the wall and their bodies when Shao walked in. That’s to say he didn’t need body to body evidence when Diz had placed so much of his truth and love on both the walls and a shirtless Thor.

I think is we got another season then yes, it would be imperative to grow there…but this part wasn’t really about that for them. It was about Diz settling within himself. I would love to see how his family reacts…I mean it was back in that time and his parents already treats him like he the bad one. I’m gonna ignore the end of the finale cause they got me fucked up with that and they better do some major rework. So I understand where people are coming from but personally I’m cool, I don’t think the production team is trying to be janky, they’re working with what they got and they’re up front about what we’re gonna get before it even hits the table. So as long as we can continue and they eliminate that bullshit scene I’m good.  

Dave….Dave plz come back on and tell us tomorrow that we will have two or three more seasons…plz…

You Me Her

1 || 2 || 3 ||

Chapter Four: Drama Club

Word Count: 2674

↠ ♥ ↞

After Kai whisks Riley away from Lucas and Maya, he leads her out to the courtyard where they first met that morning. The boy sits himself on an empty table top and rests his feet on the bench seat attached. Riley quietly sits herself adjacent to him at the end of the seat. 

“Back to the scene of the crime..” Riley lets out a nervous giggle. 

“Again I stress, that was not me.” Kai crinkles his nose in disgust at himself. 

“And bursting through doors crying like a weirdo isn’t me either.” Riley tries to make light of it even though she was actually embarrassed. “May I ask why you were out here?” 

“Well considering I already know why you were upset I suppose it’s only fair I share my truth.” Kai sighs. 

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Racists, Darth Vader turn out for Finnrey fan videos

I watched two really sweet fan videos about Finn and Rey that had me in tears. The vids were pretty good and just thinking about those two can get me teary at times okay?

Out of curiosity I scrolled to the comments section. Mistake, I know. There were around fifty comments for one and 200+ for the other, the vast majority of comments positive except a few. And guess how those went (racism and antisemitism below the cut because we can’t have nice things, but also Vader??):

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