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mileven + 29 or 9 (or both) :)

9: “Quit it or I’ll bite.”
29: “Come over here and make me.”
WC: 724

(this sounded so flirty ~ but how about instead we make it NOT) (time for a mileven fight!) 

They’re arguing, though El can’t quite remember why. All she knows is that her blood is boiling, her fists are clenched, and Mike is being the absolute worst.

Or maybe she’s being the worst. She’s still not quite sure who started the fight to begin with. They were walking back to his house from a night at the arcade (Mike had lost almost every game he’d played, miserably), when a couple terse comments were exchanged. The terse comments grew into brash declarations, and brash declarations turned into a full-on argument, right on the middle of the sidewalk.

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Survivors do not have any sort of moral obligation to you or anyone else when it comes to creating fiction. In fact, survivor or not (since people shouldn’t be forced to nor do they have to disclose that) no one is morally obligated to do anything for or revolving around fiction

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Hi nacho, I was just wondering- what are your thoughts on the hp role playing community?

Hi there, thanks for the ask!

I do have a few friends who roleplay on occasion, but overall I don’t really follow anyone in the community or see a lot of roleplay on my dash. I generally prefer reading stories as opposed to watching them. Just the way my little goat brain processes best, I guess.

That being said, I admire the hell out of every single person who has the guts to put themselves out there. I know how scary it is to put your stuff out for public consumption, whether it be art, roleplay, fanfic, headcanons, podfic, etc. 

<3 <3 <3 to everyone who creates for this fandom, in every capacity!

I’m gonna assume, based on all the tweets flooding my tl, that Thomas just hit 2M on YT. It’s cool to see and actually kinda surreal. Cause seeing him climb his way to the top with Vine and now him branching out to YouTube?? It’s crazy to see how far he’s come. Like. Seriously. You guys. From finding him on Vine with 20k to seeing him hit million after million and now 2M on YouTube? It’s just! And I know Thomas isn’t a numbers guy, which is one of the things I really love about him, but seeing him at this point after all these years just makes my heart swell. And like. All the people he’s helped and inspired in some way shape or form and seeing all of them do the same for each other?? It’s just a beautiful thing. Seriously. I love it and this community so much! And I hope people see that this fandom is a direct reflection of the kind of person Thomas is! I’m rambling. But I just gotta say how super proud I am and how much I love my handsome, talented gay friend! 🌈💜🏳️‍🌈

And I think we all know that Thomas wouldn’t be where he is now without the help from all of his equally, if not more so, talented friends helping him out with all of his videos!! Every single one of them deserve the same amount of love and recognition as Thomas! They’re all amazing and incredible people! 💕

Ok so

I doubt it’s just me but did it freak anyone else out in season 1 of stranger things when Mike jumped off that cliff without hesitation? When I watched the show for the first time that part really freaked me out because of the fact that Mike barely hesitated. I see posts of people kind of making fun of Mike saying oh well he jumped off a cliff to save his friends teeth. In my honest opinion no one, not even a 12 year old, would barely hesitate to jump off a cliff (even to save his friends teeth no matter how good of a friend he is) if they didn’t have something going on deeper inside them. Perhaps you could argue that Mike thought he would survive the fall? But in my opinion Mike is a smart child and he even he should know that he wouldn’t survive that fall. Even the bullies were freaked out when he jumped because they didn’t think he actually would. He had like no emotion on his face before he did anything and people who don’t want to die or get hurt would usually be crying or showing some kind of emotion imo. I mean Mike comes from a home where yeah perhaps they’re not struggling financially or anything like that but he does have an inattentive father and two parents who don’t love each other and from personal experience I can tell you that that messes with a child whether they realize it or not. Not to mention the fact that he is bullied and perhaps you could add some other things. I personally think Mike may have deeper issues and I also think that him barely hesitating to even jump off that cliff was a big red flag ok bye


Lonely prince Noctis of Lucis asked the Astrals for a friend…

…So the Astrals sent him an hyperactive gunsman with passion for destruction and chocobos.

Apologies for poor quality. I’m not an artist, but this had months in my head and had to put it down some way. Tumblr is also lowering the already low quality, but the joke’s what matters. :]

It’s all directly traced from the original Lilo & Stitch scene and adjusted into the characters. Except Gladio. I only traced the outline of Nani’s head and did the rest myself. 

I’m not supposed to have the time for this.
I regret nothing.


You know what, you’re right. You are a freak. What? No, I’m serious, you’re a freak. What, do you wanna be just like everyone else? Being a freak is the best, alright? I’m a freak. Is that why you don’t have any friends? I — I have friends, Will.