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Your snarky-ness is seriously amusing. Your fuqs made me giggle like pervy sensei part iii. I was reading this kakasaku fic where you write about Sasuke traipsing off on his Atonement World Tour and I completely lost it. I wish I were that sarcastic...

Sasuke tries out a new outfit for his next Atonement World Tour. Featuring all of his greatest hits plus new tracks you’re gonna love!

  • Brooding
  • Everyone I Love Is Dead (And I’m Gonna Love You Next)
  • Revolution
  • Cancel the Revolution (Cuz Naruto Kicked My Ass)
  • (Anyone Got Any) Alternatives to Revolution
  • Apparently Nothing Is Actually Going to Change (Instrumental Ver.)
  • Brooding (Reprise)

(I’m glad you enjoyed my fic)

honestly, boys are so dumb like why would you give me a tour of your place, introduce me to your friends, give me a little gift, walk me to my car, ask me to get dinner later this week, kiss me, and then cut off all communication? 

Things I should have done today:

Taken an obnoxiously cute selfie with @moosefix when I popped into their work to say hello.

Things I forgot to do today: that

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hey! im thinking of beginning to write fics but i used to write in the marvel fandom and i didn't get a ton of feedback and i don't have many followers so im worried that my fics will just be out in space and no one will read them/like them as much. what should I do?

OHH. OK some things I have learned because I am still trying to promote my stuff and get it read:

–If you can break up a fic into chapters, do it. More chapters means you are more frequently in the tags and updated more often. One shots don’t get nearly as much traffic.

–Promo yourself on your tumblr. A lot.

–Tag all the relationships you can. For instance, even though my stuff is LafLams, I tag Alex/John, Alex/Laf and John/Laf bc someone who is like into Lams that may not watch the LafLams tag, but follow the Lams tag, could read your stuff. <–This tip made my hits go up SO MUCH

–If you are doing something multi-chaptered, write the whole damn thing before posting any of it. This will save your sanity.

–Make friends with people in your ship. Talk to them. Read their stuff, ask them to read yours. Promo and support each other

–DONT GIVE UP. It took MMPOE a long time to gain traction, and if I had stopped writing because of early response to that…. Remember, you write for yourself first. Write what you want to read. The rest will follow

–If it’s LafLams or Laurette, send that shit my way I will promo the hell out of it. 


When was the last time I was on time for art class…?

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like seriously i’m very LG but also some laws SUCK and some good things are ILLEGAL ahhh

*Lawful Good fistbump*

Lawful is about the code you subscribe to, not all codes ever. That’s a lot more apparent with Lawful Evil, actually, but it’s just as true for us :P

(Like, Vader’s OK BUT THE JEDI HANDBOOK SAYS NO POWER SURPASSES THE FORCE SO THIS IS FULL OF SHIT is extremely noticeable, lol. Elizabeth’s “you know there are social rules for a reason” and “oh shit it was improper for Wickham to tell me the thing I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN HE WAS NO GOOD!!!!” is not so much. Or even her immediate and consistent “Lydia has to marry and that’s awful” vs Darcy’s initial “Lydia is better off unmarried than married to that asshole, I’ll figure it out”)

And, yeah, sometimes there’s no way to reconcile the two and you have to choose and it’s terrible.


i drew this like two months ago and i post it on my twitter but i didn’t wanted to post it here yet because i wanted to design hunk!,sadly my tablet broke so i don’t think i’ll doing it for the moment.
this are the design for my vampire hunters au! (is a klance au).

if you want to know more about this au, i wrote here  and here a little of the role of each character.

also i drew some klance nsfw-ish about this


Giraffe Boy gets a Giraffe Mug for his rainy day at the café ♡