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it’s good that they have each others


tyler practicing to be that dad who tricks you into thinking that mowing the lawn is fun

a doodle of eleven from stranger things!

Inktober #11


mama, it’s amazing what baking can do


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Fanfic Friday - # 133

Enjoy! I read so many good things this week!

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you saw me standing alone - nouis - 14,400 words

Louis dreams deep of running, running so hard and so fast he could become something else. He’s in the bog again, but he feels like the master of it. It feels like his home. He follows a scent, sweet and familiar, pulling him like a siren song across the bog.  His toes dig into the mud, finding a natural traction. There’s no chill in the air against his skin betraying the autumn weather, he feels nothing but the pull, stronger than blood, than breathing, than hunger, and Louis serves it dutifully. 

He crests a hill and comes to a stop, ready to devour.

Niall stands before him with a shotgun and a silver bayonet in his hands. Louis pauses.

[Or, a Donny werewolf in Ireland.]

Would You Like to Play (with the thought of a friend) - lilourry - 9000 words

Liam knows he’s being greedy. Greedy, and selfish, two flaws he’s always trying to avoid: they feel even more wrong when he already has so much.

But he’s admired his boys for so long, and so when Harry and Louis both come onto him, a couple weeks apart, as if both moved by the same drive (the hiatus fast approaching, probably. Surely they can’t have just been waiting for Liam to be single), Liam can’t bring himself to say no.

He can’t make himself say no to Harry, with his long curls so easy to grip as he kneels down in the deserted green room and deftly opens the buttons on Liam’s suddenly horribly tight jeans, talking about farewell gifts and last opportunities. And he can’t make himself say no to Louis, who corners him back at the hotel two weeks later, poking and prodding and biting at him until suddenly, Liam isn’t quite sure how, they’re both naked and hard, a mess of sweaty limbs on Liam’s couch as they each try to bring the other off first.

Or, Louis and Harry both want a piece of Liam, and they don’t mind sharing. Liam just wants everything he can get, pretty please.

to the end of the night - nouis - 41,000 words

“Why were you going to kiss me?” Louis asks, instead. It feels very important to get an answer to this. Louis thinks it might affect things quite a bit. There’s so much he wants to talk to Niall about, too, like how he’s thinking of seeing a counselor and isn’t that wild and how much older Louis’s family is and how everywhere Louis went back in Donny there were posters of Niall’s stupid handsome face, and Louis was so proud of him. His heart feels like it’s lodged in his throat. He waits for Niall to say something.

more than you bargained for (but everything you’ll ever need) - lilourry - 27,000 words

The moment Louis Tomlinson walks in the door, Liam wants to say, No, absolutely not.

Or; Harry’s seven months pregnant, Liam’s boss is too demanding, and Louis Tomlinson ends up being more important than they ever thought possible.

Let’s just see how we go - gryles - 16,400 words

Nick is a prostitute with a high-end client list, and he can think of any number of ways aspiring popstar Harry could have gotten his number, dozens of people from any major label who could have handed him a card and said, “If you want to experiment, be discreet.”

Harry is seventeen at the beginning of this story.

anonymous asked:

That is a sad story! (The fizzy like). I read and saw things about it the other day. Poor guy!

Yeah I saw the articles last week when the story first broke, and it’s just a horrible story. So so sad for that girl, her biological family, and her current friends and family who had no idea what happened. Devastating.

Day 7: Free! Iwatobi Swim Club - MTTAlphys Friendship Week

just two dorks bonding over anime

nerdyquail replied to your post “What was the weirdest thing that you saw this week?”

A Turtle Rat. I wonder if the rat and the turtle from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles had a baby! LOL

Which turtle are you speaking of because there are four Mutant Ninja Turtles? And why would one of them have a baby with their sensei, I mean

That joke doesn’t make sense.

Ha, maybe that’s what happened, you never know. I mean the thing completely spurted to existence out of nowhere.

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Do you think it's true the story of Tom having cybersex with a boy while in a break with Lance last year? I doubt it, when they where on a break? They di see each other every 2-3 week? And what video ? no one never see a video of Tom ?

It’s true. The pictures are out there tho they’re far from explicit. I dont have any opinion on the whole thing exept that it’s weird (the article was published friday evening but the pictures werent leaked until saturday morning), that Tom was very stupid (which person with 2m followers sends someone they dont even know sexual pics???) and that I dont understand why they published that article talking about the break and blablabla when they could have just remained silent and everyone would had thought that the pictures were for Lance. Personally, I dont buy the break thing (as you said they saw each other every 3 weeks). I think they had an open period but they said publicly that they were on a break bc it’s more socially accepted. I’m not as invested in T and L as I used to be so this thing hasnt really affected me tbh so yeah if I were you I wouldnt give it too much importance.