things i run into working at a vet hospital

JT Anon

Dr Strange was set BEFORE sophie. Sherlock, of course, BEFORE Sophie. Voice work is great, but im sorry, it does not compare to screen time, movie roles, and red carpets. Since Sophie Ben lost every single award that he was projected to win during his oscar run. Since Sophie the majority of his projects is voice work, work he used to do in between big movie jobs. Sunnymarch is essentially himself giving himself a job. its like a gap manager taking some floor shifts. The CBE was for works BEFORE sophie.

the biggest tell of sophie toxicity was the oscar campaign tho. Ben was firmly projected to win at least a few awards. his shot at the oscar was slim, but if anyone could put guns to heads to have him win, its Harvey. He got JLAW that oscar for silver lining that honestly she should not of won.

instead of having at least moderate success during his oscar run, and at least coming out w a few awards and some good will, he tanked at every single shot he had (other than the industry one.) The oscar run was a complete and total flop, even w one of hollywoods biggest hit makers at his side.

Marvel was before Sophie came on the scene, and her barging in and demanding attention whilst he was at work did not make a lot of the marvel fanboys happy. they don’t give a shit about Sophie. Thats why none of her set visits made a peep in the US. She has to sell exclusive rights to her childs photos in order to get a tiny bit of ink and attention. She is so out of vogue that those pictures w the childs face, clear as day, remain for sale as we speak to publications (no one crying out for protection for their minor babies life i see)

Again, SunnyMarch is ben giving himself a job

We should be seeing more ROLES by now. Not voice work. ROLES. SCRIPTS. PRODUCTION COMPANIES THAT ARE NOT HIS. Last year you couldn’t go two months w out hearing of a new project BC was rumoured to be in, and then later have it confirmed he was involved

he was on every list about celebs, he was involved w multiple productions. he was bouncing from job to job. he could hardly fit it all in

now he its silence, little bity voice, work, silence, manager decides to take some floor work in his own store w sunnymarch. silence. maybe a HW, maybe not.

just like sophie hunter, success = body of work. Sophie has no body of work. she has no plays we can read, no multiple reviews of her work we can read, no art installations around the world and NYC we can google and visit, no mention from other artists about their work w her or simply about their admiration of her, no multiple years of red carpets, no multiple years of her invited to fashion shows because she is a model, no hundreds of photos and fashion shoots and runways that is required to actually have a professional modelling career (those two random photos floating around don’t make a career in modelling. I think people forget that in order to have a career, you need to actually book work for a few years). She had no talent agent getting her in movies. No big parts. All of that says is, no matter what sophie and the toe lickers say, she just simply does not have a successful career. she doesn’t. facts is facts.

I can run around and say im a vet.I can take a couple pictures in scrubs near a cat and can spend a day in a vet hospital. to be a vet you need concrete things, or you are not a vet. the same goes for all the things sophie claims to have done. she can say it, but there is no body of work that suggests any of it is real.  

I mention this because BC better be careful, or his career is going to pull a hunter. He is not so bad off as her. He has talent, and you can google him and actually see he has a career, is respected, can get work. He is blessed to have Dr Strange (as problematic as it is). But the work he has been getting since sophie? not even close to what he had before. not even close.

voice work is not on the same level as acting roles. im sorry, but its not. not for a man who is a stage and screen actor, and used to fit voice work in-between  roles and opportunities

it doesnt count when you give yourself a job baby.

media wise he is off the radar. he is not topping lists. you used to not be able to escape his face. now he isn’t even cracking top 20 lists.

all those other things you mentioned? Hamlet, the CBE, Dr Strange. All BEFORE sophie

since sophie?

total oscar failure

no more top whatever lists

pithy voice work

fuck it just create me a job at my own company

no movie roles

is no one noticing that he is not being talked about movie roles? hello? beuller? before we used to get talk of him having roles in all sorts of movies

now its dr strange from before hunter and maybe something w harvey and his failing company.

sophie hunter, everything she touches withers and dies and has to gasp for life as it drags itself across the high way.

if you have to do an exclusive deal w a tabloid for pictures of a baby to get your name in print, youre not famous. famous people get their name in print w out having to negotiate a deal





If you have been following my blog for a while you know that the keys to getting a discount at the vet are to be respectful and polite, be honest about what you can afford, try to make ends meet yourself, and not to expect a discount. That isn’t to say that if you do all of those things you will get a discount but it will make your appointments much smoother and your vet will enjoy having you come in.

Everyone wants a discount but if everyone got one, the hospital would go bankrupt. Just because you get a price break on something does not mean that service or medication is cheaper for the hospital, it still costs us full price. And remember that you aren’t just paying for physical things but also the expertise and training of your vet and staff. We all deserve pay checks for the work we do.

At my hospital discounts are given at doctor discretion. The caveat is that the difference in cost comes out of the vet’s personal pay. Lots of hospitals work like this and I think it is important for people to know. If I give you a discount that amounts to $100.00 taken off the bill, I will lose $100.00 on my next paycheck. All of you regular followers know that vets are woefully underpaid and strapped with monumental amounts of student debt so $100.00 is a lot of money. Imagine if I did that for every client. I would go broke. 

I once had a client that was in almost every week with her dog for some major medical issues. She had spent quite a large amount of money and was always polite to me so I decided to give her a 35% discount on her bill for that day, just to be nice. On my way up front to tell her I overheard her being very rude and nasty to the receptionist. She was complaining about how slow it was to ring her out (not knowing it was because I was adjusting the bill) and then began to insult the receptionist and complain. Immediately I went back and put the full amount on her bill. She never knew.

Another time I felt bad for a man that had just been let go from his job but desperately needed care for his dog. I gave him a 20% discount to help and told him so. His response was “That’s all?!” I was floored. I left the room for a moment and then came back and told him unfortunately I couldn’t give him the discount. He was upset but paid.

Just goes to show that you should be polite and respectful to everyone at the veterinary hospital. You never know what is going on behind the scenes and who is watching you. I promise you we want to help and we understand how difficult it can be to pay for everything. Every vet that I know helps out in small ways by not charging for some things or finding other ways to work the system without rocking the boat. Remember that we have bills to pay too and need to keep our hospitals running but you never know what didn’t make it onto your bill.