things i regret later

I fell in love with her on the first night we met, before that night I didn’t think love at first sight existed, but now I know for a fact it does. Falling in love scares me, giving every single bit of your heart to one person to cherish and respect. There are people in this world that don’t deserve the person they have and I never want anyone to ever think that way about me. I don’t want anyone to say “you don’t deserve her.” I want to give her my all. I want to make sure that she never feels like she isn’t good enough or not loved. Relationships have hard times and they aren’t always as happy and perfect as they seem and behind closed doors arguments happen and things are said which are later regretted, but I would not, for one second, want to change the love I feel for my perfect, amazing, one of a kind girlfriend. She lights up my whole world and makes me believe that everything is going to be ok. Whether we are laying in bed together or laying in bed 4,325 miles away from one another– she is always there to make me feel loved. If she was to ask me to marry her tomorrow I wouldn’t hesitate, not for a second, because I know there is no one else in this world for me. She opened my eyes up to marriage. Marriage wasn’t a thing I ever thought about or particularly wanted before I met her, it was just a piece of paper, but since falling in love with her I can see it’s so much more than ‘just a piece of paper.’ It’s taking above to be with that person through better or worse, sickness and in health. She is the girl that I will love and protect till the day I die. She’s my forever and I can’t imagine a day of my life where I don’t get to call her my girlfriend. She deserves the whole world and I plan on giving it to her.

I’m so inexplicably in love with you.

Things I wanna see in the next Dragon Age/DLC

• Melee staff combat again

• A Varric romance

• Solas’ explanation.

• More than a 2 second cameo for previous companions/characters, no matter how minor they initially were (and they can’t be killed off)

• YOUR WARDEN. I get because the silence thing but just let us choose a voice or something in the customization menu like you had when you meet Hawke and get the option to use default or customize.

• Going back to previous locations. More specifically Kirkwall, the Deep Roads, the Brecillian Forest, the Circle (Ferelden and Kirkwall), Denerim, and etc.

• Classic armor packs. All the armor styles from DAO and DA2.


• More DLC multiplayer characters, like Isabela, that are previous companions if you can’t fit them in-game.

• Talking with your companions like in DAO.

• Gifts for your companions.

• Bases like in DA2 for your companions and they’ll help you if you’re being attacked and they’re not in your party.

• Anders and a cat.

• Origin stories and multiple story
outcomes like in DAO.

• Better hair and eyebrows.

• Hats and helmets are shown in cutscenes.

• Customizing your character’s body (ie. height, weight, body type, etc.)

• Banter comes up more often.

• Banter makes more references of how you fucked up previously in other games.

• Mabari or selectable pets.

• Being able to romance more than one character.



Anastasia AU because I had too when i saw @yaboybokuto do it 

I couldn’t take good screens so I didn’t do much and the quality is shit i’m sorry. I may do better ones later - Or put my grabby hands on another au instead -

Also Inko prob died young, that’s why I drew her like this 

anonymous asked:

Ally I love you with all my heart but the way you're hating on Snape is unjustified - he definitely did some bad things but Dumbledore isn't a saint either. He was a teenager when he hurt Lily&I think we all did some things we regret later & yes, he hang with the wrong crowd in slytherin but that doesn't make him a bad person either. I think the way he grew up is a reason he wasn't able to show his affection in another way but protecting Harry was something he did because he loved Lily so much


He “hung with the wrong crowd”??
He literally became a death eater which believed in a class system and killing off those who were ‘impure’
These are people who believed certain families deserved to die because of their bloodline. He agreed with that. 
That’s very different to hanging out with kids at school who are into drugs and alcohol. 
And he didn’t care if James and Harry died so long as he could spare Lily
And then tormented not only Lily’s one and only eleven-sixteen year old child but also Neville, who practically lost his parents too
He also bullied Hermione for literally no reason at all, a 14 year old girl. ??? There is no excuse for that.

He had a crush on a girl who only wanted to be friends, that’s not an excuse for a lifetime of awfulness.
James feelings were unrequited too but rather than joining a racist cult he decided to grow up and become a man worthy of her time.

Snape decided to be bitter, jealous and hateful.
His protecting Harry was out of reluctance, and it was also largely because James risked his life to save him.

He’s an excellent character and fantastically written, but he isn’t a Good Person.

SasoSaku Month: Bad End

notes the prompt itself is very popular so i wanted my own take on it haha. this is pretty much how i would imagine the canon scenario (meaning sasori did win the fight) to play out. much thanks to the amazingly talented @simplelations who perfectly managed to capture the au in its entirety!! 

warnings body horror, dark au 

writing by @simplelations

It was a bright, clear morning in the mountains. Sasori reckoned he could almost see the towers in Iwagakure from his humble home. Only on days when the mist dissipated in the sun’s harsh rays did he think back to the annoying brat Deidara.

And then, by matter of association, did he think of his former life in the Akatsuki. He didn’t dwell on it. It never did well to linger too long with the shadows of memory, in his opinion, and he merely acknowledged things had been different a couple years ago. For one thing, the village below had not been so large.

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paulafdez99  asked:

Do you think that, when he is having a bad day or something like that, Akaashi could forget about following the notes and treat Bokuto like he would treat any other person? I mean, I know he probably is very careful about this, but all of us have bad days and say things that we may regret later. By the way I love your art 😊 keep up the good work because you are amazing.

Akaashi wouldn’t treat Bokuto like any other person because: 

1) Bokuto isn’t like any other person 

2) Bokuto is more precious to him than “any other person”

The point of Akaashi’s notes is so Akaashi familiarises himself with Bokuto’s quirks and how he acts so he knows how to handle Bokuto’s mood swings and bad days - I make jokes about it but Bokuto’s not some specimen that Akaashi’s studying, he makes the notes because he wants to understand Bokuto and use that to bring out the best in him.

(thanks for the compliments btw!)


Law Week day 5: relationships

I originally doodled up the first one, but i decided that there wasnt going to be enough zolaw/lawzo today, so I took it upon myself to draw a lot of it

(quantity over quality, right?)

soo yesterday i had a moment of panic and was like ‘i wanna delete’ so i scrapped all my saved screencaps but then 20 minutes later i was like ‘what the fuck was i thinking’ and i was going to make an hbo war edit but now there aren’t any screencaps saved in my folders

ok i have wanted to ramble about this picture

for the longest time and that last post just made me want to do it more


this pic

between kisses


is he:

  • realizing what he’s just done
    • “I kissed him. I just… kissed him”
    • “I didn’t expect to do that”
    • or conversely “I got to do that”
    • “Should I have done that?”
  • looking at Bitty’s face and thinking about that
    • “His eyes are still closed”
    • “He looks so cute”
    • “He looks so innocent I have to be careful I don’t break him”
    • “He’s so trusting”
  • pondering his feelings
    • “I’ve wanted this without knowing I wanted it for so long”
    • “The things I feel when I look at him”
    • “Now everything makes sense”
  • wondering what he should do now
    • “I don’t have time for this but…”
    • “He wants me to kiss him again”
    • “Would it be all right if I kiss him again”
    • “I want to kiss him again”
  • or just
    • “Oh my God…. look at him… I have to kiss him again”


(ymmv it’s ok if you think some of these are OOC i just want to explore every damn possibility)

Drunken Actions

I didn’t make him 40 years old, because I was a little uncomfortable writing that but I hope I did ok :)))

Words: 1,647

Pairing: Joker x Reader

Warning: Smut at the end

“You called?” I enter the booth Mister J is sitting in, trying to sound un-amused.

“Ah, yes.” Mister J replies, sounding almost relieved. I sit across him, silent, waiting for him to continue. He continues to stare back at me as if he’s trying to mock me.

“So?” I pause, “Who do you want me to kill?” I assume, being his best hit man.

Mister J tries acting offended, “What if I just wanted to chit-chat with you, doll face?”

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Seeing Blue (Kurt Wagner x Reader)

Originally posted by rswinther

   Requested by: @queenbae22

“Hi can you do a Kurt x pregnant reader and she goes into labor 💜💜thnxs if you can.”

Drabble (<1000 words)

“Kurt, please calm down. I am pregnant, not helpless,” (y/n) said as she made her way up the stairs of the X-Mansion. Kurt had a strong grip around her waist even she could completely going up the stairs by herself, even though she was very close to her due date. 

        “No. I insist that I help you because if you ever got hurt I’d never forgive myself,” Kurt replied as he opened their bedroom door. (Y/N) sat down on the bed and sighed. The baby was kicking very hard and hadn’t stopped for at least five minutes straight.

        “Do you think that our little one has powers?” (y/n) asked as she rubbed her stomach in circles. She and Kurt met when he had first arrived at the mansion and a few years later they got married, of course, in the mansion’s backyard. Soon enough (y/n) had found out that they were pregnant and they were pregnant with a baby boy.

        “Who knows? Genetics are awfully weird. Two people that don’t have any traces of mutant powers still make mutant children. But, if our child has powers, he’ll be in good hands.” Kurt kissed (y/n)’s hands and she just smiled at his loving personality. 

        It had been hard for Kurt to practically ‘fit in’ because of his appearance, but (y/n) loved and accepted him from the start. She had powers too; the ability to create forcefields. It was more powerful than anyone might think. It was hard for her to fit in too because of how damaging her power was, but she and Kurt found each other. And, it all led up to creating a little unique individual that they could call theirs. ‘

        "Kurt. Your wife is in labor. She’s having your child!“ Jean shouted as she ran into the training room. Kurt stopped whatever he was doing and ran out the room along with Jean.

        "Where is she?! The kitchen? The living room? Our bedroom?” Kurt started to have mini panic attack as he stopped running to catch his breath.

        "The kitchen,“ Jean simply said and Kurt immediately teleported to the room. There (y/n) was, leaning over the countertop with her face scrunched up in pure pain and distress.

        "My darling. Are you alright? I am getting you to the hospital right now!” Kurt said as he carefully took a hold of (y/n) and teleported both of them to the hospital.

        Everyone in the hospital gasped and some workers refused to even help (y/n) because of Kurt’s appearance. Finally a rather accepting nurse helped them both get signed in and get (y/n) a room. 

        "Kurt! You little blue fuck! This is all your fault!“ (y/n) screeched. She wasn’t being rude on purpose, but pain makes you do and say things that you’d regret later…

        "I am sorry, my darling. But, please calm down. You don’t want to put too much stress on you or the baby. Just try to keep your breathing steady and think about how all of this will end!” Kurt shouted as he took a hold of his wife’s hands. She gave him a glare and squeezed onto his hands so hard, that she left crescent-shaped marks from her fingernails.

        “You’re sorry! HM!” the nurse attempted to calm (y/n) down but the (h/c) just glared at the nurse as well. Well, this wouldn’t a be challenge at all. Well, that’s what everyone had thought…

        “No Scott. He isn’t blue,” Jean scolded Scott as they walked into the hospital room to meet the Wagners’ new baby boy.

        “But, Kurt is very blue, so I was just guessing that their child would also be very blue as well,” Scott said with his hands in the air.

        "Hello, you two love birds,“ (y/n) said as she held a warm bundle in a powder blue blanket. Kurt was staring at his child like he had never seen anyone or anything as beautiful.

        "Oh. He’s so adorable,” Jean said as she moved thin strands of the baby’s hair away from his face. The baby boy had stunningly golden eyes and hair duplicate to (y/n)’s.

        "What’s his name?“ Scott asked and (y/n) smiled,"Dominick Wagner.”

        "What a beautiful son,“ Charles said as he rolled his wheelchair into the hospital room. 

        "Do you think that he has any powers?” Jean asked.

        "Who knows…“ Kurt replied as he kissed (y/n)’s forehead.

        Scott then took his turn touching the newborn and Dominick grabbed his thumb. Before Scott could 'aw’ at the infant’s actions, Dominick electrocuted his thumb, making him quickly pull his hand back. 

        "Yeah. He has some mutant powers…”


anonymous asked:

I really admire how you answered the anon who asked you to stop posting cutesy posts. You used your time to give a full answer, you used logic and arguments and you didn't insulted the anon. That speaks very good of you. Tumblr needs more people like you. Clap clap 👏👏

Thank you! I’ve never really added to the fandom in this way so I was worried it would be really jumbled and confusing but I’m glad you could understand me
I always try to be unbiased and sensible in confrontation, I’ve been in situations where I’ve fought back and said/done things I ended up regretting later on and nothing was resolved.

I’ve learned to try and see from all sides - it’s the only way I can really solve thing cause my spit game is weak haha

Here’s a chubby cutie patootie. I’m really proud of this tbh…

Get to Know the Artist:

- I practically never get picky with food
- I procrastinate. A lot.
- I can’t swallow pills and just the mere thought of it gives me anxiety…
- Other than drawing, I love writing. Literature is one of my favorite subjects.
- I love searching up disturbing things even if I regret it later on.
- I did a whole argumentative research paper on supporting cannibalism for my English class and got 97% as a grade.
- Because of that, I know way too much about cannibalism than I could ever hope to before I began this research topic.
- I’m pretty much fazed now. I don’t know if that’s a good thing.
- Everyone calls me a natural born leader.
- I’m pretty neutral with people who hate me. I honestly don’t care enough to do anything about it.
- Because of that, people get tired of hating me once they realize I don’t care.
- I am still a child at heart
- I love dealing with anon hate. People say I give the most creative comebacks.
- I’m kin with Numbuh 3 from KND & Stan Marsh from South Park
- I’m a fan of K-Pop (primarily girl groups) and anything in the metal genre (I actually listen to Vocaloid metal you are free to sue me)
- This got longer than anticipated

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I also tag the people who are reading this, or whomever wants to do it.

Happy New Year! Batarou Fanfiction

((I suck at titles, sorry. T.T Anyways, I normally write something tonight and try to finish it before the new year begins. This year’s was Batarou themed surprisingly. I hope you like it. They’re probably OOC since I’m not familiar with writing them. I also switch between Metal Bat and Badd… I couldn’t decide which to use so I used both. Happy New Year ya’ll. May it treat you well.))

((Btw, when I say the ball drops there’s a giant ball that drops in New York City, NY at midnight. Just for anyone who is confused.))

It was New Year’s Eve after the fight between Metal Bat and Garou months before. The two teens had become friends through Metal Bat’s little sister Zenko and her efforts to get her older brother more friends. Now she (and Badd) were having a party for the New Year. Garou had of course been invited.

There weren’t many people at the party, just close friends of Zenko’s with the oldest people there being Metal Bat and Garou with a few adults around somewhere. The kids were having fun while Badd and Garou were sitting around bored out of their minds.

“What the hell, this is so boring.” Garou grumbled watching Metal Bat out of the corner of his eye. All night the two of them had been dancing around each other. Garou didn’t understand why and Metal Bat refused to explain.

“Shut it, it s’not tha’ bad.” Metal Bat retorted. He was keeping an eye on his sister and blatantly not looking at Garou. It was frustrating.

Garou snorted and threw his arms onto the back of the couch, one going behind Metal Bat’s head. His arm was spared a glance before the hero looked away once more. Although, Garou could’ve sworn he saw a hint of a blush. ‘The hell is that about?’

“Oi, are you going to look at me tonight or what?” Garou demanded turning to look at the younger teen. Said teen flinched slightly before looking at Garou and then away again. It made Garou’s blood boil. ‘The hell won’t he look at me for!?’ Removing his arms from the back of the couch the Hero Hunter shifted positions on the couch until he had his legs crossed beneath him as he stared at Metal Bat.

He stared at the kid for a few minutes and could practically see the annoyance on Badd’s face. Garou put his chin in his hand as he continued to stare. Eyebrows raised as Metal Bat finally turned to look at him.

“The hel-heck ye doin’ Garou?” Metal Bat demanded. He scowled at the other teen while Garou smirked.

“Sitting.” That deepened the scowl on Metal Bat’s face. He abruptly turned back around to leave Garou once again staring at his back. Garou’s smirk dropped. Kids ran past the two teens as the TV blared in the background. Out of the corner of his eye Zenko appeared with a confused frown on her face.

“Big brother, what are you doing?” She asked tugging on Metal Bat’s arm.

“Wha’? Nuthin’ sis, why? Somethin’ wrong?” His response made her puff her cheeks out in annoyance.

“Why are you ignoring Garou?” ‘Yeah Badd, why are you ignoring me?’ There was that hint of a blush again! Garou grinned in amusement at Metal Bat’s discomfort. It was obvious something was bothering him, or more like someone.

“I’m no’ ignorin’ him.” Metal Bat grumbled glancing at Garou who winked back at him. The younger teen went bright red and turned away quickly. Zenko looked between the two with another confused look. ‘Ah, so he’s embarrassed about something to do with me.’ The thought almost made Garou smile.

“Then why don’t you face each other?” Before Metal Bat had to answer one of Zenko’s friends called for her and affectively bought her brother a break from her. However, there was still Garou to deal with.

The Hero Hunter stared at Metal Bat for another couple seconds to see if he would react before poking the teen in the shoulder. No reaction. Garou poked him in the middle of his back. Badd arched his back to get away from the finger. Garou took the opportunity to pull Metal Bat towards him and wound up with the hero sprawled across his lap.

Metal Bat’s entire face was bright red. It was amusing to say the least. Garou looked down on him with a shit-eating grin as the hero struggled to sit back up. However, Garou wasn’t going to let him up.

“Well look what I have here, S-class hero Metal Bat at my mercy.” Garou teased poking Metal Bat in the cheek. The teen scowled back at him.

“I’m no’ at yer mercy.” He spat trying to get Garou to release him. Instead all he got was a hand on his chest keeping him in place. Garou let his face slip into a serious one as he looked down at Metal Bat. This kid had been avoiding him and he wanted to know why.


“Explain wha’?!” Metal Bat shout/whispered back. After all, Zenko did not need to see them like this.

“Explain why you’re blushing.” That made Badd’s face go even redder.

“I’m no’ blushin’!” He denied even with the red face. Garou raised an eyebrow before pinching Metal Bat’s nose. He was swatted at for it too. Snickering, Garou instead squeezed the younger teen’s cheeks making him try to scowl and bat at his hands. “Stup dat.”

“Make me s-class.” Garou replied still squeezing. Metal Bat grabbed his wrists and pulled. Garou went tumbling forward. He barely managed to stop himself before their faces collided. They stared at each other, nose to nose, eyes to eyes and lips to lips. Badd’s eyes were wide open. Both of their faces were now red from the intimacy.

“Big brother?” Both teens looked over to see Zenko standing there with a half hidden smile. Metal Bat tried to jerk away from Garou who slowly sat back up but didn’t allow Metal Bat to move off his lap. Instead he wrapped his arms around the hero’s waist and rested his chin on the other’s shoulder. Metal Bat squirmed before facing his sister.

“Zenko… Somethin’ wrong?” Badd asked trying to ignore how Garou’s fingers were tracing circles into his sides. Garou was smirking as he watched Metal Bat squirm from his antics.

“The countdown starts soon big bro, are you and Garou joining us?” Garou’s fingers stilled as he thought over the question. ‘Another opportunity to embarrass Metal Bat?’ Zenko smiled up at both teens waiting for their answer. ‘Perfect.’

“Of course.” Garou responded with the biggest smirk on his face. He could feel Metal Bat gulp against him. Zenko grinned as Garou released her older brother. She pulled Badd away towards the TV with Garou following behind the pair. All of the kids and other adults were gathered around the TV waiting for the ball to drop and signal the New Year. There were only a few minutes left until the countdown would begin.

“Garou?” He looked down to see Zenko staring back at him. He raised in eyebrow in response. “Will you keep big brother company again?” He smirked at her and crouched down to be at her level.

“Yes I will, so you go countdown with your friends and I’ll make sure he has company.” They stared at each other for a moment before she nodded.

“Good, make sure he kisses someone when the ball drops. He always forgets.” And with that she left. Garou stood back up and looked for Metal Bat. He wasn’t too far away.  Smirking the hero hunter walked over to the other teen who, unfortunately for Badd, wasn’t paying Garou any attention. A glance at the clock showed just under two minutes left until midnight. The countdown would begin soon.

Wrapping an arm around Metal Bat’s waist Garou pulled the other towards him. Badd put a hand on Garou’s chest and looked up at him with a scowl. Their faces were close, the height difference showing itself as Garou bent down slightly to nearly touch noses with the hero.

“The hell ye doin’!?” Badd exclaimed pushing against Garou who smirked.

“What do you think I’m doing?” Garou replied just as the countdown started.


“Ge’ offa me!”






“I told your sister that I would make sure-“


“That you got your new year’s kiss.”


Sh-she wha?”


Garou laughed as he pulled the other closer with another arm around his waist.


Badd’s face was turning redder by the millisecond. But he did move a hand up to Garou’s shoulder.


The two teens stared at each other with soft eyes and red faces. Garou was still smirking although it was almost a smile while Badd was also almost smiling.


“Happy New Year.” They said at the same time. Not a second later their lips finally met.


Garou happily kept his lips pressed to Badd’s as kids celebrated around them. He moved one hand up to the back of Badd’s head as the other teen returned his kiss. One of Badd’s arms wrapped around Garou’s neck while the other stayed on his chest. The kiss was warm. It filed Garou’s chest with a fluttery feeling that he did not yet understand. What he did know was that it only happened when he was with Badd. He was surprisingly okay with that.

A moment later they broke apart to cheers from Zenko who looked happier than ever. She jumped up and into Metal Bat’s arms (and by default Garou’s). Metal Bat smiled at her along with Garou. Zenko smiled at them both and kissed each one on the cheek.

“Happy New Year Big Brother Badd! Big Brother Garou!”

((Happy New Year.))