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history repeats itself (Min Yoongi x Reader)

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Word Count: 1K~
Warnings: Student!Yoongi, smut(??)
Mentions: / (if you want to be mentioned just ask!)
A/N: This is the first scenario I’m posting for BTS and it’s the first smut related thing I’ve posted in months.

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So I really wanted to have a comic finished today, but I have one in the making that I’m really liking and didn’t wanna rush it, or separate it into parts. So have this Stardust Ruby Rose thing till I get back from vacation, and can upload a cute team STRQ comic!

Sidenote: Anyone think “Dust” in RWBY could be Star Dust? Idk what that would mean, but it sounds cute~!

Okay, so I got this fic idea that I know I’m not able to write, so I’m going to throw it out for anyone who wants to use the idea.

So basically, a lot of times, with Nursey and Dex, when we imagine one of them visiting the other over the summer, it’s usually Nursey going to Dex, right?  It’s tough for Dex to go to NYC because of his job and family and yes, finances. But I’m thinking, what if, after they start dating, Dex gets the idea that it might be nice to surprise Nursey in NYC, so he starts saving with the intention being that if their relationship lasts until summer, he’s going to take some time and do it (he’s pretty sure the look on Nursey’s dumb face when he shows up unannounced alone will make the trip worthwhile).  And he has some ideas about what they might do, except that when he gets there, Nursey just excitedly starts rattling off the kinds of things and places that only New Yorkers would know about that he wants to take Dex to.  And who is Dex to say no to excited Nursey? And they have all sorts of cute moments around the city.

So, can y’all see my problem? I’m just a Michigan boy who’s never set foot in NYC, so I can’t possibly write this. But I really want a fic of it! Can I interest any NYC-area fic writers to do it for me? Please???

PSA: Inbox Etiquette

How to Approach Someone for RP and How to Handle an invitation to RP

It occurs to me that there are 2 sides to making a new RP partnership happen. It takes 1 person to send an initial message of interest, of course, but it also takes 1 person to receive that message. I firmly believe that you should always be polite when inboxing someone first and that it’s the best thing you can do to find new partners because it shows that you’re assertive and puts you on that potential partner’s radar. However, I realized that I haven’t mentioned how the recipient should behave once they get such a request. So for good measure, that’s what the latter half of this post is getting around to. Okay? Okay. 

How to Approach Someone for RP

  • Be Brave - Even if you’re nervous to approach someone for a partnership. Do it anyway. It could work out. You’ll never know if you don’t ask. The worst that can happen is your ask goes unanswered or your request is denied. If that happens, move on to the next! There are so many people on tumblr looking for partners, so don’t dwell on that 1 or 2 that don’t work out. 
  • Be Polite - Greetings are important. Your potential partners are human just like you. So talk to them like you’d like to be talked to. ‘Hi’ ‘Hello’ ‘Hey’ are good starts as opposed to a naked ‘wanna rp?’. It also never hurts to say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, when appropriate. If you are denied,  please don’t continue to message the person asking/demanding for explanations or begging them to reconsider. This is unfair.
  • Be Patient - It might take a few seconds, minutes, or days for a potential partner to reply to you. Wait at least 1-2 days before re-messaging. And say something like, ‘hey, I inboxed you the other day about wanting to rp and I’m not sure if tumblr gobbled the message or not. please let me know when you have the chance. thanks.’ Oh yes. Tumblr eats messages sometimes. It happens.

Example rp request messages which you may use:

  • hey. i came across your blog in the tags and i have a muse i think might work well with your muse because —.
  • hi. i saw your starter in the tags and I was thinking of replying to it with my muse, do you have any ideas where you want to take it?  
  • hello. i just had to message you because I found your blog while scrolling through my partner’s blog and I love your muse/this plot you reblogged/your writing style, would you like to rp?
  • hi. I saw you liked the plot about— I have a muse that’d be perfect for that if you want to discuss?

How to Handle an invitation to RP

  • Be Considerate - It takes varying degrees of courage for someone to come into your inbox and state that they’re interested in rping with you. Especially if the person approaching you thinks that you’re god’s gift to writing. For some people it takes a tremendous leap of faith to make the first move. So when you receive an invitation for rp, please respond. Even if it’s just to say you’re not interested. It’s the polite thing to do not to keep them hanging. You were new to this stuff once. Remember?   
  • Be Honest - If you’re open to new partnerships, say so. If you’re not open to new partnerships at the moment or ever, say so. If you’re open to new partnerships, but you just don’t see yourself gelling with the person who’s asking for a shot, say so. Don’t feel pressured to accept in order to be nice. BUT be nice if you’re going to say no. This person who messaged you is human, like you, and has feelings. Be respectful, especially if they’re respectful to you first. 
  • Be Collaborative - If someone comes to your inbox with intentions of rping with you for the first time, it would be nice if you did a little grunt work too. You can take a look through their blog and see what might and might not work, instead of demanding they come to you with all of the ideas. If they say, ‘hey, how bout our muses meet at a cafe?’ take the idea further, if you like it ( e.g., ‘sure. it can be during a rain storm and my muse is looking for a place to sit’ ), or suggest something different, if you don’t (e.g. hm, how bout something else? like our muses bump into each other in a doctor’s waiting room?). RPing is a collaborative process, after all. So–be somewhat willing to collaborate?

  Example rp request denial messages which you may use:

  • hi. thanks for messaging me, but I’m not looking for new partners at this time.
  • hello. i got your message and i really appreciate the nice things you said, but I have a full plate with my partnerships/threads already. So I wouldn’t have the time or energy to devote to another one. sorry.
  • hey. i took a look through your blog/at your guidelines/at your muses and i just don’t think that we’ll fit as partners. thank you for reaching out though. good luck!

Take Home Message to all of tumblr Rpers: 

Be nice. Be honest. Be collaborative. Don’t settle. Don’t be a jerk. 

Sentence Starters

A collection of lines from books, movies, tv shows, songs, and popular tumblr text posts.

“When everyone knows you’re a monster, you needn’t waste time doing every monstrous thing.”

“Let’s say I had to resort to… aggressive negotiations.” 

“I was lightly stabbed! Lightly!”

“You’ve never seen anything like this before? Goddamn. I thought you’ve seen everything.”

“Let me see if I understand: Neither of us know what this thing is, correct? What do you say we intentionally antagonize it to see what it can do?”

“Are you going mad? Neat! Maybe things will finally get interesting around here.”

“If you’re seeing that too, then I’m currently not hallucinating. What in God’s name is that thing, by the way?”

“Listen to me: If you continue doing that, you will die.”

“Your heart is filled with bitterness.”

“I hope you will find peace one day.”

“The solution to this and most other problems is fire. Set it on fire. Burn everything to the ground.”

“I am so tired that I could sleep for centuries and still feel exhausted when I wake.”

“Do you ever look in the mirror and start to feel unreal? Because that’s been happening to me lately. Nothing feels real.”

“I feel like I’m going to fade away someday.”

“Having a body is so strange.”

“I want to run away. I don’t know how to fix this, so I want to run and run until I can’t anymore.”

“I’m a coward. I’m a damned coward.”

“I can’t do this on my own. Please help me. Please. I promise I will repay you.”

“Not to be melodramatic but my heart aches and my soul is dying.”

“Today I explored the void. The void, as you might want to know, is not as void as some think. Anyway, enough about me. What have you done recently?”

“My friends, my comrades, my fellow saints and sinners…  Today I must inform you of a terrible thing.”

“I suggest we start a revolution.”

“There is something horrifyingly wrong with you.”

“He who dies here dies in the radiance of the future, and we are entering a tomb all flooded with the dawn.”

“Even false saints have power.”

“I found a door. A door to another world.”

“Nothing will stand against us.”

“Tell me what you’ve done.”

“They are beyond redemption, as you will be if you do this.”

“Do monsters make war, or does war make monsters?”

“Such acts rip out the soul and make space for beasts to grow inside.”

“You tell me that battling with monsters has made me a monster? Doing business with devils, what has that made you?”

“I have repented, I have been punished enough, take me home…”

“My soul is clean. I’ve never killed anyone. But you, oh you. Look at your hands.”

“Wishes are false. Hope is true. Hope makes its own magic.”

“Take all my pain away.”

“Start the Apocalypse with me.”

“Together, we are unstoppable. Nothing and no one will stand in our way.”

“You are a shining light in the darkness.”

“Oh yes, you go do that. Great idea, I’m sure you’ll be perfectly fine!”

“I will follow you to the ends of the earth and beyond.”

“Must you point that thing at me? Please put it down.”

“Think about it. Just stop for a moment.”

“My heart hurts so much I want to tear it out.”

“That’s not what I said.”

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Amber I need to suffer, could you tell me what are the songs in which H and L harmonise the most together? I just can think of better than words just because of a post that's going around atm, but I joined the fandom pretty late so I 've never followed their music before MITAM? Sorry for the rant and thank you

get ready for your DEATH

  • Use Somebody (not on the album but you’ve got to see this) 
  • Over Again (their verses are after another and it kills me)
  • Little Things (again, they follow each other up and then do the chorus together)
  • Rock Me (Louis: “I used to think that I was better alone” Harry: “Better alone” Louis: “why did I ever want to let you go?” Harry: “Let you go”)
  • Where Do Broken Hearts Go (at the end) 
  • No Control (all of it is beautiful)
  • Better Than Words, yes
  • Temporary Fix (Louis: “and if you’re feeling the weakness…” Harry: “WELL I TOLD YOU BABY THAT YOU COULD CALL ME” plus he’s screaming it up in the back of Louis’ entire verse hahah)
  • A.M. 
  • If I Could Fly (as if this song isn’t a cryfest as it is, have Harry: “I hope that you don’t run from me”, Louis: “for your eyes only….” )
  • Home (Louis: “I’ll make this feel like home”, Harry screeching “BAAAABY WE COULD BE ENOUGH” KILL ME WITH THIS SYMBOLISM)
  • 18 (Louis’ verse, then H&L sing it together, and then Harry launches into the rest of the chorus, and live it’s even worse)
  • Love You Goodbye (Louis’ high note and then Harry interrupting lowly…….. MURDER MY ASS)
  • One Thing (click the link, it’s the acoustic version and it’s beautiful, HL’s voices are really prominent together in the chorus)
  • WMYB (same thing, not really together but acoustic, they sit next to each other and please just watch it and cry)
  • Live While We’re Young (again, acoustic, i’m a fan, go to 0:33 IT KILLS ME)
  • You & I (Louis’ verse, Harry harmonises in the background)
  • Happily (in the chorus both H&L are really prominently there)
  • Last First Kiss (Harry at 2:28, Louis follows up the chorus)
  • She’s Not Afraid (they follow each other up)
  • Loved You First (same thing)
  • More Than This (… you know what I’m saying yet) 
  • Moments (really prominent together in the first chorus, follow each other up) 
  • Little Black Dress (again, Harry’s verse)
  • Strong (for the sake of it, Harry sings the chorus right after Louis’ verse)
  • Why Don’t We Go There

Some of them aren’t harmonies in the strict sense of the word but they’re still dream-teaming it up so it’s close enough, hahaha.  I probably missed a few, anyone’s welcome to add, but I had to stop before I collapsed. this should be enough to tide you over at least 


taemin in college
  • double major in criminology and japanese, minor in latin 
  • whenever he tells anyone his minor they’ll always ask him to say something and he’s just like spouting random stuff like “water, vengeance, rock duck, veni vedi vici, amen” (”did you just say amen?? was that a prayer??” / taemin: *sweating* “yeah”) 
  • tbh saying amen is just a reflex from when he was an altar boy 
  • rides a longboard around campus
  • occasionally his cap will fly off while he’s cruising and he’ll have to backtrack and awkwardly trudge after it (”omg pls don’t roll away hat i’m coming back for you”) 
  • he spent a really long time practicing ollies in the quad and now he randomly kicks up his board on his way to class like nbd he’s just super cool
  • his backback is HUGE 
  • he just keeps EVERYTHING in there so he’ll never forget anything (jonghyun: omg just get yourself a planner or something and keep notes / taemin: no. never. it’s better this way) 
  • honestly getting things in that bag is like playing tetris and you never know what he’ll pull out of there??? onew’s homework (”omfg i was looking for that everywhere”), a bag of chocolate chips (onew: this is my compensation), multiple chargers, rolls of tape, ah there’s his syllabus, oh his rosary!!! 6v6
  • he’s that kid who ALWAYS loses his student id and people post in his class facebook page like “taemin i found your card again” 
  • works at the bookstore and when he sees minho coming in, immediately turns around and walks in the opposite direction bc he loves him and all but minho buys in like bulk and he does not get paid enough for this no siree 
  • does not own a single uni sweater/shirt himself despite the 15% discount his friends abuse 
  • until jong gave him a giant uni sweatshirt for christmas that he… rang up for him?? but it’s actually pretty comfy and he wears it on exam days bc the long sleeves are comforting and could absorb tears if it comes down to that 
  • whenever key walks into his dorm he’s always watching some anime (it’s usually one punch man lately) and he always insists it’s ~studying~
  • also his room always so messy omg like boy do you unpack by opening your suitcase and just chucking your clothes all around like a tornado??? 
  • hurricane taemin 
  • but seriously there’s no floor showing 
  • minho: where do you study in your room?? / taemin: i just kinda *motions at the mess in a vague manner* / minho: that gives me literally zero answers
  • he studies a lot with key at the cafe jonghyun works at (for the free coffee / jong: literally you guys only come here for my coffee and not for me / taekey: … well yeah / jong: you’re both banned forever bye) bc he likes the buzz of other people talking 
  • can’t really focus when it’s too quiet  
  • does really well in classes despite sometimes missing a few bc he just straight up forgot that it was during a certain timeslot (key: how / taemin: things just happen!!! it’s totally plausible that you’d forget sometime!!! / onew: we have 5 weeks of school left) 
  • people sometimes forget that he’s also a crim major also but he’s genuinely interested in forensic science and piecing together what happened and how 
  • almost always knows the answer when the prof ask a question but doesn’t really participate unless called on and he could talk for a WHILE once he gets past the initial stuttering start 
  • honestly every time he has to present in class considers taking a shot to loosen his nerves because dear god he hATES public speaking 
  • he can’t bc asian glow is so real 6///6

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Dorian crawled into the stress box and pulled out a small bundle of rags. He opened it and handed it to Eremes. Inside were two small snails and a large one. "Here. For you. And you better like them, because I'm NEVER getting the slime out of my clothes." But despite his harsh words, he smiled and wrapped an arm around Eremes, trying to comfort his stressed little friend.

he tries

FEBRUARY 7: The Miseducation of Cameron Post (2012)

On this day in 2012, The Miseducation of Cameron Post by Emily M. Danforth first hit shelves. Although this was only five years ago and may not seem like some hidden gem of lesbian history, almost every college-aged gay girl I’ve talked to about Cameron Post has not only known who she is, but has reacted with some kind of anguished face or hand over their heart at the mere mention of her name. For this reason, I knew it had to be included in 365 Days of Lesbians.

What makes The Miseducation of Cameron Post so iconic? I’ve seen it described in article headlines as everything from a “Cowgirl Coming Out Story!” to a harrowing tale on the experiences of gay conversion therapy. The truth of the matter is that it is all of these things and more; the book tells the story of a girl growing up in the rural, Christ and pasture-driven town of Miles City, Montana. After her parents die unexpectedly in a car accident, Cameron becomes the ward of her conservative grandmother and Aunt Ruth. Throughout the course of the novel, Cameron develops a crush on her best friend and must deal with the unaccepting reactions of both her family and her small town after she is outed. Yes, there are elements of the ~cowgirl aesthetic~ and the book does take you through Cameron’s heart-wrenching experience of a gay conversion camp, but The Miseducation of Cameron Post is neither a dime store novel of lesbian cowgirl romance nor a soul-crushing tragedy. It’s a coming-of-age novel filled with just as much wonder and grief as anyone’s teenage years.

When I first read this book, I was on the eve of my sixteenth birthday and in the middle of a long summer spent bored and sunburned at my grandparents’ house. There were moments in the book of Cameron experiencing internalized homophobia and compulsory heterosexuality and all those other academic words that were scarily relatable to me, as I assume is the case for all the other girls who hold this book near and dear to their heart; however, there are two particular scenes that live distinctly in my memory – one, a passage where Danforth describes Cameron riding her bike on a hot summer day to her local movie rental store (hello 1990s), and the other, a moment where Cameron is riding in a car with the window down and making waves in the wind with her hand. This is the most iconic thing about Cameron Post. I had heard about internalized homophobia and conversion therapy from news outlets and the internet, but never before had these concepts been living and breathing and walking around inside a girl so similar to myself. This wasn’t Girl Discovers She’s Gay: The Novel, which, although those stories have their place, I would have been too scared to pick up in the book store anyways; Cameron rides her bike on summer days, hangs her head outside of car windows on the highway, and gets crushes on girls – these are all just facets of who she is as a person. There is nothing flat or contrived about Cameron’s experience or character; she is a full person who you root for, grieve for, and love throughout the entirety of the novel, and the more years that pass by, the more I’m able to understand just how much these depictions are needed and why The Miseducation of Cameron Post is just one of those books that has come to define a whole generation of lgbtq youth.  


Why Vmin are called the “Soulmate Couple”

Long post

Before I get into this, I’d like to say, that this will provide examples as to how amazingly close vmin are to being considered real life soulmates. It’ll also help anyone who wants to know about vmin’s relationship and how close the two actually are. But overall, it’ll definitely explain why some of the fandom refers to them as already soulmates. Whether it’s viewed platonically or romantically:)

Okay here we go. Pray for me to be able to get all of this in one post.

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for folks who have been involuntarily hospitalized

i realized many people may not know this so i want to pass on the info. sometimes when you’re filling out paperwork you’ll be asked: “have you ever been involuntarily committed?” (for example, they ask this if you’re applying for TSA pre-check). here’s the thing:

if you were put on a 72-hour hold, and only a 72-hour hold, you can answer “no” to this question.

why? because 72-hour (or 24-hour holds) and “involuntary commitments” are different things, legally speaking. 72-hour are shot-term crisis hospitalizations that are relatively easy to put someone under, involuntary commitments are 14+ day hospitalizations that are harder (legally) to get. 

how do I know if mine was a 72-hour or 14-day hold? if you don’t know, it was a 72-hour hold. for 14-day holds, you have a right to have a hearing, go before a judge, argue your case, fight the prosecutor, and call witnesses. if you never went before a judge, you have not been involuntarily committed.  

please spread this around!

Reasons why Yakumo is not Shinnosuke's Father

Ok so looking through the tag I can see that I’m not the only one angry about this which is a good thing, but also others are really into it which I just don’t get. Honestly, a potential plot point has never irked me this much, so here’s an overlong rant about all the reasons why I hate this theory so much. And I hate it a lot.

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Birthday boy.

Pairing : Past!JaredxReader
Word count : 1,797
Author :Mel
A/N : More parts for @bigdaddymongoose.

Part 10 of ‘My son, Bringer of Storms.’

Jared took your advice. The next weekend he went home, and the boys spent time with his parents while he tried to work on things with Gen. Again. When he came back, you could tell it hadn’t gone as well as he had hoped it would. You had passed him in the lobby, and gave him a reassuring smile on your way out.

He was tired, and drained. Between work, and trying to make things work with everyone, he felt like he was running on empty. He came home after work that Wednesday to a note taped to his door that simply said “downstairs.”

With a groan, he headed down and knocked on your door. You answered, and a wonderful smell hit him. “Come on.” You smiled and led him in, letting him shut the door behind him.

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Angry Ashton Smut

Request: yes/no

Are requests open: yes/no

Fandom: 5 Seconds of Summer

Word Count: 1652

Warning: Raunchy? Gifs


Not my gifs/pictures


“Are you sure you don’t want to come out tonight?” Ashton asked me, we were currently in our room, me studying for an upcoming test and he was getting dressed for a Halloween party.

 “Ash, I told you, I have to study for this test” I told him, I didn’t even look up from the notes I was trying to copy from my friends. “But I want to see you all dressed up” he whispered. Ashton came to lie on the bed with me and he wrapped put a warm hand on the bottom of my back.

“Ashton, you’ll be late and I’ll fail” I told him, I pushed him off of me with no avail. He was obviously stronger than me, he placed a kiss to the side of my neck, I giggled at the feeling and turn my laptop away. “Come Y/N you know you want to” he told me.

 I turned to face him and put my hands on his shoulders, he pulled me closer and just as we were about to kiss, a loud honking was heard and we both jumped. “Don’t drink too much okay baby?” I asked him. Ashton looked in my eyes, gently kissed me on the lips and whispered “of course, I’ll be safe” he said.

It took 3 more minutes and a few honks from Calum, but eventually my clingy boyfriend was out the door and on his way to a Halloween party.

 Studying was going as well as you’d imagine it would, I had netflix playing in the background and studying was getting away from me.

 Y/B/F: Check instagram Y/N: Well hello to you too Y/B/F: Just do it, and don’t get too mad

 Immediately all attention was on what she said and I checked instagram. I wasn’t notified in anything, and nothing out of the ordinary was popping out.

 Y/N: What am I looking for exactly? Y/F/N: Halsey’s page

 Now I was getting worried. It was Halsey’s party that Ashton went to, and just because she said that, I was worried now.

 She posted a lot from her party, and I found the one that Y/F/N was probably talking about. It was Ashton and here, standing pretty close together and the caption was nothing but rows of hearts.

 My blood started to boil, I was never the jealous type, I mean, Ashton and I had a lot of trust. But this was crossing the line.

 Y/N: Ash?

But no answer, I waited around 30 minutes and tried again, but the same thing.

 Knowing him he probably didn’t do anything, but I was getting nervous, he usually answers within 2 minutes or less. I was letting this get to me and I just went to grab the bottle of vodka.

 “Alright Google, what can I mix with this to get me very drunk” I whispered to myself. The only thing that really popped up was to mix it with diet coke. Luckily we had some and I started to play the American Horror Story drinking game.

(I don’t condone drinking, but I also can’t stop you)

Within 2 episodes, I was already shit faced off my ass. I started checking instagram once again, and once again I saw that damned photo of Halsey with my boyfriend, fans were tagging me in it and trying to start drama between us or something.

 “Y/N?” Ashton asked as he walked through the door, his costume was all ragged and he was either drunk too or my suspicions were just confirmed. I turned my head to look at him.

 We had shared eye contact, I took a large swig of my alcoholic coke and turned back to my tv episode.

“What are you still doing up?” He asked, he came to sit with me on the couch, and he place an arm around my shoulder. I was still pissed at him, so I turned off the tv and the lamp I had on beside me and walked out of the room. Leaving him in the dark.

“Y/N/N, what’s wrong? What happened?” He asked me, as I settled onto the bed. “Oh I don’t know, why don’t you just go out with Halsey again?” I asked him, my words were slurring.

 Ashton didn’t answer me, he just grabbed my drink, took a sniff of it and threw it on the carpet. “How drunk are you?” He asked calmly, but I knew he was mad. “The carpet!” I shrieked, I stood up to go get a rag but he gently pushed me on the bed, hovering over me.

“How drunk are you?” He asked again. But I wasn’t drunk enough, usually when I’m over my limit, I can’t help but get the giggles. I was just mad and I reached up to slap him, but he caught my wrist in time.

“What are you accusing me of?” “I saw Halsey’s post, you really think I’m happy about that?” I asked him, “nothing happened. I saw what she posted and I asked her to take it down before leaving. I came back for you, I always come back for you” Ashton told me.

 He pulled me close and started kissing my neck, my eyes fluttered closed but I remembered I was supposed to be mad at him. “Ashton, fuck off” I whispered, “let me show you, that you’ll always be the one I come back to” Ashton said.

May as well, let him show me how much I truly mean to him.

 Ashton grabbed my hips and lied me farther on the bed, his oversized shirt was torn off me immediately and I was left in nothing but my panties. “Such a dirty whore aren’t you” he asked me, but I was too caught up with his warm hands trailing overtop my breasts and traveling my body.

 He slapped my breast when I didn’t answer, “you love this. Tell me you love this or I swear to god I will stop” “I love this Ash. I’m your dirty little whore” I told him.

My panties were the next to go, and without any warning he plunged two thick fingers in my heat and his opposite hand rubbing harsh figure eights on my clit. “Oh my fuck” I moaned, my back was arching from the immense pleasure I was receiving. “Fu—Fuck” I kept moaning.

“Stop fucking moving” Ashton told me, his voice was rough, and my drunk state told me to just ignore him. I started letting my body move as much as it wanted to. “Alright fuck this” he said.

 He left me, and I could cry at how fast he ripped his fingers from my heat. “What are you doing?” I asked, “you need to stop moving” was all he said.

 Ashton walked to the closet, came back out with 3 belts of his. ‘How long have you owned belts?’ I thought to myself.

 “What are you doing with those?” I asked, but he didn’t answer. Instead I was tied up by my wrists with one, and my thighs were separated.

“Look how beautiful you look” He whispered. “Ash, please fuck me” I told him, “you think you deserve that? After you got drunk and accused me of cheating? You think you deserved to be fucked?” He asked, I just nodded my head furiously.

 I was so frustrated, I was basically dripping onto our sheets and I couldn’t do anything to relieve myself. “Please Ashton, I’m sorry for what I said, please, just please fuck me” I moaned.

 “This is just so pretty” he said, I noticed that he was completely naked now, and had his phone in his hand. “What are you doing?” I asked, the flash went off and he threw his phone across the room. “That’s a keeper” he said.

 Next I thing I knew, he lined his dick up to my entrance and was just running his head up and down teasing me. “I hate you so much” I whined out, I was getting sick of all his games. “I know you do, but you need to learn darling” he said.

 He leaned down to kiss me and as soon as our lips, he roughly penetrated in me. It was so much, that I arched up from the pleasure, it actually kind of hurt, but it was exciting me.

 “You like that don’t you?” Ashton said, our bodies were quickly getting sweaty from how fast he was going. “Oh my god, Ash I love it so much” I moaned out.

 Ashton leaned to capture my lips in a heated kiss once again and was massaging my breasts at his pleasure. I couldn’t do anything but enjoy this and I was absolutely living.

 It seemed with each thrust he was going deeper and deeper and eventually I started to feel my orgasm build up.

“Ash, I can’t last any longer” I moaned.

 He took that as his cue to remove his hand from my breasts and starting rubbing my clit again.

 I couldn’t even fight it anymore, my body was shaking from all the pleasure. A string of swears left my mouth as my orgasm took over my body, and Ashton made sure that I was done before he released inside of me.

 He quietly untied me and tucked my exhausted body into bed. “Ash?” I asked quietly once he joined me. “Yes Princess?” He asked, I grabbed his arm and placed it around my body. “I’m sorry for getting upset over it, I know you’d never do anything like that” I whispered.

 Tears formed at my eyes,  Ash knew how sorry I was by now. He kissed my head and grabbed me closer. “It’s alright, I know how you get when you’re drunk. I forgive you and I’ll take care of your hang over tomorrow alright?” He asked.

 I nodded my head and laid my head on his naked chest.

 At least I got some good sex out of this.

A/N: Holy shit I suck at smut, hope the two anons enjoyed it though 


I haven’t posted on here in a long time, I know. But I thought I would update for those of you who were wondering about me.

I’m OK.

Through making this blog I haved learned a lot about myself and life, but I also hated myself at the same time and I realised it wasn’t really making me happy. I was just trying to escape from the real world and this was my outlet.  I just don’t feel any joy from posting on this blog anymore. It didnt head in the direction I had hoped for and honestly it became a chore reading through the same thousands of messages a day. I get it, you think I am sexy and you want to fuck me; thankyou.

Anyway I don’t like saying things like, “I will never post here again”, because you never know. However, for the time being I have a job and a real life that I need to work on.

See you around someday,


So I’ve really been trying to stay out of this weird Katie McGrath discourse. But things keep popping up on my dash and I look through the Katie McGrath tag pretty regularly. Apparently, we all need a discussion on how to act like normal functioning adults. And this is the only time I’m going to post about this. Because I didn’t think we needed to talk about this. But apparently…

For people that say they’re fans of a person, some of you are disrespectful as hell. I could get around the “Kashy McGra” thing, even though I’m personally really bothered by it. I’ve never like it and you’ll never find me using that tag. But hey, when an actor/actress starts gaining more prominence, jokes like that surface more and I understand that was lighthearted fun. But when some people start digging up pictures and making a big deal out of something that is a person’s job. Well. Let’s just say that it’s probably good Katie doesn’t have social media and honestly, I don’t think she should ever get on it if this is how some people are going to behave. 

Look, I’m as relatively as new of a fan of Katie as the next person. I knew of her because of Merlin but didn’t really follow her career until Supergirl. Yeah, I think her back tattoo is a little unfortunate, but that’s not really a reason to drag her over it. Yeah, her goth phase was interesting. But who can really say they never had one? Besides, it was a method of self-expression for a younger Katie. I don’t think we should be making fun of that. And don’t even get me started on that anal thing. That’s just downright disgusting, in terms of what that scene started. And where some people took it. I also don’t really understand why this goth thing was such a big deal. We all knew she had a goth phase, and arguably she still has a little bit of it in her personal fashion. At least, I thought we all knew. 

It’s been really surreal to watch this all unfold and continually be amazed what people are willing to post in public about a person they don’t really know. Especially one who tends to be pretty private. Or at least as private as you can be when you’re an actress. 

Yes, it’s a part of every individual’s growing fandom that you’re going to get some people who just do that. It’s the price of an actor/actress gaining exposure. And to some extent, we all have to just deal with it. But some of you really need Jesus. I’d really rather not get PMs over this, but if you have to, don’t tell me “it’s just a joke.” Because it’s really not that funny. Some individuals in the fandom really need to grow up and let Katie be herself. And not make a spectacle over the stupidest shit.  

The Ace Attorney fandom is chill! CHILL!!!!

I pretty much never post on this blog but I’ve been following the Ace Attorney fandom for quite a long time and there’s one thing I’d like to say to the newcommers : WE ARE A CHILL FANDOM, WE DON’T HAVE SHIPPING WARS OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT.
Now cut the crap, most of us are over that kind of stuff, and when you enter a new community/fandom/whatever, you don’t go around screwing with it and start throwing tantrums like a 4 year-old who didn’t get the candy they wanted. Imagine visiting a museum and throwing a fit just in front of a painting because you don’t like it. Sounds stupid? Well, that’s exactly what you are doing.
This fandom is over 15 years old, and things have always been that way, Narumayo and Narumitsu have always been the main ships and the shippers have always gotten along even though we don’t always have the same opinions. That’s how it’s always been, and a bunch of bratty Narumitsu shippers certainly aren’t going to change that.
What you’re doing right now is just giving us a bad name and making the fandom a less welcoming place when it’s supposed to be a fun, stress-free space where we share, laugh and love together in a friendly atmosphere. We’re a warm, open-minded and welcomming community but we don’t want your war, we don’t want your hate, and if you plan to keep behaving that way, we certainly don’t want you as individuals either.


Hey guys! Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, things are a little crazy right now. So this is a little one I wrote a while ago. Get pumped for this weekend! A nice, long, fluffy story is coming your way! I’m really excited about it! Happy Thursday! Enjoy!

There were never many guys that I was very into. Sure, nice guys would pop up every now and then, cute guys would walk around every corner, but it was rare to find a kind, handsome man I wanted to spend a lot of time with. 

I’m like every girl. I want someone to care about me, to talk to, to satisfy me. I like to get dressed up and go to bars every now and then. I like to dance and flirt and drink a little. Or a lot.

But then I like to go home. I like to read or watch movies in my spot on the couch. I like to go to the gym in the morning and I like to spend my days at work. I like to make myself dinner and go to bed. 

I like not depending on anyone.

Well I did. Until Bucky Barnes joined the team. Now I want nothing more than for him to depend on me and for me to depend on him. He’s addicting. He makes me realize how much I want someone like him in my life.

And I’ve never even said more than two words to him.

He’s new and he’s shy. His eyes dart around at all times scanning for threats. He never jumps, but I know that he gets startled when a new voice comes into the room or a loud movie plays on the television. Tension always shows in his shoulders.

Steve has told me about the Bucky he used to know. The suave and smooth hunk of man who used to glide from girl to girl. The center of attention who used to tell all the jokes. The knight in shining armor who used to drop in and take care of Steve.

That last one I believe. He’s always with Steve. They train together, eat together, go on missions together. Steve is really the only person Bucky almost holds a conversation with.

I look at him and I don’t see a lost puppy like the others do. I see a strong man who has found himself again. He doesn’t need anyone’s help or pity. He’s doing just fine on his own.

I was sitting in my spot on the couch. The corner where the two ends come together and form a nest. My legs were folded under me and I was reading my book. 

Well I was until Bucky and Steve came in. 

Steve said hello and Bucky gave me a quick smile which I returned. Steve asked permission to watch the news on the TV which I granted. Anything to keep Bucky in the same room, though I would never admit that to myself. 

Steve plopped down on the couch in front of the screen while Bucky gently lowered himself to sit. He was closest to me, though on a separate couch, which was intriguing. 

It shouldn’t have been, but it was. I rolled my eyes at myself and tried to turn my focus back to the pages in my lap. I really need to stop looking so far into things.

I couldn’t help it though. Usually if anyone else was in the room Bucky sat as far away from them as possible. He normally glued himself to the arm of the couch near the wall, sitting straight, his arms safely folded in his lap, ready to pounce at any second.

Today, he was in the middle of the couch. Steve was on the other side of him, giving me a full view of the man I just loved to stare at. My brain cursed the situation while my heart praised it.

And the staring commenced.

It’s not that I’m creepy… well I am but I’m not trying to be. I don’t check him out, or eye-fuck him as Natasha would say. He truly fascinated me.

He looked more relaxed than I’d ever seen him. He leaned back into the cushions of the couch, his strong shoulders buried in the beige material. He was so slouched, I could see the light of day between the small of his back and the cushion. It almost made me laugh.

My eyes traveled down his lounging form as I tried to ignore my lungs collapsing as my body clenched in attempts of holding in a scream. His legs that were usually pulled together and tense were now wide open in a v, the foot closest to me resting on the coffee table.

His legs were long, but thick with muscle. Even as he was sitting I could tell his pants were hanging low on his hips. For a brief moment I wondered what they looked like when they weren’t hiding under fabric. I had to quickly raise my eyes from the lower half of his body before my mind wandered too far and got me excited about something that would never happen. 

When I look at his face watching the news, something overcomes me. A feeling of warmth passes through my body. Maybe I’m blushing at the way his jaw cuts his profile or the way his cheekbones line his dark stubble.

Maybe the warmth is simply joy. He seems happy, even with me in the room, intruding on his time with Steve. He’s grinning at a funny commercial and it makes me think of the rare times he shares his toothy smile. I live for those moments when his smile is white and perfect, blinding even. It doesn’t come very often, so I’ll settle for the little grins life brings him.

Whatever the warmth is, it comes and goes and leaves a darker notion in its place. One of longing. Like I’m watching everything from afar. A feeling of nostalgia washes through my veins and I feel like I’m swimming against the tide to be closer to him. Like he’s a lifeline. I fear that if I breathe wrong it’ll upset the moment and he’ll get up and walk away, never to return.

I honestly have trouble finding the words for it. The way I feel about him. I don’t know why I feel so strongly. It’s rather ridiculous, but I feel like I’m head over heels for this man. Like I’ve jumped off a cliff expecting him to catch me and he doesn’t even realize I’m missing.

I rip my gaze away from him and plant it back to my book. I try to ignore the feeling that overwhelms me once again. The urge to rub the tension out of his shoulders and smooth the worry marks on his forehead and please and pleasure him until my lungs give out.

Without my consent, my eyes peek around the top of my book just once more to see Bucky’s eyes already on me. I quickly look down, trying to hide the grin on my face and the red on my cheeks and the squeal in my throat.

I try so hard to read the words on the page for the tenth time and maybe pay attention to what it says this round but I can’t see anything except his blue eyes floating off the pages. His eyes are like a portal to another world. Those eyes that have seen New York City almost a century ago first hand. I wish I could swim in them but whenever I look into them, I struggle to even stay afloat. 

It’s truly amazing how they’ve stayed so blue when everything around him seems to have fallen into the darkness he’s seen. Their sky is surrounded by dark clouds of lashes and brows, long hair that attempts to rain on his light skin.

When I was brave enough to look up from my book he suddenly smiled over at me. Well, grinned. But it was warm and lovely. His lips are the most perfect shade of pink that’s ever existed, bright against his light, rough skin. They’re round like little pillows waiting to be stroked. Pink and round, though a bit chapped. I couldn’t help wondering how wonderful they would feel against mine, a juxtaposing texture from my own that could keep me busy for hours on end.

His behavior encouraged me to say something to him. But what would I say? And when was a good time? 

The second I thought about speaking, my heart was thrashing in my chest, sending adrenaline rushing to all extremes of my body. My hands began to shake against my book and my breathing was labored and eventually hitched in my lungs. I couldn’t imagine what I looked like over in the corner in my little nest, and on top of that I was absolutely sure both Steve and Bucky could clearly hear my pounding heartbeat. 

I tried to calm myself down, but eventually decided not to talk to him.

Maybe tomorrow, I thought to myself.

It was beyond my comprehension that Bucky had been having the same thoughts about me since he sat down.



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I’m still here!

I still make stuff I promise

First things first, original sprite art is by @houndoom-kaboom. He always does great work and they’re always fun to draw.

Tangent time! Again, I am so sorry for disappearing for so long. Between moving, being sick, the holidays, nursing my carpal tunnel and arthritis, and trying to keep up with Pokecember and my paid work I was honestly exhausted and burnt out.

The biggest issue right now is hand/wrist pain. I’ve had problems with carpal tunnel and arthritis since I was 16 but it’s never been quite this bad, so it’s hard to draw as frequently and for as long as I used. However I’m doing my best to handle it and I should at the very least start posting once a week again.

I’ve really missed making these. They’re a lot of fun and I get to try different things with them that I might not normally attempt, so I’m pretty excited to start doing these more.

Thanks so much for sticking around! You’re all awesome and I hope you have a lovely night!

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