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i love the jared x soulmate!reader fics so much and i read the "stop drawing dicks on my wrist" n i kinda need a headcannon now of all the dumb shit jared x reader would do in a relationship like he would ABSOLUTELY write "i <3 the insanely cool jared kleinman" on his hand and wait for her to notice it on herself also he'd beg her to write him the answers for a class quiz. sometimes she'd forget about the skin thing and write something like "buy milk" or "english hwk" and he'd be so confused djj

sis im gonna be honest i started writing these the second i got this ask but bc i was going back and forth between tabs i continually accidentally closed this tab and lost everything hhhhhhhh (also im not putting specifics in these headcanons bc im gonna write most of these in the fic lmao i want the last part to be loooong af)

but im doin it just for u!

(catfish part one! which has a link to part two bc im too lazy to do a separate one)

  • pen dates
  • need i say more
  • at office depot fighting over the color
  • (u prob win every time)
  • ur in ur public speaking class
  • doin a speech
  • and youre holding those lil cuecards or whatever
  • and on the inside of ur forearm it pops up
  • “i <3 jared kleinman”
  • “he’s so insanely cool”
  • “also he has a huge dick”
  • “jared kleinman is the best”
  • and ur like giggling throughout ur speech like “gdi”
  • and u yell at him on your arm abt it
  • “wait shit ur good at bio i need help”
  • “are u literally taking your final right now”
  • “what is triglyceride”
  • “holy shit she never taught us this”
  • “who in the fuck is fredrick sanger”
  • “babe”
  • “babe pls i cant flunk this”
  • “i’ll buy you lunch”
  • “:00″
  • and you tell him 
  • anyways
  • yall are fuckin dorks
  • but you mainly text a lot
  • bc if u didnt youd have graffiti on u 24/7
  • so you’ll go a few months w/o writing on eachother
  • so youll be in class and be like “shit i need to remember this” and just write something like
  • “library english”
  • jareds like “wtf”
  • and u have to explain you need a book for class
  • “i forget it all shows up on you”
  • “ya so fuckin watch urself”
  • “how dare u make that disgusting accusation and litter my body with it”
  • sometimes he writes lil cute quotes on u like:
  • “we were once upon a time in looooove”
  • “accidentally in loooove”
  • “are u quoting that fuckin song from shrek 2 gdi i hate u”
  • “its my turn for movie night!!!!!!!!”
  • “oh my god”
  • “love u!”
  • “i love you a lot but sometimes you make me want to die”
  • “:000 whY”
  • “shrek 2?????? rly??????? og is better”
  • “holy shit i love you youre so right”
  • its cute
  • yall are cute
  • mwah u two are the perfect pair
  • thats all i got lol
I Love You, Harry Potter.

“I love you.” Draco blurts in a whisper. The knife in Harry’s hand suddenly clutters onto the floor. The silent that follows is loud. Harry is frozen in place, hell, he can barely move let alone talk. But he needs to make sure whether he is going insane as he just currenly start hearing things, or did Draco just actually say what he thinks he just heard. After a long five minutes, Harry finally turns his body. Draco’s eyes have already fixed on Harry’s, he doesn’t avoid the confused stare from the big green orbs, he doesn’t blush, hell, he doesn’t even give any sign that he has talked about anything at all. But the sharp grey orbs are steady, there’s a rare fierceness inside them, glinting boldly in a way that Harry hasn’t seen since the war ended.

“Wh –what?” Harry finally croaks after another five minutes of deafening silence. He can feel the big lump in his throat. For Merlin’s sake he feels like choking on air, and yet his air supply feels so very much limited.

“I love you, Potter. So much, that it might need years to be explained. What I’m saying is, I’m willing to make this work, for as long as you want me.” Harry is not sure on how to react. This gorgeous man in front of him has just confessed his love. This beautiful creature has just shown him a chance for love and affection –Merlin, he wasn’t even sure that he is capable to be loved, and yet here he is being the other end of a love confession. What happened with taking things slow? And yet, he has never felt this warm ever since the war ended –no, he has never felt this warm since forever. His body moves before his mind can turn back on. Harry instinctively walks closer to Draco, falling to his knees while he takes Draco’s hands in his.

“Say it–” he tries to make the lump in his throat disappear as his voice cracks in odd places. “Say it again.” Harry says desperately, eyes closed, face hidden in the piles of their conjoined hands. Draco smiles softly as he wiggles one hand free to stroke the dark locks of Harry’s hair, coercing him to look at Draco once again. He knows what they agree on, and yet he still can’t control his heart from falling.

“I love you, Harry.”

“Say it one more time, please. I’m sorry. I just –I need to hear you say it again. Say that you love me again.” Draco frowns at the desperation in Harry’s tone. Now he is adamant in making Harry lifts his face up to look at him. When the green finally meets the grey, the gaze dissolves into a glazed one.

“I love you, Harry James Potter. I love you, and I will keep saying it even after you finally believe in my words. I love you. So much. More than words can describe. More than anything I can think off right now.” Harry finally cuts Draco’s words in a desperate kiss.

“God, I love you too Draco Abraxas Malfoy. Yes, yes, I’m willing to make this work. Anything, anything as long as I’m with you.” Harry says breathlessly. “Don’t stop saying it, please, don’t ever get tired of convincing me. I love you.”

“Never.” Draco grins as he steals another kiss. “I love you.”

(I’m probably gonna get murdered for posting this)

(I’m going into this very uncertain of myself, I’ve tried to do my research on this issue, but I cannot guarentee that I am completely up to date. If I’m not, lo siento, ignore this post)

Let’s talk about what’s on everyone’s minds (and dashes): Rick’s answer to the Reyna gf question.

So, as August 18th is Percy Jackson’s birthday, Rick was answering some questions about the series on twitter. One person asked when Reyna was going to get a girlfriend, to which Rick responded by writing out the response in the picture.
The most important thing (I feel) is that he starts by saying that this is HIS interpretation of Reyna and that he welcomes and respects opposing interpretations.
Next, he says that she doesn’t need someone else, that she can be her best self by herself.
After that, he says that a reason he doesn’t see her as a lesbian is because she has shown romantic interest in two guys. This is where a lot of people (understandably) get a little upset. The way they are interpreting his words pretty much says “You can’t be a lesbian if you’ve ever liked a guy” which would then invalidate any lesbian who HAS liked a guy in the past (because not everyone realizes their sexuality before they reach the age at which they start getting crushes (something Rick mentions later)). Another thing (or an extension of the same thing, if that’s how you wanna look at it) that’s getting people upset is that he said having her realize she was a lesbian would feed into the negative stereotype that a lesbian is a girl who couldn’t find the right guy. Pretty much, people think that’s BS.
And the last thing that’s making people mad (from what I can tell, sorry if I missed stuff, I really am trying to get the facts down) is that he mentions Emmie and Jo, a lesbian couple from “The Dark Prophecy”. From what I understand, they’re upset because their characters are so small and are the only lesbian representation we’ve gotten so far.

Okay, so let’s put this in a cleaner format.

Reasons people are angry about this:
- “Reyna has been romantically interested in Jason and Percy” invalidates lesbians that have had crushes on men.
- “Reyna realizing she’s a lesbian would feed into the negative stereotype that lesbians are girls who haven’t found the right guy” is BS
- Emmie and Jo’s relationship is our only lesbian representation & it’s tiny

These are all reasonable grievances
(And I probably should have said this before, but I’m totally in the boat that Reyna is definitely 100% a lesbian)
I just so happen to think that people maaaybe shouldn’t be so up in arms over the situation.

Why, you ask? If not… Eh, I’m saying it anyway, it’s free to scroll past this post.

So, like I mentioned before, Rick started this answer by saying that this is all how he sees Reyna and that he welcomes and respects opposing opinions. One of the biggest complaints that I saw on my dash today was “Well he could’ve just said we can interpret her our own way”
…He did

Idk if people missed it while reading or what, but pretty much his response was formatted as

“This is how I see her, feel however you want about her, that’s more than cool with me.
Here’s why I don’t think that.
But again, feel however you want, I completely respect that”

Aside from that, the other problems can be addressed as miscommunication. If we look at Rick’s track record, he has been an ally to the LGBTQ+ community, he won a Stonewall award, he would never actively seek to invalidate someone because of their sexuality. Rick Riordan is by no means a hateful man. Do I think there needs to be more lesbian representation in his books? Yes. Do I think this is because he doesn’t respect lesbians or the LGBTQ+ community? Absolutely not.


(Also, sorry that this is a mess, I wrote it at 5 in the morning while running on no sleep. I just get angry when shit gets turbulent in the PJO fandom)

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Hi there! Do you have any advice on how to manage yourself while researching a disturbing subject for your story?

Lots of self-care, meaning take breaks, expose yourself to lots of positive/happy things, do activities that are fun and uplifting. Know the difference between stepping outside of your comfort zone and exposing yourself to things that will be traumatic or psychologically harmful. Pay attention to how the material is affecting you, and if you feel like it’s having a significant negative effect on your health or well-being, take a step back for a while. If taking a long break from the research doesn’t help, you may need to consider that this may not be a healthy topic for you to write about.

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Prohibited asks: how to portray/describe (characters, emotions, situations), specialist knowledge requests (medical, military, mental health, etc.), asking for tropes/cliches or resources, triggering/controversial topics; broad, vague, or complex questions. Asks directed to other anons/askers. I get dozens of questions per day…please don’t ask if I got your question. See master list & main site for more info!

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I'm a single fat lady who wants to get back in the dating game but don't know where to start! Have any suggestions on fat friendly dating sites or tips??? (Canada/US)

I met my husband on OkCupid, which I wouldn’t exactly rate as super fat friendly. I was going to write about the pros and cons of it as a site, but it’s been 6 years, so I don’t know how useful or up to date that information would be.

First things first- What do you want out of dating? Because that’s information you will need. Are you looking for sex? Do you want a long term relationship? Do you want to just roll with it and see what happens? 

You don’t say you want to date men, so I’m not making any assumptions. But if you do want to date men, it can really be a slog. And my best advice is to be prepared for that.

Basically I let my fatness serve as a filter to get rid of terrible people. Hate fat people? Great! Let’s never meet!

OkCupid was good for that, because they have questions around “would you ever date a fat person?” and you can see how people answer.

Also, post full body photos. Let people really see you. You don’t have anything to be ashamed of, and let the people who aren’t interested in a lovely fat ladies filter themselves out. That filtering process is good. It saves you time. 

Then my other advice is just to go on lots and lots and LOTS of dates. Don’t talk to people forever online, meet them and see if you connect. 

Meeting someone you like is about meeting as many people as you can and that’s a numbers game. If someone doesn’t like you, great! Move on the the next person.  

I had about six months of “I’m just going to have sex with lots of people and not take it too seriously” and then I met my partner. And that was a way better experience than being really serious about it and kind of feeling crushed when it didn’t work out. 

I hope this helps! 

Ok fam, I suppose this constitutes as a call - out post, even though the majority of you have common sense and don’t need it. Still I believe it’s important to get the message out.

Don’t insult someone’s artwork. In fact, don’t insult anyone’s work period. It’s not cool, it’s not funny, and it’s not edgy.

Artists put alot of time and effort in they’re work, and the last thing they need is someone making mean comments about them in their writing because they think it’s cute. Be encouraging, be respectful and if you arent a fan of their work than just don’t say anything. They need support, not hate.

And @cheesytriangle you are a talented individual and your artwork is beautiful and hilarious. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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the thing i'm really struggling with right now is memory/attention problems. i constantly forget to do simple things like hand in forms, ask friends questions about stuff, or finish important work, so my hand is usually covered in scribbles and notes of stuff i really need to remember. can you recommend any apps that might help? not to do lists with dates, since not everything i need has a date. something where i can write notes and it'll remind me throughout the day so i can't possibly forget.

I use ToDoist for my to-do list. You don’t have to give things due dates, and you can get it to send you reminders. My phone isn’t new enough for the app, but if you get it then you can have reminders on your phone. I’ve also used the Notes app on my phone for things I want to remember (I have one file and I write all kinds of things in it), and the Reminders app as well for shopping lists and stuff (I have an iPhone 4).

Followers, what do you suggest?


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Not redwolflover, but I do believe the sentiment is more "omg it's over? This wonderful thing that has become such a huge part of my life is over?" Not "need more now not good enough." I've said stuff like that before and meant the first. Sorry about that, I didn't think about how people not in my head would think about it. Write what you want to write when you want to write, you have no obligation to us fans. And thank you for sharing it with us, even though we're stupid and say stupid shit.

I just wish that sometimes people would put themselves in the author’s shoes before they ask something. For the most part, I try my best to be as polite as possible, but sometimes there are stressful, grating days, and things like that can just make them worse. 

I appreciate wholeheartedly that people like my work. It’s amazing. And thank you for your kindness. Some days it’s just not easy for me to deal with things that come off as demands. 

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I want to make a Pluris OC, but first I need to know some things about them. You seem like the person to ask, so- Tell me everything about the Pluris, please.

You just asked me to write you a novel in an ask, sweetheart. Imagine saying that to a vanilla World of Warcraft player and ask about every aspect of a single race from the game. It would take a long time to answer!

There will be a whole event dedicated to explaining the Pluris in every miniscule detail, but it’s not ready yet. I can’t really relay all that information right now and doing so would make the event pointless. There are tags to find all the basic information that you’re looking for. “Omniinfo” includes info about Omni as well as some things about Pluris in general. “Plurisbeings” or “anipotent” are the tags you are looking more for when it comes to pluris specific info. I encourage you to look it up first, read through, and then come back with specific questions. Because even specific questions get a detailed answer!

I’ll be happy to ask any questions that you have when you’ve read through. Also. Some recent asks have not been tagged yet but those also have some end of life info and reproduction details if you want them. I need to tag them, I know, I apologize. Hopefully you find everything you need! Feel free to come back with questions

This School Is So Weird

So @super-batgirl has encouraged me to write more about my Titans Academy  AU and I finally did! It’s a fun AU that I hope to keep coming back to. You can also fin it here on my ao3.
Note about the science used:  Also, unlike Wally I’m not a science person at all, this whole thing is based off of those indoor sky diving places but I’m pretty positive you can’t actually turn a wind tunnel into one of those unless the fan is one the floor and tbh even then I’m not sure. So since these are comic book characters let’s just say this works cause of comic book science even though this is a No Capes AU.
Rating: G
Words: 1,412 

Cassie was heading back to her dorm when she got cornered by her sister. “Come with me! You’re not gonna want to miss this!” Donna said, grabbing Cassie and pulling her back towards the mountain.

“Uh… What?” Cassie asked as she stumbled after Donna.

“Shhh. Just trust me,” Donna grinned. They wove through the halls and down into the depths of the mountain turned school. Cassie recognized some of the science labs meant for the more advanced classes but they never went into to any of them. Finally, they turned down a hall that dead ended at a heavy steel door covered in warning signs. Cassie froze and gave Donna her best not gonna happen look, the one that normally got her out of doing Donna’s chores. “I promise this is going to be worth it,” Donna said with a smile before turning and knocking on the door.

It swung open to reveal Donna’s friend Kori, her hair long red hair was piled into a bun on top of her head and her green eyes sparkled as she smiled. “You made it! Excellent! Come in, hurry,” Kori waved them through the door and pressed a hair tie into each of their hands.

Cassie looked at it in confusion before turning her gaze to Donna and Kori, both of whom were already walking deeper into the room. Donna was twisting her dark hair up into a bun of her own when she glanced over her shoulder at Cassie. “Well don’t stand there looking like a dead fish! C’mon!” Donna giggled.

Reluctantly Cassie skipped after the older girls and pulled her own hair up into a bun. “Where is Dick? He has been dying to try this for ages,” Kori asked.

“He’s gonna hate us but he’s at practice and I am not waiting on this,” Donna shrugged.

Keep reading

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matchup pls !! im a 5'2 transboy who loves making fun of my own height and is Gay As Fuck. anyway I love to draw and write, i love sitting in silence with someone else. like im introverted af and i need my quiet time. i love making other people laugh, it makes me so happy. i also love dragons i rlly do. i dislike a Lot of things about me but ill fight anyone who says anything bad abt me. im loud when i want to be and quiet when its important. ok thank you have a nice day u r real nice

Awe! You’re nice too dearie! Also…same height! 

Your match is US!Papyrus! Stretch is the perfect companion to you, he is perfectly content with sitting in each other’s presence and not talking. While he may not be able to conjure a dragon he can make his magic take on a mini form of one. You’ll have wonderful times, cuddling and just enjoying the quiet life.

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Once you get this, you have to say 5 things (publicly) about yourself that you like. Then send this to ten of your favorite followers (this is mandatory) ❤

Aww thank you <3
I can never do this… *cracks knuckles*
1} my fringe
2} my ability to move my ears
3} my writing - sometimes
4} my need to constantly fix the bookshelf as then it’s nice to look at
5} my habit of wearing a watch because it’s actually practical for someone as lazy as me who won’t move to see where the clock is

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*reads that things about asks getting eaten or deleted*.... *thinks about the first ask I sent* I apologize for my actions and if I wasn't poor I'd give you money.

Nah dude, as long as you’re respectful, I don’t mind.  Send ideas!  Send prompts!  I actually love having an inbox of ‘em, since they’re great inspiration when I need it.  But I also currently have.. mmm… 65, about?  A mix of sexy and gen, usually.  So, like, it’s been a while and there’s a huge build-up.  I’ve stopped answering them in order, basically, lol.

And hey, no one needs to give me money for offering prompts, so long as the expectation isn’t that I’ll answer them within a week.  If you have something you need written within a couple of weeks, or that I don’t normally answer, go ahead and send me a message off anon.

It’s only if you have the expectation of ‘insert prompt, twist dial, get fic, what do you mean this is hours of work you do in your free time’ that I have a problem.

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a fic in which betty witnesses jughead and archie's psychical fight (most likely happening in 2x05) and gets turned on by it. perhaps archie said something nasty about betty, and that's when jug took the first punch and things escalated from there. obviously ending in smut, i mean like i said, betty's turned on. (really hope this actually happens in the ep btw, just NEED someone to write it for now to tie me over. someone pls and ty)

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You should write Grelliam fanfic, I would looove to read them. I love all your headcanons uggsjfjfkkskdks 😍 they're so good

Well, would you beta-read them for me? ^-^

I’m very unsure about my English, that it might be too rusty to understand when I write things and I’m not well-practiced with writing fics, haha. Haven’t done it in YEARS. So, I would definitely need someone who takes a look at my fics for correction and maaaaybe I’m going to write something >u< I have some really cute ideas in my head which would be too much work to draw anyway.

And thank you so much, you flatter me really.💖 *flies into the sun*

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1 & 7 for the fandom humiliation asks 😉

1. What’s the worst fanfic you’ve ever written/have thought about writing?

 oh my god I got some dark af shit sitting in the “ideas” folder that I refuse to even talk about, but maybe someday.
As for the actual ‘worst’ xD not in terms of “yikes horrible writing” (at least in my opinion?? take my word with a grain of salt), but I’m going to say A Dance of Titans simply because it’s gotten so obnoxiously long it’s kind of ridiculous?? ahahaha. idk idk idk tho. It’s still my baby, even if it’s like… 300k words now.

7. What is your fandom guilty pleasure?

 Lmao so… I was recently introduced to the ‘Frussy’ thing floating around and at first I needed eye bleach but after not being able to escape it, a hilarious one-shot written by somebody, and all the art floating around, I’m ridiculously amused by the thing and it’s currently my most bizarre guilty pleasure. This might change in like a week tho, give it time.

sirius black was thirteen when minerva mcgonagall saw the quill he was writing with jerk across the paper and the way his hand curled into a fist for a moment when she called for ‘mr. black’ to answer a question on transfiguring large animals. she stopped calling him mr. black after that, and ignored questions from other students about why she called him by his first name unlike everyone else.

sirius was seventeen when minerva forgot he and james weren’t really related and called sirius ‘mr. potter’ during a detention he’d been given. he smiled at her and pretended he didn’t have tears in her eyes, and told her he was much too attractive to be james’ twin, but didn’t ever correct her. she did it again later, on purpose this time, and noticed how pleased he looked. she called him by it more often after that, and every time she did he seemed to light up.

he was thirty-three when she saw him for the first time in over a decade, and it was the first time she thought he resembled his lineage. his eyes were hollow and empty, and she couldn’t reconcile him with the boy she knew years before. he went back to being ‘mr. black,’ and he no longer had the energy to flinch away from the name.

I love sleep. You forget about pain, problems, stress, everything for a while.
—  Wordsbymymind
a review of rainbow now that all my thoughts are together
  • bastards: great opening song. a++ gravelly/sorta raw vocals. i feel like this is gonna be an especially good anthem for high schoolers tbh like it's just such a nice "it's gonna be alright" message.
  • let 'em talk: 2010 kesha meets 2017 kesha. play this at the club tbh. but like....a classy club, u feel me?
  • woman: i'm a boy and this makes me wanna scream that i'm a motherfucking woman out the car window at random passerby
  • hymn: if kesha wants to start a church where they play this song i will be at every goddamn sunday mass.
  • praying: what can i say about this that hasn't already been said? i am just sO PROUD OF KESHA ROSE SEBERT
  • learn to let go: this is the ultimate upbeat anthem of recovery. the kind of thing that you dance to in your bedroom to feel better on a shitty day.
  • finding you: um???? did someone say 'sequel to past lives'??? this is just so cute y'all put it on your mixtapes and all that gay shit.
  • rainbow: no wonder this is the mf title track. the way her voice is so genuine and kind of shaky and powerful all at once. the piano. the way it swells and grows stronger just like she's gotten stronger. this is where i died the first time tbh
  • hunt you down: the "boy i'll murder you if you piss me off" anthem all the lady country singers wish they wrote
  • boogie feet: once again, a throwback to old kesha. eagles of death metal are the reason we put eagles on the list of protected animals obvi
  • boots: soundtrack for the female james bond movie we all know we want
  • godzilla: this shit is the cutest thing i've ever fuckin heard what the goddamn fuck
  • spaceship: i could fall asleep to her voice in this song but in the best way. what a nice, soft way to end an album. a++. 10/10