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Train Rides: Young!James Potter x Reader *Smut*

A/N: Okay, so, this wasn’t suppose to go out until after ‘Wait For Me’ part two, but I’m like, physically and mentally not able to write that right now, and I don’t know why, so I just decided to finish this. Oh and also, I decided to post this tonight instead of tomorrow cause it was basically done, ops. 

If you didn’t read the title, this is a smut, this is also my first attempt at writing smut so, it may not be fantastic. I apologize if it doesn’t go into great detail or anything, like I said, I’m new to writing smut so this was really awkward for me to write, but I had to start somewhere, soz.

As smuts go, please do not read this if you’re uncomfortable with sexual situations, it’s tots fine to skip out on this one, my dude. 

Anyway, Enjoy! ♥

Word Count: 1504

Warnings: Mild Smut, Fluff(ish)

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Favorite Historical Movies pt 1

Hidden Figures: The story of three African-American women (Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson) who played a vital role in NASA during the time of not only the Space Race but also racial segregation in the US. Honestly, this was the best film of 2016. Period. I don’t want to spoil anything, but seeing what they went through just because they were black was… there were no words. It wasn’t even the biggest injustices that hurt. It was the small things like a sideways look or a “colored” or “white” sign that just broke my heart. If nothing else, the bathroom scene had me in tears.

The Imitation Game: A gay, math and tech genius (Alan Turing) ends up creating a device that not only plays a crucial role in winning a war but also leads to the creation of computers as we know them. However, his career successes do not spare him from the homophobic climate of his times, or people’s tendencies to outcast him just because his personality is different (he can be very “emotionless” at times and people see him as lacking feelings and robotic). THIS THING IS A MUST WATCH. Honestly I could rant and rave about this for hours. It makes me cry every time. It’s a movie that reminds you that the things that set you apart are the things that allow you to succeed, but it also reminds you that the world just sucks sometimes. And it can hurt you just for being yourself. Use you for what it needs and then cast you aside. Idk, you just have to see it for yourself… Did I mention it has Benedict Cumberbatch in it?

Belle: The scene is 18th century England. Dido Belle, the biracial daughter of a Navy Admiral who would’ve been a slave otherwise, is raised by her aristocratic great-uncle instead. However, this does not diminish the racism and self hatred she faces in almost every aspect of her life, from where she can sit in regard to dinner or who she is to marry. She simply cannot find her place in this society, but it is exactly her place that allows her to play a crucial role in the campaign to abolish slavery in England.

Bad Ideas (Chapter 14)

This Chapter is longish, almost 3000 words. And rough guys, it was hard to write, hard to edit, hard to re read.
Trigger warnings– sexual assault (discussed/threatened) violence, people die. Violent!Peter is not to be fucked with, and he goes to a pretty dark place.
So… be warned lovelies. This is no longer our light hearted little fic it once was.

That being said, I’d also REALLY like to know what you think because zero feedback on a chapter makes me nervous! I have some very specific reasons for writing certain parts of this the way I did, so feel free to drop by my ask box with any questions!

If you need to catch up, here’s the MASTERLIST

God it hurts.
Peter knew without opening his eyes that he was tied to a chair, his arms forced back in an uncomfortable stretch, his legs tied down as well. Definitely wasn’t at home any more, not that there would be much left of their house after that explosion, but he could smell the dank and damp of a subterranean basement and that made him nervous.

Everything hurt so badly, from his head where it had smashed into the floor, clear down to his feet, probably burned from the blast since he had been barefoot.

He had been thrown into the second bedroom when the rocket blew, landing on the bed for a split second before he had managed to flip it over on top of himself and curl into a ball, trying to avoid the worst of the debris.

He didn’t remember getting dragged it of the house, or the ride to wherever he was now, but everything fucking hurt and he couldn’t help groaning when he tried to lift his head.


Thank god Wade is here too.
“Wade?” He licked his lips and gingerly straightened up.
The Alpha was tied to a chair several yards away, ankles and hands shackled, rope wrapped around him several time to keep him immobile.

“Oh fuck baby boy I wasn’t sure if you were okay.” Wade tried to lean forward to get a better look at him. “Been calling your name for hours, I was so worried you weren’t going to wake up. You okay? Just banged up? You alright? I am going to kill these guys, Peter I swear to god.”

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guys i think im seriously experiencing a mandala effect moment here because i……really literally remember vanessa winning bb17????? i really….i really really remember that happening……??????????????? what?????????? im not even a stan like… i dont even remember liking her but i dont remember….i literally thought she won this entire time until just now..? what………

Ed White as Draco Malfoy: Part Two

On Thursday night I saw Ed as Draco for the first time. That was Part One. James was back for Friday, so Saturday night was my first time seeing Ed’s Part Two! I was really excited to see it. Going in, I expected to be able to focus my full attention on Ed and give a really detailed account of his Draco. However, I found myself watching one of the best Part Twos I’ve ever seen, so there was a lot to look at. Therefore, please forgive me if I got a little bit distracted and this isn’t as detailed as it could have been. (You can blame Jamie, Samuel, Theo, Annabel, Mackley, and Tom. And I guess you can actually blame Ed himself a little bit too.) 

Anyway, without further ado, here we go. 

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Maesi Caes
Titanium (2016)
Choreography by Amanda Nalevanko

if I have to hear one more fucking straight person say lgbt rep doesn’t matter and it shouldn’t matter how ppl identify I’m going to lose it I literally didn’t even know bisexuality was a THING until I watched glee in seventh grade and just assumed I must be straight bc I still thought guys were hot so I couldn’t be gay even tho I liked girls bc I didn’t know there was another option

Mother’s Greatest Fear

Pairing: Jon x Sansa, a little Tormund x Brienne
Rating: T
For: Anonymous
Also available on AO3, username JonsaInTheNorth (still trying to figure out how to post when there’s the whole new ‘no external links’ thing with tumblr search).

Prompt: i’d love to see a jonsa prompt with jonsa meeting Lady Stoneheart

A/N: I swear this gets to the prompt eventually. I just didn’t want to jump straight into it and so this developed and got super long. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

They both go south.

Jon tries to keep her in the North, safe and comforted behind Winterfell’s strong walls, but Sansa Stark will not hide any longer. She spent too long behind false names and secret identities, hair dies and marriages to bastards legitimized by kings on shaky thrones. When Jon says that he must treat with Queen Daenerys Targaryen and Queen Cersei Lannister, her reply comes simple and quick, “I will come with you.”

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Things you must never say to the fandoms
  • Doctor Who Fandom: I stopped watching that after David Tennant left
  • Sherlock Fandom: You only have nine episodes?!
  • Supernatural Fandom: I don't ship Destiel
  • Merlin Fandom: Knights, castles, magic, aren't you a little old for that
  • Hunger Games Fandom: The fight to the death concept is stupid
  • Divergent: That's just a Hunger Games rip off
  • The Mortal Instruments: Vampires, werewolves, I know Twilight when I see it
  • Harry Potter: I love those films, no I haven't read the books, no I don't plan on reading them
  • Percy Jackson Fandom: I love those films
  • The Big Bang Theory Fandom: I don't like Sheldon
  • How I Met Your Mother Fandom: I don't like Barney
  • Disney Fandom: Aren't you a little old for kids films
  • Me: Go sit on seraph blade, you pudding brain

please i implore you - you must watch this


How dangerous can circumstances become?

Where Did PLL Go Wrong?

Originally posted by dilaurnts

So we’re less than 6 episodes away until the very end and since PLL isn’t on tomorrow due to some idiotic decision by Freeform (At the time ABC Family), we thought we would list where and how we think PLL went wrong. These are just our opinions, we have a “PLL Goodbye Letter” planned soon. Anyways so PLL will always have a special place in my heart, despite how terrible and confusing it’s gotten, and thankfully we’ll always have the good first 2 seasons to look back on. But every show has a end date and PLL is long past it’s end, imo the show should’ve ended years ago but we’ll get to that in a minute. The mysterious charm from the early seasons is gone and sadly we’ve had to deal with one confusing story line after another, plus millions of plot holes. But hey it’s PLL!!!!!

Too MANY Seasons! (Seriously way too many!)

No one wants their favorite TV show to end right? But isn’t it better to end a show when you’ll miss it as opposed to when your barely able to stand it anymore. ABC Family dragged this show out wayyyyy too long, we discussed this in another post about why the ratings went down. Marlene originally planned 5 seasons, had she and the network of followed through with that plan the show still would of ended with over 100 episodes and the ratings might not of gotten as low as they are now. I was expecting the show to end with S5 but after reading interviews, I assumed they would renew it for a 6th and final season. However I was not expecting them to do a 2 season renewal. This was too much and the network got greedy of the show’s success. It’s taken forever to answer our questions probably because of the double renewal. A show should only be dragged out for so long and in our opinion 5 seasons or a shortened 6th final season would’ve been enough. Tbh I don’t remember being that thrilled about a S7. 

Filler Episodes Galore!

Some filler episodes haven’t bothered me, the barrel episode (S5E16) was one of them I enjoyed, the fan base seemed to hate it. However filler episodes that focus on Hanna’s fashion career, Aria’s drama with Ezra, and story lines that literally do NOT matter are what bothers me. When we don’t get any more info on “A” or a current mystery, the episode feels pointless and stale. Take almost all of 6B for an example, while S7 has been better it hasn’t impressed us overall tbh regardless if these last episodes are amazing they won’t be able to make up for any filler we got at the beginning of a season. They might’ve reduced S6 and S7 to 20 episodes but that didn’t mean we did not get fillers. S6 and S7 should’ve been shorted to 10-13 episodes imo. The writers apparently love filler episodes. The fan base does not.

Enough With Irrelevant Characters

The show already has too many new characters, it’s even worse when you introduce a character in 601 and make her RC/BW, characters we saw in S3 and S4. That is what was the final straw with me hating 610. Sara might’ve been introduced as a storyline in S4 but we did not meet her ACTUAL character until 601. It was annoying enough they gave Sydney such relevance during the recent episode. She better of been lying in that limo. But maybe Syndey is more relevant, idk who knows anymore. Then we have Shana who ended up being Ezra’s shooter. We will go back to that in a minute. 

Confusion! Who Is “A” and Who Is NOT “A”?-

Honestly the reality with this show is anyone can claim to be “A” and it will instantly confuse the fanbase. Having Shana in the black hoodie in S5 was especially confusing. So she wasn’t “A” but she was wearing the black hoodie? Was she working for “A”? What even? During those “A” endings which “A” is who? The fan base has to assume answers, this show is extremely confusing. People act shady, are they connected to “A”? What even? Aren’t there other outfits people could wear without confusing the audience? 

Making The Ships She #1 Priority, and NOT The Mystery 

When I started watching this show, I watched for one reason, the mystery. I loved the persona of “A”, it was creepy, fun, exciting, and how the writers wrote the omnipresent character of “A” was what drew me to the show. This is why the show will always have a special place in my heart. The original mystery was so intriguing and fun. However as the show went on, the writers shifted towards the ships and made them the #1 as opposed to the mystery scenes we used to get. Honestly this is not what I signed up for, I get having romance, it’s nice to blend both the romance and mystery together, but it seemed Marlene and the writers turned it into a full on romance show. Because of the ships imo they couldn’t go THERE with main love interests. Toby being on the “A” team was an amazing twist and they wasted it by caving into Spoby. What a cop out that was. The special-ness of the show was ripped away when we got non-stop shipping scenes. Again this is just my personal opinion. 

Aghhhhh, That CeCe Reveal 

Honestly, I never imagined I would be disappointed with 610. Some people might’ve enjoyed it, that’s great if you did, but I couldn’t enjoy it. The episode was outright awful. Seriously that holograph screen was just……ridiculous and corny, CeCe’s story made no sense at all, and the worst part in my opinion was Sara Harvey. The dialogue felt off and it felt insulting, I was considering dropping the show at that point honestly the episode was that awful. Regardless if the writers fix these plot holes, it won’t undo the amount of disappointment that the writers caused on the fans. Nope, not gonna forget that awful episode. Because of that episode I don’t have much faith in the writers at all. Well the bright side of the episode was the girl’s emotional goodbye scene. 

The Time Jump + 6B 

Not gonna lie, I wasn’t too pleased when I heard they were doing a time jump, especially a 5 year one. The dynamic of the girls being teenagers would be gone, the show wouldn’t be the same. The writers probably did this because of the cast getting tired of playing teenagers (Which is understandable), but they didn’t handle 6B right imo. It was pure filler, it feels so good to vent about this season now. The dynamic of the show did change, Spaleb was pointless because Haleb ended up getting back together which resulted in Spencer getting hurt, the girls drank ALL the time (Seriously we get it, they are over 21, and are adults), and Uber A wasn’t that scary with their emojis, according to Marlene Amoji was Uber A/A.D. Gosh this “A” has so many names (Big Bad, Uber Bad, Uber A, Amoji, A.D., so on). The season just felt disappointing and boring. 7A was better but in my opinion it felt dull , but the bright side is 714 did in fact give us major answers so I really appreciate the writers for that. Overall my interest really went away after 610, my friend and I decided to give the time jump a chance, and while I was tempted to drop the show MULTIPLE times, I decided why not? Might as well just finish this show out. We’re almost done anyways. Had I of dropped the show I might not of met so many PLL accounts and so on, so there’s something positive to find I guess. Speaking of the current seasons, what happened to us getting “A” endings? We’ve only gotten a few this season and they are imo one of the most iconic parts of the show. Are the writers lazy or do they just not want to write anymore A endings? 

Unanswered Questions & Dropped Storylines

We could be talking about this forever, it seems that we are starting to get our questions answered. Hopefully a majority of remaining questions and dropped story lines are answered on the show and not another interview that Marlene did with 610. There’s some hope these questions will be answered now, 714 proved to be a very successful and information packed episode. 

So overall those were are thoughts. We have had fun watching this show for the most part but in all honestly I’m exhausted from this dragged out show and ready for it to end, all good things must come to an end. The main reason why I am watching is to finish the show out, say I finished it because half the time I’m terrible at finishing TV shows, and find out who the heck A.D. is. Tbh we’re not even sure if this person is Lucas, or Melissa, or Spencer’s twin. We might as well just sit back and enjoy these final episodes. Just pray we’re satisfied enough when 720 airs and this show is finally over. 

Again these are our opinions, but what are your thoughts on PLL over the years?